She’s Leaving Home

Whatever next?

A full-scale Cabinet coup against Prime Minister Theresa May is now underway, according to insiders, with one senior minister claiming she will be “gone in ten days”.

News that at least eleven members of the Cabinet plan on confronting the Tory leader on Monday and asking her to resign follows reports of a “Murder on the Orient Express”meeting with party whips, who told her there was no way her deal with the European Union, already rejected by MPs twice, could possibly succeed on a third attempt — unless it came with a promise that she would go after it was passed.

The Prime Minister was reportedly “taken aback” by the whips’ call for her to fall on her sword, but ultimately unmoved — however, with her Cabinet already fighting over who should replace her once she is deposed, the decision may soon be out of her hands.

From this report it sounds like MPs are more interested in getting rid of May than in implementing Brexit. So much so that they’ll even give her the parting gift of voting for her “deal” if she’ll just step down.

I don’t think this is about Theresa May. I think it’s about Brexit, and Britain regaining its independence. That’s far more important than any single politician.

But perhaps that just goes to show how small-minded most Westminster MPs are. They’re all too busy stabbing each other in the back to actually do the job they were elected to do.

This connects to a comment by Rose a couple of days ago:

A horrible thought struck me last night. What if after 40 years of rubber stamping EU directives and claiming them as their own, our politicians are simply incapable of running a sovereign country?
Over time, the experience has been lost.
Is that what they are so scared of now the public have given them the opportunity, that their inadequacy will be revealed, which is why they are using every possible excuse to wriggle out of it.

I agreed. Jax agreed too:

Spot on. That is precisely the problem and it’s precisely why they’ve made such a pig’s ear of Brexit. It is, quite simply, beyond their capabilities to manage in a sensible and grown-up way. It’s why Brexit (both now and for the next few years) will be painful – because most of them simply don’t know how to run a country, because, by and large, Brussels has hitherto made all the big decisions for them…

Leaving the EU is like leaving home: a bit scary. Where will I live? How will I survive?

And these days, more and more children stay at home for longer and longer. Some of them seem to never leave home.

It was probably the same with the American Revolution back in 1776. Most likely lots of American Remainers dreaded the prospect of independence from Britain. They probably thought independence would be a complete disaster. How could America possibly survive? By selling tobacco and sugar?

The people who want to stay in the EU are, many of them, children who daren’t leave home. They’re terrified at the prospect of Britain making its own way in the world. They want to be looked after by a parental EU, forever.

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9 Responses to She’s Leaving Home

  1. slugbop007 says:

    ‘She’s leaving home, bye bye’.


  2. DP says:

    Dear Mr Davis

    Reference Rose’s comment, this was the point being made by a former UKIP branch chairman on Wednesday (20th).

    I cannot see a problem with this, after all doing nothing is probably the best thing that any government can do, and it can do a lot of that while the bureaucrats and politicians learn to walk again. Hopefully by then a lot more of the British public will have discovered that government is the real problem, and that less government will be a Good Thing.

    How can government be controlled when they do not respect the wishes of the public?

    Government simply grows because it can, and like a cancer, it metastasizes, forming new departments, and sub-departments and also fake departments like ash. There is no natural control over government which stops it growing beyond the point at which it damages its host – the public it purports to serve. In extremis, it destroys, as evidenced by most so-called socialist countries, most dramatically in recent history, Venezuela where children are now dying of malnutrition.

    The EU is growing malignantly and will ultimately destroy itself, probably after doing untold damage to all the countries currently trapped in its web, even those which are currently benefiting from its criminal largess, where wealth stolen from the British and Germans and others is used to buy the affections of former eastern bloc countries, and especially their political and bureaucratic classes.

    Solutions on a postcard to …


    • Furtive Ferret says:

      In this case it’s not government that is the problem: it’s parliament. The government have clearly said that they want to implement the referendum result and it’s the clowns in parliament that are frustrating the process.

  3. garyk30 says:

    I suppose that delays are due to there not being an overwhelming majority in the voting.
    But, by a two to one margin, voters did not vote to ‘remain’.
    That is a sizable gap in voter preferences.

    There are about 46.5 million exigible voters in the UK.

    Only about 16.16 million voted to stay.

    Thus, about 30.32 million did not vote for ‘stay’.

    For every one voter that voted ‘stay’, there were about 2 that did not!

    • jaxthefirst says:

      “I suppose that delays are due to there not being an overwhelming majority in the voting.”

      That certainly didn’t help things, because the close run of the referendum meant that the hard-line remainers amongst our MPs (and the braying foot-stamping Remain members of the public) saw that slim number as a tiny lever to attempt every trick in the book to try and find some statistical way to prove that actually they really won – even though on the day they lost! If the majority had been much larger they wouldn’t have been able to resort to such tactics because any number crunching would have to have been of monumental proportions to prove that “their side” actually won, and it would have been patently obvious even to their own supporters what they were doing.

      But the spoilt-baby reactions of Remain MPs (which is most of them), with their infantile stubborn refusal to obey the instructions given them by the public has exacerbated the problems. They’ve put all sorts of hurdles – the “meaningful vote” campaign, support for the “people’s vote” campaign, consistently refusing May’s deal (whilst not offering any viable alternative), and the King Canute-style attempt to remove the default option of no-deal from the table when no-deal actually is the table … you name it, they’ve tried it.

      The fact is, though, that they don’t actually believe any of the reasons they’ve given for these actions. The bottom line is that most of them are simply scrabbling around for some way to stop the whole process from happening at all without actually saying so, because to say so would effectively be akin to them saying that they don’t actually believe in democracy in the true sense of the word.

      • Frank Davis says:

        every trick in the book to try and find some statistical way to prove that actually they really won

        Pretty much exactly the same as the Democrats in the USA when Trump got elected. They never accepted the result. Hillary should have won.

  4. slugbop007 says:

    Hillary Clinton won 12 states, or thereabouts, and Donald Trump won 36 or so. I wrote a comment on Occupy Democrat’s Facebook page yesterday and called them social engineering psychopaths. Some of them were lamenting about housing shortages. How about all the smokers in social housing units that might soon be evicted? I commented on that fact as well.


    • Charles Burns says:

      Yes, if not for the Electoral College urban progressives from populous coastal states would dominate all policy in the US. Thank God we are a republic and NOT a democracy. Democracy is unfair, a tyranny of the majority. It’s why they are called Democrats and Republicans, but nobody represents ME

  5. Charles Burns says:

    Bye, Bye

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