Will A Remainer Parliament Overrule A Leaver People?

Will a Remainer Parliament overrule a Leaver People?

Theresa May is considering giving MPs a vote on seven Brexit options, including revoking Article 50, over fears her Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union will not pass in the House of Commons, according to Sky News sources.

The indicative votes would be on revoking Article 50 — the EU exit clause triggered in March 2017 — accepting her Withdrawal Agreement, accepting her agreement plus a customs union and Norway-style membership of the EU’s Single Market (the “softest” possible Brexit), a free trade agreement, a second referendum, or a clean, no-deal Brexit, according to an anonymous senior minister who spoke to the broadcaster.

I think Britain will erupt if parliament overrules people, and ties Britain to the EU. It will be yet another example of them telling us that We Know What’s Best For You (like they did with the UK smoking ban).

It will set parliament against people. And if that happens there ought to be an immediate General Election in which the people can vote to get rid of this Remainer parliament. And I suspect that if it comes to parliament versus people, the British people will wish to make it clear that parliament is supposed to represent them, not rule over them.

As far as I understand, the EU has accepted a delay in Britain leaving the EU, but only until 12 April.

While the extension to April 12th — three weeks from today, and two weeks from the original and frequently guaranteed original March 29th departure date — is “unconditional”, European leaders expect Theresa May to use the time to get the withdrawal deal the EU agreed to give her over the line.

I don’t think there’s going to be any national change of heart. The EU has ridden a rising tide of popularity for about half a century, but over the past ten years that tide has begun to subside. People want their countries back. They don’t want to be ruled by unaccountable faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. And that’s why there’s a tidal wave of nationalist populism now sweeping Europe.

The best thing that could happen is that the EU is dissolved into some looser European organisation in which nation states are paramount, and the power of Brussels is minimal. There’s no need for a European superstate with its capital in Brussels. That’s the dream of imperialists who hanker after large, unwieldy empires.

We’re on the brink of a complete political re-organisation of Europe, with most of the long-established political parties swept away. In Britain that will probably mean the sharp contraction of both the Labour and Conservative parties. We’re at the end of the EU era.

I was very surprised by this:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report is complete, nearly two years after he was named to oversee the investigation into obstruction of justice, possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and literally anything else that came up.

On a quiet Friday afternoon, the Department of Justice notified the key lawmakers that Attorney General William Barr has received the report.

I thought that the Mueller investigation would just drag on and on and on. It was never likely to find any collusion, but while it was hanging over the Trump administration it could hamper and frustrate him. And that was the whole point of it.

But what’s set to happen now is that the newly Democrat-controlled House of Representatives will pick up where Mueller left off, and start their own investigation (they already have). But this new investigation will be overtly political in ways that the Mueller investigation was not.

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9 Responses to Will A Remainer Parliament Overrule A Leaver People?

  1. waltc says:

    Radio news this AM said an online petition to Remain has over 4 million votes so far and the site has crashed twice from traffic. Also said May said she would not undo Article 50. But with your MPs nixing a “hard” Brexit as well as her hard-to-take Brexit, it seems as though you can neither stay or go.

    • Rose says:

      Brexit petition CON! Thousands of signatures in Revoke Article 50 petition are OUTSIDE UK

      “THOUSANDS of the 3 million names on a record-breaking petition to derail Brexit by revoking Article 50 signed the petition from outside the UK, data on the Government’s Parliamentary website has revealed.”

      “Some of the names will be undoubtedly be genuine, as any UK resident or British citizen is entitled to sign e-petitions, and they may be abroad.

      But a search of Twitter indicated some Remainers were enthusiastically touting their details on line and encouraging people to use them as a way of getting round the Parliamentary rules.

      One provided his postcode, adding: “EVERYONE COME OUT AND SIGN THE PETITION TO REVERSE BREXIT! Please share around. Every signature counts.”

      “Remainers and Leavers alike have been getting a little too excited about the Revoke Article 50 Petition. Yes, you can sign it as many times as you like with made up email addresses and whatever name and country you care to put in. Yes, there are videos online explaining in detail how to use bots to hijack Parliamentary petitions – exactly what happened with the second referendum petition immediately after the referendum. Is it actually going to stop Brexit? No, that will be MPs…”

      2016 BBC
      EU referendum petition hijacked by bots

      “An online petition calling for a second EU referendum has been hijacked by automated bots adding false signatures.”

      “Thousands of signatures from countries such as North Korea and the South Sandwich Islands have been removed, and a majority of the signatures now appear to come from the UK.

      But many could have been added by automated programs called bots and the petition continues to gather hundreds of signatures a minute.”
      https: //www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-36640459

      It’s the sort of behaviour we have come to expect.

  2. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Did you see all those smug treasonous Remainer bastards on their London march today. All with their snouts up the EU backside and quite happy to be part of the EU superstate !

  3. decnine says:

    Whenever TM announces her fixed intention not to do something, I know that I have just heard her next broken promise.

    The problem with a General Election is that We The People don’t have any influence over who the candidates will be. The same treacherous dross will get back in – even though some of them may have different names.

  4. Rose says:

    Why the National Trust owns so much land.

    Pass it on
    Oct 2007

    “Fifty-one years ago, the Labour politician and thinker Anthony Crosland set out his ideas about inheritance tax in his famous book The Future of Socialism. “Death duties,” he wrote, “have, as compared with other forms of taxation, notable advantages. They are politically perhaps the least controversial of taxes; the moral argument against large inheritance, on grounds of equal opportunity and the equation of rewards with personal effort, is now widely accepted; and the number of people affected is very small.”

    “How high should the duties be raised?” pondered Crosland. Although he was considered to be on the right and not the left of the party, his answer was confidently radical: “The socialist case against large inherited fortunes clearly requires a maximum limit on the amount of inheritance permitted.”

    The National Trust

    “Inheritance tax (death duty) for the rich was at 40% and therefore many families were forced to sell off part of their estate to meet this bill. Concerns were raised that the stately homes and country houses with their formal gardens and landscaped grounds that were such a typical aspect of the British countryside would be lost. The National Trust responded by undertaking what was essentially a change in direction and began the acquisition of these country estates. It was enabled to do so by the National Trust Act 1937 (and further legislation) which meant that a family donating their property to the Trust did not have to pay death duties but under the NT Country Houses Scheme could continue to live in the property rent free for two generations and thereafter at a market rent. In return the property would be, in part at least, opened to the public.”

    The politics of envy.

  5. Charles Burns says:

    Mueller found no evidence for the allegations.
    Sadly, I am starting to think that Brexit will not happen. Populations in the West don’t rise up against our government anymore. How can we, with all the firepower government has? Western governments have been working against the will of the people since at least the Vietnam war, in the US, since World War II. Authoritarianism is the future.

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