A European Political Crisis

We are fast approaching, if not already well inside, what must be the biggest political crisis in Britain for the past 50 years, maybe longer.

Three years ago the British people were asked if they wanted to remain in the EU, or leave. And they voted to leave. They voted to once again become the self-governing country they had been before they joined an EEC European Common Market which then rapidly metamorphosed into a European Union with its own parliament and elections and laws and courts.

Since that vote, the British government, in the form of its Prime Minister Theresa May, has just delayed and delayed doing anything at all. Instead of organising Britain’s departure from the EU, she has set about trying to get “a deal” with the EU about the terms and conditions of the departure.  Parliament has thrown out her proposed “deal” twice now. And tomorrow she’s going back to ask it a third time. For Britain is supposed to be leaving on the 29th of March. But now she’s saying:

Back My Deal or ‘We Will Not Leave the EU for Many Months, if Ever’

She started out as PM saying she would “deliver Brexit” and “Brexit means Brexit”, but those have proved empty words. Now she’s saying we may not leave the EU for a long time, if ever.

In many ways this is not a British political crisis so much as a European political crisis, because Britain is simply the first European member state to have voted to leave the EU, and it’s very unlikely to be the last. Because the reality is that all the nations of Europe want to be self-governing states. None of them want to hand sovereignty to what amounts  to an unelected bureaucracy in Brussels. But there is a European political class which is thoroughly wedded to the idea of a European superstate stretching from Dublin to Dubrovnik, and has been working for it for 70 years since WW2. And this political class remains in power in nearly every EU member state.

It’s a political crisis that is pitting the peoples of Europe against an entrenched European political class. It’s peoples versus governments. And in Britain it’s the British people versus the British government, much like in France it’s the French people versus the French government. And so now we’re set to see in Britain what’s been happening for months in France:

TRUCK drivers are planning to stage UK-wide blockades on highways if the country does not leave the EU on March 29, which they would see as a “Brexit betrayal”.

And if it can happen in Britain and France, what’s to stop the same thing happening in Italy or Germany or Spain? Very little at all. They’re all in the same boat. The whole of Europe is about to catch fire.

So to revise the sentence with which I began this post: We are fast approaching, if not already well inside, what must be the biggest political crisis in Britain Europe for the past 50 years, maybe longer.

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5 Responses to A European Political Crisis

  1. Carl R. Ellch says:

    Almost 175 years ago, students of history will recall the revolutions of 1848 which effected not only most of Europe but also much of the rest of the world. The issues were not much different than you are seeing now,

  2. Roobeedoo2 says:

    OT but it’s reported there was a huge meteor explosion detected back in December:


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