Theresa May Is Finished


Senior aides to Prime Minister Theresa May believe she is “finished” and want her to “fall on her sword” now and set a date for her departure, in hopes this will allow her to “go with dignity”.

The calls follow a second heavy defeat for the Withdrawal Agreement which Mrs May negotiated with the European Union, which is deeply unpopular with Brexiteer Tories as well as Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), on which her minority government relies to achieve a parliamentary majority.

Rather than embark upon the clean, No Deal exit which is the legal default on March 29th in the absence of a deal, the Prime Minister is instead pushing for a third vote on her deal and an extension of the ongoing Article 50 negotiations with the EU and a delay to Brexit — something she had repeatedly promised she would not do.

And I suppose that after she loses a third vote, she’ll push for a fourth vote, and then a fifth.

She may as well be working for the EU rather than the UK. And in fact she probably is. I think that the EU bought most of our politicians a long time ago, and she was probably one of them.

Only two weeks to when Britain is supposed to leave the EU.

I bet we won’t.

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8 Responses to Theresa May Is Finished

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    You bet Frank ! The Remainer Elites will see to that. Us smoking plebs have no say.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Us smoking plebs have no say.
      Us smoking plebs will have a harder time getting cheap tobacco and if Ash is using tobacco sales figures to proudly announce the falling smoker prevalence, it will have to “massage” those extensively to justify it’s existence (on the back of the tax payer). And it will have a field day in England.

      WHAT is the next government after Brexit going to do for us, the smoking pleb? I cannot find ONE party which will amend the smoking ban.
      I do recall that UKIP wanted the votes of smokers but had removed the amendment of the smoking ban from it’s manifesto. One very eager Ukipper here on Frank’s blog stated that “the smoking ban will have to wait until after the election”. I replied that it can’t.
      UKIP did pretty badly in that election.

      Smokers are voters, too.

      • jaxthefirst says:

        I think that the amendment to the smoking ban was an issue held very dear to Nigel Farage, himself a smoker of course, but I suspect that he also very cannily realised that smokers are a very substantial “untapped” market for votes – being as none of the mainstream parties are remotely interested in them, except as useful whipping-boys for when the non-smoking masses need distracting for a few days. But the party (no doubt numbering a few of the brainwashed – they seem to be everywhere) were always remarkably keen to play down that proposed policy and, oddly, none of the other parties ever seemed to want to draw attention to it either in order to steal away votes from all the millions of “enthusiastic ban supporters” that they’re always banging on about, whom you would have thought they would imagine would be so horrified at the prospect of any relaxation of the ban that they’d even forgo the chance to escape the EU!

        Farage himself was never backward in coming forwards when asked about it, but of course UKIP’s main raison d’etre was leaving the EU, so pretty much all of the focus on them was in respect of that, particularly with the referendum looming. As soon as he left the party, the smoking ban amendment was quietly dropped from their manifesto. I know, because I checked before the last GE and there is was – gone! So they waved goodbye to my own “untapped” vote there and then. The only other party I know which has ever had the temerity to suggest that they’d support an amendment to the ban was the now personas non gratis BNP – I don’t even know if they are still putting people up for election and I certainly don’t know if that policy is still part of their manifesto. But you know, if they are, and if it is, well, “any port in a storm,” as they say ….

  2. Rose says:

    Well some of the politicians in Westminster might not officially recognise that we leave the EU on the 29th of March, but I and most of of the country still will.

    BREXIT BLOCK: Lorry drivers threaten to CLOSE UK transport links if exit is delayed
    Mar 17, 2019

    TRUCK drivers are planning to stage UK-wide blockades on highways if the country does not leave the EU on March 29, which they would see as a “Brexit betrayal”.

  3. Rose says:

    Pictures from today’s march from Hartlepool to Middlesborough.

    Unfortunately the resolute Brexiteers are limited to 200 for health and safety reasons and having walked all that way a few tedious EU acolytes were waiting for them outside the pub.

  4. beobrigitte says:

    Senior aides to Prime Minister Theresa May believe she is “finished” and want her to “fall on her sword” now and set a date for her departure, in hopes this will allow her to “go with dignity”.

    Hasn’t Theresa May already decided to resign after Brexit?
    19. February 2019
    Sources revealed that Mrs May will duck out after delivering Brexit and hopes to influence who succeeds her.

    Only two weeks to when Britain is supposed to leave the EU.

    I bet we won’t.

    Nope, not fully. That will take at least 2 more years. And, for smokers it won’t be the case of bringing back from Europe a good supply of tobacco for at least 2 more years. The anti-smokers have seen to that. You will be limited to 250g tobacco or 200 cigarettes as from the end of this month.

    I still maintain that some sort of partial deal will be reached in the next 2 weeks.

  5. waltc says:

    US News as reporting today (which doesn’t make it true) that many Tories are defecting to vote for May’s deal. I continue to,hope that if thete’s a sellout, more than just the truck drivers take to the streets

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