A Coming European Christian Revival

The New Zealand gunman apparently wrote in his 74-page manifesto that he wanted to start a race war in the USA. Oddly enough, that’s something that the current socialist US Democrat party also seems to want. Which makes me think that, although he’s been promptly dubbed a “right wing extremist”, he is probably actually some sort of socialist, as bent upon Revolution as socialists always are.

I very much doubt if he will succeed in starting a race war. What seems much more likely is that the atrocity in Christchurch heralds another religious war between Christians and Muslims. After all, he and his co-conspirators weren’t murdering black people: they were murdering Muslims in their mosques. And Christians and Muslims have been fighting for 1300 years, on and off.

And Muslims have been busy murdering Christians throughout the Middle East for the past 20 or 30 years, and now they’re also murdering Christians in Europe. So what we’re seeing is a mounting series of tit-for-tat murders. This seems to be much more or a problem in Europe than in the USA, where there do not seem to be large immigrant Muslim populations. A religious war between Christians and Muslims would seem to be much more likely in Europe than in North or South America.

In largely secular Europe, it’s believed that Christianity is a waning influence, if not a completely spent force. But it remains the case that for the past 2000 years Europe was the locus of Christendom, and Christianity underpins European civilisation, regardless of whether Europeans know it or not.

And I think that Europe is about to re-discover its Christian foundations, in much the same way that Russia is in the process of re-discovering and re-building its Eastern Orthodox Christian foundations in the aftermath of the Soviet era

So I expect to see a Christian revival in Europe. I’m not quite sure what form it will take. I doubt that it will be be a Catholic or Protestant revival. It’ll probably be some completely new variant of Christianity, in much the same way that there’s been a Muslim revival in process over the past 50 years.

I’m not quite sure what it is that makes Islam so seemingly completely incompatible with Christianity. After all, they share several of the world’s holy places, most notably Jerusalem.

What seems most notably different about them is that they have very different geographical locations. Christianity is a religion of the northern hemisphere. It’s the religion of Europe and Russia, and now also for the past 500 years of North America as well as South America. And Islam is a desert religion from Arabia and the Middle East and North Africa and Pakistan. The two religions probably reflect the values that are inherent in their geographical origins. The same is probably true of Chinese Confucionism and South East Asian Hinduism and Buddhism, which again seem to have a geographical locus in which they flourish. The religions which flourish anywhere in the world are probably not different from the plants and animals that flourish in such places: they are well suited to their native environments, and not well suited to others.

At present the secular authorities in Europe are bending over backwards to accommodate Islam, in an attempt to create a multicultural society in which religion doesn’t matter. But if, as I suspect, Europe begins to rediscover its Christian roots, this new multicultural society will probably disintegrate. It will be found that Islam can no more be transplanted into Europe than date palms can be made to grow in Norway. And the re-Christianisation of Europe will see Islam ousted much in the same way as in the Spanish Reconquista.

The secular authorities in Europe are of course Globalists, with a one-size-fits-all secular religion that insists that all countries in the world are the same, and that the culture of one place can be, and should be, the same as everywhere else. Because for the globalists, who spend their time jetting around the world, the world is something that they gaze down from 10,000 metres (and sometimes 10,000 kilometres) above it in air-conditioned comfort, moving from one identical hotel to another. But for people who live with their feet on the ground, whether that is the frozen wastes of Siberia, or the deserts of North Africa, or the tropical Mato Grosso of Brazil, or the endless sunshine of California, the world is a plurality of many very different places, not one single place. Globalism is built upon an abstract and imaginary “world”, which nobody on its surface ever actually experiences.

And what’s behind today’s growing nationalism and populism a recognition of how different the nations and peoples of the world are, rather than how much the same they are. England is a different place from France, and France is a different place from Italy, and all these places have their own distinct local cultures which have grown up over hundreds and thousands of years. They can’t be blended together into a single abstraction like “Europe” or “the World”. They can’t be moved around like toy soldiers.

And that’s what the Globalists are going to find out over the coming years.

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9 Responses to A Coming European Christian Revival

  1. Jon Thirkell says:

    I hope you’re right Frank. Good post.

  2. Fredrik Eich says:

    “England is a different place from France”
    Not according to this map!

    • Frank Davis says:

      After the Norman Conquest in 1066, England was ruled by Norman (i.e. French) kings and by a Norman aristocracy. It wasn’t so much that England ruled much of France, as France ruled England. And it continued to do so until the lands in France were gradually lost, and a French aristocracy found itself ruling only England. After that happened, the French aristocracy in England gradually became anglicised, and English kings finally started to learn to speak English..

  3. Clicky says:

  4. Dmitry Kosyrev says:

    You know, Frank, the Russian Christian revival span from the total horrror of the 1990-s, which “your” Europe calls “the time of reforms”. Things were so bad at that time that miracles were the only hope, and that’s how our Church got back to life. I really do not wish you to live through such times. It’d be like a total war with aggressive kind of Islam or European soil, or something similar and very, very undesirable.

  5. Dmitry Kosyrev says:

    On European soil, of course.

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