Beyond The Pale

Something I read yesterday:

I simply do not see how there can be a happy ending to a situation where the political and media class chooses to write off a whole section of the population as being beyond the pale of discourse.

Well, yes. And smokers comprise a substantial section of the population. And exiling us to the outdoors pushes us beyond the pale of discourse. How can there be any happy ending when something like that has happened? There won’t be one.

It’s us smokers who are supposed to be the casualties here. We’re supposed to become extinct. But I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen. I think it’s going to be the political and media class who are going to be the casualties.

And it’s already begun to happen. And it’s easy to see how it happens. For once you’ve expelled people from the public discourse, stopped listening to them, then they’ll stop listening to you. Once you’ve written off millions of viewers, they’ll stop watching you. Once you’ve written off millions of voters, they’ll simply stop voting for you. They’ll start listening to different people. And start voting for new parties.

And that’s what’s happening all over Europe and America, and Canada and Australia and New Zealand. It’s probably happening everywhere else as well. And it’s why all these new parties are popping up everywhere. Like AfD in Germany, 5Star in Italy, and Vox in Spain. They’re attracting all the people who’ve been expelled from the public discourse for one reason or other: eating, drinking, smoking, or whatever. The mainstream media and the mainstream political parties no longer speak for them, so they find other people to speak for them. And so the mainstream media and the mainstream political parties are dying. What else was ever going to happen?

In the UK in recent weeks there have been splits emerging in both the Labour party and the Conservative party. It’s all about Brexit, of course, but Brexit is all about saying goodbye to an oversize EU that doesn’t listen to ordinary people, and doesn’t represent ordinary people. So it’s really the exact same thing again. Ordinary people are looking for something that does listen to them, and does represent them.

I didn’t provide a link to the quote above. So here’s one now. The quote is from James Delingpole. And he wasn’t writing about smokers. He was writing about something else. But he may as well have been writing about smokers. After all, he claims to be a pipe smoker, given the photo at right. Yet I’ve never read anything by him about smoking and smoking bans. The nearest I’ve heard him get was in conversation with Chris Snowdon, when Chris Snowdon said he hated the smoking ban, and James Delingpole didn’t say the same. So I suspect that Delingpole is someone who smokes but doesn’t mind the smoking ban. And most likely that’s because Delingpole never spent much time in pubs and cafes, playing pool or chess or cards. He was probably sitting at home writing, and puffing on his pipe. Nobody was going to exile him to the outdoors. So the smoking ban didn’t bother him. It was the people who went to pubs and cafes and restaurants and clubs that got hit the hardest. So Delingpole never writes about smoking bans. He writes about Brexit and politics and climate change instead. I think he’s missing a trick.

Aside from that, as a matter of interest, The Pale was an area of southern and eastern Ireland that was under English control during the Middle Ages. If you lived outside that area, you came from Beyond The Pale.


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16 Responses to Beyond The Pale

  1. “He was probably sitting at home writing, and puffing on his pipe. Nobody was going to exile him to the outdoors.”

    Heh, at least not until he’s poor enough to have to live in an apartment or a rowhome where his EEEeevilllll smoke will crawl along the electric wires to attack The Children in homes/apts/flats next door.

    Of course by then it’ll be too late for him to do anything…

    – MJM

  2. Clicky says:

    • smokingscot says:

      This is the hotel.

      And the cheapest room is about Euro 525 a night in March! Mostly they’re stratospheric.

      Horribly embarrassing for them to have an elevator fail, especially as there were 10 other people in there with him, presumably all well able to spend 600 to 1000 plus a night – and more than happy to hold management accountable.

      David Hockney is 81 years old, seems a wee bit shaky in the legs and uses a walking stick, so no choice but use elevator.

  3. mymarkx says:

    I don’t share your optimism, Frank.

    Perhaps I’ve read too much Holocaust literature, but I believe that when a country declares that it has the goal of becoming free of a group of people the way that Germany declared the goal of becoming Juden-frei, and removes all legal rights from those people, it can only be so that the country can legally kill those people.

    I believe that smokers have not just been banished beyond the pale, but that the genocide of smokers has already begun and is long under way. I believe that by forcing frail elderly smokers to go outdoors to smoke even when the weather is below zero or there is a heavy storm that lasts a week, as is common in places like New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc., and nobody remarks about the thousands of smokers who have already died of exposure in that situation, which I consider to be mass murder, the genocide has already gone too far and will not stop until every last smoker is extinct.

    I don’t think it will stop because people switch to vaping. Smoking bans now include not only vaping, but also snuff and chewing tobacco, which produce no smoke.

    I think that 20 or 30 years after the last smoker has been murdered, as the cancer rates continue to skyrocket, a few dissidents may speak out and be killed for suggesting that there may have been a mistake, since some of the perpetrators might still be alive, in high government positions, and unwilling to accept any blame or liability.

    As long as the US government needs to have nuclear weapons and the defense contracts for them upon which our economy relies, and as long as our military needs fossil fuels, there will continue to be a need to scapegoat smokers for rising cancer rates.

    I believe that the existence of healthy elderly smokers, in particular, belies the government propaganda about smoking, and that we are therefore targeted for extermination before we can die of old age–particularly since some of us remain healthy smokers when we’re in our 80s, 90s, and over 100 years old. It is just too easy to prove that many healthy elderly smokers like me, had non-smoking parents who died of cancer, and therefore couldn’t have inherited any special protective genes.

    I really hope you’re right, Frank. I don’t know about the UK, but the US Consttution was written so that voters would never have the final say and the popular vote could always be overridden by political parties, the Electoral College, Congress, and the Supreme Court, so while smoking bans theoretically could be overturned politically elsewhere, it is not possible here–not even if smokers weren’t almost universally despised. When voters look elsewhere here, they tend to look for people like those in power now who are even more anti-smoking than those they replaced. The military-industrial complex needs nukes, and since nukes cause cancer, they need a scapegoat to blame. In the US, the Pentagon steals trillions of dollars every year, cannot be audited, and is considered vital to national security. If an enemy stole trillions of dollars from us every year, there would be an outcry or even war. But when its own defense forces wage war against a people, they have no defense and there is no group more powerful than a superpower’s defense industry.

    It won’t stop with smokers. When they came for the smokers, nobody spoke out because most people weren’t smokers. By the time anyone speaks out, if that ever happens, there will be nobody left who cares. Pastor Niemöller warned us. People are too busy watching anti-smoking ads on TV to remember. Once they’ve killed all the smokers, they’ll be too busy celebrating to notice that cancer rates continue to skyrocket, and if they are, another scapegoat and another genocide will easily distract their attention.

    According to some, there are two factions today, those who unquestioningly obey authority, and those who engage in critical thinking. Those who can think are a decided minority with almost no political power because whenever one of them attains any power or any leadership role, they are assassinated by the authorities who will not tolerate disobedience or dissent.

  4. Vlad says:

    While I don’t fully share the above poster’s pessimism, one thing did ring true…’smoke free’ – is more ore less the equivalent of Nazi Juden frei. And the smokers of the 21 century appear to be the meat eaters…’public health’ has spread enough junk science to convince gullible people that meat is detrimental to their health…look at the push and support veganism gets…and when that’s not enough, the equivalent of passive smoking – made up, bottom of the barrel climate change ‘science’ blaming meat production will be used to justify taxes and bans.

    Regarding upsurge in cancers (including lung) – that’s not surprising, considering the spread of processed food-like products that are eaten and drank all day long by most people. Or smoked, when one considers factory made cigarettes or new gadgets like IQOS.

  5. RdM says:

    My first exposure researching “Beyond the Pale” years maybe a decade ago was
    That precedes Nazism spasm.

  6. Charles Burns says:

    I think “the Pale” originally referred to that large swath of Eastern Europe under the Russian Czar where the Jews lived, and we’re expected to remain. The Pale included parts of Russia,. Poland, Romania, etc

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