The Bullying Bastards in Tobacco Control

I came across this in ZeroHedge yesterday:

The following, written in 1940  [by Ludwig von Mises], is excerpted from Interventionism, An Economic Analysis, which was originally part of Nationaloekonomie, the German predecessor to Human Action.

Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini constantly proclaim that they are chosen by destiny to bring salvation to this world. They claim they are the leaders of the creative youth who fight against their outlived elders. They bring from the East the new culture which is to replace the dying Western civilization. They want to give the coup de grace to liberalism and capitalism; they want to overcome immoral egoism by altruism; they plan to replace the anarchic democracy by order and organization, the society of “classes” by the total state, the market economy by socialism. Their war is not a war for territorial expansion, for loot and hegemony like the imperialistic wars of the past, but a holy crusade for a better world to live in. And they feel certain of their victory because they are convinced that they are borne by “the wave of the future.”

In fact Hitler’s war was one of territorial expansion, for loot and hegemony just like the imperialistic wars of the past. And so were Mussolini’s wars in Libya and Ethiopia. Nor was Stalin any better. There was nothing “holy” about any of them. Nor was there anything “altruistic”.

They were all just loudmouth bullying bastards. And they were fought against by the Western Allies precisely because they were bullying bastards. That’s the only way to defeat such people.

Are things any different today? Isn’t much the same attempt being made to create “a better world” by another bunch of bullying bastards. Antismoking bullying bastards. Green bullying bastards. Global warming alarmist bullying bastards. European Union bullying bastards. They’re all trying to demolish an old culture and replace it with a new culture. And they always see themselves as “the wave of the future.”

Neither Hitler nor Mussolini nor Stalin actually managed to create a new culture. All they left in their wake was hideous destruction.

If there’s one slight difference today it’s that, while there are lots of bullying bastards around these days, there don’t seem to be any truly loudmouth bullying bastard leaders among them. There’s nobody on the “progressive” left in the USA or Europe at present with any leadership qualities. Hillary Clinton? Bernie Sanders? Jeremy Corbyn? Jean-Claude Juncker? They’re all wet rags. There’s nothing inspirational about any of them.

And that’s maybe because we’re living in a different time than Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin. Because back then people really did believe that they were living in the dawn of a new age. They really thought that they could create a better world, if they simply made the effort to do so, breaking however many eggs it took. Yet as always they only succeeded in making a far worse world.

And it’s in that disillusioned world in which we live today. My post-war generation were never really trying to create a new culture or a new world: we were instead trying to stop it getting very much worse than it already was. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was a campaign to stave off what then looked like an imminent global nuclear war. GreenPeace and Friends of the Earth were campaigning against the despoliation of the Earth. Global warming alarmists are trying to stop us from all being boiled alive. They are all, in one way or other, trying to stop something bad happening, rather than to make something good happen. The “progressive” left no longer has any vision of Progress. They have nothing new in mind. Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin at least all had some sort of (rather hideous and twisted) vision of Progress: their successors have none.

And someone like Donald Trump on the populist right is out to Make America Great Again. And to do that is to try to return America to one of its past incarnations, and in so doing reverse the tide of history. So also with the rising populism in Europe which is increasingly set upon returning sovereignty to European states that had been ceded to the “progressive” EU: they are reversing the flow of history. It’s more or less as if the tidal wave of utopian progressivism that broke upon the world a century or so ago has now begun to recede, and to recede faster and faster. It’s what always happens when waves break on any beach.

Our modern progressives may not have any vision of Progress to guide them, but they are all still bullying bastards who believe that they can create some new world by pushing and shoving and bullying and browbeating people.

And in our current world, the greatest exemplars of these are the bullying bastards in Tobacco Control. For Tobacco Control engages in non-stop bullying all over the world. And everyone who works in Tobacco Control is a bullying bastard of one kind or other. Dame Sally Davies, stepping down from her role as England’s Chief Medical Officer, is a bullying bastard. And ASH’s Deborah Arnott is a bullying bastard. And Stanton Glantz is a bullying bastard. And Michael Bloomberg is a bullying bastard. They’re all bullying bastards, every single one of them.

But perhaps the very worst of these bullying bastards was the man I mentioned yesterday: George Godber. A bronze bust of this awful man now resides in the Royal College of Physicians, which really ought to be renamed the Royal College of Bullying Bastards. Godber had the most complete contempt and hatred for smokers, as is illustrated in the following passage of his:

“The smoker” chooses for his own gratification to introduce into his own personal micro-environment the agent that will do him harm. What we are trying to do is to persuade him that that voluntary act is not only a long term threat to his future, but also an inducement to others to adopt the same folly. We are in fact asking for an almost infinite number of acts at self-abnegation so that a dirty and dangerous habit can be eliminated from our society.”

The smoker engages in “folly” for his own “self-gratification” as he engages in a “dirty” and dangerous “habit”: The contempt for smokers is palpable. And everything Godber ever said about them was always laced with the same bile. And he set out to bully and browbeat and exile and defame smokers at every possible opportunity.

The man was an extremely nasty bully. And he helped populate the world with bullying bastards just like he was. And we must fight these bastards just like we once fought Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin. And we must defeat them. We must utterly destroy Tobacco Control.

For what is their idea of Progress? Their grand, empty vision of Progress is towards… “a smoke-free world”. What a stunted, vacuous dream! These people are going to find that the tide of history, that seemed to be flowing in one direction, is beginning to turn and flow in the opposite direction. And it will sweep them all away.

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17 Responses to The Bullying Bastards in Tobacco Control

  1. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    Like the elderly woman (I will not describe the sanctimonious bully in question as a lady) who appointed herself an anti smoking warden in the street outside my workplace today, empowered by the prohibitionist state, to remonstrate with me for placing a cigarette butt in the closest rubbish bin, which happened to be underneath one of the hundreds if not millions of NO SMOKING signs essentially everywhere.

    This of course while buses trundle by. I at first failed to realise the stranger in question was addressing me, and by the time of my witty retort the coward had already walked off, to inflict her subjective lifestyle preferences on others.

    Those who believe such stunts may experience unpredictable consequences, from bullied smokers who have had enough (like the tragic case of this Dr Enforcer – 😒

    • Timothy Goodacre says:

      Lucky she didn’t remonstrate with me Mark.

      • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

        Yeah goodonya Timothy for the vote of solidarity! We might all have to go out in force, outnumbering the crazed brainwashed zealots. I just had another similar incident. I crossed the road and was nowhere near anyone else (or any NO SMOKING signs) outside various vacant shops. This did not prevent some obese loser from telling me to F OFF, as he doesn’t want to smell tobacco smoke (well stop breathing then, and increase the IQ of the general population). I politely said, I can move to the other side – nah not good enough for this profane oxygen thief, so I said there are no signs, this is a legal product, and it is the open air – no response, too many big words. I stooped to his level and loudly called him a c-sucker on crossing the road. Honestly this is beyond belief, entitled bullies believe they have the authority to harass total strangers for smoking outside – where else are we supposed to go when smoking has been banned essentially everywhere anyone ever wants to smoke. Might need to form our own country…

        • Sheesh. Amazing.
          Good for you in standing up to them. Remember my old advice: you can always at least “Be The Sand” that gets in the gears and breaks down the tank. Standing in front of the column isn’t always the option you need to take: sometimes best to calculate when to do that and take the risks involved only when it’ll have the greatest effect.

          – MJM, usually just a sandy guy… but with lots o’ sand! :>

  2. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Don’t you just feel you’ve had enough of all these bullying bastards. I know I do !

  3. roobeedoo2 says:

    The bullying tactics have worked so well, tobacco is now a public health benchmark for other bullies to aspire to:

    ‘Like the tobacco industry, the pornography industry has created a public health crisis,” Udall told lawmakers last week. “Pornography is used pervasively, even by minors.”‘

  4. mandyv says:

    Great read as always Frank. Always wondered, if all bullies arrogant, or are all arrogant people bullies in some form or other.

    • Joe L. says:

      Bullying, arrogance and self-righteousness are all traits of narcissists. And narcissism is nothing more than a psychological façade which is created by those with low self-esteem as a defense mechanism. These nasty people feel better about themselves by belittling those whom they are jealous of.

      • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

        Great caution must be exercised in displaying my NOT propaganda cigarette packs, as that would provoke envy, and according to the control freak prohibitionist bullies, impressionable youth would immediately become life long tobacco ‘addicts’. Arrogance notwithstanding, it is astounding and alarming that so many gullible credulous people uncritically swallow outlandish claims like fleeting exposure to dilute tobacco smoke in the open air is ‘dangerous’.
        Or maybe they don’t, and use the relentless state sanctioned persecution of smokers as a convenient fig leaf, supporting the most intolerant illiberal members of (un) civil society in their negative health cultist crusade.

  5. Vlad says:

    I like when the media publicize ‘studies’ like this one because they might help get those vapers and HnB users off their high horses
    For those interested, here’s the ‘study’ in question:
    What I find remarkable is that they still use cigarette smoke extract…the so called ‘tar’ the likes of Ernst Wynder used in the ‘1950s to paint mice backs, get some skin cancer and thus ‘prove’ smoking causes lung cancer in men.

  6. waltc says:

    The progressives DO have a vision, the same kind of homogenous utopian vision as Marx, Mao, Stalin, hitler, Mussolini, Castro and the rest. Except, in addition to eliminating class, religion, individualism, and the family, the new ones also want to eliminate nations and (a really new one) homogenize the sexes.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I don’t think they have the same kind of homogenous utopian vision as Marx, Mao, Stalin, hitler, Mussolini, Castro and the rest, because if they did they’d have the same passionate intensity and messianic force as those people. And they don’t. They don’t get anywhere near it. Those days – the days of Hitler and Stalin and Mussolini – are over. We’re now living in a post-Hitler and Stalin and Mussolini age, because we know what happened with them. And so do today’s “progressives”. We have the benefit of hindsight that they didn’t have back then. Whatever “vision” modern progressives might have, it’s the same sort of anemic “”vision” as Tobacco Control. It’s empty. And everyone can see that it’s empty.

      • Joe L. says:

        I agree with Walt that today’s “Progressives” do indeed have a similar homogenous utopian vision as Hitler, Marx, Stalin, et. al. It’s quite possible the only reason why they aren’t as intense and passionate as their predecessors is the fact that we have the hindsight we now do. If they resembled dictators of the relatively recent past, they wouldn’t last 10 minutes; that’s why they’ve adopted this contemporary approach rooted in faux compassion. This new breed of control freaks claims they want us to change our behavior because they’re “looking out for us” and “trying to help.”

        This hindsight is also why you never hear them use the word “prohibition” when it comes to smoking, even though that is clearly what the Antismokers’ goal is. That recent piece of proposed legislature in Hawaii is the epitome of this. The draft bill did not mention making tobacco completely illegal, instead it strategically proposed raising the legal age to purchase tobacco to an absurd 100 years. Apparently they believe that as long as they avoid buzzwords associated with past failed attempts at social engineering, the masses will be none the wiser.

  7. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Not sure if this is one for the Smokers’ Graveyard, Frank, but a man was murdered over cigarettes in London this weekend:

    • Frank Davis says:

      Hard to tell. Seems like it was an argument between smokers:

      ‘The guy with the knife asked the other for free cigarettes, like as a favour or something. I don’t know whether he knew him. ‘They has an argument and he took out a knife.

      • roobeedoo2 says:

        It sounds like a someone asking for a cigarette and getting upset when refused. I know I can’t afford to give cigarettes away now willy nilly anymore. Literally, I take one cigarette with me to work, to smoke in lunch break, but I must get asked by passing strangers for a ‘spare cigarette’ 2 – 3 times a week.

        • Frank Davis says:

          Well, it’s not clear what happened. But it would seem to point to yet another way in which social harmony is upturned by antismoking legislation: They raise the price of cigarettes to the point where people can’t afford them, and start asking other people for them, and get angry when they aren’t given any.

          Next thing we’ll be seeing, with the artificial creation of a shortage of tobacco, is people being robbed of their tobacco, and murdered if they resist. In this manner Tobacco Control will get smokers to kill each other off. Which is probably what they want.

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