This is disturbing:

I’ve watched Roger Stone quite frequently on Alex Jones’ Infowars. He’s become a familiar figure. He’s a political operative who dates all the way back to the Nixon administration. And now he’s been arrested by a SWAT team carrying rifles, and accompanied by a CNN camera crew, at the behest of Robert Mueller’s investigation. Why do that to a 65-year-old at 4 a.m?

I can only suppose that it was done to make headlines for CNN. Stone worked for the Trump campaign in 2016, and Mueller is very publicly going after Trump associates like Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, and Michael Cohen. Nobody else gets investigated.

Who’s next for a 4 a.m. raid? Alex Jones? Michael Savage? Ivanka Trump? Nigel Farage?

Two years back, during the Trump campaign, I read a report somewhere about Roger Stone and Nigel Farage standing together outside some conference centre in the USA. Farage was probably smoking a cigarette. And maybe Stone was too. So maybe Farage will find himself getting the same treatment. After all, he was an active supporter of Donald Trump as well. And that’s all you need to be to get the attention of Robert Mueller, who seems like a latter-day Joseph McCarthy.

My Windows 10 PC got an “October Update” this morning, even though I believe it’s January. I couldn’t use my computer for two hours while it was being done. And now that it’s been completed, my headphone jack no longer works, so I’ve got no sound. According to my control panel, I now have no audio output system at all. How wonderful! I’d rather have not had the “upgrade”.

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8 Responses to Disturbing

  1. wobbler2012 says:

    Windows updates suck Frank. You will need to find the driver software, which will be included in one of the more recent “updates” that were not applied.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I tried various suggestions I found online, but none of them worked. And I have no idea what device driver software needs to be updated, or how to do it.

      So instead, I simply restored the previous version of Windows 10. And now my headphone jack works again.

      • beobrigitte says:

        Can you set your computer back to the last system save point?

        Alternatively, download Linux Mint or Ubuntu or any other distro and install the Linux os (dual boot, so you can still access your simulations etc. on Windoze).

        • Frank Davis says:

          Restoring the previous version of Windows is an option that Windows gives you. It doesn’t mean re-installing Windows from scratch. So I now have the system restored to what it was before, and Netbeans and my simulations are all working.

        • beobrigitte says:

          For dual boot you don’t need to re-install Windoze, just partition your hard drive.

          But before replying I should have read the comments…. 🙄

  2. AndyDan says:

    I watched nearly all of the link. There’s a pattern to how Mueller works. His aim is to indict someone, get them facing bankruptcy through legal fees and turn them against Trump. It happened with Manafort, Cohen and I believe Flynn had to sell his house and is effectively broke.
    I doubt it’ll work with Stone because he’s already bankrupt and a bit of a loose cannon anyway.
    It’s clear that the Trump presidency is floundering now, and he realises it. The thing to do is declare a state of emergency, start building the wall and close down Mueller. And really start draining the swamp, starting with the FBI. Then tell them to impeach him if they want. Go down in flames rather than out with a whimper. You can’t reason with these people anyway.
    Obama, Clintons and even Mueller himself are up to their necks in corruption, and Russian collusion is of course one crime they themselves are guilty of. But, whilst they’re attacking, none of that will come out.
    Time is running out. If Trump can go on the offensive, he may have a chance in 2020. Beyond that though, demographics will probably ensure there’s never a Republican President again..

  3. slugbop007 says:

    I still receive messages from Microsoft telling me that I am using an archaic operating system (8). I turned off Windows Updates a long time ago. Every time you update you lose personal autonomy.


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