EU Owns the Copyright on Graphic Picture Warnings?

Via Mark Jarratt in the comments, and James Delingpole:

London: Australia has come to the rescue of Britain, providing the government with its world-leading plain packaging images for cigarettes, to use free-of-charge in the case of a chaotic no deal Brexit.

With MPs poised to vote down Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal in the Commons next week, it’s emerged that after Brexit, Britain would be denied access to graphic picture warnings that have been credited with saving lives because the EU owns the copyright.

This is a rather strange story. Why does the EU own the copyright on the nasty pictures on tobacco products? Doesn’t that strongly suggest that the EU was one of the prime movers in launching that campaign?

Perhaps this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, given that I only recently discovered that the EU declared war on smoking in 1989, fully twenty years before I’d previously thought it did. This was nine years before the WHO, under the direction of Gro Harlem Brundtland, did the same, and climbed aboard the Public Health bandwagon.

After the end of her term as PM, Brundtland was then elected Director-General of the World Health Organization in May 1998. In this capacity, Brundtland adopted a far-reaching approach to public health, establishing a Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, chaired by Jeffrey Sachs, and addressing violence as a major public health issue. Brundtland spearheaded the movement, now worldwide, to achieve the abolition of cigarette smoking by education, persuasion, and increased taxation.[5] Under her leadership, the World Health Organization was one of the first major employers to make quitting smoking a condition of employment.

It’s beginning to look as if the EU was a world leader in antismoking, well before the medical profession. Why was that?

James Delingpole’s response was to ask:

Is this the most strained and desperate bit of Remain propaganda ever?

Can there really be a person in the world who reads a story like that and goes: “Thank God junior health minister Steve Brine has got his eye on the ball. Imagine the consequences if, after Brexit, smokers were no longer able to buy cigarette packs adorned with photos of dying children or rancid, blackened lungs!”

But James Delingpole is far more anti-EU than he is anti-antismoking – whereas I am far more anti-antismoking than I am anti-EU. After all I only turned decisively against the EU when I learned in 2010 that the EU parliament had voted in favour of a European smoking ban. I think that Delingpole was anti-EU far earlier than that.

In fact, I’m not even sure if James Delingpole has any strong feelings about smoking bans, even though he regularly portrays himself with a pipe clenched between his teeth. In conversation with Chris Snowdon on one of his podcasts a year or so back, Snowdon was saying that he remained outraged by the UK smoking ban, but Delingpole did not express a similar sentiment.

In fact, I’m not sure if either Snowdon or Delingpole smoke tobacco at all these days, given that on the occasion of that podcasts, both were puffing away on e-cigarettes.

It’s another case of political figures like Nigel Farage or Marine Le Pen or Matteo Salvini ostentatiously smoking, but seldom ever (and perhaps even never) mentioning smoking bans.

But then, what politician ever mentions smoking bans? There’s a vast, global, social engineering experiment under way to stamp out smoking everywhere, but none of the political participants ever discuss it. It may as well not be happening, as far as most politicians and pundits are concerned. Perhaps it’s simply that, after 70 years of antismoking conditioning, and exponentially multiplying smoking bans, everyone is so completely brainwashed that they are incapable of any resistance whatsoever to the antismoking juggernaut.

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17 Responses to EU Owns the Copyright on Graphic Picture Warnings?

  1. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    Thank you Herr Blogmeister for acknowledging that significantly unhelpful international aid effort by Australia, a major Commonwealth realm and Five Eyes Anglophone power, gratefully sharing HM QEII as dutiful monarch and returning the favour, by donating ugly moralistic images FOR FREE as extra tools for the anti tobacco zealots.
    Tools seem to be well represented in their product free workshops: economic, historical, analytical, philosophical, and other means to cajole and coerce are conspicuously absent.
    Rose accurately stated, some posts ago, the global mass scale anti smoking social engineering project has had such longevity, for our own good, that an entire generation irrevocably swallows their propaganda. Follow the money… 👴🚬⚰

  2. Rhys says:

    Speaking of one-world government (were we?), the UN wants to make it official. Fun little thread from Max Bernier. You will notice the scary bit right away:
    I think this is what the WHO is already doing…

  3. wobbler2012 says:

    Of all the pathetic nonsense about leaving the EU this one has got to be the best! Seriously how f**king long would it take for us to knock up some dodgy images that nobody takes any notice of anyway?

    Truly scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one aren’t they lol.

  4. Rose says:

    I have known for a while that the nasty pictures on tobacco are EU copyright, after all, who else would you expect it to be?

    No-deal Brexit could send UK cigarette labeling up in smoke
    EU owns rights to warning photos on packets.
    22/8/18, 6:10 PM CET

    LONDON — Cigarette packets sold in the U.K. will need a redesign in the event of a no-deal Brexit, because the U.K. will no longer have access to EU-copyrighted photos illustrating the dangers of smoking, government planning papers are expected to show.

    The first batch of so-called technical notes setting out advice on preparations for a no-deal Brexit scenario will be published by the U.K. Department for Exiting the European Union Thursday. Health is among the areas to be covered in the first wave.

    One of the notes, according to a health sector worker briefed on its contents, explains that because the EU owns the copyright to 42 medically-approved photos highlighting health risks for smsmokers, U.K. public health authorities will have to provide their own if they are to retain the existing warnings, which under EU law should cover 65 percent of the packet.”

    14 September 2018
    What would happen in a March 2019 ‘no deal’ scenario?

    “If the UK leaves the EU in March 2019 with no agreement in place, the Tobacco Products Directive and the Tobacco Advertising Directive would no longer directly apply to the UK.

    The UK domestic law that implements these directives, such as the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, would remain in force, with minor amendments to ensure it still works effectively after EU exit. These amendments would be brought in through regulations made under the EU (Withdrawal) Act powers and would come into force on exit day.

    The amendments to UK tobacco legislation would include giving the UK government the power to update the legislation in response to emerging threats, changing safety and quality standards, and technological advances. These updating powers are likely to have minimal impact on industry. Their purpose is to make sure that the UK is still able to make technical changes after we leave the EU, where needed.

    Implications for businesses and stakeholders

    If there’s no deal, we would:
    create new domestic systems to allow producers to notify tobacco products and e-cigarettes in accordance with existing rules. Manufacturers will need to submit information on the new systems for any new products that they wish to sell in the UK
    introduce new picture warnings for tobacco products as the copyright for the existing picture library is owned by the European Commission. Manufacturers will need to ensure that tobacco products which include picture warnings produced from Exit Day onwards will be labelled with the new picture warnings.”

    When they first changed to EU splatterfest style packaging, it took six weeks for my favourite tobacco to reappear in the shops, so I intend to purchase a full six weeks worth of tobacco in advance and have already made a good start.

    EU or Australian, who really cares?

  5. slugbop007 says:

    There is something wrong with my WordPress account. It keeps asking me to reset my password. When I do it tells me that the password is no good. I was trying to reply to Junican’s message. I suggested that he might try reading lots of Medieval books on plants and herbs that might alleviate his bladder condition.

    This is why I always reply at the beginning of your posts. I am sick and tired of trying to reset my WordPress password.


  6. slugbop007 says:

    I know that you are an avid outer space enthusiast. There are three youtube broadcasts that I watch weekly: Deep Astronomy, Astronomy Cast and What Da Math. The fellow on What Da Math, Anton Petrov, uses two games often in his broadcasts, Space Engine and Universe Sandbox. Trippy.

    Happy New Year to one and all! slugbop007

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    The antis are at it again: “Hartlepool hospital makes smoke-free pledge – should all others ban smoking on their grounds?”

    There is a poll:

  8. Bones says:

    “In fact, I’m not sure if either Snowdon or Delingpole smoke tobacco at all these days, given that on the occasion of that podcasts, both were puffing away on e-cigarettes.”
    More likely to do with YouTube as Dennis Prager has been prevented by YouTube from smoking his iconic cigars during his fireside chats. Dennis Prager has complained on a number of his podcasts on how much he misses his cigars during his chats.

    • More likely to do with YouTube

      If they have such a policy, it looks like it’s only loosely implemented. Witness this guy lighting up at the 4’11” mark of an opinion piece that was added a week ago:

      Gilets jaunes, apprenez à écouter Jacques Attali!

    • Frank Davis says:

      Delingpole’s podcasts are audio only. I knew they were using e-cigarettes because they said as much, and there were accompanying appropriate noises (in much the same way that smoking on radio is accompanied by exaggerated puffing and blowing)

    • “More likely to do with YouTube as Dennis Prager has been prevented by YouTube from smoking his iconic cigars during his fireside chats.” Very sad. Maybe they deserve whatever China will eventually do to them.

  9. “everyone is so completely brainwashed”

    Not QUITE everyone, eh?

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      Not quite everyone! Indeed a quick survey outside bars in any given city will show that many more smoke than the controllers are willing to admit. It’s just that dissent has been blocked from most media outlets so the ability to organize dissent is hindered. But as the Soviets found out, hiding dissent does not make it go away!

  10. beobrigitte says:

    London: Australia has come to the rescue of Britain, providing the government with its world-leading plain packaging images for cigarettes, to use free-of-charge in the case of a chaotic no deal Brexit.
    Hahahahahahahah… pffff….giggle….hahahahahaha!!! Britain will be “rescued” by Australia supplying – free of charge – leading plain packaging images for cigarettes. Does that mean I can continue to swap black-brown painted pig’s lungs for a Spanish non-smoker on a ventilator in ITU after a road traffic accident??? *Awesome*

    The ?deluded anti-smoking brigade obviously thinks the world has no problems other than smokers.

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