Moral Crusades Fuel Mounting Anger

Every day seems to bring news of a new stabbing or killing:

“In the moments leading to the violent killing, both men appeared to be involved in an altercation lasting three minutes. Nothing justified the extraordinary violence that followed and we are concentrating our efforts on the ongoing investigation.”

I’ve no idea what caused this particular altercation. But I can’t help but think that we are now living in a world of systematic, large-scale bullying by everybody of almost everybody else. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this latest murder was a confrontation between one of the bullies and one of the bullied.

Smokers are being bullied. Fat people are being bullied. Drinkers are being bullied. And it’s all part of a global government-sponsored bullying campaign run by the WHO and variety of non-governmental organisations.

It’s not just individual lifestyle choices that are under systematic attack, but also entire cultures. Christianity is under attack. White people are under attack. Patriotism and national identity is under attack. Language is under attack. Carbon dioxide is under attack.

All of these are moral crusades of one sort or other, usually cloaked as science or medicine.

When they are attacked, people get angry. And so now we have a society where almost everybody is angry about something or other, and maybe angry about  a number of things. Is it very surprising if these angry people are now increasingly stabbing and killing each other? Isn’t that what is bound to happen in such circumastances?

Is it very surprising if there are spontaneous, large scale social disturbances like that of the Gilets Jaunes in France in the face of a divisive and bullying autocrat like Emmanuel Macron, who is openly contemptuous of many of his fellow French?

And is it surprising if antisemitism has been on the rise? That is, after all, another form of bullying, yet another moral crusade.

More than 85 per cent of British Jews think Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic.

And they think it’s not just Corbyn, but the entire UK Labour party that is antisemitic. Many British Jews now think that they will have to leave Britain if Labour wins another general election.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office MK Michael Oren (Kulanu) has called for Israel to prepare “the warmest invitation” for British Jews to make aliyah, including various state-backed incentives, should UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn win a general election and become prime minister.

Is Jeremy Corbyn antisemitic? I have no idea. However, I know that he is antismoking (he voted for the 2007 UK smoking ban), and antismoking and antisemitism frequently go hand in hand, so most likely he actually is antisemitic.

No doubt Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists are equally under attack in a world where absolutely everyone is under attack, and where everyone is being bullied.

If the moral  crusaders would call off their dogs, and stop bullying and browbeating people on a global industrial scale, the mounting anger would begin to subside. But there is absolutely no sign that this will ever happen. In fact, it only ever gets worse.

So some sort of explosion is inevitable.

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3 Responses to Moral Crusades Fuel Mounting Anger

  1. AndyDan says:

    This excellent blog post talks about the exact things you mention.

  2. RdM says:

    The absurdity of the local scene:

    Bonnie Scott is an addictions counsellor; she can’t afford $40 a pack for cigarettes – yet even she is struggling to quit–meet-three-kiwis-who-are-trying-to-quit

    Comments from hell. I mean brainwashed useful idiot idiocy evident. A few positive.
    Please make yours from heaven, calm, factual, enlightening, if you can, or care to.
    Else they’ll shut off the comments tout suite;- I’m working on mine,

    Kiwi smokers urged to make New Year’s switch to vaping for health and to avoid tax hike
    [No comments allowed there!]

    Think. Before you write. Or after. Or at least review before pressing [Post Comment]. ;=})

    ~ RdM

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