Slowly Coming To A Boil

Something I read yesterday:

More than 20 driverless vehicles in Arizona have reportedly been vandalized over the last two years, according to the New York Times, as enraged locals in the Waymo test market of Chandler have begun to revolt.

Tensions began to flare last year after an Arizona pedestrian was killed by a self-drivng Uber car, with residents slashing tires, throwing rocks at, pulling guns on, and trying to wreck the autonomous cars.

That’s our world in microcosm. They really ought to develop these driverless cars on their own test tracks, and only release them onto public roads when they’ve perfected them (which I doubt they ever will). Instead they’re conducting their experiments at public expense, careless of who they kill. I’m not in the least surprised if residents are trying to wreck the cars. I have every sympathy for them in that endeavour. It’s another vast social engineering project being foisted on people from above by arrogant bastards who think they know what’s good for everybody else.

Here’s another arrogant little bastard: Dame Sally Davies, England’s top doctor, who wants to slap taxes on foods (like chocolate) of which she disapproves.

So here we have an extremely highly-paid individual eager to slap a tax on products enjoyed harmlessly by millions of people, a tax which the least well off will find most difficult to withstand. Sally, of course, will not be overly affected by this tax considering she is paid a salary of over £210,000 per year.

And another one:

French President Emmanuel Macron used his New Year’s televised address to lash out at the populist Yellow Vest protestors who have taken to the streets through November and December to oppose his globalist policies, accusing them of anti-Semitism and other defects.

Macron is trying to impose his globalist beliefs on a French people that he is supposed to represent, but which he seems more inclined to simply replace with new and more malleable people from elsewhere in the world.

Here we have a motor manufacturer, a senior doctor, and a European politician all expressing, in various ways, their indifference and contempt for ordinary people. They should not be surprised if ordinary people increasingly feel indifference and contempt and even hatred towards them.

Contempt for ordinary people now seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Ordinary people are treated with disdain by elites in the mainstream media, in government, in politics, in medicine, in universities. Ordinary people are to be bullied and blackmailed into compliance with a new elite view of the world – an elite view that seems to have grown up in some private, separate society (Davos?).

Smoking bans are, of course, the best example of the imposition of the beliefs of a medical and political elite upon ordinary “little” people. The bizarre new doctrine of Global Warming is another elite belief (and the one behind Macron’s fuel tax rise). The elites inhabit an imaginary world, a separate reality, in which countries have no borders, cigarette smoke is lethal, and carbon dioxide (and in fact the element Carbon) is believed to be slowly cooking everyone.

The disjuncture between the elite and the ordinary seems to be only growing wider. The elites attempt to “educate” ordinary people in the new doctrines, but they are doing so in a time when the mainstream megaphone media are increasingly being ignored in favour of new media. Nobody is listening to them. And nobody is is listening to them because they no longer listen to ordinary people. Why listen to someone who won’t listen to you?

It’s all slowly coming to a boil, all over the world. The elites are losing control. It might even be said that they have already lost control. The growing populist revolt is a revolt against an elite that lives in a separate reality that is becoming more and more detached from ordinary reality, from the everyday reality of ordinary people. The Merkels and Macrons and Mays are all about to be swept away, along with their elite EU project. Dame Sally Davies will be swept away as well, along with Public Health England and all the rest of her fellow prodnose bullies. What else can happen?

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8 Responses to Slowly Coming To A Boil

  1. smokingscot says:

    One example of push back that I’m keeping an eye on is Brazil.

    The new President seems cut from the same cloth as Trump, so we’ll see whether he can break out, or if the socialist mange to ham string him.

  2. Dmitry Kosyrev says:

    Frank, and what makes you think the populist revolutionaries are any better? True, they are spontaneous and probably not capable of long-running scams like antismoking. But we have no idea what kind of “quick solutions” they might employ, and against whom.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I don’t know that they actually are any better. I just think the existing order is going to be swept away, probably (hopefully) democratically, because it simply no longer represents ordinary people. What happens after that, I don’t know. There could well be a period of chaos.

      P.S. …unless of course you mean whether they’ll be any better for smokers. In which case I think they’ll be much more likely to be better for smokers, because I wouldn’t expect them to continue the globalist antismoking campaign while abandoning other globalist goals.

  3. Philip Neal says:

    Frank, you have supplied us with a new metaphor for the phenomenon we are up against – the rule of experts, the contracting out of policy, the international blob.

    Driverless government.

  4. Rhys says:

    Here’s a deeply, deeply scary article on smoking and mental health. Ah, experts. Gotta love those guys.

  5. waltc says:

    Unfortunately, it’s not that Us -v.-Them easy. The trick–and They know it– is that a great run of The People want to identify with–and assume the mantle of–The Elite. At the least, if they’re called any variant of Deplorable, they’ll rush to prove that they’re not. At the very least, they’ll just shut up and sit on their hands to avoid the imprecations and hope no one’ll notice.

    What I find here in NY and on facebook at large, is that the vast vocal majority is all in on the game and hold total, scornful, self-satisfied belief that Trump, global warming and the smoke from a cigarette are the three greatest threats to the survival if the species.

    • Rose says:

      But those are the ones who make all the noise, as our government found out when they held the Referendum thinking that remaining in the EU was a certainty.
      It was truly confidence inspiring to find out that over half the country felt the same as me, when I had been led to believe that my views on restoring our sovereignty were in the minority.

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