Health Headlines

Health headlines I found on Google news today:

I found all these headlines somehow rather disturbing.

The idea of health checks (first headline) bothers me these days, because in the past you used to go and tell doctors that you were unwell, but now it seems that they tell you. That’s a major reversal of roles.

Furthermore, how do you “spot dementia early”? Are the signs visible? I very much doubt that they are.

And how can you “spot” any psychological disorder. Can they read people’s minds these days.

Also, the WHO seems to have been redefining the meaning of the word “epidemic”

The WHO FCTC was developed in response to the globalization of the tobacco epidemic. The spread of the tobacco epidemic is facilitated through a variety of complex factors with cross-border effects, including trade liberalization and direct foreign investment. Other factors such as global marketing, transnational tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and the international movement of contraband and counterfeit cigarettes have also contributed to the explosive increase in tobacco use.

There is, it would seem, a “tobacco epidemic” which has seen “the explosive increase in tobacco use.” Are we now to believe that when there is an explosive increase in anything, it’s an “epidemic.” For example, when the Beatles became globally popular back in the 1960s, was there a “Beatles epidemic”? Were Beatles fans treated with doses of Frank Sinatra to cure them of their malady? Is the current explosive growth in populism in Europe yet another epidemic?

Call me old-fashioned, but I think epidemics entail explosive increases in transmissible diseases like bubonic plague or measles. So I now wonder whether any of the “epidemics” that the medical profession is now fighting actually are genuine epidemics at all. I certainly don’t think the “tobacco epidemic” is a genuine epidemic.

Anyway, once you’ve gone for your health check and been told that you’re suffering from Alzheimer’s, it looks like there’ll soon be an injection to slow its development (third headline). So they’ll be able to sell you that for the rest of your life.

You can invent as many new diseases as you like, and the cures for them too. I could be suffering from “Frank’s disorder”, which includes, among other things, a disbelief in Global Warming. And I might be “treated” for the “disorder” with numerous books by Al Gore.

And then there’s the “cancer risk of bacon” (second headline). Which seems to apply also to ham. Somehow I’m not surprised that they’ve picked on bacon and ham, because they’re among the tastiest foods available, and they always go for what people like the most.

And finally there’s “seven steps to stopping drinking” (fourth headline). Here again something that many people like doing (having a few drinks and getting a bit merry) is something they’re being asked by these killjoys to stop doing for a month. Soon it’ll be two months, and then three months, and finally it will be stopping drinking completely, of course. And you won’t be being asked: you’ll be being told.

And why are there seven steps? Why not just one?

Will anyone be healthier as a result? Well, since the doctors have decided that they and they alone knows what’s healthy and who’s healthy, only they will be able to tell us.

All of which only strengthens me in my conviction that the medical profession is going to have to be completely dismantled and root-and-branch reformed. They’ve all got to be too arrogant. They think they know far more than they actually do know. The medical profession needs to be reduced to a similar status as that of motor mechanics or plumbers: people you call in when you’ve got a problem with your car or your home’s plumbing.

Finally, hat tip to (Belgian) Kirk, Love Is Like A Cigarette, sung by Vera Lynn:

Happy New Year.

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5 Responses to Health Headlines

  1. Smoking Lamp says:

    I suspect the ‘healthists’ are playing down these headlines: “Drinking Coffee and Alcohol Every Day Could Actually Help You Live Longer” and “Study of 14,000 Nonagenarians Says Alcohol, Java Drinkers, Those Overweight In Their 70s Live Longer”

  2. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    Very merriest 2019 to you Frank, and congratulations again for your well crafted interesting and wide ranging blog. I read this blog, and the contributions of online posters daily, the equivalent of “appointment TV”.
    The conceit of current medical practitioners is evidence of God Syndrome, from the profession that gave us Josef Mengele and Harold Shipman, together with many other quacks and snake oil salesmen. Epidemic of anything? Abuse of language. Iatrogenesis is a major health threat, killing more than the mythical “smoking related diseases”…nobody gets out alive. 💊⚰

  3. beobrigitte says:

    I found all these headlines somehow rather disturbing.
    I found them amusing as the by now well used keywords (“life-saving”, “cancer risk” “campaigners” “urgently”) to nudge the population into compliance are in use.
    So I rank them. After all it is New Years eve:

    Place 4: An injection to halt the progress of Alzheimer’s maybe available within a decade.

    Awesome. That if the team developing this injection (?just entering the stage of animal trial, although it’s not quite clear which animals are being blessed with Alzheimer’s) does not get Alzheimer’s before the human trial.
    Anybody volunteering me for the human trials will be reported and deleted from my list of friends. Those re-volunteering me will also be deleted from my list of enemies when I’ve explained one or 2 things to them.

    Place 3: Cancer risk from bacon must be curbed urgently, say campaigners

    By changing the recipe for in the process of bacon curing occurring nitrites 1095476 other, far more aggressive cancer inducing chemicals are required and by the time the bacon is on sale it’s producer is stated on the packet in big letters: Pfizer, or BASF, or Sandoz or….

    Place 2: Minority take up ‘life-saving’ free health check

    In classical BBC mode this headline automatically induces the reader to think about the BBC’s use of English. I might be wrong and stand corrected; shouldn’t it read TAKES instead of TAKE since here it is referred to the word “minority” which should really read “A minority”??
    Either way, the BBC gets on top of place 2 also the golden cooking foil award as well as for still trying soooo hard …..

    But now…. TA-TAAAAA

    PLACE 1: Dry January: Doctors seven steps to giving up drinking in the New Year

    Straight out of the Tobacco Control/ASH bible!!!! Hopefully this will induce beer loving non-smokers who are being coerced into becoming anti-smokers a few thoughts.
    In the mean-time we can only hope more micro-breweries turn up. I applaud the big breweries for not stamping out the ones that opened for business in the last few years. There is strength in numbers,

    Happy 2019 to all!!

  4. Rose says:

    Happy New Year.

  5. Doonhamer says:

    Funny how much of the risky stuff aligns with religious doctrine.
    But risky behaviour or practises now accepted by society is of no concern.

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