Mad Social Engineering Projects

After the French government cancelled the fuel price hikes, why are the Yellow Vests still rioting? They don’t seem to know themselves:

The founder of the “yellow vest” revolt said it had become a dangerous “dog without a leash” prey to extremists and anarchists, and urged moderate protesters to open dialogue with the French government.

Jacline Mouraud, a 51-year old composer and hypnotherapist from Brittany, is credited with sparking the movement after six million people viewed her Facebook diatribe against environmental duties on petrol and diesel last month.

“What are you doing with the money apart from buying new dishes at the Élysée Palace and building yourself swimming pools?” she asked President Emmanuel Macron in her viral video.

But she said the movement had now been hijacked by an increasingly violent fringe of “extremists and anarchists”.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Ms Mouraud, said: “This movement has broken free of everyone, you can’t reason with people any more. Some don’t even remember what demands we made at the start.

It looks like it runs deeper than just fuel price hikes. That was just the tip of the iceberg. What other resentments lay hidden out of sight?

I found myself wondering this morning, not for the first time, whether the Yellow Vests also had yellow fingernails, from all the Gitaines and Gauloises they smoked. Once you ban smoking more or less everywhere, you create a brand new class of excluded people. And they’ll be angry at what’s been done to them.

I should know. I’m one of them. And I’m very, very angry at what has been done to smokers.

So I think that it’s very likely – in fact almost a certainty – that angry French smokers now make up part of the yellow vest movement. And if they hate Macron, it’ll be because Macron is an antismoker who wants to make the French stop smoking.

And if French drinkers and tubbies are being subjected to the same sort of bullying Public Health campaigns as they are in Britain, they also may have joined the insurrection.

The whole of Europe is at present being subjected to a monumental social engineering project. It’s an experiment of a scale that would make revolutionaries from a former era blanch. If Lenin could witness it, he’d shake his head and say, “They’re attempting the impossible!”  And Mao would say the same.

The European Union is itself one vast political engineering project. Its aim is to transform Europe from a collection of sovereign states into a single superstate or empire, by slowly and gradually and relentlessly centralising all power in Brussels. It’s completely and utterly mad of course, but the European political class are utterly mad, and so will continue with their mad project.

But the EU project isn’t the only social engineering project. There are lots of others. The peoples of Europe are also to stop using coal and oil and nuclear power, and to use wind and solar power instead. Yes, really. That’s what Macron’s fuel price hikes were all about. He believes in Global Warming. And belief in Global Warming is one symptom of the madness that currently afflicts the European political class.

And, as already mentioned, the peoples of Europe are also to stop smoking, stop drinking, and slim down. And probably stop eating meat too.

Did I mention that Christianity is to be replaced by Islam? And that millions of Muslims are to be shipped into Europe from Africa and the Middle East. Angela Merkel personally invited them!

What’s being attempted is a complete transformation of society in ways that Lenin and Mao and Castro (and perhaps even Pol Pot) never even began to contemplate. They have set out to create a New Man – Homo Europus – in a new society.

It won’t work, of course. It was utterly mad of anyone to even begin to imagine that any of it could ever possibly work. But then, these people are mad.

Perhaps the only surprise about the French Yellow Vest insurrection is that it took so long to erupt. And that it isn’t happening everywhere else in Europe.

And in fact it’s already well advanced elsewhere in Europe. Brexit is Britain’s attempt to break out of the mad EU political experiment. And it seems to me that these “populist” movements in Europe are just going to get stronger and stronger, and the situation become more and more explosive. Because absolutely everyone in Europe is being trodden on in one way or other, and perhaps also in multiple ways (just imagine if you’re a fat, boozy, Christian smoker who owns a 4×4).

Fat, boozy, Christian smokers?

And when it all finally explodes, it may well become as uncontrollable as the French Yellow Vests seem to have become.

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7 Responses to Mad Social Engineering Projects

  1. Clicky says:

  2. smokingscot says:

    It’s called “pack mentality”.

    We’ve seen it with football crowds, the poll tax demonstration and that horrid reaction to the Manchester Arena bombing (when vigilante groups splintered to kill and maim snyone non-white).

    It’s when perfectly rational individuals do things they wouldn’t dream of, but don’t have the courage to say anything, nor the status within the crowd to sway opinions.

    It’s one of the most terrifying things I have witnessed (Taiz Yemen 1974) when the animal within us comes to the fore. It was – arguably – why people followed their leader / lord / king into battle in medieval times, knowing the odds against them were impossible.

    And with a bit of help from a truly evil “leader” these packs can be very easily manipulated to murder, which they did in York on the 12th century (just one of many examples – and we see it in Syria and Pakistan against Christians).

    Fortunately these packs are relatively easy to break up. Get the leaders. Once they’ve been removed the pack becomes headless and evaporates. Same reason why medieval knights went for the boss guy as well as their standards.

    If this is how we get the smoking ban repealed, I want no part of it. (And even with this no group will be satisfied until the controllers and enforcers are fired as well as those in the WHO. The demands will never end).

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