Not One Of Us


Hillary Clinton Says Europe Needs to Cut Immigration to Kill Populism

In an interview with Britain’s left-wing newspaper The Guardian, Clinton said that while she admired “the very generous and compassionate approaches” taken on mass migration from the third world, “particularly by leaders like Angela Merkel”, globalist parties in Europe need to change tack in order to maintain voters’ confidence in centrist politics.

“[European politicians] must send a very clear message – ‘we are not going to be able [to] continue to provide refuge and support’ – because if we don’t deal with the migration issue it will continue to roil the body politic,” she said.

Asserting that mass migration was “what lit the flame” of populist discontent with establishment parties across the West, Clinton told the paper: “There’s no doubt in my mind that Brexit was largely about immigration and the lies that were told by the Leave campaign.”

Why does she have “no doubt” that Brexit was largely about immigration? For even though I live in Britain, I’m not sure why everyone else voted for Brexit.

I only know why I did. And as far as I am concerned,“what lit the flame” of my own particular brand of populist discontent with establishment parties was the 2007 UK smoking ban. Overnight I lost all respect for both the Liberal Democrats (and I’d been voting for those bastards for 25 years!) and the Labour party, some 95% of whose MPs had voted for the smoking ban. I had some hopes that when the Conservatives were elected in 2010, they might do something to right the wrong that had been done, but they did absolutely nothing, even though about 65% of Conservative MPs had voted against the smoking ban. In fact, they more or less just carried on where Labour had left off bringing in screened tobacco displays and not-so-plain packaging of tobacco.

The only politician I had any real respect for was Nigel Farage, because he smoked and drank and was proud to do so. And he was about the only national politician who showed up at Stony Stratford to fight the proposed street smoking ban there. I was standing on the road not 10 feet away from him, and would have walked over and shook his hand, but for the fact that he had a beer in one hand, and a cigarette in the other.

Nigel Farage is one of us.

And pretty much all the other politicians aren’t.

As for the EU, I was actually a europhile until the EU parliament voted for a European smoking ban in late 2009. I didn’t think it was any business of the EU to interfere in details of this sort. It was something that should have been left to the individual states, like in the USA. The EU smoking ban was in effect a federal smoking ban, and that’s something that the USA doesn’t have (although it probably will have one if the virulently antismoking Hillary Clinton ever gets elected president). Overnight, I started seeing the EU as a bullying superstate. And that’s the way I still see it today. And that’s why I voted for Brexit (and why I will always do so, however many times I’m asked to vote)

So immigration had nothing whatsoever to do with my personal Brexit vote, or my deep disenchantment with the entire political class in Britain (and Europe, and more or less everywhere else in the world). If immigration is more of an issue with me today than it used to be, it’s because I’m asking why it is that all these immigrants are being welcomed with open arms, while I myself have been made a pariah, an outsider (quite literally) in my own country.

People with patriotic political views are marked by their rejection of “freedom and responsibility”, the former first lady claimed, going on to characterise national conservatives as having “a psychological … yearning to be told what to do, and where to go, and how to live and have their press basically stifled and so be given one version of reality.”

While acknowledging that she lacked the ability to “fully understand” why right-wingers have been abandoning centrist politics, Clinton suggested they were attracted to “strength”, opining that there are not enough “awareness or reminders … about what that can lead to” currently in place.

She told The Guardian: “I think it’s as much psychological, maybe more than political, as to what people are yearning for. I mean, freedom is burdensome. It’s hard getting up and taking responsibility for yourself and trying to make all these decisions.”

Maybe it’s because I’m not really a conservative, but I don’t have “a psychological … yearning to be told what to do, and where to go, and how to live and have their press basically stifled and so be given one version of reality.” Quite the opposite. That’s why I hate the smoking ban, because that’s telling me what to do (stop smoking), where to go (outside until I stop smoking), and how to live (a non-smoking life).

And in fact, isn’t it the left who want the state to take care of everybody, and tell them what to do, using a mainstream media to give them one version of reality?

And I don’t think of Hillary Clinton as any sort of guardian of freedom. Quite the opposite. As I say, if she ever gets to be the US president, she’ll probably enact a federal smoking ban across the whole of the USA. That is to say that she would take away freedom.

She is very definitely not one of us.

The former New York senator was one of three “centrist heavyweights” The Guardian asked to weigh in on “the global rise of right-wing populism, and what can be done to stop it”, along with ex-UK prime minister and ‘New Labour’ architect Tony Blair, and the globalist former leader of Italy, Matteo Renzi.

I can’t stand Tony Blair either. Why? Iraq? Nope. I can’t stand him because he was the UK Prime Minister who introduced the UK smoking ban.

My politics is almost completely defined, not by immigration or the EU or anything like that, but by smoking bans. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there are a great many people all over the world who feel the exact same way that I do.

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11 Responses to Not One Of Us

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Hilary Clinton is corrupt and very much anti smoker.

    • Fredrik Eich says:

      Yes , that is a particularly nasty smokerphobic attack and all as result of the lies of the tobacco control industry.

  2. waltc says:

    Conservatism today (or at least Its Libertarian strain) is closer to the old classic Liberalism than to the new Progressivism which itself is now closer to authoritarianism and collectivism. As, seemingly, is the EU. I continue to hope for a clean Brexit.

  3. jaxthefirst says:

    “ … she lacked the ability to “fully understand” why right-wingers have been abandoning centrist politics …”

    Maybe she could get an insight into exactly why there has been a shift towards what she calls “right-wing populism” if, instead of talking to a whole host of people who share her own leftist-leaning ideals and views – like Guardian journalists – and who are therefore probably similarly unable to understand it, she got off her butt and actually asked the people who were “shifting” in that direction. After all, she got her fingers badly burned in the Presidential elections precisely because of a similar shift towards a “populist” candidate – but did she ever take the opportunity beforehand, when she was formulating her election strategy, to actually ask the voters in the US equivalent of “marginal seats” why they might be thinking of voting for Trump and not for her? Or did she ask any of her minions to put out a few feelers in that direction? Of course she didn’t! Has she asked any of the European voters, including UK ones, who are fast leaving “centrist politics” why they are inclined to do so? Again, no.

    For in both cases – Trump and Farage – it was, first and foremost, the fact that they listened – without prejudice, as it were – and, having listened, rather than brushing these people aside á la Gordon Brown, as “bigots” or “racists” or just as “wrong,” instead acknowledged and promised to pay heed to people who quite simply hadn’t been listened to for many, many years, in the case of Farage those people primarily being smokers and those who wished to leave the EU, neither of whom were represented in any meaningful way in Parliament on either side of the House.

    If Clinton really wanted to “fully understand” the shift, it really would be as simple as that: you want to know something, you ask. But then, the fact is, she doesn’t actually want to “fully understand” it at all, does she? But the Catch-22 for her and her ilk is that if they don’t “fully understand” it, she (and they) doesn’t stand a hope in hell of ever being able to stop it.

  4. waltc says:

    Though I sure don’t know for sure, jax, I think maybe the “populist” leaders simply and rather fearlessly under the circumstances, stated what they thought and millions of people heaved a great sigh of relief and thought, “Yes, indeed. That’s what I think too” Having never heard it before from the lips of any pol, they voted their own thoughts. However, their victory still remains in doubt. The machinery of government (aligned with the media and the universities) , is still in the hands of the folks whose power is being threatened. And just as the Blue Wave here and the Remainer Wave there would seem to prove, enough of the people can always be fooled enough of the time.

  5. slugbop007 says:

    I feel the same as you, Mr. Davis. The smoking ban is a warning sign that should not be ignored. It”s a sign of more bad things to come.slugbop007

  6. slugbop007 says:

    Hilary’s husband Bill used to (still does?) smoke cigars. Ask Monica Lewinsky. slugbop007

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