Another Road To Serfdom


It is really happening.  At one time, the idea that large numbers of people would willingly allow themselves to have microchips implanted into their hands seemed a bit crazy, but now it has become a reality.  Thousands of tech enthusiasts all across Europe have already had microchips implanted, and now a Swedish company is working with very large global employers to implement this on the corporate level.  In fact, Biohax recently told one of the biggest newspapers in the UK that they have been talking with a “major financial services firm” that has  “hundreds of thousands of employees”…

In  my view, this just another road to serfdom. Anyone who has a chip implanted in them has become a serf. They may not be able to do some things yet, but they soon will.

In 2017 Mike Miller, chief executive of the World Olympians Association, was widely reported as suggesting the use of such implants in athletes in an attempt to reduce problems in sport due to drug taking.[45]

When you can monitor drug use by athletes, then you can monitor drug use by anyone. And “drugs” will include tobacco, alcohol, sugar, salt: anything you consume.

Theoretically, a GPS-enabled chip could one day make it possible for individuals to be physically located by latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and direction of movement. Such implantable GPS devices are not technically feasible at this time. However, if widely deployed at some future point, implantable GPS devices could conceivably allow authorities to locate missing persons and/or fugitives and those who fled from a crime scene. Critics contend, however, that the technology could lead to political repression as governments could use implants to track and persecute human rights activists, labor activists, civil dissidents, and political opponents; criminals and domestic abusers could use them to stalk and harass their victims; and child abusers could use them to locate and abduct children.

When you can keep track of people’s exact location and speed, you will have complete control over them. You will even know exactly who they’re in company with at any time, and what they’re talking about.

Another suggested application for a tracking implant, discussed in 2008 by the legislature of Indonesia’s Irian Jaya would be to monitor the activities of persons infected with HIV, aimed at reducing their chances of infecting other people.[46][47] The microchipping section was not, however, included into the final version of the provincial HIV/AIDS Handling bylaw passed by the legislature in December 2008.[48] With current technology, this would not be workable anyway, since there is no implantable device on the market with GPS tracking capability.

Once you know exactly where everyone is, and who they’re with, and how close they are together, there shouldn’t be too much difficulty finding out what their sexual preferences are. They’ll have a complete record.

All that’s needed after that is to have some way of causing pain to the chip-implanted person. Light a cigarette, or have a glass of beer, and you’ll find yourself in agony.

And this is the sort of world that the people in Tobacco Control want. Because ultimately, what they (and people like them) really want is complete control over everybody.

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8 Responses to Another Road To Serfdom

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    This is technology for morons. God help us all !

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    And when will we stand up to this tyranny?

  3. smokingscot says:

    At some point they will eventually realise (as doubtless anyone over the age of 5 has) that if these chips give access to sensitive material, cars, atm machines and even take the place of passports, then all you need is the hand.

    The rest can be disposed of.

    I can envision a time when moped thieves will go after – selected – hands rather than naive individuals using expensive mobile phones in public. Read recently they’re using machetes with 3.5 ft long blades. Nasty.

  4. waltc says:

    There was a good scifi thriller (movie) about just that–: trying to dodge the trackers–but I forget what it was called. Then my friend’s wildly comic novel about a barcoded man.

  5. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    Yes, I too see barcode headed people. The microchip implant surveillance age is already upon every Smartphone user, the most effective target for personal metadata yet devised. So much data, system logs, browsing history, essentially any online activity is captured that it’s akin to drinking from a fire hose (blows your lips off), but the analytical tools are improving daily…another means for ruling elites to inflict their will, without consent of the governed.

  6. beobrigitte says:

    Thousands of tech enthusiasts all across Europe have already had microchips implanted, and now a Swedish company is working with very large global employers to implement this on the corporate level.
    Short sighted tech enthusiasts…. Nowadays you credit card is stolen, in future you will be cut open for your chip somewhere in your body?? Do we really have start trading (swapping) goods to survive when not chipped?
    I’m pretty sure something like that can be found in doomsday prophecies. No wonder all the conspiracy theories are booming!

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