Hate Doesn’t Hurt

Walt‘s pulled up something interesting:

Here you go. If you live in Yorkshire and someone hurts your feelings by waving the air or fake coughing when they see you smoke, you can now sic the cops on them. (I wonder if this applies to anti-smoking ads, newspaper articles, or snarky anti-smoker online comments that come from Yorkshire-ites. Worth a try?)


Police urge public to report insults that hurt feelings, but aren’t crimes

A police force has urged people to report insults which make them feel bad even if they are not crimes.

Under the slogan ‘Hate Hurts’, South Yorkshire Police have called upon members of the public to report incidents they know not to be criminal in order to build up a wider picture of actions which cause distress to people within the community.

Non-crime hate incidents can include offensive or insulting comments made online, in person or in writing, but the campaign has drawn criticism from people who say the police have enough work to do.

Hurt feelings? Is that all it needs to call the police now? Next time anyone says my boiled potatoes are a bit underdone (or overdone) again, I’ll be straight on the blower to plod about it. Or I would be, if I lived in South Yorkshire, which I don’t. But I think Rose might.

Councillor Robert Bernard said: “How do they propose to investigate incidents that are not crimes? If it’s not a crime then there is no way to investigate it, it should be so obvious.

‘‘I think somebody working in PR or social media has not thought this through.  I don’t know where they are going to find the resources from.

‘‘If they don’t have the resources to investigate other things, how are they going to find the resources to investigate these?  Fortunately tweeting doesn’t cost anything.’’

There is indeed a distinct sense here that someone hasn’t thought this through. But does anything ever get thought through? After all, nobody seems to have managed to think Brexit through yet. So isn’t it just par for the course?

There’s actually a good idea submerged underneath all this: the idea of “building up a wider picture of actions which cause distress to people within the community.” i.e. getting people to say what they don’t like, rather than telling them what they shouldn’t like. But people shouldn’t need to call the police to have their voices heard. The police have more serious things to deal with. There ought instead to be other ways to consult people ti find out what they think.

And, as Walt indicates, the whole war on smoking could count as a hate crime. For what else drives it except a pathological hatred of smoking and tobacco and smokers?

Dr Alan Billings, police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire, said: ‘‘Acts of hatred cause great damage to our life together. They divide and weaken communities.

The 2007 UK smoking ban is the single most divisive thing that’s happened in my entire lifetime. And it didn’t just “divide and weaken communities”: it completely shattered them. It set friends and families against each other, and doctors against patients, and government against people.

And with the 2007 smoking ban, hatred of smoke and smoking and smokers became institutionalised. We now have hatred built into society, as part of its fabric. And it’s a hatred that is at work every single day, slowly and steadily dividing and weakening communities.  And there are people who are paid to do this. It is the job of people like ASH’s Deborah Arnott to divide and weaken communities. And she does a very good job of it too.

It’s not that I mind whether people hate smoking. People are always going to hate some things, and love other things. And if they’re forbidden from hating, they’ll also be forbidden from loving. For there can’t be one without the other, just like there can’t be up without down, or left without right. No, it doesn’t bother me that some people hate smoking: what bothers me is when they take practical steps to enact laws to make life as hard as possible for smokers, in every way they possibly can, by excluding them from society, exiling them to the outdoors, and robbing them blind with hyper-taxation. For these are things that are being done, not just things that are being thought. And there’s a big difference between thoughts and actions. Your thoughts have no effect whatsoever upon me. And your words have no direct effect upon me either. But your laws and your taxes and your bans have a very great effect indeed.

So in that sense, hate doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt at all. And that’s why the idea of “hate crimes” is nonsensical. Hatred is an emotion: hatred is an idea. It only hurts when the hatred is turned into action in the form of smoking bans and tobacco taxes which have real impacts on people rather than imaginary ones.


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9 Responses to Hate Doesn’t Hurt

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Good post Frank! Thank you.

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    Utter madness prevails! Antismoking is certainly an exercise in hate and persecution. Tyranny seems to be the ‘new normal’ as they say. I just read the SNP is again advocating the establishment ion a Separate Scottish nation since they feel Westminster does not respect Scottish rights and prerogatives. The alarming part off that equation is that the SNP does not respect the rights, liberties, and prerogatives of its own citizens–especially those that choose to smoke!.

  3. Some French bloke says:

    And there’s a big difference between thoughts and actions.

    The fact is that lone thinkers, as you described yourself as not long ago (The Possessed, 29 oct. 2018), in spite of being able to reach other lone thinkers such as myself like never before, have no real voice (even less so than climate sceptics or holocaust revisionists), are vastly outnumbered by the professional liars and their drones, and are therefore deprived of the indispensable stepping stone between thought and action. And the fact that valiant activists like Chris Snowdon and MJM are still holding on to the Original Lie doesn’t help much…

    “if any viewpoint, however ludicrous, is suppressed any grain of truth it may remotely contain will be suppressed with it, and the prevailing wisdom will become a rigid, immovable dogma.”

    A quote from Alexander Baron’s “Holocaust Denial: New Nazi Lie Or New Inquisition?” (N.B. the word remotely is my addition).

    Click to access holocaust-denial-full-book.pdf

    Those interested might also want to check out The All Lies Invasion by Mike Walsh.


    Is the smoking-to-lung-cancer link causal? More importantly, is it there at all? I would think not, looking for the nth time at time trends of LC in various western countries, and bearing in mind the hardly dubious, decades-long decline in smoking prevalence in both sexes all over the West. OTOH, corresponding time trends in countries unaffected (until recently) by anti-smoking prejudice, such as Russia and Ukraine. show what should have happened if smoking prevalence had receded in those countries… so what’s going on? A huge lie is what’s going on. The question is what’s the motivation behind the propagation of such a lie. In criminal investigations, it would be ‘cherchez la femme’, but I can’t figure how it would apply there. “Follow the money” would be more like it but still insufficient, evidently the corruption and depravation run deeper still… so pro-smokers, keep digging, and publish your findings here and elsewhere, at every opportunity!

  4. waltc says:

    Not unrelated. This morning a friend sent me a link to this article on the propagandizing of false ideas –or iow, how we acquired so many enemies so quickly– and there are also several interesting links within it. About a 15 minute read (unless you read faster than I do.)


    • Frank Davis says:

      Although only written in 2015, this article seems oddly out of date. It’s pre-Trump, pre-Brexit, and pre- quite a few things. A lot has changed since it was written.

      “It is simply a question of organizing and manipulating collective feelings in the proper way. If one can isolate the mass, allow no free thinking, no free exchange, no outside correction and can hypnotize the group daily with noises, with press and radio and television, with fear and pseudo-enthusiasms, any delusion can be instilled.”

      This was only going to work in the age of “press and radio and television”. Those are all broadcast media, with a single voice and many listeners. But the internet is essentially conversational. And that’s why the MSM is gradually being drowned out by a multitude of new voices, and no longer has the power that it once had.

    • RdM says:

      Not unrelated. This morning a friend sent me a link to this article on the propagandizing of false ideas –or iow, how we acquired so many enemies so quickly– and there are also several interesting links within it. About a 15 minute read (unless you read faster than I do.)


      Thanks for posting that!
      (I forget how long it took me to read, but it was worth it.)
      Regards! ~

  5. waltc says:

    Not btw, if you know any smokers in SOUTH Yorkshire, why not urge them to report any anti-smoker slights they experience, even when they don’t feel “hurt” by them. Might give the city fathers something to have to think about–like, for instance, that smokers actually have feelings, or that the hate/fear campaigns actually cause hate/fear.

    • Rose says:

      People’s Republic of South Yorkshire

      “The People’s Republic of South Yorkshire or the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire were nicknames often given to South Yorkshire under the left-wing local governments of the 1980s, especially the municipal socialist administration of Sheffield City Council led by David Blunkett, used by both detractors and supporters of the councils.[1] The councils pursued a social policy radically different from that of Margaret Thatcher’s national government, following more closely along the lines of Militant tendency-dominated Liverpool City Council and the Greater London Council led by Ken Livingston”

      “The councils also took more confrontational steps against the Conservative Westminster government. Sheffield refused to set a budget in the rate-capping rebellion, while South Yorkshire declared itself a nuclear-free zone and a demilitarized zone”

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