Adapting Solzhenitsyn

I was watching a short video about the wisdom of Alexander Solzhenitsyn yesterday. And in there I read:

I’ve never experienced Communism, but I have experienced Tobacco Control. And I think that Tobacco Control is a disease. And it’s been spreading across the earth for many years. And it’s impossible to predict what people will next be forced to experience from this disease. And my people, the English, have been suffering from this disease since about 1950, when the virus first took root in our green and pleasant land. That’s over 60 years. And we long to be cured of this disease.

And so I took the quote above and edited it accordingly:

And then I read in the same short video about Solzhenitsyn’s thoughts on the nature of evil:Isn’t this just as true of Tobacco Control as it is of Communism? Isn’t it as much an ideology as any Communist ideology? Isn’t the “smoke-free” world they want as utopian as any Communist goal? Aren’t they dogmatically adhering to ideology when, for example, they ban smoking in prisons, causing riots inside them, but just blunder on anyway, because their blinkered ideology prevents them from seeing the harm they are doing?

Isn’t Tobacco Control as “steadfast and determined” as Communism ever was? They never let up. As soon as they’ve got one ban in place, they’re always immediately looking for the next ban.

And don’t they believe that they’re doing good? Aren’t they convinced that they’re “helping” people, even as they exclude and demonize millions of smokers?

And don’t they all praise each other, and ignore the reproaches and curses of those outside their sacred band?

Solzhenitsyn believed that the only way to fight the lies was with truth:

Tobacco Control tells lies about tobacco. And the lies become more and more elaborate. And Tobacco Control has triumphed almost everywhere in the world using its arsenal of lies.

But I don’t have to believe it. And I don’t believe a word of any of what they say.

Solzhenitsyn said that people must speak out against evil:

Tobacco Control has no right to repress smoking and smokers. They have no right to do what they are doing.

And people should speak up about this evil. For if they remain silent, then they are accepting evil, and things will only get much, much worse.

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8 Responses to Adapting Solzhenitsyn

  1. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    Inspired and literate, fine substitution of tobacco control as Commies, obviously correct. Smokers are imprisoned in the Gulag archipelago, as so concisely described by Solzhenitsyn when referring to Communism.

    The destructive tobacco prohibitionists force smokers into a modern Potemkin Village, and those who choose to continue in such gravely heretical unapproved conduct attract continuing tax, ban, stigma and attitude adjustment, whether they (we) like it or not.

    I returned to SYD from the spectacular NZ Sth Island wilderness of Fiordland today, unspoiled, like going back in time to Gondwanaland, when all the plates were one.

    At various points during the 43km rocky Hollyford Track hike I ducked off to sneak the odd crafty fag (meaning cigarette, to our Nth American fellow travellers), after being clearly told by our otherwise charming and knowledgeable guides that smoking, in the open air, miles from ‘civilization’ was ‘discouraged’.

    I have a portable ashtray and disposed of the butts in approved environmentally sound fashion. I was disappointed that the New Zealanders, tough hardy and innovative folk (many in that sparsely populated area have Scots ancestry) have swallowed the ANTZ lies and propaganda without challenge, while robbing smokers blind.
    I admit I even yielded to the rather immature impulse of posting a rude comment on the website of these totalitarian dictators…note prohibition is not in their ‘helping’ vocabulary.
    Deluded nirvana thinking, devoid of insight. Feel free to flame them too, richly deserved and long overdue. Grrrr. 😡

    • RdM says:

      Missing you already … ;=})

      Departed our shores …

      Try a late Sat morning, their UK Friday night, to check out – or in, to – the

      Maybe even by phone?

      Read the FAQ’s, etc.

      Well, one day,or night, maybe … we’ll speak with each other!

      • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

        Yikes RdM, the NZ Smoke Free by 2030 bully policy was mentioned by a few of your admirable fellow citizens, uncritically, as a fait accompli. I was taken aback, as at least Australians have the feeble excuse of being founded as a penal [sp – pack of d1cks] colony. Conform or else, plus the cost of tobacco is even worse official extortion than Australia, but I saw many smokers, and many more vapers. Meet you on our annual trip to Aotearoa at The Bunker cocktail bar in Queenstown – great place, they have a covered outdoorsy area with open fire, ‘conversation pit’, ashtrays, and friendly staff, many of whom were of the British persuasion (probably escaping po-faced puritanical harridans like the odious D Arenot, going to smoke). Dry martini with excellent Blue Duck local vodka and not one but three blue cheese stuffed olives, even better. We (self and wife Dr Angela) totally love UnZud, EXCEPT for the sanctimonious state sponsored bullying of smokers. I will see about the Smoky Drinky bar tomorrow night – must drive back to Canberra first after breakfast. Only 300km on the 4 lane freeway… vroom vroom. 🚘

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      It’s sad that the government actually provides financial support to this totalitarian band. They should lose all funding and their lies and persecution of smokers exposed.

  2. Rose says:

    For what it’s worth

    Eugenics: the skeleton that rattles loudest in the left’s closet

    “Socialism’s one-time interest in eugenics is dismissed as an accident of history. But the truth is far more unpalatable.

    Such talk repels us now, but in the prewar era it was the common sense of the age. Most alarming, many of its leading advocates were found among the luminaries of the Fabian and socialist left, men and women revered to this day.”

    “Such thinking was not alien to the great Liberal titan and mastermind of the welfare state, William Beveridge, who argued that those with “general defects” should be denied not only the vote, but “civil freedom and fatherhood”. Indeed, a desire to limit the numbers of the inferior was written into modern notions of birth control from the start.”

    Sir George Godber: Government’s Chief Medical Officer who helped to establish the fledgling National Health Service

    “His other important initiatives included putting the contraceptive pill on prescription and launching public health campaigns, particularly against tobacco smoking.”

    “Godber recollected that he had said in 1962 to Keith Joseph, another of his Conservative ministers, that “we really have to do something about abolishing smoking” (having won the approval of the Health Minister Enoch Powell). Joseph looked quite shocked and said: “You really can’t expect to abolish smoking.” Godber replied: “No, but I want to see it reduced to an activity of consenting adults in private.”

    “What I remember about those days in the Department of Health, based in the Elephant and Castle, was Godber’s willingness to subscribe to what appeared to be a minority view and then to win over his Secretary of State.”

    “I can’t break with Godber,” wrote Crossman in his diary in October 1969. “He is a very powerful man of the department and people never like acting against his wishes. He is away half of the time around the world, advising the World Health Organisation, in America, lecturing. He is remote, out of touch now I think, except with the lord high panjandra and the physicians in the Royal Colleges of London. He knows all the top people, but nothing about ordinary life, yet on the other hand he is radical and left-wing. I don’t want to quarrel with him.”

    You can’t help but wonder.

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    The tobacco control regime is absolutely based upon lies and deceit. The tobacco control project is actually part of a broader totalitarian regime seeking social control and obliterating liberty in pursuit of power. Tobacco control must be destroyed. A good first step is exposing the lies!

    • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

      Totally correct Smoking Lamp. Most people seem wilfully ignorant of the continuing erosion of personal autonomy by lifestyle controllers and prohibitionists, not just tobacco, but alcohol, sugar, ‘junk’ food, obesity, food labeling, gambling with our own money, paranoid counter terrorism legislation, police road blocks without probable cause, the list goes on. The politically correct West is akin to an open prison. Might have to secede and create our own new country, like the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, also escaping oppression. ⛵

  4. Lepercolonist says:

    “Aren’t they convinced that they’re “helping” people, even as they exclude and demonize millions of smokers?”

    The antis want to help smokers about as much as the Soviets tried to ‘help’ the kulaks in the Ukraine in 1932.

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