Grandad reminded me of an article I saw yesterday:

In an attempt to make public performances more “inclusive” for people with “disabilities” like anxiety and other sensory issues, the University of Manchester students’ union has voted to ban applause at student union events, and is asking students to use “jazz hands” instead.

The decision was made to keep the University of Manchester compliant with a 2015 vote in the UK’s National Union of StudeBut students also noted that loud noises like “whooping” or “traditional applause” can create problems for students with anxiety.

It’s yet another example of the sheer lunacy that is afflicting the world: banning applause.

I’ve never come across anyone who objected to applause. But I never used to come across anyone who objected to tobacco smoke either. Now I suppose that there’ll be any number of people coming out and saying that they really hate it when anyone claps their hands, because to them it sounds like a lot of shotguns going off, and frightens them.

Whatever next?

It’s always done for the sake of “inclusivity”, isn’t it? And it always involves banning something. And usually something totally innocuous, like tobacco smoke or carbon dioxide or clapping.

And each one of these bans places another slight restriction on people, added to all the other slight restrictions that form a cobweb of constraint. We’re all becoming like flies caught in a spider’s web, slowly being cocooned by rules and regulations, immobilised and silenced.

The “inclusivity” never includes smokers, of course. Smokers just get excluded. And they get more and more and more excluded, all for the sake of “inclusivity”.

It’s becoming unendurable. And I think it’s why more and more people are revolting against it, revolting against all the people who are trying to control them.

Like Guy Verhofstadt:

The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator has said he will “never” allow the UK to control its own borders, claiming a system based on allowing in professionals and people with the skills the nation needs amounts to “discrimination”.

Ranting before MEPs on Tuesday, arch-liberal and federalist Guy Verhofstadt also personally attacked senior members of the Tory Party and rejected proposals from leadership favourite Boris Johnson to extend the Article 50 process.

He claimed that “enough mess has been created” by Brexit already, adding “let’s stop it”, before deploring the actions of the Conservative Party in recent weeks as “insane”.

Pretty much the whole point of Brexit is for Britain to control its own borders. That’s why Brexit is supposed to happen. But Mr Verhofstadt thinks we must be “inclusive”of other people (although not smokers, of course), and countries shouldn’t have borders. I suppose he thinks that houses shouldn’t have gates  or fences or walls or doors or locks. And I imagine he also thinks that people shouldn’t have wallets or bank accounts that other people can’t take money out of. In fact I’m sure he does. That’s how socialists think. And he’s clearly a socialist. The European political class consists entirely of socialists.

Which is why I think Brexit won’t happen. It’s supposed to happen next March. But my bet is that nothing will happen at all. And it won’t happen because the socialist European political class have never wanted it to happen, and have no intention of ever letting it happen. No country can be allowed to leave the EU, once they have entered. The EU empire can only expand, never contract.

What are socialists? They are, in many senses, people who believe that human society is more important than any individual within it, much like the sea is bigger and more important than the individual fishes that swim in it. And for the individual fishes of the nations of Europe, the EU is the sea. In their view, we are all primarily members of society, and our primary duty is to that society, much like the primary duty of a soldier is to the army in which he serves, and in which he must submerge his upstart individual identity.

For these socialists the crime of individuality is that of having become separated from society. The insubordinate individual who has his own opinions, and ignores the conventional wisdom of the society around him, is regarded as guilty of something very like treason. How dare he think for himself! How dare he!

China seems to be the last refuge of socialism these days. And of course under socialism, everyone must think the same way. And so Xi Jinping of the Chinese Communist Party is instituting :

Indoctrination: Mass political indoctrination is the central purpose of the reeducation camps established in Xinjiang. Elsewhere in the country, however, the Chinese government has instituted a wide variety of indoctrination programs, with the explicit goal of expanding the CCP’s control over people’s minds.

Digital police state: Human rights groups have reported that there’s a digital police state at work in Xinjiang. A hyper-intelligent digital surveillance system is used to control citizens, tracking what they say, read, and do.

Arbitrary detention: Reports of the Xinjiang crisis show that nearly all of China’s Uighurs are at risk of being forcibly and arbitrarily detained.

Pervasive controls over daily life: Foreign media and Human Rights Watch allege that the Chinese government is instituting a range of controls over daily lifefor Xinjiang residents, including restrictions on religious practices.

Well, thank goodness we don’t have indoctrination and digital police and arbitrary detention and pervasive controls over daily life here in Britain! It’s a free country still, isn’t it?

Well, isn’t it??

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24 Responses to Inclusivity

  1. Bill says:

    Yes but where is Guy on the EU border?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The only thing we are missing in the UK from your China ‘list’ is Arbitrary detention: Reports of the Xinjiang crisis show that nearly all of China’s Uighurs are at risk of being forcibly and arbitrarily detained. – unless detaining smokers in their own homes, or in smoking areas could be thought of as such. But we have indoctrination, digital police and pervasive controls on daily life already.

  3. Tony Halford says:

    The Eu is not Socialist. If it were then we would not have a situation where only the big corporations get to lobby members of the Commission. In fact they would be the last ones to be allowed anywhere near the levers of power. The EU is a neo-liberal experiment. “Liberal” is not socialist either even though the yanks confuse the two and in this country socialism is often confused with communism…probably deliberately to scare away the people from actually voting for something that benefits them. You want to know what Socialism is? This guy nails it…

    • Frank Davis says:

      In your video, it’s said:

      “Socialism recognises that capitalism results in inequalities, and so sometimes the state has to step in. That’s what socialism is. It’s compromise.”

      There will always be inequalities. There will be inequalities the moment someone gets slightly richer than someone else – which is what happens when some innovator or entrepreneur starts up a prosperous new business. If you think equality is essential, you can’t allow any innovation at all. And that’s why socialism ends up crippling enterprise.

      I don’t agree with him about do-gooders either. I’m sick to death of them.

      I like Michael Savage’s way of distinguishing socialism from communism:

      “Communists are socialists with guns.”

      • Tony Halford says:

        You are taking it too literally. It’s not about making everyone equal in an absolute way it is making sure that those at the very bottom are not exploited or have to live lives of complete misery. Think Victorian era workhouses which was nothing more than virtual slavery. That is what Socialism does. It just gives a little leg up and a few protections to the poorest and most vulnerable. Anyone that thinks that is bad is probably a sociopath or just someone that is extremely nasty and selfish. Whoever Michael Savage is..he’s an idiot and wrong. Going the other way I do not believe that conservatives are a mild form of fascists either. Trying to conflate the two communism/socialism and conservatism/fascism is for the political lightweights that cannot argue a point and just want to sling mud.

        • Frank Davis says:

          He said that capitalism results in inequalities, and that is true. He didn’t say that it was about helping people at the very bottom. Would that he had said “It just gives a little leg up and a few protections to the poorest and most vulnerable.” But, alas, he didn’t.

          And doesn’t capitalism help out the people at the very, very bottom? Do you think that capitalist societies wouldn’t rescue people from house fires or earthquakes or shipwrecks? They did all those things, but on a voluntary basis.

          Trouble is now that anyone who has the slightest peeve about anything now feels entitled to demand victim status, and state protection. So now we have smoking bans because some people don’t like tobacco smoke. And (the subject of this post) applause bans because some people don’t like applause. It’s sheer lunacy.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I thought the guy whoever he is was on the video very rude and uncouth. This country already is socialist. The problem I see is that Socialists run out of money by distributing it too generously. “There is no money” was a real note left in parliament after the last labour innings. The EU runs on everyone else’s money and, to me, they are ruling by committees making proclamations. I don’t know what you call that except totalitarian? As an experiment, it seems to be a disaster. There are so many countries paying the squandiferous bills of the EU, yet none are properly represented. So it isn’t democratic either. It’s a nasty thing IMO.

      • Dmitry Kosyrev says:

        I happen to know a bit about China and the Chinese outside of China. That’s the most individual-minded nation on Earth, and how can you call China communist if they have more billionaires now than the US does? A bit of socialism – yes, that’s very Confucian. In fact, it looks like somebody traded places – a leftist Europe and very conservative China.
        As for Xinjiang things, don’t you believe it. Look at that “Human rights groups have reported”. They always do, when nobody tries check on them.
        Anyway, where are these human righters when somebody persecutes smokers, or “racist white men”, etc.? No need to go to China to notice that something is wrong close to home.

        • Frank Davis says:

          They may have more billionaires than the US, but the Chinese government is the Chinese Communist Party, according to Wikipedia.

          As far as I can see, since the death of Mao, China has liberalised economically, but not politically. Politically it seems to be not much different from the old Soviet Union (correct me if I’m wrong).

          I quite agree about the trading places idea. I’ve said the same myself. But I was thinking Russia – the Western world, rather than China – the Western world.

      • Tony Halford says:

        Lol, he is a satirist/comedian. If that offends you I think you should get out more. Jeebus and the righties call us lefties snowflakes…
        The letter regarding no money left was an insiders joke left by various out going chancellors to the incoming. It’s just that on this occasion the tories thought they could make political capital out of it and banked on the naivete or lack of political nous of many people. It obviously worked with a lot of tories because they keep banging on about it. Those with the wherewithal to research a bit found out that its a regular joke.

        • Frank Davis says:

          I thought he was a satirist/comedian too.

        • Elizabeth says:

          I know it was satire – it is just bad satire! Not clever. The new humour is pretty awful. He is unfunny. Coarse. Uncouth.

          And the money note might be an inside joke but it was real in content. There WAS no money as it had all been borrowed and spent.

          “Those with the wherewithal to research a bit found out that its a regular joke.” I’m sure it is, Those with the wherewithal to research a bit found out there was ACTUALLY no money.

  4. The problem with inclusivity is that it does exactly the opposite. Someone doesn’t like clapping, nobody claps. Someone has a peanut allergy, nobody eats peanuts. Someone objects to fag smoke, nobody smokes. Someone is a muslim, nobody eats bacon
    They call it inclusivity and make it sound all progressive and kind, yet all it does is impose (sometimes huge) external costs and inconveniences of the whole of society for the sake of one or two people

  5. Rose says:


    I think this deserves wider circulation.

    Over 65? Eat butter and cakes to keep you healthy: Latest dietary advice for pensioners
    Oct 4, 2018

    “MILLIONS of old aged pensioners can stave off malnutrition this winter by eating full-fat foods such as cakes and biscuits, experts say. Contrary to official guidelines, the over-65s have been urged to stock up on sugar-laden goodies, use cream instead of milk, fry instead of grill and throw slabs of butter into their scrambled eggs”

    “This approach could help prevent thousands of people suffering the catastrophic health consequences of malnutrition and relieve significant pressure on the NHS and social care.” Malnutrition costs the NHS £19.6 billion a year, it is estimated. Malnourished older people are twice as likely to visit a GP and have more hospital admissions than someone who eats well.”

    Eat cake to avoid malnutrition, older patients advised
    October 4 2018,

    “More than a million older people have been told to eat more cakes and butter by doctors who say that fear of obesity is putting them at risk of wasting away through malnutrition.

    People over 65 who have lost 5 per cent of their weight over a few months need to eat more cream and biscuits instead of assuming that such changes are normal signs of ageing, according to experts.”

    • Frank Davis says:

      I eat lots of butter and cakes. And biscuits coated in chocolate.And I throw slabs of butter in my scrambled eggs. And fry everything in lard, And eat lots of bacon. And use full cream milk rather than skimmed or semi-skimmed.

      I always knew it was the right thing to do.

  6. Twisted Root says:

    How is one to signal approval to the visually impaired by waving one’s hands?

    It is ruthless social manipulation. People at the front of an audience are blind to people behind them. It is the conscious suppression of a form of expression and a recognised tactic of social control. Watch who sits at the front of a presentation where clapping is ‘banned’ and notice that jazz hands starts from there and is somewhat forced at the beginning, the idea being to create a wave of approval going backwards through the audience. Also, you cannot withdraw you approval by withholding applause. You are silenced.

  7. Philip Neal says:

    The point to note about Verhofstadt’s remarks (actually a tweet) is that he will not accept discrimination “based on skills” or, in plain language, discrimination against low ability. This is the common factor between old socialism and new globalism, Tony Benn and Tony Blair. If rulers did not have serfs to rule, they would not be rulers.

    Chancellor Merkel needs her million Syrians, President Macron needs the migrant-packed boats from Africa. Otherwise they – and Verhofstadt – would be reduced to the status of the Grand Duke of Liechtenstein, a prince who resides in a castle with a prosperous town outside his door, but not a real ruler because where are his serfs?

  8. slugbop007 says:

    youtube: Nicolette ‘No Government’


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