The EU Response To Populism: More EU

It looks like the EU is going to start fighting the rising tide of decentralising populism by introducing yet more centralisation. i.e. more EU.

The European Union (EU) must bring an end to national sovereignty over finance with the creation of a “eurozone budget” in order to kill off populist politics within the euro region, according to the Commission.

Economic affairs chief of the EU’s unelected executive arm, Pierre Moscovici, said that “more progress in European integration” is required to head off populism, which he described as “a major threat for our democracies, for liberal democracies, for the rule of law and for European values”.

“Having a eurozone budget is absolutely decisive if we want to address the populist challenge, the burning question of inequalities,” he told an interview with Euractiv.

Speaking after a talk at New York’s European American Chamber of Commerce, Moscovici said: “The European crisis is no more an economic crisis. It is an inequality crisis. It is a political crisis. It is a crisis of delivery. We need to deliver more. That is what eurozone reform is about. It is not technical. It is highly political.”

Personally I think it’s the EU that is “a major threat for our democracies, for liberal democracies, for the rule of law and for European values.” By “European values” I don’t mean a one-size-fits-all set of values, but British values, French values, Italian values, which will all be slightly different. But by “European values” almost certainly doesn’t mean that, but instead the kind of values adhered to by a stateless European political class. For there’s nothing “liberal” or “democratic” about them, and they are also above the law.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that the expenses of Members of the European Parliament can be kept secret, to protect their “privacy” and “integrity”.

On top of their regular salary, MEPs receive a €4,416 “general expenditure allowance” every month to cover office expenses, and a so-called “subsistence” allowance of €313 a day to cover accommodation and living expenses.

Unlike with travel expenses — which MEPs can also claim, first class — they are not required to provide any invoices or receipts in order to receive these allowances.

And while shoring up their own privileges, they may start censoring dissenting voices:

The European Union’s Commissioner for Justice and Gender Equality has complained “the bad version of nationalism” is rising and hinted at media regulation to curb the problem, according to POLITICO.

Věra Jourová, 54, claimed the “bad version of nationalism… is on the rise” along with “racial abuse and discrimination” and “hate online” in a speech in Vienna reported by the online outlet.

“Media can build the culture of dialogue or sow divisions, spread disinformation and encourage exclusion,” the eurocrat added, alleging that “The Brexit debate is the best example” of the latter.

Is it any wonder that the popularity of arch-globalists like Emmanuel Macron is plummeting, and Angela Merkel is losing control? The EU empire has created a self-serving political class, a new aristocracy. And of course any sort of populism that threatens to return power to the people poses a tremendous threat to them. And it seems that their response is going to be to pull up the drawbridge, and retreat behind the castle walls of their privilege, and become even more tyrannical rather than less. And the effect of this will of course be to intensify and accelerate the rise of populism across Europe.

And this is a political struggle that will rage throughout Europe for decades to come, as the political class in Brussels fights to maintain the power and cohesion of the EU superstate against the mounting centrifugal forces of populism.

It is, I suppose, a perennial struggle of the governed against their governors. Once a new political class becomes established, it gradually and perhaps inevitably becomes more and more corrupt and self-serving and oppressive, until it becomes insupportable, at which point it is overthrown, and a new political class replaces it, which in turn gradually and perhaps inevitably becomes more and more corrupt and self-serving and oppressive, until it becomes insupportable…, and so on ad infinitum.

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3 Responses to The EU Response To Populism: More EU

  1. waltc says:

    You nailed it. One other problem as I see it is that, thru the schools, they have the children, and only some, not all, of us grownups are fighting a rear guard.
    Incidentally, I notice the most hateful divisive speech on line comes from the liberals/globalists–a scary bunch.

  2. Philip Neal says:

    It is worth pointing out that what Commissioner Jourova means by ‘the Brexit debate’ (to judge by the Breitbart report) is not the one which took place before the referendum but the one the remainers have been holding since the day after it was held, about whether to honour the result or not. The Commission plainly believe that if they are obstructive enough, they and their British allies can reverse Brexit: and then onwards to the EU budget, the EU army and the Great Firewall of Europe.

  3. Doonhamer says:

    Show us your budget.
    And then your audited accounts.

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