Psychiatric Treatment of Political Opponents


French populist leader Marine Le Pen has rejected orders by a French court that she undergo a psychiatric evaluation in connection with her prosecution for tweeting out Islamic State executions.

The Rassemblement National (RN) leader revealed on Twitter that he had been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation as part of the case against her saying, ” thought I had been through it all: well, no! For denouncing the horrors of Daesh (Isis) by tweets the “justice system” has referred me for a psychiatric assessment. How far will they go?!”

Le Pen then tweeted out a picture of the order saying, “It’s a hallucination. This regime is really starting to scare me.”

This is the sort of thing that used to happen in the Soviet Union, as some people have been quick to point out.

It is hardly necessary to remember that psychiatric treatment for opponents was a specialty practiced in the Soviet Union; today it is inaugurated in Western Europe. It will not be limited to France.

In fact, in the general silence of the mainstream media and governments, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office is emerging: it will take away sovereignty even in the criminal field, with the consequences that it is not difficult to imagine:..

This is exactly what Vladimir Bukovski, writer and former Soviet dissident, has been prophesying for years: the EU is becoming more and more similar to the USSR.

And here’s Bukovsky, interviewed in December 2012:

Vladimir Bukovsky smoking

Mr. Bukovsky, since at least 2000 you have been saying that the European Union is the exact copy of the Soviet Union. Aspects in common you highlighted include the new Europe’s structure itself: a union of republics with a socialist structure, run by a handful of unelected people who make typically Bolshevik promises – equality, fairness and justice – and do not recognise nations but only citizens of a new people, with “European” instead of “Soviet”. In addition, the two unions have in common the typical corruption of a socialist republic, a corruption organised from the top, aggressiveness towards the outside and even gulags inside. Many years later, are events proving you right?

You forgot the similarity in the way they started. How was the USSR created? Of course, by military force, but also by forcing the republics to join with the financial threat, making them economically fearful. So there we are.

But we are still at the beginning, at the first stage. The ultimate goal of all unions that have been built so far does not end with submission to the control of Brussels, but it goes further. The target is the building of a single state, under one world government, with a single law, a single pension …

The second stage is countries forced to live under the same roof, which is a pressure cooker that sooner or later blows up.

Are they therefore all socialists in Brussels?

The project is socialist. I do not know these people personally, but most of them are on the Left, more or less extreme. That means that they favour statist solutions and the regulation of everything…

He shares my belief that with the fall of the Soviet Union, the West has become socialist in response:

‘Socialist’ for us is a term very different from ‘communist’. You seem to apply it to the Soviet paradigm as a synonym for ‘communist’.

No, socialism is the gradual and less violent form of communism, and socialism is the project of the European Union, which was born in Maastricht in 1992. The intent was to save socialism in Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the predictable bankruptcy of the welfare state in the West as well. Welfare costs were growing and there was no way to counter them or stop them.

You can give benefits to people but cannot take them away without alienating a huge part of the population, and you do not get re-elected. So when leftist leaders realised that they were going into the red and that their socialist innovations in Europe would go belly up, they decided to create this administration of unelected people, who could not be sent home.

An administration that however already existed!

Before Maastricht there was no European Union. There was a common market, created to facilitate trade, movement of capital. That’s why no one has had anything to object to for so long. But in the mid-eighties, rather than an economic community they decided to set up a state. Before Maastricht they never said ‘union’, they were saying ‘community’. And they were not talking about it publicly.

Among your predictions for the EU-USSR there was also the gulag. Do you confirm it?

Unfortunately, yes. The EU is creating it slowly. Political correctness is imposed not by persuasion but by repression.

Marine Le Pen is right to be scared. She’s being subjected to political persecution because she’s the leader a populist political party whose aims are antithetical to those of the socialist European political class.

Marine Le Pen smoking


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4 Responses to Psychiatric Treatment of Political Opponents

  1. RdM says:

    Riki Tiki Tavi

    Music and lyrics by Donovan P. Leitch

    Better get into what you gotta get into
    Better get into it now, no slacking, please
    United Nations ain’t really united
    And the organisations ain’t really organised

    Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone
    Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone
    Won’t be coming around for to kill your snakes no more, my love
    Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone

    Everybody who read the Jungle Book a-know that Riki Tiki Tavi’s a mongoose who kills snakes. Well, when I was a young man I was led to believe there were organisations to kill my snakes for me: i.e. the church; i.e. the government; i.e. the school.
    But when I got a little older I learned I had to kill them myself. I said:

    Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone
    Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone
    Won’t be coming around for to kill your snakes no more, my love
    Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone

    People walking around, they don’t know what they’re doing
    They been lost so long they don’t know what they’re looking for
    Well, I know what I’m a looking for but I just can’t find it
    I guess I gotta look inside of myself some more

    Oh, oh, oh, inside of myself some more
    Come on, now (baby)
    Oh, oh, oh, inside of myself some more (baby)

    Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone
    Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone
    Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone
    Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone (last time)

    I saw you today
    On a number twelve bus
    You were going my way (going)
    My way

    I have the LP of this. That’s about how it sounds.

    Or, for a softer less in your face emasculated version, with only 3 comments,

    Does different audio make a difference?

    You bet!

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    Totalitarian regimes prefer the gulag to political debate and dissent. Questioning the regime and its corrupt power brokers is the ultimate crime to the political power brokers. Smoking as an expression of personal freedom therefore the ultimate affront to their tyranny.

  3. waltc says:

    And trying to impeach Trump by the 25Th amendment on the grounds that he’s mentally unstable–long suggested by many of his political opponents (foremost, but far from only, Elizabeth Whelan) and allegedly , per the NY Times, by Deputy AG Rosenstein, who may today, on the basis of that story, have either resigned or been fired (further bulletins awaited).

    Same game, different players.

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