Smoking bans are very pushy. Browbeating antismoking messages on tobacco packs are also very pushy. Public Health is pushy.

Political correctness is very pushy, Environmentalists are pushy. Global warming alarmists are pushy. Greenpeace is pushy. Plastic straw bans are pushy. Plastic bag bans are pushy.

The European Union is pushy. Mass migration is pushy.

The “progressive” left is pushy. They’re always pushing for the utopia that’s always just one last push away.

And they all get pushier and pushier, They get pushier when there’s no pushback, and they start to think that all they have to do to get their way is push harder and harder.

But the harder they push, the more they ensure pushback.

And there’s always pushback. Pushback starts with the first push. Those bullied and browbeaten smokers who nevertheless carry on smoking are pushing back in a small way. Simply lighting a single cigarette is pushing back in a tiny way. It’s a small act of defiance.

Pouring yourself a whisky is also a small act of defiance in the face of mounting prohibitionism. Eating a chocolate chip cookie is a small act of defiance in the face of diet fascism. Eating another one is a further act of defiance.

People get sick of being pushed around. In Europe people are getting sick of being pushed around by arrogant, pushy, EU bureaucrats and by an arrogant, pushy, European political class, particularly when they’re all getting pushier and pushier. They push back.

And all the pushes and shoves add up. In sum they induce a pushback against almost everything pushy.

Brexit was pushback. The election of Donald Trump was pushback: he’s a pushback president, a counterpunching president who invites attack so that he can hit back (he’d lose if people stopped attacking him), speaking for millions of people who are sick and tired of being pushed around.

The rise of nationalism (if that is the right word for it) all over Europe is pushback by people who are tired of being pushed around. If the strongest pushback is coming from Eastern Europe, it’s because people there spent their whole lives being pushed around by arrogant, pushy, communist regimes, in ways that Western Europeans didn’t. And in Eastern Europe the people know that pushback succeeds. They pushed back successfully against arrogant, pushy, communist regimes, and now they’re pushing back against an arrogant, pushy, European political class. The fate of the EU will likely be the same fate as that of the old communist regimes in Eastern Europe, as support for it gradually dissolves as it becomes ever more pushy.

Even the Swedes are beginning to push back.

All that’s needed to bring pushback is lots of pushy people. And these days there are lots of pushy people everywhere. Antifa is a pushy bunch of people, who go around beating up people who disagree with them. Beating people up is extreme pushiness. And whenever people see such pushiness, they push back. In this respect Antifa are their own worst enemies. And so are all those celebrities who call for the assassination of Donald Trump, because assassination is even pushier than beating. Every time they call for him to be murdered or toppled or impeached, they ensure that a few more people will vote for him.

There are midterm elections coming up in the USA. And arrogant, pushy, Democrat politicians are expecting to win seats in a Blue Wave. But I’m hoping that the American people’s pushback (which is part of a mounting global pushback against globalist pushiness) will instead deliver a Red Wave of new Republican seats. For the response of pushy Democrats seems to be one of getting even pushier and more radical and progressive, and so generating yet more pushback.

We’re seeing a slowly mounting pushback against pushiness of every kind. It ceases to be a pushback against particular forms of pushiness, and becomes a pushback against all forms of pushiness. So when sugar gets banned from restaurant tables (a form of pushiness) you go and vote to leave the EU (another form of pushiness). You react to one form of pushiness by pushing back at another form of pushiness.

And as the pushback gets stronger and stronger, eventually it will overcome the pushers.  But because pushback is simply the mirror image of push, then if the pushback becomes too strong, people will start getting as sick of pushback as they were of push.

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17 Responses to Pushback

  1. Time for some pushback against the BBC.

    Push it over till it collapses.


  2. slugbop007 says:

    A young woman and her beau approached me while I sat on a public bench in front of La Belle Province on ßaint Lawrence Blvd two days ago having a smoke from my rolled Pueblo tobacco. The young woman started waving her hand in front of her face as she approached me. If I see her again I will give her the Nazi salute. Seriously, folks, outdoor terraces have been popping up all over Montreal’s busy streets the past few years, just inches away from a constant stream of buses, delivery trucks large and small, school buses, fire trucks and ambulances (sirens blasting), motorcycles, cars and SUVs-many of them diesel fueled-fililing the air with dust, petrol fumes and noise. In other words, secondhand, third stream and all the other categories of smoke that Tobacco Control has conjured up in their twisted minds. How absurd. What we need is a device that shows up all these invisible particles and scare the heck out of these anti-smoking terrace dwellers. slugbop007

  3. slugbop007 says:

    waltc says: August 2, 2018 at 6:52 pm The millions of people in public housing–poor, old, disabled, with no place else to turn for shelter (the reason public housing was invented)–are being bullied bigtime by the new HUD smoking ban, more so than by taxes. Quit or be homeless.

    Black President reinstates segregation.  Thanks Obama!


  4. slugbop007 says:

    In reference to this comment last July:

    waltc says: July 25, 2018 at 10:34 pm Audrey called my attention to the comment thread in this article in Reason, a Libertarian publication. Appallingly, the comments were as virulently anti-smoking as they were anti-liberty. I commented elsewhere that these were obviously Limousine Libertarians.

    And Tesla Libertarians like Bill Maher.


  5. Philip Neal says:

    I wish I could believe in an imminent popular revolt against political correctness but I don’t. What I can envisage is the leftwing coalition falling apart from (to coin a phrase) its own internal contradictions. Jews and Muslims, gays and Muslims, women and transgenders, women and gangsta rappers have few interests in common, and black spokesmen, gay spokesmen and the rest are not in any real sense leaders of the groups they come from. The actual core of true believers is probably quite small and held together mainly by a thirst for jobs in the anti-discrimination industry. One of these days I could imagine the whole thing crumbling in an almighty internal feud.

  6. Clicky says:

  7. garyk30 says:

    ‘Political correctness is very pushy‘

    Which political party advocates such nonsense?

    I see PC as a means of pitting people against each other and fragmenting our Western Cultural.

    Families, the Churches, and our Cultural values are all being criticized into oblivion.

    Seems to me, the hoped for result is the collapse of Western Culture and Civilization to make room for a take over.

  8. beobrigitte says:

    Brexit was pushback. The election of Donald Trump was pushback: he’s a pushback president, a counterpunching president who invites attack so that he can hit back (he’d lose if people stopped attacking him), speaking for millions of people who are sick and tired of being pushed around.
    Brexit and Trump do nothing for the people pushed around the worst and the most: the SMOKERS.

    And as the pushback gets stronger and stronger, eventually it will overcome the pushers. But because pushback is simply the mirror image of push, then if the pushback becomes too strong, people will start getting as sick of pushback as they were of push.
    Rather than pushing back risking a never-ending pushing and shoving, how about just stepping aside when the opposition takes a run for the final push to run into oblivion or a massive wall or just trip over their own feet and hit the deck?
    There are many ways to deal with pushers but we first need to become cohesive communities again.

  9. garyk30 says:

    ‘Pushing’ Hell, our civilization and culture is being ‘hammered’ by this over-reaching attempt at control!

  10. Smoking Lamp says:

    Corruption with the prohibitionist ranks is potential fuel for ‘pushback’. “Top Sloan Kettering Cancer Doctor Resigns After Failing to Disclose Industry Ties “https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/13/health/jose-baselga-cancer-memorial-sloan-kettering.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fhealth&action=click&contentCollection=health&region=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront

  11. waltc says:

    Speaking of bullies, Bloomberg has announced he’s going to run for president again (as a Democrat) in 2020. But it seems more and more that the left itself has become the party of bullies and one that fights dirty–whether by demagoguery, slander (see the latest on Kavanaugh) or rogue diplomacy (see the latest on Kerry) or with tire irons and full face masks on the street. And between the constant stream of partisan news and Trump’s own unforced errors, I do indeed fear they’ll take over the congress and (though not with Bloomberg) the presidency in ’20 and it’s Katie bar tne door.

  12. Joe L. says:

    OT: I don’t want to derail the conversation, but I’ve been following this story for the past week via alternative news sites, and it has created enough buzz that it’s finally getting picked up by the mainstream media. It reminds me very much of the Las Vegas shooting last October, in that the authorities aren’t releasing any information to the public (or to the local Sheriff’s office either, apparently). Very odd, and quite intriguing.

    Authorities are staying quiet about that mysterious solar observatory evacuation in New Mexico

    SUNSPOT – Sunspot Observatory was closed and evacuated Sept. 6 due to an undisclosed security risk. Officials aren’t saying why it was closed and that’s led to media coverage and plenty of speculation.

    Authorities remain tight-lipped.

    “Nothing’s changed from last week,” Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, or AURA, spokeswoman Shari Lifson said by phone Thursday afternoon.

    Lifson offered no further information.

    The Sunpspot facility is a part of the National Solar Observatory and AURA maintains it.

    “Last Thursday, we got a phone call in the morning from AURA who told us to say that they were temporarily evacuating the site and asked us to evacuate our people,” Sunspot Solar Observatory Director R.T. James McAteer said. “So, I called our people up and asked them to leave in a very sensible and calm manner and locked everything up. We’ve been out of there since Thursday morning.”

    McAteer is a professor of astronomy at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, about an hour and a half to the west of the observatory. The observatory is located high in Sacramento Mountains. The closest city is Alamogordo, at the base of the Sacramentos — about 15 miles as the crow flies, but nearly an hour’s drive time away.

    NMSU’s four employees at Sunspot were evacuated Sept. 6, as were five or six employees of AURA. The U.S. Postal Service, which operates the Sunspot Post Office, evacuated its employees, though McAteer said he did not know how many people worked at the facility.

    There were also about 12 to 15 residents who were evacuated, McAteer said.

    “The whole site was evacuated,” McAteer said.

    The Richard B. Dunn Solar Telescope, that McAteer and his team operate, rotates on a mercury float bearing at the top of the tower.

    The mercury was not the reason for the closure, McAteer said.

    “There’s no mercury incident. That’s a completely different set of protocols that would not have involved them locking all the doors,” McAteer said. “We have a very regular maintenance routine. There is no cause for concern there.”

    There’s been no word whether, or if, evacuations will be lifted.

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