The New Outcasts

I spent a while yesterday watching Roseanne Barr talking online to Lionel Nation, and it reminded me of the Smoky Drinky Bar and interviews that Emily and I have done. They were having the same hardware problems we have.

One thing that was missing from it was Roseanne smoking, like she was last time I watched her. But that may have been because she was sitting in some girl’s bedroom, rather than her own home.

Lionel Nation’s real name is Michael Lebron. He’s a well-known US radio talk show host, and used to have a slot on Air America. Roseanne is of course a well-known TV star, who recently lost her TV show on ABC (I think it was for saying something politically incorrect). So they’re both outcasts. But they can both talk. And they seem now to be doing what Emily and me started doing a year ago, creating online video interviews.

There seem to be a lot of these outcasts floating around these days. Alex Jones is an outcast. So is Michael Savage (banned from entering Britain) So is Jerome Corsi. So is Roger Stone. They’re never invited to appear on mainstream media channels like CNN. And now that they’re banned from the MSM, attempts are being made to ban them from the internet as well (at least in the case of Alex Jones Infowars). And they’re all called Conspiracy Theorists. Lionel Nation is, for example, a true believer in QAnon (unlike Alex Jones, who is not).

I listen to Lionel because he’s insightful and amusing and quirky. And one thing he’s been saying recently is “We are the mainstream media.” And by “we” he means him and whoever’s watching him, and more generally the online community of outcasts. And since I never watch the mainstream media, but do watch Lionel, he’s actually right in a certain sense. Because the MSM are dying.

There’s a very simple reason why the mainstream media are dying, and it is that the number of media platforms is multiplying. In the UK there used to be just BBC radio, and in the 50s BBC TV got added. And back in the 50s there was only one TV channel. And after ITV got added, there were two channels. And then we got BBC2 some time in the 60s. And Channel 4 in the 70s. And now there seem to be hundreds of TV channels. And to them there have been added hundreds and thousands of online channels (which is what I mostly watch). The media is like a river: there’s only ever a single main stream while there’s a single watercourse down which all the water is flowing. As soon as the river reaches the sea, it widens into a delta that is made up of multiplying separate streams, and there ceases to be a single mainstream. And that’s what’s happened to the MSM: it’s widening and spreading into a delta, with hundreds and thousands of separate streams, each of which is much smaller than the single stream that enters the delta. So BBC and ITV and Channel 4 are seeing their audiences dwindle. And that’s why their products are getting cheaper and tackier, as fewer and fewer people watch them. And in my case I’m actually banned from watching BBC: I’m likely to be heavily fined if I watch it, because I don’t have a TV licence.

So I think that Lionel is wrong: it’s not that people like him have become the new mainstream media, but rather that there is no longer any mainstream at all. There are just lots and lots of competing voices. It’s like the tower of Babel, which started out with everyone speaking one language, and ended with them speaking lots.

And I’m one of those voices. And I’m also an outcast, although a different sort of outcast than Lionel or Roseanne. I’m a smoker who’s been exiled to the outdoors. We smokers have also been expelled from the BBC and all the old mainstream media. But like Alex Jones and Michael Savage, I’ve managed to create a voice for myself elsewhere. And so have quite a few others.

And I suppose that, as an outcast, I tend to listen to other outcasts. Lionel and Roseanne are outcasts. And Jordan Peterson is another outcast: he came to fame when people in his university tried to restrict his freedom of speech, and silence him. Everyone I pay any attention to seems to be an outcast of one sort or other. And the strictures of Political Correctness actually creates outcasts. There are more and more people being exiled to the outdoors, for one bit of political incorrectness or other. Smokers are just one bunch of exiles. There are lots and lots of other exiles.

And the outcasts are more interesting than the Politically Correct insiders. They were usually only sent into exile because they said something too interesting. For what the Politically Correct think is entirely predictable, and therefore dull and boring.

And the interesting thing is that it’s now got to the point there are more exiled outsiders than there are insiders. The Church of Political Correctness is gradually depleting its own ranks, as more and more people are made anathema, and sent into exile. The outsiders are beginning to outnumber the insiders. And this is how Political Correctness will die, as the Politically Incorrect come to outnumber the Politically Correct.

And it’s also how Tobacco Control will die. For they also are/were a mainstream media channel with their own megaphone voice. But fewer and fewer people are listening to them. And the money is drying up. And there are more and more other voices that people can listen to.

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18 Responses to The New Outcasts

  1. Rose says:

    Commonsense at last.

    Edinburgh vaping firm will supply prisoners with e-cigarettes

    “AN Edinburgh company has won a contract to supply prisoners with e-cigarettes and e-liquid PODs – pre-filled tanks – as the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) prepares to ban smoking in jail.

    JAC Vapour is one of the only independent companies outside of China to design and create mainstream vaping devices for people who want to give up smoking.

    The SPS Smoke Free Prisons initiative goes live at the end of November and the company has been working closely with the SPS and its smoke free team to design products that meet the specific requirements of prisoners and the service.”

    “Both hardware devices will be available to prisoners alongside specially formulated Nicotine Salt PODs in four flavours, menthol, tobacco, blackcurrant and strawberry.”

    It should save a fortune in burnt out microwaves and ripped up Bibles and the prisoners can go back to drinking their tea instead of inhaling it..

    • One MEP recently bragged to us about how she and others had lobbied the BBC to make them change their editorial guidelines.on the coverage of climate change so as to exclude deniers, and that is exactly what the new guidelines do – just as you say.

    • beobrigitte says:
      Excerpt from “What is the BBCs position”:
      Be aware of ‘false balance’: As climate change is accepted as happening, you do not need a ‘denier’ to balance the debate.
      Accepted by whom? clearly not by everyone. And without ‘deniers’ there is no debate.

      Although there are those who disagree with the IPCC’s position, very few of them now go so far as to deny that climate change is happening.
      There are very few people who deny climate change is happening. Climate change is happening all the time. Our planet has done that for millions of years.

      To achieve impartiality, you do not need to include outright deniers of climate change in BBC coverage, in the same way you would not have someone denying that Manchester United won 2-0 last Saturday.
      Impartiality is not achieved by assuming that the end result reflects all criteria for this to happen have been met. I do remember my father saying in 1966 that England won the world cup by a goal that wasn’t one. I believe this subject is still up for discussion albeit more for banter these days. I’m impartial on that subject, I listened to both sides.

      Perhaps complete and total transparency from the “man-made-climate-change” advocates would help their cause? Or maybe not?

  2. RdM says:

    A chapter heading quote from a book I’m reading at present, Rick Gekoski’s “Outside Of A Dog’.


    The key to the strategy of liberation lies in exposing the situation, and the simplest way to do it is to outrage the pundits and the experts by sheer impudence of speech and gesture…
    Germaine Greer, The Female Eunuch </blockquote


    Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend.
    Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read

    Groucho Marx

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    Smokers are certainly the ‘new outcasts’ and thus the persecution of smokers has effectively been given state sanction. Every day the virulent anti-smoker hate accelerates. Now isn Singapore they are in the process of removing historical privacy protections in the home. The same process is also at play in the UK a, US, and Canada…

    “New Bill allows NEA officers to enter private premises without warrant and enforce anti-smoking laws” (Singapore)

  4. waltc says:

    Well, yes. Those who voted for Brexit and Trump were outcasts (and many who just voted in Sweden and who brought Macron’s approval down to 22%) so it seems the more people the politically correct deplore, the faster they create the army that will defeat them. (Smokers, however, may still remain the outcasts within the outcasts, so well has the propaganda succeeded, as well as the universal need to deplore. How many Brexiters still hate/fear smokers?)

  5. Smoking Lamp says:

    Some good news for a change (and from Australia to boot)… “Uni justifies end of campus smoking ban”

    The University of Newcastle (NSW) reversed its comprehensive smoking ban restoring designated smoking areas. the ban was in place forn14 months. Unsurprisingly, the newspaper found Simon Chapman to comment: “Mr Chapman, a national authority on tobacco control, said giving in to people was not the right way to go.” He called smoking ‘unacceptable behavior’ stating “Would the university reverse its policies on other unacceptable behaviours?”

    The ‘unacceptable behavior’ is the persecution of smokers promoted by tyrants like Chapman!

    • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

      Yes and Chapman was rewarded with an order of Australia for decades of illiberal smoker bashing. Good to see reversal of Uni of Newcastle ban, but there should be no smoking ghettos (or zones) anywhere. It’s another example of shrill control freaks lying about the utterly bogus claim of ‘harm’ from diluted tobacco smoke in the open air. Don’t be herded into the ghetto. Treatment of public housing tenants is a disgrace, all based in the same outright lies and propaganda.

  6. Lepercolonist says:

    For Politically Incorrect humor listen to Nick DiPaolo’s podcast. It is rebroadcasted on You Tube.
    Nick smokes a pack of cigs a day and fields phone calls from his listeners. He can be vulgar but funny as hell.

  7. narbanor says:

    And the money is drying up.

    Not sure if that’s happening yet… As we speak, the witch-hunters are still trying to ratchet up the anti-smoker racket (notably in the form of extortionate taxation), to the level Norway, the UK, NZ and Australia have already reached, and beyond, with no significant opposition in sight (witness tbe impending & obnoxious COP, 1-6 October 2018 in Geneva, that the utter failure of antismoking policies in the last 50 years to stem the rise in lunf xshould have ). Any idea how to counter them?

    • Bit of a bloomer at the end of my comment, correction: (witness the impending & obnoxious COP, 1-6 October 2018 in Geneva, that the utter failure of antismoking policies in the last 50 years to stem the rise in lung cancer, especially in women, should have already thoroughly discredited). Any idea how to counter them?

  8. Smoking Lamp says:

    Late breaking… Now the have banned all smoking on municipal property–including public streets and sidewalks in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    See “‘Bold’ or ‘boneheaded,’ Halifax council votes to move forward with aggressive smoking ban” There is a poll.

  9. We like the ‘delta’ analogy, it explains things very well, and we may quote you in a future piece on the same subject.

    One observation we would make is that the BBC have been very successful at obtaining access to the different media streams. They’ve managed to get themselves on Freeview and digital, expanding their platforms beyond the main channels and radio stations. Thus, while there are multiple streams now, it seems that the BBC is being allowed limitless market penetration, and there seem to be no prominent political voices against the BBC’s domineering and monopolising tendencies, whether from a liberty or economic theory perspective.

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