The Angry Sea

An interesting new development in the civil war going on inside US intelligence agencies: reportforthepresident. A website set up by members of the US intelligence community to communicate with president Trump and the US people. From its mission statement:

Regardless of your politicial party, culture, race, religion or gender, you should be very concerned with the blatant abuses of establishment elites and holdovers from the former Obama Administration who have taken the power from the People.

The main stream media played a big role in restricting your rights through their FAKE NEWS REPORTS, which created the need for the People to go elsewhere for their news but then the media companies began censoring social media and restricting your abilities to communicate so the TRUTH would not get out to the public.



Pity they didn’t run it through a spellchecker.

This morning’s thought: people are getting angry. Britain has been a pretty placid country for pretty much my entire life. In fact Europe has been a pretty placid place for my entire life. But that’s changing now.

When people get angry, they find new “populist” politicians to speak for them. Donald Trump is one of these. He’s really only telling the US people what they already think anyway. And the same goes with the populist politicians in Europe – Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, Beppe Grillo -. The political establishment of the past 60 years no longer speaks for the people. It has its own “progressive” agenda which it developed back in more placid times, when the people were asleep.  Its politicians regard themselves as an aristocracy who are entitled to rule over the people. And they are now about to be swept away, because they have forgotten who they were supposed to be representing.

We tend to think that the politicians are important, that they’re the only people who really matter. But all the politicians are floating on a sea of people. While the sea is tranquil, the politicians are the most visible. But when storms come and waves mount on the sea, the politicians start being tossed around, with some being raised to prominence, and others upturned and sunk.  The political establishment has reason to be alarmed:

The French establishment fear “Europe could die” following the EU Parliament elections next year, with President Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche! polling poorly and conservative-leaning populists looking set to make huge gains.

According to an Ifop-Fiducial survey for Paris Match, Sud Radio, and CNews, the French leader’s party is polling at 20 percent, down three percent compared to June 2017.

Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally is nipping at his heels on 17 percent — although its polling numbers are somewhat down since the last round of EU Parliament elections in 2014, where her party — then the Front National — came in first place.

The old political order was one that had grown up on a tranquil sea, on which the politicians could sail around and do more or less whatever they liked. They took for granted the tranquil sea of people on which they floated. They got arrogant. They built empires upon it. They even set out to constrain the sea within regulatory banks and dykes, channeling it with ever more restrictive laws.

This old order is about to be swept away by a newly angry sea.

I heard last night in the Smoky Drinky Bar that Smokingbandits server is down, and the site administrator is on holiday.

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18 Responses to The Angry Sea

  1. Clicky says:

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    Another hospital smoking ban pending: “QUEEN Alexandra Hospital will become a smoke-free site in the new year. Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT) is looking to ban all smoking on its campus, getting rid of the current designated smoking shelters.” Read more at: There is a poll…

    • waltc says:

      It doesn’t seem to allow votes. Tried several times. And the tab says zero votes have been cast.

    • Joe L. says:

      Currently 56% for the ban, 44% against the ban. Voted in the U.S. from my mobile phone with no ad blocker. 524 total votes cast so far.

    • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

      I was able to vote from Australia. Agree totally that any opinion polls opposing yet more hypocritical bullying by rent seeking tobacco control prohibitionists are ignored or suppressed. The vital issue seems to be that sustained well researched arguments against tax and ban prohibitionists fail to affect the end result. Every day sees repetition of outlandish claims with no basis in science or reality such as there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke, even outdoors. The dogmatic dystopian control freaks consistently prove science, ethics, and the freely made choices of smokers are outside their dictatorial mindset. Their view is ultimately moralistic, based in evangelical zeal. They only misuse (junk) science to mislead the wider public. Health cults are the new religion and gyms are the new churches, as accurately noted in previous blog comments. Evangelical zeal ultimately relies on belief and faith; neither concept is susceptible to rational analysis. After years of daily persecution by our own governments, I conclude the only option is to fight the zealots with their own unreasonable bullying tactics. Start by moonlight flits to deface shouty bullying NO SMOKING signs. They’re not hard to find (I counted 76 at Launceston airport, Tasmania, which has about 4 flights per day. I wrote to airport management asking if the huge numbers of intrusive signs, four on each terminal building column, were justified – response was they had ‘problems’ with people smoking, outside in the open air, ignoring the reality that one jet aircraft take off produces about the same NO2 as 2 million cigarettes). Reasoned debate and respect for facts is ineffectual against such moralistic certainty, and personal bias. Legal class action might be effective, seeking refunds of the billions stolen from smokers by policies based on dystopian wishful thinking and outright lies which demonstrably cause individual, social and economic harm, while failing to improve so called public health, and neglecting the objective duty of care government owes all citizens. NB: health cultists can never be appeased. Just witnessed another propaganda campaign, TV ad funded by the Aust Sports Commission – unsure why they exist – exhorting citizens to undertake 30 mins vigorous exercise daily. As noted by former Soviet leader Gorbachev, the West has become like the Cold War East. ⚒

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    I can’t help but believing that the hysteria surrounding smoking isn’t real but has been fabricated. The so-called ‘edits’ have decided that smoking must be eradicated. to do so the have selectively assembled data to support their position while actively suppressing dissenting data. Not only are dissenting scientists attacked, but all discussion surrounding the issues is shaped by tobacco control. News outlets present the tobacco control side and rarely allow dissenting opinions). A smoke free world is presented as a fait accompli… Yet, many still smoke, and few (other than astroturf tobacco control trials) actually sed draconian bans.

    Evidence of this is seen in the online reports of pending smoking bans. Invariably the articles (proganda pieces) suggest wide support for the pending ban(s). Yet the polls accompanying the articles opftn present the opposite result. The dissent is suppressed and ignored. In New Orleans there was mass opposition to the bar smoking ban, yet the media presented only the anti-smoking position. Photos of the public hearings were carefully curated to remove the opposition in the audience (which was actually larger than the pro-ban activists). The online comments opposing the ban were removed too. Og causer, the FCTC holds its meetings in private and allows no dissenting opinions.

    As a case in point, check out this article about new NHS/PHE efforts to eradicate smoking. The new smoke free plan asserts that choice should be restricted because smoking is an addiction. Another case of suppressing dissent. Check out this account at Metro: “Could Britain become smoke-free by 2030?” where the accompanying poll currently shows 73% of those responding opposed to increased NHS antismoking measures.

    Read more:

    • Joe L. says:

      The poll is now sitting at 86% opposed to increased NHS antismoking measures and only 14% in favor. In the absence of Tobacco Control astroturfers, it certainly looks like the overwhelming majority of people are fed up with the Nanny/Bully State.

  4. smokingscot says:

    You may not be aware that the Swedes will be voting tomorrow in their General Election. And the old established parties are losing ground to an upstart “populist” party.

    Anyway it’s the same o, same o, of if we may not be able to keep our comfortable cabal, then let’s sling as much manure as possible at the opposition. No they can’t win the argument, fact is they’ve been allowing far too many immigrants into the country – and it seems they have no intention whatsoever to assimilate. Nor change their religious beliefs. Nor, in some cases, their view that women should dress very modestly or face the consequences. And their definition of a “woman” is incredibly broad; essentially from infancy to death.

    Of course the nice compliant establishment have been doing their level best to piss off and tax to buggery the relatively trivial number of people still left in Sweden who smoke tobacco, so there’s a confluence of ire that’s very likely to be expressed by this time tomorrow that could shape the future of Sweden.

    This chap says it far more eloquently.

    Having spoken to a couple of people who quit smoking because they couldn’t afford to continue; the impression I got was not one pride or achievement, rather a sense that they are ashamed that they can’t afford the cost. Both are Scots.

    I suspect that this scenario plays throughout the world, however Sweden seems to have embraced the concept of pricing what were very ordinary things out of reach of large swathes of ordinary folk. The concept works, however I’ve yet to determine if that feeling of inadequacy and bitterness can be harnessed in a meaningful way.

    We’ll see tomorrow in Sweden. Unfortunately my theory will not be tested in Scotland for several years.

  5. waltc says:

    Frank, I call fake on that supposedly intel agency maverick website. The language has too many inflammatory buzzwords to be the real thing. While I don’t doubt some deep state “Get Trump” plot, and hope to hell the IG is, as rumored, investigating it, I’d take that site with a full container of salt.

    As for the Times anomymous op ed, nothing new. We’ve seen for ourselves Trump’s giving conflicting messages–sometimes the next week, or the next day, or within the same paragraph. Many of us have long believed that the ship of state has been kept on an even keel by Kelly, Mattis and Pompeo. But the author was doing nothing but preening (“And oh what a good boy am I!”) and, meanwhile, doing great harm to the country and even to his own (alleged) cause. If, for one instance, Trump is actually being “managed” by his self-proclaimed betters removing papers from his desk, he’ll now be on the lookout for removable papers. I’d also quickly add that his self-proclaimed betters don’t at all times know better than he, and have historically been the guys who fucked up the world. All that said, I’m still grateful that he, not Hillary and the increasingly dangerous demogogic Dems, is running the country.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I call fake on that supposedly intel agency maverick website.

      You may be right. It took just one spelling mistake in the first line in their mission statement to introduce a few doubts in my own mind. Not that doubts needed introduction. These days the doubts are resident from the outset.

      Who knows what is and isn’t fake these days. Alex Jones is called fake. CNN is called fake. QAnon is called fake. But they all have their true believers.

      Many of us have long believed that the ship of state has been kept on an even keel by Kelly, Mattis and Pompeo

      Again, you may be right. Personally I’m inclined to give Trump far more credit than most people seem to give him. I think he’s a very very smart guy. And a very tough guy. And a very hard-working guy too.

      But, hey, what do I know? Nada, zilch, zero. It’s just my guess.

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