No-one Notices. No-one sees.

I regard Tobacco Control as absolutely satanic. They’ve deliberately exiled smokers to the outdoors, and in the process they’ve shattered communities, set friends against each other, and bankrupted thousands of pubs. Add the occasional refusal of medical treatment to smokers, and eviction from their jobs and homes. Add also that they’re robbing smokers with the obscenely high taxes they impose on tobacco.  Add also the deaths of all the smokers who die falling out of windows, or locked out in the cold. What more does Tobacco Control have to do to earn themselves the reputation as one of the most evil and corrupt and depraved organisations that has ever existed? Really, what more do they have to do?

Take just one thing they do, as they force patients in hospitals to limp outside to not just the doors of the hospitals, but the distant gates of the hospital grounds, carrying their catheters, and ask: How can this be allowed? Why don’t the doctors and nurses in the hospitals, who are supposed to be caring for these patients of theirs, demand that it stop, and stop immediately? Can’t they see that this is monstrously evil?

But no-one notices. No-one sees. It’s really just like Nazi Germany, where millions of people somehow failed to notice what was going on in the concentration camps dotted over the country. But this isn’t happening in Germany: it’s happening everywhere all over the world. How is it possible that no-one can see what is happening?

One answer is that all these terrible things are being done in the name of Health – Public Health. And it seems that you can do absolutely anything, commit any atrocity, if you’re doing it in the name of Public Health. Health is the Get Out Of Jail Free card that these swindlers and fraudsters use all the time.

Another answer is that Tobacco Control has branded tobacco companies as being the Bad Guys. By fighting the Bad Guys in Big Tobacco, Tobacco Control portray themselves as the Good Guys. And because they’re Good Guys, they can do no wrong.

But Good Guys can very easily become Bad Guys. For much of his life, Dr Harold Shipman was regarded as a Good Guy. He was a family doctor, and family doctors are pretty much the very best of the Good Guys. They don’t come any better. But he became a Bad Guy overnight when he was found to be murdering hundreds of his mostly elderly patients. The fall from grace was very sudden, once he was identified as a serial killer. And everyone was so terribly, terribly shocked.

But really, if you want to be a serial killer, being a family doctor is the very best disguise you can have. Because no-one will suspect you. You’re a Good Guy, and you can do no wrong. And when you can do no wrong, you can get away with murder.

In conversation with a friend of mine some years ago, during which I was complaining about Tobacco Control, she told me that she knew the people in Tobacco Control department of the local authority in whose offices she worked. “I know them,” she said. “They’re good people.” I wonder how many people said the same thing about Harold Shipman: “I know him. He’s a good man.”

I think that one day the scales will fall from people’s eyes, and they’ll suddenly see how terrible Tobacco Control really is. And I think that overnight the people in Tobacco Control will all be seen as Shipmans. And there will be mass arrests. Deborah Arnott will be bundled into a black maria. And so will Stanton Glantz. And all the rest of them too, including all the ones working in local government offices.

Perceptions can and do change. What looks good at one moment in time can easily look evil the next. Lots of people admired Adolf Hitler during the 1930s, but almost all that support evaporated in 1945. Lots of people admired Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union for many years, but Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago punctured many people’s illusions about that.

Perhaps it’s that Good and Evil swap places from time to time. And what’s seen as Good at one time is seen as Evil the next, and which is which is discovered in the roll of dice. One day slavery is regarded as perfectly normal: next day it’s an abomination.

But my view is that there is objective evil. It’s not purely a matter of perception. Harold Shipman was murdering people, and that was objectively evil. He only stopped being regarded as a Good Guy when people realised that he was a serial killer, and that for all the good he did as a family doctor – and he probably did do a lot of good as a family doctor – it was all completely outweighed by the evil he did.

And I think the same thing will happen to Tobacco Control. They may be thought of as Good Guys now, but that’s only because people can’t see how much harm they’re doing, even if the evidence is all around them in closed pubs, and smokers exiled on the streets, and hospital patients tottering to the gates of hospital precincts with their drips and colostomy bags. Nobody has pointed it out to them. So they can’t see it. But one day they will see.

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19 Responses to No-one Notices. No-one sees.

  1. garyk30 says:

    The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is – Churchill

  2. slugbop007 says:

    Fraternities banning hard-more than 15%-alcohol Puritanism is growing stronger by the year.

  3. Roobeedoo2 says:

    ‘So they can’t see it.’

    That’s why I call them ‘Not-sees’ ;)

  4. slugbop007 says:

    Frank Davis says: August 24, 2018 at 10:09 pm Sounds good. You could buy blank stickers, and write your own message on them. I have been making up my own stickers since last year’s Montreal mayoral election. Pasting them on election posters, bus shelter ads, lampposts and the like. A provincial election is coming up in one month’s time and I have begun a new batch for them as well. Our current Premier was our Health Minister in 2007. He put into legislation the smoking ban in our city and province. He also hired the director of McGill University’s Health Studies department and has been putting up anti-smoking stickers all over Quebec and Montreal since then. Unfortunately, all the political parties in Quebec have embraced these policies. Anyone who objects to them is ridiculed, scorned or ignored. A professionally certified Air Quality technician took readings on the outdoor terraces in Montreal and judged them not to be dangerous. His findings were ignored. An outsider from the U.S.A. with no professional training whatsoever, one Ryan Kennedy, took some readings and his analysis was given widespread coverage in the newspapers, radio and television. That’s how corrupt this problem has become. 57% of surveyed Montreal Gazette readers did not support the ban but the Public Health zealots got their wish anyway.


  5. slugbop007 says:

    Anyone here familiar with the writings of George Lakoff? He has many ideas on how to turn ideas upside down on their head. boing007

  6. Smoking Lamp says:

    Excellent essay! The tobacco control extremists certainly are evil. They sow hate and division and thrive on persecuting smokers. The data used to justify their attack on smokers is exaggerated or outright lies. Their lies must be exposed. Tobacco control must be destroyed…

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    Home smoking bans are the new anti-smoking initiative. British Colombia is home to an emotive call for home coming bans in the ‘name off the children’. Neve rmind the actual facts that show virtually no risk. A new poll on the proposed BC ban is now active: “Web poll: Would you support a B.C.-wide ban on smoking in condos and townhouses?”

    • Rhys says:

      When it gets really ugly, Vancouver will be one of the first. Count on it. I know of at least two cases where old people were thrown out of their flats for smoking on the balcony. They weren’t well enough to get downstairs and go outside for a cigarette, and of course, even the judges in those cases decided that smoking on a balcony caused too much of a health risk to other people in the buildings. One time when I was in hospital, I was almost arrested by a security guard outside because I was smoking and wasn’t 18 metres away from a window. And then – back in hospital, IVs in both arms, catheter in my neck, the fire alarm in my room went off for no reason. A security guard came tearing in and asked if I was smoking. No, I truthfully answered – I was hooked up to so much stuff I couldn’t even get out of the bed. I think you were, he says, and next time this alarm goes off, you’ll be thrown out of the hospital.

      That’s the kind of mentality we’re dealing with here.

  8. Smoking Lamp says:

    In Luxembourg the antismokers are seeking outdoor bans on café terraces. “PETITION SUCCESS SHOWS ANTI-SMOKING FERVOUR”

    But, the anti-smoking fervor wasn’t so successful in Lincolnshire where a proposed ban at Boston Market was rejected by Council leaders. The ban was proposed by students at local grammar and high schools (no doubt orchestrated by antismoking extremists manipulating the children for their political ends. The article states: Council leaders have stubbed out plans to ban traders from smoking or vaping on market stalls as leaders felt it was ‘unreasonable’ and ‘encroached on human rights’.”

    “Boston market smoking ban plan extinguished”

  9. What a great analogy between Dr Harold Shipman and the Arnotts and Glantzes of this world, And all the rest of them too! This whole situation is seriously sick, it’s as if Shipman had had thousands of assistants (e.g. in local government offices), all blissfully unaware of the atrocities they were busy committing, up to the point they were showed up.
    And mass arrests are long overdue!

  10. Lepercolonist says:

    Josef Mengele also worked in Public Health.

  11. waltc says:

    But much of the public DOES notice it and applauds it because the smokers are posing mortal harm to THEM.

    • Frank Davis says:

      It may be like that in New York City, but not here in Herefordshire. The public has no voice. And they don’t applaud. Nor do they think that smokers pose mortal harm to them. If they did, they’d complain about me (and lots of other people) smoking in pub gardens. But they never do. Over the past 11 years I’ve never had anyone complain. It was the same when I lived in Devon. And I doubt if it’s any different outside hospitals, although I haven’t visited any recently.

  12. DP says:

    Dear Mr Davis

    If Hitler had proved that Jews were bad for public health he would have been a hero to this day among certain sections of our beloved government™.

    I am sure there are plenty of modern, progressive universities which could deliver such proof for a very reasonable grant.


    • Frank Davis says:

      The Nazi war on the Jews was a Public Health campaign. They were regarded as a “racial poison”. Read Robert Proctor’s The Nazi War On Cancer. From the Prologue:

      Nazism itself I will be treating as an experiment of sorts – a vast hygienic experiment designed to bring about an exclusionist sanitary utopia. That sanitary utopia was a vision not unconnected with fascism”s more familiar genocidal aspects: asbestos and lead were to be cleansed from Germany’s factory air and water, much as Jews were to be swept from the German body politic. Nazi ideology linked the purification of the German body politic from environmental toxins and the purification of the German body from “racial aliens.” Accurate and absurd fears blended promiscuously in the Nazi view of the world: there is a kind of homeopathic paranoia pervading the Nazi body ethos, a fear of tiny but powerful agents corroding the German body, a fear that is sometimes cruel and vicious, sometimes eerily on target.

      Proctor is a virulent antismoker, and it’s Hitler’s antismoking campaign that he thinks was “eerily on target”.

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