When Friends Become Enemies

I was writing yesterday about how I fell out with an old friend who I’d found out had been working for Tobacco Control for much of the time I knew her.

She was a friend who became an enemy.

Friends are people who are helpful and supportive. Enemies are people who are unhelpful and destructive.

There’s nothing new about friends who become enemies. It happens all the time. And quite often enemies become friends. Everyone has the experience of becoming friends with someone, and then falling out with them, or drifting apart. Everyone also has the experience of being distant from someone, and then becoming friends with them.

I regard everyone who works in Tobacco Control as enemies of mine. They are all people who are working in one capacity or other to make life hard for smokers like me. They are people who are working to exclude and demonise smokers, and to push them to the furthest margins of society. They are not helping us in any way: they are hindering and hurting us.

Deborah Arnott is an enemy of mine. So is Stanton Glantz. So is John Banzhaf. And so is Sir Richard Peto. And so are countless other people. There are lots of them. And they include my old friend.

Another enemy of mine is the current leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. He voted, in his capacity as a Member of Parliament, for my expulsion – and the expulsion of millions like me – from society. That, in my view, was an unforgivable crime carried out by him and a bunch of his fellow MPs. If he’s also an antisemite, that’s just more nasty icing on what was already a very nasty cake:

Frank Field has resigned the Labour whip citing the party’s “toleration of antisemitism” and a “culture of nastiness, bullying and imtidiation that [the leadership] has allowed to grow unchecked”.

Nastiness, bullying and imtimidation is what the Labour party has been doing to smokers for a very long time. Nastiness, bullying and intimidation is what the Labour party does all the time.

And I regard myself as being at war with these antismoking zealots. And if they act to hinder and obstruct and hurt me, I in my turn wish to hinder and obstruct and hurt them. I look for weaknesses of theirs that can be exploited. And the antismoking zealots in Tobacco Control have lots of weaknesses.

One weakness of theirs is that they like to pretend to be the friends of smokers. They like to portray themselves as “helping” smokers to stop smoking. And this is a deceit. All they ever do is set out, using every weapon available to them, to force smokers to stop smoking. But it seems to be important to them to go about their business of exclusion and demonisation while masquerading as helpers and assistants, working to improve “Public Health.” They like to see themselves as doing good, even though all they ever do is harm.

I don’t make any similar pretence about my intentions towards them. I don’t wish to “help” them in any way whatsoever. I simply want to destroy them. I have said many times: Tobacco Control must be destroyed.

They are people who have set out to demonise and exclude millions of their fellow men and women. But they seem to need to tell themselves that they are not actually grievously harming them, but instead helping them. It’s what gives them their moral assurance. For as long as you can convince yourself that you are helping people rather than just hurting them, you will feel morally justified in doing so. For should you ever wake up one day, and realise that you’re just hurting people, and that you’re being a complete and utter bastard, you’ll probably stop what you’re doing.

I’ve begun to think that one reason why the antismoking zealots in Tobacco Control hold so many conferences all over the world is that they feel a constant need to re-affirm to each other the virtuousness of their cause. They need to tell each other, over and over again, how noble their cause is. After all, it’s not as if they have any new “science” to report to each other. There was never any science at all behind what they do.

And I suspect that they feel this need because a growing number of people see nothing virtuous whatsover in their crusade against smokers.

Another sign of weakness in Tobacco Control seems to be a new propensity on their part to exclude the media from their conferences. If they were assured in their beliefs, they’d welcome reporters, welcome questions, welcome scrutiny. But instead they avoid it. They hide themselves away (rather like those climate change alarmists who refuse to debate their opponents).

These are signs of weakness. The antismokers know that they are on uncertain moral ground while they insult and demonise and exclude and rob smokers, and they are having an increasingly difficult time justifying their behaviour. Hence the need for all these morale-boosting conferences. And they’re getting sensitive to criticism. Hence the exclusion of the media.

We should look for weaknesses in these enemies of ours. And when we find them we should exploit them. We need to drive them off the moral high ground that they occupy. We need to ram home the message, over and over again, that they are not doing anything in the least bit good, but are doing something profoundly evil. And when we have driven them from their moral high ground, we will have defeated them. For when that has been done, they will no longer be able to feel justified in what they do.

And one day, when that happens, that old friend of mine will wake up and realise that she has wasted her life. And, with luck, so will Deborah Arnott.

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16 Responses to When Friends Become Enemies

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Yes they are all my enemies too Frank. Particulary the nasty so called socialists in Momentum.

  2. Rose says:

    And I suspect that they feel this need because a growing number of people see nothing virtuous whatsover in their crusade against smokers

    Talking of which, I called in at Gloucester Services last week and on the outside tables, back and front, there were small notices saying “Thank you for not smoking”.
    However, the services are family run so I will respect their wishes and not drink coffee there either, as it is clearly the owners decision.

    • Rose says:

      What went wrong there?

    • Frank Davis says:

      I wonder if one of the antis read my blog of meeting up with you there, and applied pressure to the owners? I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • Rose says:

        My thoughts entirely.

        • Frank Davis says:

          Which is interesting.

          It would mean that they’re responding to stuff I write. It probably took a pretty big effort on their part to get those signs put up. Emails, phone calls, threats, etc.

          People could also take away the little signs that they managed to have put up.

        • Rose says:

          They may still have to watch their P’s and Q’s

          “A new services on the M5 northbound, that fought off a year of legal challenges from protesters, has opened for business.
          Gloucester Services at Brookthorpe, between junctions 11a and 12, was approved by planners in 2010 but the decision was challenged in the courts.

          The operator Westmorland said it is working with 130 suppliers from within 30 miles of the services.
          Opponents of the services included rival firms and Natural England.

          ‘Promises made’

          Roadchef and Welcome Break, which operate the nearest service stations on the M5, registered opposition, while Natural England raised concerns about potential damage to the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

          Eric Hibbert, the former chairman of Brookthorpe-with-Whaddon Parish Council, said he hoped Westmorland would be held to account in keeping their promises.
          “The promises made, regarding employment, buying of local produce and supporting local charities, were the vehicle for obtaining planning consent,” he said.”

  3. waltc says:

    Tho their motive was always to completely eliminate smoking (force smokers to stop, prevent others from starting) they originally,loudly, and forcefully disguised it as Protecting Nonsmokers. And even though that phoney facade has slightly slipped, the message, among nonsmokers, has not only stuck but grown. Nonsmokers now fear outdoor smoke,thirdhand smoke, and the thought of anyone smoking anywhere in a 40-floor high rise or a football field in front of it. Until that neurosis is erased from the public mind–and that’s quite a lot of minds (the majority, in fact) nothing is gonna change,and in fact could grow worse.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Until that neurosis is erased from the public mind–and that’s quite a lot of minds (the majority, in fact) nothing is gonna change,

      I think the non-smokers you’re referring to are NYC non-smokers, and more generally US ‘liberal’ city non-smokers. I doubt if it was like that in Kentucky where Harley was living.

      It’s certainly not like that round here in Herefordshire. I was sat just this afternoon in a country pub garden with smokers at pretty much every table. There were no complaints from non-smokers. There never are any complaints. There weren’t any when I lived in Devon either.

      Where I do expect there could be complaints in the UK would be in cities like Bristol where I used to live, and where most of my friends were ‘liberals’ who started getting frightened of tobacco smoke 20 or 30 years ago. Unlike you, I quit the city. I just got sick of ‘liberals’. The ‘liberal’ ‘progressive’ phobias about tobacco smoke and climate change and borders don’t get much traction in the conservative countryside where people’s values and beliefs don’t change much.

      And what’s true in England and the USA is true all over Europe. It’s the cities that are full of ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’, terrified of everything. Outside the cities, it’s very different. .

  4. Emily says:

    I was just on the bus and I had one of those experiences, dampening but interesting, when I overhear how the average man on the street views smoking today- at least where I live.

    It started off with the bus driver observing someone smoking at the bus stop, and he (the driver) started complaining about smokers the whole ride to another passenger. He was saying they should go across the street to smoke because there were other people around. Then he complained about parents he sees smoking with their little kids in strollers in front of them. And then he himself admitted that when he used to go to clubs before indoor smoking was banned, the place would be full of smoke but “that was the norm,” but now if he smells one whiff of smoke it’s extremely noticeable and annoying.

    It brought home to me yet again how much has changed in 10-15 years, and it’s depressing. Smoking bans have made people hypersensitive to smoke and have given them free license to dump all over smokers. I hope things can change, but the damage that tobacco control has done in implanting these ideas in people’s minds seems very great.

  5. Timbotoo says:

    Another good way of turning a friend into an enemy is to lend him money.

  6. Inspector Alleyne says:

    I’ve encountered several businesses recently that have made it clear that smokers are not welcome and although I complain bitterly to any management within earshot my comments are just a drop in the ocean to them. I’ve come to the conclusion that we should have a concerted campaign to boycott each and every one of them by adding them to a blacklist and sharing the information throughout the smoking community. Make these feeble-minded people understand that we do have the capacity to fight back.

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    Antismokers are enemies of freedom. They avoid open discussion because their so-called science is corrupt and riddled with lies and exaggeration.

  8. slugbop007 says:

    How about a smoking zone in the middle of a roundabout? Or any intersection? The crosswalk at Abbey Road? As long as it’s nine meters away, of course A group of people having a smoke out while enraged motorists and mothers pushing prams shake their fists in anger. Civil Disobedience at its best. Hilarious.


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