John Who?

Despite being banned from YouTube, Alex Jones’ Infowars is still online, and drew attention yesterday to an interview of ex-CIA spook John Brennan by Bill Maher:

Right at the end of it there’s this exchange:

Maher: And we have an election coming up, and I’m trying to convince people, and it’s hard because you know a lot of us in the past we’ve said this is a very important election and blah, blah, blah. This is the one. I think we’re in a crisis that is the third great crisis in American history. More than the Depression. First of course the Revolutionary War, whether we would even become a country. Then the Civil War. People usually say then the Depression. I don’t think that the Depression got at what is most fundamental about this country. It was economic, but I don’t think it threatened the rule of law, as we have now. Would you rank the crisis we’re in now that way?

Brennan: I would, and I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better, because don’t forget Donald Trump has the authority of the presidency of the United States in his hands, in terms of what he can do domestically here as well as what he can do internationally to try to distract attention, whether or not he’s trying to pursue some type of foreign adventure, military or otherwise. But fundamentally though what he’s doing to this country: he’s dividing us. We Americans, as you pointed out, Revolutionary war and Civil war, we fought hard for the freedoms and liberties that we have right now. And so he’s dividing Americans, and so I’m really concerned that as he continues to play to his base he’s further dividing us. And I’m really concerned about whether this could spill over into the streets. And so I don’t know what the principal protagonist in this drama is going to do, but I surely hope that those adults and those people in the White House and in the cabinet and in the Congress are going to recognise that they need to act before there’s a real disaster. And by act I mean whether it’s going up to Donald Trump and saying this has got  to stop, you are ruining this country and we’re not going to tolerate it any longer, they cannot turn a blind eye to this, they have to forget about political affiliation, and do the right thing…

If Donald Trump is really ruining America, then the American people have an opportunity in a couple of months time to vote his party out of the Congress. So why wasn’t Brennan calling on Americans to do that? Why was he instead calling on “people  in the White House and in the cabinet and in the Congress” to “act before there’s a real disaster.”

For myself I can’t see that Trump is ruining America. The economy is booming. Unemployment is falling. He’s pulled off what seems to have been an extraordinary political feat by beginning to bring North Korea in from the cold. In tandem with Putin he has crushed ISIS in Syria. What’s there not to like about any of that? But it’s surely up to Americans to make their judgment known in two months time? Or can’t it wait that long?

And why is it somebody called John Brennan who is calling for people in the White House and Congress to act? Who is this guy? John who? He may have once been a CIA director, but he’s a political nobody. He’s got no name recognition. Nobody had  heard of him until a few months ago. If the situation is really as dire as he’s claiming, why aren’t Obama and Bush and the Clintons all there on the Bill Maher show, saying the same thing? They’re the real political big shots. They’ve got the name recognition. Why are they silent? Perhaps they don’t agree with Brennan?

And if one ex-CIA director is saying one thing, there’s another one saying something quite different:

Michael V. Hayden, the former director of both the CIA and National Security Agency, cautioned against removing President Trump from office in an interview that aired Friday.

“I think impeachment would be a bad idea,” Mr. Hayden told Hill.TV.

“If President Trump is somehow forced to leave office before the end of his first term […] one-third of America will believe it was a soft coup,” added Mr. Hayden, a career intelligence official who retired in 2009 after leading the CIA under former President Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

“I think the only way we move beyond this in any way that’s healthy for our democracy is we vote,” he added.

If we’re all supposed to listen to spooks these days, which spooks are the ones that people are supposed to believe?

I thought Brennan was sounding a bit desperate, myself. He’s just had his security clearances revoked, so he’s been thrown under a bus. And maybe what we’re seeing is somebody who really is desperate.

And maybe Bill Maher is desperate too. Because he can see himself being thrown under the same bus soon. There seem to be a lot of desperate people in America these days. And the ogre they’re all terrified of is Donald Trump, and nothing but Donald Trump.

There’s a very interesting election coming up in two months time. People like Brennan may not like it, but Trump is a popular president, elected by the mass of Americans. Are they going to throw him under the bus two short years after voting him into office? I doubt it.

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7 Responses to John Who?

  1. rms says:

    Correct. Wish more people in UK (and world) understood all this bigger picture. “Hate” is getting dangerous.

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  3. garyk30 says:

    “they have to forget about political affiliation, and do the right thing…“

    Which is what he thinks is right and only what he thinks is right.

  4. waltc says:

    The country has been divided for my entire lifetime, with increasing intensity building up since Reagan, hotter through Clinton, really hot through Bush 2 (who was also called Hitler) and smoldering during Obama. The division now, as always, (though now, upped by 10,000%) has been stoked by the media and, on the left, by financially-backed activist groups. The “taking to the streets” Brennan says he fears has been going on for a long time, too, starting with the organized riots at the World Trade Conferences, the seiges of the Occupy movements, the fiery mayhem in Fergusson and Baltimore, and the now almost daily mass throngs of The Resistance (to Trump.)
    All coming from the left. As for the right, as a friend of mine once succinctly put it, “Republicans don’t march.”

    However, if Trump were to be ejected from office (to impeach, remember, is just to be accused, not indicted–which requires a trial in the senate–or convicted which would then lead to removal) all bets are off and, as many have observed, Republicans have the guns.

    • Frank Davis says:

      From my point of view, from the other side of the Atlantic, American politics often seems like a Manichaean struggle between Good and Evil. It never seems to be nuanced. The guys on the other side always seem to be portrayed as the embodiment of Absolute Evil – Nixon, Reagan, and now Trump. There’s a black and white moral universe in the USA.

      I’m supposing that this is maybe because the American Founding Fathers were in many cases religious fundamentalists with this sort of a black and while moral vision. The New World was the place where God’s Kingdom could be built, far away from the corrupt and depraved old world in Europe. Europe exported its moral reformers to America, and so has not engaged in much reform ever since.

      But that’s just a guess.

      • waltc says:

        I agree exactly. I think our history has been written in the tension between puritanism and liberalism, both of which seem to be endemic. I see them as sitting on either end of a see-saw and eternally rising and falling.

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