I came across Roseanne on YouTube yesterday:

She’s a big TV star in the USA. She got fired recently for saying or tweeting something that her employers disapproved of. So now it seems that a few days ago she started her own YouTube channel. It may prove to be the best move she ever made.

When I came across it yesterday, she already had about 46,000 subscribers. When I returned this morning she had about 49,000. For comparison Infowars War Room, which has been going for several months, has 45,000 subscribers. And the parent Alex Jones channel, which has been going for years, has about 2,400,000 subscribers.

The main interest for me was that Roseanne smokes, and in the video above there is what looks to me like a cigarette pack on the table beside her, and maybe an ashtray too. She doesn’t smoke in this video, but in another one I saw yesterday she does.

So while nobody smokes on TV in the mainstream media, smoking may be beginning to return in the alt-media. And Roseanne’s new ‘studio’ looks like it’s just the corner of a spare bedroom of hers.

To date, I’ve seen little in the way of smoking on YouTube, although in all the videos that Emily and me have shot over the past year or so, everybody smokes. And everybody smokes in the Smoky Drinky Bar too. The idea being that as smoking gets de-normalised in the MSM, it gets re-normalised elsewhere. And it gets re-normalised by authentic real people with their own authentic real opinions, rather than artificial people reading from scripts. For that’s the big advantage that the alt-media has over the MSM: authenticity. And Roseanne’s new ‘studio’ is far more authentic than any studio she’s ever had before.

But at the moment, the alt-media is tending to ape the MSM. So Alex Jones sits at a desk, and he has a fancy virtual background and a nice logo, just like CNN. And nobody smokes. But why not have people sitting on chaises longues or deckchairs, or lying in bed? And smoking as well? A lot of the most interesting videos of Alex Jones are shot in cars or restaurants or on street sidewalks. There’s really no need for studios any more. Studios were only needed when cameras were big and bulky, and needed bright lighting. Now that webcams are the size of matchboxes, it’s no longer necessary.

It’s why the MSM is dying. The MSM are all large, top-down-controlled organisations with studios and editors and scripts. They’re all the same. But the new media are made up of unique individuals. It’s the same as what happened in the music business 60 years ago, as the big orchestras gave way to small groups and unique individual singer-songwriters, with recognisable individual voices. The new media are already generating new stars, many of whom seem to be college professors like Jordan Peterson or Stephen Hicks who can talk to an audience for an hour or more (and hold their attention), freed from the lecture theatres which were the studios to which they were once constrained.

We’re entering a world where everybody is a reporter, and everyone is a publisher, and everyone is a pundit. It’s a dispersed world rather than a centralised world. It’s one in which it’ll be impossible to keep people under control, keep them on message, hold them to a script.

Speaking of smoking, yesterday I came across an interesting Russian movie on YouTube – White Tiger -. It’s set in WW2. And beautifully shot. Subtitled in English. And pretty much everybody smokes. So much so that, since it looks like it’s quite a recent movie (2012), it may have been making a political point about (among other things) smoking.

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9 Responses to Roseanne

  1. Emily says:

    Very interesting- I subscribed. I watched a video where she smokes and explains the Valerie Jarrett tweet. I noticed there were quite a few comments about the smoking, predictably- but positive ones as well as negative. I think you are right that smoking could be gradually “re-normalised” (though I hate the concept of de-normalization and re-normalization) in the alternative media.

  2. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Yeah she was sacked for saying what many of us agree with by her politically correct bosses. Good luck to her !

  3. Clicky says:

  4. beobrigitte says:

    The idea being that as smoking gets de-normalised in the MSM, it gets re-normalised elsewhere. And it gets re-normalised by authentic real people with their own authentic real opinions, rather than artificial people reading from scripts.
    To me, smoking was never de-normalised. I openly talk about my tobacco and smoking. But, yes, I have experienced another country in which smokers have a much harder life as the social engineering of the masses there is ahead of us.
    The more reason to be a PROUD smoker and loudly proclaim it.

  5. Frank Davis says:

    In the latest Roseanne video, she lights up 10 minutes 35 seconds in:

    And she’s got some new chairs that look more comfortable than the space age ones she had before.

  6. If you go to Amazon and search for White Tiger in its “Prime Video” section you’ll find it and a number of similar ones — actually free for viewing if you have a Prime membership. See:

  7. Lepercolonist says:

    I seen comedian Doug Stanhope smoking on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Rogan is non-smoker but allows his guests to smoke weed or cigarettes.

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