Fighting an Army of Bullies

In a thoughtful response to me yesterday, Dmitry wrote:

“We should make life hell for them just like they made life hell for us. Many of them should be sent to prison. Some of them should even be executed.”. You know, Frank, there’ll be a lot of people who’ll be running around and saying: we didn’t know we were bastards, we thought we were saving mankind.
I think you have to know how to win and how to consummate victories. Look at the ugly way it was done to Germany after the WW1. By now I think the moral subjugation of Germans (in the West) after WW2 was no better. Somebody was a bad winner and created new problems.
While in the Easr of Germany… my father fought in the war, and later became a professional military. And he was visiting East Germany often, had friends there in the army, some of whom were at the Eastern front. He was always telling me: each has his own share of guilt, and in any case it’d be ridiculous to make Germans repent on daily basis for the past sins, generation after generation.
So, maybe, we should destroy the TC ideology, not the personalities? Let the bastards roam free and think about what they did?

There’s a lot in that comment.

Well, yes, we should try to avoid creating new problems. If Tobacco Control is to be demonised in the way that it currently demonises tobacco companies and smokers, we will simply end up with the mirror image of the present situation, and will have made no progress at all.

So perhaps we should destroy the Tobacco Control ideology, and not the individual actors inside Tobacco Control.

But how do you destroy an ideology? I’m not sure it ever can be done. They always seem to bounce back. Communism, socialism, fascism, Islam, Christianity: they all appear moribund at one time or other, but they always become resurgent shortly afterwards.

And that’s perhaps because ideas are immortal, and if they ever lose currency they’ll sooner or later regain it. Only people are mortal, and only they can die. So Marx and Mussolini and Christ and Mohammed are dead, but their ideas live on. And Christ always rises from the dead.

And the ideology of Tobacco Control is really just a dislike of smoking. It’s just the way some people are. Tobacco Control is a vast elaboration of a simple dislike of smoking into a global crusade against smoking, tobacco, smokers, and tobacco companies (and anything that looks like smoking, such as e-cigarettes). I don’t like celery. I never will like it. But I haven’t yet launched a global war on celery and celery-growers and celery-eaters.

There is no “ideology” of Tobacco Control. There’s nothing there. It’s a mild aversion that has been stoked up into an insane, out-of-control, global witch hunt.

But the actors inside Tobacco Control are real people. Deborah Arnott is a real person. So is Stanton Glantz. And Sir Charles George. And Sir Richard Peto. They’re all people who don’t like smoking. And they have combined together to eradicate the practice. There’s a whole army of them. And it’s a professional army. They are all paid professional soldiers. According to Guido Fawkes, Deborah Arnott earns £160,000 a year as director of ASH.

Perhaps Deborah Arnott thinks she’s saving mankind. In fact, I’m sure that’s exactly what she thinks she’s doing. That’s what they all think they’re doing. It’s where they get their sanctimonious moral certainty. “Sanctimonious” means self-righteousholier-than-thouchurchypious, pietistic, moralizing, unctuoussmugsuperiorpriggishmealy-mouthedhypocritical, and insincere. Isn’t that exactly what she is?

She thinks she’s doing the right thing. But doesn’t everybody think they’re doing the right thing, all day, every day? When Jack the Ripper murdered Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly, did he think he was doing something wrong? Of course not. He was just ridding the world of a few prostitutes. He was performing a public service.

Same with Dr Harold Shipman. He was ridding the world of a few burdensome old people. He was performing a public service. He probably thought he should have been awarded a medal.

But other people did not agree with these people’s assessment of themselves. Most people think that Harold Shipman and Jack the Ripper were serial killers. And I think that Deborah Arnott is a very nasty, bullying busybody.

Harold Shipman and Jack the Ripper were lone figures. But Tobacco Control is a whole army of bullies. Deborah Arnott is a bully. Stanton Glantz is a bully. Sir Charles George is a bully. Sir Richard Peto is a bully. Smoking bans are intended to bully smokers into stopping smoking. They have no other purpose. And the “health warnings” on tobacco products are bullying messages instructing smokers to Quit Smoking Now.

And the bullies in Public Health, urged on by their success against smokers, have now extended their predations to alcohol, sugar, salt, fat, meat, soda, and carbon dioxide.

Bullies prosper when nobody fights back. And Deborah Arnott is prospering to the tune of £160,000 a year. She has every incentive to carry on bullying smokers more and more and more. And, unsurprisingly, that’s exactly what she does. And while she does it, she cloaks herself in a garment of smug, hypocritical, self-righteous do-goodery.

The bullies in Tobacco Control are winning because nobody is fighting back. They’re on a roll. They think they’re invincible.

But as soon as people start fighting back, the bullies in Tobacco Control will start losing. But to fight back, you have to get nasty. And most people don’t want to be nasty. Most smokers are very nice, friendly, kind, thoughtful people. And so they won’t fight back.

Dmitry wrote of his father who had become friends with some of his former enemies. But that was after the war. When the war is over, you can (and should) become friends again. But I very much doubt that Dmitry’s father was quite so friendly towards Nazis during the war. I’m sure that he fought them with all his might.

After the war is over we can begin to think about forgiving and forgetting the people in Tobacco Control, letting bygones be bygones. But the war is not over yet. In fact, the war has hardly even begun, because smokers haven’t started fighting back.

Tobacco Control must be destroyed. It must be completely destroyed. And I have said many times that it will be destroyed. But what happens after the war is a matter for those people who live in that future time. And that time is not now. Now is the time time to fight the bullies in Tobacco Control, and to fight them in every possible inventive and imaginative way, with all our might.

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16 Responses to Fighting an Army of Bullies

  1. waltc says:

    Soldiers can forgive and befriend the enemy’s soldiers because most of them aren’t ideologues, tney’re just recruits, and basically they fight for something as remote from ideology as a hill. Or they fight for each other or their own survival and, in that, ironically, they have much in common. But for the ideologues–the ones who inspire the war, who gleefully inflict death, damage, torture out of sheer self-righteuos animus in the interests of some scourging utopian Cause– nothing short of Nuremberg trials should do.

  2. Rose says:


    With regards to the shameful Trump balloon that was allowed to fly over London, yesterday..

    Campaign to fly Sadiq Khan baby blimp in London raises £50,000
    13 Jul 2018

    “Donald Trump fans have come up with a devious scheme to hit back at Sadiq Khan over the controversial Trump baby blimp.
    They are crowdfunding for their own humiliating balloon portraying the London mayor – and have smashed their target.

    More than £50,000 has been raised by the online fundraiser in just a week.”

    “Mr Khan refused to block the blimp’s approval – claiming that doing so would infringe free speech rights.”

    “A celebratory message posted on the fundraiser read: ‘A truly MONUMENTAL effort by everyone who has supported, shared and donated! We’ve completely blown the organisers of the ‘baby Trump’ balloon off the park.

    ‘Unlike the Baby Trump team who plan to take their inflatable on ‘tour’, i.e using the money they raised to have a few holidays, fund luxury hotels and probably fly first class, we are putting ALL of the money into hosting a demo in Whitehall, called “Make London Safe Again” due to be held in August, where Baby Khan will flown into the London sky!

    ‘There will be mini ‘baby Khan’ balloons for supporters on the day (not from moonpig!) and we’re even working on a plane with an 80ft banner to take to the skies in our protest!”

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    First tobacco control must be de-legitimized. The minions that further the persecution of smokers must be exposed as the bullies and thugs that they are. Then tobacco control can be ‘destroyed’. The ideology may remain, just as many others but the movement can be made irrelevant. First, expose the lies that the ‘movement’ is built upon. To do that smokers must be vocal.

  4. Dmitry Kosyrev says:

    Thanks, Frank. So I’m sitting and thinking over what you said, and I even like the process.

  5. Paul Austin says:

    Interesting you would mention the most virulent of the Tobacco Control hate mongers, Glantz and Arnott, but they would linger in the backwater of obscurity if not for the sin of avarice by willing and passive co-conspirators.
    Consider the one of the biggest monsters of the 20th century, good ‘ol Adolph, and the crime we refer to as the holocaust. He had Himmler, Eichmann, et al to carry out the details but there were subordinates who twisted the knobs and turned the wheels. Why? Simple, they figured they could make a buck or a mark or two and since they, themselves, weren’t loaded onto the cattle railcars and/or sucking in Zyclon B fumes, they prospered off the twisted ideology. Even flocks of B-17 & Lancaster bombers in the West and T-34 tanks in the East didn’t make them consider whether what they were going was right since they could always say they were only following (lawful?) orders or they didn’t really know, right? It wasn’t until Doenitz threw in the towel did the executives of the German railways or IG Farben have the enormity of this crime thrown in their face. They knew and they choose not to know. The point, you ask? Once you support a monster, a bigger monster will come along and swallow you whole.
    Moving along, there is willing funder and like minded entity, Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of the that wonderful, benevolent, and wholesome (sarcasm?) philanthropic organization, The Robert Wood Johnson foundation. Their ‘Smokeless States Initiative’ of the 1990’s aided and abetted the likes of Glantz, Repace, etc. to let their diseased ideology run wild, funneled them money (usually laundered through surrogates), and bought them legitimacy in Public Health circles. With money and the bizarre twisting of statistics and epidemiology (specifically causation and correlation) and corporate communication taken out of context big payouts in the form of excessive excise taxes, the US MSA, etc. are reality. This perversion of science has boomeranged on poor ‘ol Johnson & Johnson by the greedy lawyers:
    The complaint from the defendants lawyer citing ‘science for hire’ is the most sanctimonious baloney I’ve ever heard. My response: “You created a monster and a like-minded monster has come along to gobble you up, ……… you a**hole.”

    • Some French bloke says:

      I just tried to open your link and got that message:

      451: Unavailable due to legal reasons

      We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. For any issues, contact or call 314-340-8888.

  6. Monty says:

    The anti-smoking racket may have started off, for some of it’s attack dogs, as a well-intentioned campaign to inform the public. But it rapidly spiralled into a revenue cash-cow for governments, and a lucrative sinecure for activists. They get good money, excellent pensions, and what do they have to do for that? Writing reports for other lobbyists, nagging and scolding the public, and periodically giving governments the pretexts they want to be able to claim they ‘consulted widely’ before introducing some new tax or restriction on our liberties. Notice how it’s impossible to get that wrong? Notice the panic response to vaping, it’s a threat to both sides of this pact. Treasuries lose money and activists are struck with the cold fear of real redundancy. Surely you noticed how those campaigns against racism only stay in business by constantly re-defining what racism actually is? Scientific objectivism, mathematics, is racism now.

    It’s all a way of putting large sectors of the population under stress and keeping us that way. We are in a constant state of apprehension about how much we eat, drink, smoke, use plastic bags, use our wood-burning stoves in winter, waste electricity, burn petrol and diesel. We are being re-defined as a form of pollution, a burden on the planet earth. We grow too old, too long, for those bright young things who want us to hurry up and snuff it so they can get our money. Just being self-reliant, paying your taxes, doing your duty, working diligently, staying on the right side of the law, taking care of your family, showing up when there’s a war on, and being good to your dog stands for nothing. You’re a villain for not buying coffee from the third world to help their economic growth, and you’re a villain if you do buy it because ‘worker exploitation’. You may neither stink, or get bathed, without transgressing. Thus it becomes impossible to justify your existence, unless you can magic up a grievance against society and declare yourself a victim, or a ‘campaigner for social justice’.

    This is how a whole society gets witch-hunted. It isn’t mass hysteria, it’s collective cowardice. Point and scream at somebody else before he does it to you, and the demons drag you away to your doom. A latter day Stasi. And just as good at keeping the public under constant stress, and control…

    Apologies Frank, if this is a bit of a lengthy rant.

  7. smokingscot says:

    “But to fight back, you have to get nasty. And most people don’t want to be nasty. Most smokers are very nice, friendly, kind, thoughtful people. And so they won’t fight back.”

    I really can’t let that one pass Frank. First off I don’t think it’s possible for us to “fight back”; we’re the consumer of a product and our beef is with the smoking ban. In almost all cases we’re simply the people who would like to use those facilities, so again we’re just consumers.

    I see exactly the same thing with petrol, alcohol, vehicle insurance and a whole stack of other things where others have taken the initiative, turned it into a health or a safety thing, with pricing being the blunt instrument, leading to exclusion. Same with tobacco.

    No one is stopping us from going into a pub or anyplace else, all they’re doing is stopping us from smoking inside. It’s very difficult to fight that nice, gentle, kindly logic. And – as with aircraft – there are benefits for the supplier, no need to redecorate as often, no fag burns and of course no smell. Also in aircraft, no need to change the air conditioning system as often.

    Naturally the counter argument is that smokers would like to set up their own places, just for themselves and no one should be able to take away that right.

    Actually that one doesn’t work either because they demand an even playing field. Even if there was a way round the ban to allow private smoker clubs, that’s a lousy business model and I’d wager anyone who tries it will be bust real fast. Reason is if the only thing we have in common is we smoke, then the concept of a private club just for us has no real attraction, even to myself.

    Naturally we are way ahead of the majority who smoke: we know who the players are, we know their script and we know the legal framework they’ve created that allows them to act the way they do. Read FCTC very slowly and carefully and you’ll see that all countries that sign up to it are obliged to fund their tobacco control “experts” – and to be generous with it as well.

    It’s the cash that makes the difference. I can quietly slot in a suitable comment online that tobacco control costs £200 million a year in England and £20 million a year in Scotland, but what that actually means in terms of cost/benefit is too heavy for most people. Better to say we could have x more nurses and doctors.

    But people have been harping on about overseas aid for years and sweet eff all has happened, though it’s exactly the same legal framework, our signing up to a treaty, then doing what we signed up to.

    Nope Frank I won’t fight a tsunami, it’s too big, too powerful and it’s way beyond the ability of even the tobacco companies to take them on head on. They tried that with plain packaging and lost.

    Sadly there is no one thing we can “fight back” against, except the legal framework initiated by the World Health Organisation (FCTC). Show me one individual politician anywhere in Europe who will publicly criticise the WHO and FCTC. Without that we’re stumped.

    In practical terms all I can do is support any political party that addresses my wish to be able to do as I do in Amsterdam, Milan, Turin and even Brussels; pop into a pub or restaurant that has a smoking room.

    Sadly I don’t agree that most smokers are “very nice, friendly, kind, thoughtful people”. Just think for one minute Frank, why 80% of the people sent to prison happen to be smokers. We have some real shits in our midst.

    Whatever you and yours may think of me, I can be a righteous shit when I want to be, though I will temper this by saying “don’t f… with me and I shan’t f… with you”. Tobacco Control have and I shall never ever forget that. Not the pillocks on the front line, nor the politicians, nor the “charities” who help finance and give credence to the bastards.

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      Except now they are banning smoking outdoors and in people’s homes.

    • Joe L. says:

      Sadly I don’t agree that most smokers are “very nice, friendly, kind, thoughtful people”. Just think for one minute Frank, why 80% of the people sent to prison happen to be smokers. We have some real shits in our midst.

      Just as correlation doesn’t imply causation, the fact that 80% of prisoners are smokers doesn’t imply that 80% of smokers are “bad” people. The majority of smokers I encounter are kind and considerate (albeit brainwashed and/or uneducated).

      There are, however, a minority of smokers who piss me off: those who drop their cigarette butts mere inches away from an outdoor receptacle, as they are fueling the Antismokers’ argument that all smokers are inconsiderate litterers, thus providing support for further Antismoking regulations. If an establishment is considerate enough to provide a place to dispose of cigarette butts, I will use it; if none is provided, I have no choice but to litter.

    • waltc says:

      No, we’re no longer merely a “consumer of a product” we’ve bern turned into a second class of citizen, a sub-species of humanity and, as such, we’ve been rendered fair game. Your thesis there is like saying that Jews are merely consumers of matzos, or gays of Judy Garland records. We’re way past that. It’s not about what we do, it’s now about what we (allegedly) are.

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