Mashers and Slicers

I’m fighting in a war these days. It’s the war that’s being fought between smokers and antismokers. And I’m on the side of the smokers. And we’re currently losing pretty badly. But I think we’ll win in the end. I think we’re going to defeat Tobacco Control. Just not quite yet.

I don’t think most people think they’re in a war. I don’t think most smokers think they’re in a war. Or they don’t want to be fighting in a war. But nobody wants to fight wars. Not even veteran soldiers. But wars break out anyway, regardless of whether anyone wants them or not. And people get sucked into them helplessly. And I got sucked in helplessly too.

The war between smokers and antismokers is like the Spanish Civil War. Mi amiga perdida in Barcelona once told me that it was a war that had divided families, divided towns, divided whole regions of Spain. Brother fought brother, father fought son. And that’s exactly how the war between smokers and antismokers is being fought. But it’s a cold war. Smokers aren’t killing antismokers, and antismokers aren’t killing smokers. Yet I won’t be at all surprised if it becomes a hot war one day: there’s plenty enough anger to go round. They hate us, and we hate them.

There are lots of these sorts of cold wars going on all the time, more or less everywhere. They happen wherever one bunch of people don’t agree with some other bunch of people about something or other. And I’m a non-participant in most of them.

I’m really just an onlooker in the war between climate alarmists and climate sceptics (although I’m inclined to be a sceptic). Because that’s another cold war that’s being fought out, far more publicly than the war between smokers and antismokers. It’s a war that gets reported in newspapers and discussed by pundits on TV, which never happens with the war between smokers and antismokers. That never ever gets publicly discussed at all: it’s a secret war.

I don’t really know who’s winning the climate war. It’s looked to me like the climate alarmists were on a roll for a long time. They seemed to be winning. The media took up their cause. Government after government was lining up to support the alarmists, enacting laws to limit carbon dioxide. But Climategate, in 2009, was a big defeat for the alarmists. And the election in 2016 of climate sceptic Donald Trump was another defeat. But the climate alarmists are very far from being defeated. Al Gore hasn’t thrown in his hand. Neither has Michael Mann. They’re still holding big climate conferences in places like Bali or Copenhagen. They’re still pushing for carbon dioxide restrictions.

But if I’ve been just an onlooker in this war, sitting on the sidelines, eating popcorn in the bleachers, I’m about to get involved in this war. Because for the past few months I’ve been piecing together my own theory of ice ages. It comes at the whole problem down a new track. I look at the problem in a completely different way from both the climate alarmists and the climate sceptics.

For one interesting thing about both the alarmists and the sceptics is that they both have the exact same model of the climate. They use the same physics and the same mathematics. It’s just that they’re disagreed about the importance of carbon dioxide. The alarmists think it’s all important. The sceptics think it’s unimportant. They even say that carbon dioxide is beneficial. They’re really arguing over a small detail. It’s like chefs arguing over how potatoes are best prepared: sliced or mashed. And there’s a war between the slicers and the mashers.

Even though I’m about to get engaged in this war – already am -, it’s not a war that I want to fight. My war is the war between smokers and antismokers. And so I’m interested in who among the climate alarmists and sceptics are also fighting in the war between smokers and antismokers.

And climate sceptic Anthony Watts of Wattsupwiththat is a virulent antismoker. Both his parents died of lung cancer, and he blames their death on smoking. And now he evicts smokers from his comment threads. MJM commented here to say that Watts had written to him demanding that he remove references to smoking in his bio.

So Anthony Watts is a new enemy of mine. He’s someone to put next to Deborah Arnott or Stanton Glantz. He’s conducting his personal war on smoking on the threads of his climate sceptic blog. He’s conflated the two wars together. He conducts them in tandem.

A few months ago I wrote to a few climate sceptics about my new theory. Most of them weren’t interested. Tallbloke is the only one who’s taken any interest in it (and I’m not sure if he’s still interested). The one person I would never have written to is Anthony Watts. One person I never will write to is Anthony Watts.

In fact I think Anthony Watts is fighting on the wrong side. Because antismoking and climate alarmism and the political left seem to go hand in hand. If you’re scared of carbon dioxide you’ll probably be scared of tobacco smoke as well. So Anthony Watts is a bit of an oddball, in my opinion, being antismoker and a climate sceptic.

Anyway, I think that all these various different wars are likely to gradually become conflated together into one big war, with people fighting on one side or other, It’ll be the Left and the antismokers and the climate alarmists and the mashers against the Right and the smokers and the climate sceptics and the slicers.

Rose has turned up something interesting:

David Cameron’s desperate efforts to quit the evil weed have come to nothing, I can reveal – because friends and even his wife are leading him astray. The former PM, who was famously spotted fag-in-hand at last summer’s Wilderness festival, below, tells me: ‘I’m trying to give up smoking all the time.’ Pulling on a Vogue Slim outside the V&A summer party, he adds: ‘I don’t do it very much. Just when my friends lead me astray’.

Tellingly, wife Samantha was also puffing away at the bash.

I think this speaks volumes about David Cameron. He’s too weak-willed to stop smoking. But he blames his friends (and his wife) for it. I’m not in the least bit surprised. The man is a weathervane politician who’ll point whichever way the wind happens to be blowing. He does whatever’s trendiest. He’ll always do whatever everyone else is doing. If there was a fad for skindiving in concrete boots, he’d be an early adopter. And with luck we’d never see him again.

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21 Responses to Mashers and Slicers

  1. RdM says:

    Well, after that rather strong sermon, I propose an interval…

    Sweet Soul · Marc Johnson’s Bass Desires

    I have the LP of this, see the cover.
    Black helicopter over a beach… relax!

    Best wishes!

    • RdM says:

      Well, that was track 3 off Second Sight:
      How abut track 2 ?
      I love instrumental music, perhaps even more, or at least as, to the heart, as with a singer, perhaps more to the brain?

      “Small Hands”

      We need a bit of quiet, meditative music, from time to time, wouldn’t you agree?

      ~ RdM

    • RdM says:

      Track 1 is titled
      Crossing The Corpus Callosum
      A kind of ‘Take no prissiness (prisoners?) ” starter track.
      Not quite up to the psychedelia of Jimi Hendrix but something.

      has the whole album, but in no particular order.

      Allmusic has the order:

      Well, I hope that some folk might get something out of it …

      One of many albums, that perhaps might lead to further exploration?

      Of all sorts? Or more relaxing, creative, intelligent, musicianship accomplished sorts?)

      Just thinking…

  2. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    Reminds me of the ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that smoking CAUSES pretty well every illness known to humanity you reported upon in a previous post, Frank.

    You also made the well found point that the claims of public health meddlers are based in probability theory, which by definition admits no absolutist certainty. Would that I could persuade my dear wife, a PhD qualified psychologist, to even consider any evidence contradicting tobacco, and lifestyle, and climate change, and plastic bags kill cetaceans controller views of the world…

    In my groom speech at our wedding, I noted that I spent my life looking for Miss Right, but didn’t realise her given name was Always…

    How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one, but the lightbulb has to want to change. I do not consent to obeying the relentless quit or die commands of the fascist lifestyle controller juggernaut. The more I am bullied, the more oppositional and defiant I shall be. It is my choice to be a consumer of Camel Blue, not that of health cultists, sanctimonious government thieves, or even my wife… 🚬

    • Tony says:

      Not really my place but you could suggest your wife takes a look at Topher Field’s 50 to 1 project: Zw5Lda06iK0
      And more specifically his interview with Joanne Nova:

      • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

        Thanks for the suggestion Tony. My wife has a ‘science is settled’ attitude and refuses to even glance at any anti anti smoking information – smoking such an addiction, makes me delusional (I concede I may be delusional but doubt smoking is the cause). 🤓

        • Joe L. says:

          That’s unfortunate, Mark. She has a PhD. I suggest you refresh her on the details of the Scientific Method. I’m certain she spent a good deal of time studying it in the course of her education. The Scientific Method, which all contemporary field of science are predicated on, states that nothing is ever “proven” or “settled.” Theories only stand supported until new research disproves them. It disheartens me to see degreed scientists who seem to have forgotten the fundamental building blocks of modern science.

    • RdM says:

      How many Microsoft Engineers does it take to change a light bulb?
      They just declare Darkness a new standard.

      With apologies to …

      • RdM says:

        Could be Tobacco Controllers, of course…

      • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

        Ha most witty and erudite. Thank you to all respondents, clearly not card carrying members of the purse lipped wowser brigade. Excellent succinct summary of the Scientific Method, Joe L. You draw attention to another of my pet peeves: the seeming tendency for universities to be places where students are taught what to think, not how to think. The liberal ethical principles supporting western democracies (J S Mill et al) are ignored, through infringing civil liberties, and imposing ‘cures’ such as state sanctioned smoker persecution without our consent. My dear wife is in a hospital environment. In that environment, few if any sources of information exist to challenge ‘public health’ orthodoxy. Dissenting views are ignored and suppressed. The mantra is that tobacco consumption causes pretty well every non communicable disease, and 2nd hand smoke, even outdoors, is toxic. I therefore understand why my lovely wife uncritically believes the outright lies of lifestyle controllers, but as you detect, am frustrated by her complete refusal to even consider, much less admit contrary evidence. Hope, or dope, is not lost though, as she also has an unshakeable and certain belief that marijuana has therapeutic properties and must be legalized. Smoke reefers anywhere, provided they do not contain tobacco – such is the logic of the profession which brought us Josef Mengele and Harold Shipman. Ha. 🕺

      • RdM says:

        Fucking paperwork…
        But the series is now almost inscrutable… you can try making 001 002, it will advance.
        No index.
        now just shows a random mixture of old stuff.

        i really enjoyed the filing technique series when it was live years ago, and also that the cartoonist was the lead singer in a Boston band, that only made a few demos

        The Skeleton Killers as I recall

        And he inked the “Get your War on” series as well, back when.
        Quite a neat idea, using set cartoon characters to with speech bubbles make dialogue.

        There could be spoof anti-smoking or real pro-smoking messages made similarly.

        Well, just a thought!

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    The persecution of smoking is reaching new highs. Every day here in the US another city enacts a draconian outdoors ban on city streets or at the beach.

    The madness has now reached Turkey where a new antismoking plan has been imposed; “The plan includes shorter shifts for non-smoking employees of companies to increasing the minimum age for eligibility to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products from 18 to 21.” The Turkish plan was concocted with the assistance (or likely at the insistence) of tobacco control NGOs. As a news article from the Daily Sabah notes, “The action plan, prepared with the assistance of non-profits for tobacco control, focuses on decreasing access to tobacco products, raising awareness of the dangers of smoking and encouraging more people through affirmative action for non-smokers. For the awareness campaign, authorities plan to concentrate on eradicating the image of smoking as normal behavior.”

    All the common elements of antismoker hatred and the resulting persecution of smokers are included: incremental prohibition through sales restrictions, giving preference to non-smokers, de-normalization, and relentless propaganda. Then add punitive measures like fines, plain packaging (which has actually worked nowhere on this planet) and increased bans including outdoor bans, while making emotional calls to protect the children. These systematic lies and persecution must be stopped. Check the article out “Fight against smoking: Shorter shifts for non-smokers, sales ban for under 21s considered” at

    It’s time we bring the fight back to the antismokers and expose their lies and corruption.

    • Rose says:

      “If smokers are marginalised in our society there is a danger that they will begin to see their habit as a badge of honour.”

      Way too late.

      When I discovered that I could go 8hrs a day for two weeks without smoking last year, only using small amounts of brewers yeast, I was sorely tempted to give up entirely then and there, but I came to the conclusion that I hadn’t finished yet and the tobacco tax is my entry fee to the debate.

      • garyk30 says:

        I have gone 8 hours a night without smoking for the entire 55+ years that I have been smoking.
        I do not even smoke in my dreams.

        • RdM says:

          That’s interesting…
          I’ve had all sorts of great and weird dreams recently, figures from my past, situations in living arrangements, some very surreal, but – I’ve never been smoking in them either!

        • Rose says:

          That’s true, Gary, perhaps I should have said 16 hours in every 24.
          I don’t smoke in my dreams either, but as I’ve suffered from big budget, technicolour nightmares all my life, I probably don’t have time for a restful smoke.

  4. Rose says:

    The man is a weathervane politician who’ll point whichever way the wind happens to be blowing. He does whatever’s trendiest

    Instead of making David Davis who was the front runner with his campaign to restore British Liberties leader, with Blair still at helm, the Conservative Associations obviously felt that they needed another Flash Harry if they were ever to win another election.

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