Louder Than Words

I’ve been wondering how the G7 conference in Canada went. Occasionally pictures speak louder than words:

You can almost feel the pressure being exerted on Trump (1) by Merkel (6), Macron (7), and May (8). Trump’s folded arms, and Bolton’s (2) crossed hands, and Abe’s folded arms, all indicated determined resistance as the EU leaders press forward, led by Merkel. Larry Kudlow (9) looks like he’s trying to stop the table being pushed forward.

It’s the collective versus the individual. Trump isn’t speaking – Bolton is. And he’s speaking to Macron. Another  photo:

Whatever they’re talking about, they’re not agreeing. They’re not agreeing at all.

The BBC reported that Trump was “isolated”. But I think that it’s EU politicians like Merkel and Macron and May who are becoming isolated. I think they’re all going to be swept away soon.

Whose side is Theresa May on? Look at the photo. She’s standing with Macron and Merkel, leaning forward with them. She’s on their side of the table. So she’s on their side.

The Prime Minister’s approval ratings have plummeted by nearly 17 points in just weeks among Tory Party members, as she stalls on delivering a clean Brexit.

According to James Delingpole, Trump’s getting tired of her:

Dear President Trump,

It is being reported in the UK media that you have grown tired of Prime Minister Theresa May’s “school mistress” tone.

Join the club, Mister President. You only have to put up with her briefly, at events like today’s G7 in Quebec. In Britain we have to endure her pretty much 24/7 and she’s a national embarrassment.

In other news, Breitbart reports that Dutch politician Geert Wilders addressed massive crowds in London, and called for Tommy Robinson to be freed.

But the BBC didn’t mention it at all. I typed it into the search box, but the search came up empty-handed.

So I guess it never happened. Or the BBC had more important things to report on, like Celebrity Come Dancing or something.

I didn’t look, but the BBC probably didn’t mention this either:

Anti-elite Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford has won a landslide victory against the Canadian political establishment beating back the former ruling Liberal Party which have been reduced to so few seats they have lost official party status.

Ford and the Progressive Conservatives (PC) won a total of 76 out of 124 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario Thursday forming the first PC majority government in the province since 2003.

The former ruling Liberal Party under leader Kathleen Wynne, a staunch ally of federal Liberal party leader and current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, saw a catastrophic collapse at the polls going from 55 out of 101 seats to a mere seven seats which disqualifies them for official party status in the assembly.

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20 Responses to Louder Than Words

  1. Rose says:

    The BBC announced Doug Ford’s victory as only the BBC can, when announcing the success of a candidate of which it clearly disaproves, by dragging up as much dirty laundry as it can find and smearing them by association.

    Doug Ford: Ex-Toronto mayor’s brother to be Ontario premier
    8 June 2018

    “Doug Ford, the brother of troubled former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, has been elected premier of Canada’s most populous province.
    Mr Ford’s centre-right Progressive Conservatives (PC) wrested control of Ontario from the Liberal Party for the first time since 2003.

    The populist has been compared to US President Donald Trump.
    A former city councillor, he was close to his late brother Rob, who infamously took drugs in office.

    The Conservatives took 41% of the vote, winning 76 of 124 seats in the province, according to local media.
    At a low-key news conference on Friday, Mr Ford said: “We will have much more to share with the people of Ontario in the coming days and weeks.
    “The most important thing is getting our fiscal house in order.”
    Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau offered his “sincere congratulations” to Mr Ford in a statement, tweeting that “Ontarians have voted for change”.

    “He also vowed to challenge federal carbon pricing plans and to repeal the province’s cap-and-trade programme.
    But he faced criticism for failing to fully explain to voters how he plans to cut C$6bn ($4.6bn; £3.4bn) from the province’s budget.

    Late in the election, his campaign was also rocked by a lawsuit filed by his brother’s widow, Renata.
    In the legal action, Renata Ford alleged Doug and another of his brothers, Randy, had mismanaged the family business and mishandled her late husband Rob’s estate.

    Both men denied the allegations, which have not been tested in court, with Mr Ford calling them “absolutely false” and “without merit”.
    As Toronto mayor, Rob Ford gained international notoriety for his scandals, outlandish public acts, and drug use, including admitting to smoking crack cocaine.

    Rob Ford won the mayoral election in 2010 with votes from the so-called “Ford Nation” – a political movement of mainly suburban voters around Toronto that formed the core of his support.
    During Rob Ford’s time running Toronto, the brothers were inseparable, with Doug Ford once referring to himself as “co-mayor”.

    A businessman who inherited the family’s label-making business, Mr Ford only recently entered provincial politics.
    The PC party was forced to hold a last-minute leadership election in March after its former leader resigned over allegations of sexual misconduct.

    Mr Ford entered and won the province leadership race, abandoning his plan to run for mayor of Toronto for the second time.”

    Anyone who was not aware of the BBC’s previous antic’s over the years since Tony Blair gutted it for openly telling the public that no weapons of mass destruction had been found by the weapons inspectors before we went to war, would understandably assume that the Ontarians had collectively taken leave of their senses.

    Veteran reporter John Simpson defends the BBC’s reporting of the Iraq war.
    16 Nov 2003

    “In his 34-year career at the BBC, John Simpson has witnessed – and been involved in – many scraps between the Corporation and the Government, but the confrontation between Labour and the BBC over the war in Iraq has been a defining moment.

    ‘I’m proud of the way they’ve behaved – Greg Dyke, Gavyn Davies, and the whole of the news management team. Over the years, the BBC has been accused of arrogance in not owning up to mistakes, so it’s important in this case for us not to hide the truth, that what we said was 98 per cent right and 2 per cent wrong. We cannot be accused of being craven in this,’ he says.”

    “‘Nobody will come out of this unmarked, there will be no pats on the back,’ he says of the inquiry by Lord Hutton, who is finalising his report into the Kelly affair. ‘But I don’t think we can be condemned for bringing something to the public’s attention that was overwhelmingly right. Whatever the detail, it is important that we told the people the anxieties that existed within the system about going to war with Iraq in the first place.

    We may have our knuckles rapped over the detail, but nobody can say we should have stayed silent on such an issue. I know it was right from my own experience in talking to great swathes of the offices of government,’ Simpson says.

    ‘I’m sure that Saddam had WMDs, because I saw the effect of them at first-hand in Halabja, but I think what Hans Blick said was right – they were destroyed some time in 1993-94.”

    Now it’s more “trust but verify”, it will all be true but may not leave you with an accurate picture

  2. smokingscot says:

    That photo does speak far louder than words. Most, if not all, of us have been there ourselves, so we can relate to Trump.

    He handles it well, coming across as one hearing out supplicants. Abe did good, however he and Trump have far bigger things to think about than a bunch of peckerwills with fragile ego’s and wafer thin majorities.

    However it must have irritated Trump, because he launched into Justin with a vengeance once he’d had time to cool down on airforce one. A barrage of tweets to shame the slime ball, then telling his guys to shred the paperwork.

    Abe needs Trump to do a deal on the Japanese held hostage in NK, hence his crossed arm stance and very bored/inscrutable facial expression.

    It really does look like the meeting’s on!!!!

    Kim needed an Air China 747 to get him there, meaning he’s stuck in Singapore until the Chinese send it back to pick him up.

    NK is not paying for it, nor the entire floor reserved for his considerable retinue. However, if you’re a curious type of person, you may be interested in seeing where Kim rests for the next couple of days.


    Not checked their smoking policy, because it’s irrelevant, at least for the duration of their stay. Then it’s deep clean for 3rd hand smoke.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I’m getting to like him. He’s a bit of a poster boy for smokers

      Ciggie-loving tyrant Kim Jong un blew £28.7million on the finest tobacco for himself and his cronies as millions struggle for food in the hermit state.

      The chubby despot ordered his minions to empty the coffers for cigarettes from China and Singapore and £700,000 went on cigars and cigarillos.

      He also spent £88,000 on second-hand machinery to roll rough home-grown tobacco, largely smoked by ordinary members of his impoverished nation.

      I wonder if he’s going to have to stand outside?

      Holy smokes: South Korean envoy reportedly told Kim to kick cigarette habit

      “How about stopping smoking? It’s bad for your health,” Chung was quoted as saying by Asahi, which cited multiple inter-Korean governmental sources.

      Kim Yong-chol, North Korea’s former spy chief who has been accused of masterminding the deadly 2010 attack on the South Korean warship Cheonan, and who was attending the dinner, reportedly froze in terror at Chung’s remarks, since admonishing the North’s top leader is the equivalent of blasphemy in a country where he is worshipped as a deity.

      However, the leader’s wife, Ri Sol Ju, was amused by the words, and clapped her hands, saying, “I always ask him to quit smoking, but he won’t listen to me.”

  3. RdM says:

    Meanwhile, Bilderberg Meeting 2018 wrapping up…

  4. Rose says:

    Taking Liberties
    Smoking in Cars

    “According to today’s Yorkshire Post:

    “Only one person in the whole of Yorkshire and the Humber was fined in the first two years after it became illegal to smoke in cars carrying a child, a new analysis has found.”

    So naturally ASH now want to ban smoking in all cars – to make it easier to enforce – ?

    There is a poll but the link is in question, though it works for me.

    Here it is again

    Yorkshire councils issued just one fine in first two years of ban on smoking in cars carrying children

    • beobrigitte says:

      “Only one person in the whole of Yorkshire and the Humber was fined in the first two years after it became illegal to smoke in cars carrying a child, a new analysis has found.”
      What is the problem with this? Surely it should be a praise to all smokers who DO NOT smoke in their car when carrying children – and have done so long before the Ashites dangled this “glorious” car ban as a money making carrot in front of greedy politicians.

      So naturally ASH now want to ban smoking in all cars – to make it easier to enforce – ?
      Ashites, are you aware that you are trying to possess what is LEGALLY MINE. My car. I PAID for it with MY money, I PAY road tax to use the UK’s roads, I PAY insurance in case of an accident and I PAY for the petrol (which is also taxed!!) it uses.
      In short, NOBODY tells me that I can’t smoke in what is MY property.
      No discussion. This science is settled.

  5. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Mrs May looks like she handcuffed to the EU official Mr Tusk in this photo ;)

  6. garyk30 says:

    Looks like Merkel is lecturing/giving orders and Pres.Trump is not impressed.

  7. Joe L. says:

    OT: Following up on my other OT comment from a couple days ago. I found someone on Reddit also questioning whether Chantix may have played a role in Anthony Bourdain’s alleged suicide:

    Many people have added comments on the thread describing their personal accounts of wild, disturbing dreams and suicidal thoughts while taking Chantix/Champix; others recount stories of suicides/homicides that occurred while people they knew were taking the drug. One example:

    Tried Chantix. Began having intrusive thoughts about opening my arms with a dagger – specifically a dagger, as if I would know where to get a dagger. I also had a very difficult time distinguishing reality from my increasingly vivid dreams. Very scary shit.

    • Emily says:

      The minute I heard about his suicide I wondered if it had something to do with smoking. It was just an immediate hunch I had. I knew next to nothing about it him, but the few articles I had read about him in the past included references to him trying to quit smoking, and one where his wife at the time was nagging him about it.

  8. Frank Davis says:

    Toronto is the capital of Ontario.

    Jordan Peterson is a professor in the University of Toronto

    Might his fame/infamy in the past year have been an influence in the Ontario election?

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