Reporting Restrictions Lifted

There’s a trial going on somewhere, and here in the UK we’re not allowed to talk about it, lest the trial gets in any way prejudiced. I’m with Raedwald on this:

When the trial is over we will learn the judge’s reasons for imposing this restriction. If it proves to have been for sound reasons in the interests of justice, fair enough. If it proves to have been made for reasons of political expediency, or for protecting the establishment from scrutiny, then is the time to take to the streets. Until then, we must all pretend we know nothing.

That seems the most reasonable course of action: let’s just wait and see.

And in my case, I don’t need to pretend that I know nothing, because I actually do know nothing.

But if the trial judge placed reporting restrictions on the trial, it seems that reporting restrictions were also placed on any mention of somebody who broke that restriction. This second reporting restriction has now been lifted, it seems, according to the Independent:

Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months for breaking contempt of court laws with a Facebook Live video.

His sentence can be revealed for the first time after The Independent and Leeds Live fought a reporting restriction put on the case at Leeds Crown Court.

Robinson, whose real name was listed on court documents as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was arrested outside the court on Friday.

He admitted committing contempt of court by publishing information that could prejudice an ongoing trial via a live stream on his Facebook page.

At one point the video was being viewed by more than 10,000 people, as Robinson attempted to film defendants entering the court and discussed the case, which is subject to a separate reporting restriction.

A judge initially banned media reports of contempt proceedings against Robinson over fears it could affect the ongoing trial, but lifted the order on Tuesday after hearing submissions that members of the public and foreign media outlets were publishing inaccurate information.

The matter has attracted global attention. Infowars:

UK in shock as judge covers up Soviet-style disappearance of journalist


The arrest, imprisonment, and government-ordered media blackout of UK journalist and activist Tommy Robinson has set off a firestorm of protests around the world…

Mass protests broke out following Robinson’s arrest – the largest of which was a crowd of thousands in the UK, demonstrating at the gates of Downing Street to demand the release of the conservative activist.

At least six demonstrations were held across Australia on Sunday in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Hundreds demonstrated in the German cities of Berlin and Dresden, while German MP Petr Bystron has offered Robinson political asylum over concerns for his safety in prison.

“Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner, whose life is in clear and pressing danger. We have to do everything we can to make sure he is granted political asylum,” said the office of conservative German MP Petr Bystron in a Saturday statement provided to the Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks.

It seems a lot of people, all over the world, have been taking a deep interest in the ongoing trial. I can’t really say that I’ve been one of them.

What’s disturbed me about it is how reporting restrictions were promptly slapped on someone who broke the trial reporting restrictions. These restrictions may now have been lifted, but while they were in force they had a dramatic effect on some blogs. e.g. Raedwald’s [REDACTED]. I even got a bit worried myself last Saturday, because I’d mentioned it in my blog, and was wondering if I might be served with a D-notice, or it had arrived already but had got stuck in the letter box, or next door’s dog had eaten it.

And as these sorts of restrictions get slapped on things, we seem to know less and less about more and more of what’s going on.

Or else there are multiple conflicting accounts of what happened.

The Las Vegas shootings in October last year weren’t subjected to UK-style reporting restrictions, but rapidly became extremely murky all the same, as I reported. And some seven months on from that date, I can fairly safely say that I know even less about it than I did then. Yet according to Wikipedia, 58 people were killed, and 851 injured.

Raedwald says that when the current unmentionable trial is over, we will find out what has been going on, and why reporting restrictions were imposed. Well, I hope we find out. But I won’t be too surprised if we never find out.

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11 Responses to Reporting Restrictions Lifted

  1. Philip Neal says:

    Tim Newman (Burning Sun of the Desert) links to the Secret Barrister: it seems that the Leeds trial is one of a number of related cases which cannot be reported until all have finished. Newman thinks that they threw the book at TR to police the Overton window and I would not be amazed if that is part of what is going on.

  2. John says:

    All I could think of was this which I still remember quite clearly:

    Ex-pub landlord who is the only person to be jailed over smoking ban which began 10 years ago today reveals he’s finally stubbed out the cigarettes

    Nick Hogan, 50, held a ‘mass light-up’ at the Swan and Barristers pub in Bolton on the day the anti-smoking legislation came into force on July 1, 2007
    He was jailed for six months but served 11 days thanks to a fundraising campaign
    Speaking 10 years after the ban, the grandfather from Elton, Bury, said although he has given up smoking, he does not regret defying the ban

  3. Frank Davis says:

    A group of 20 MPs have called for concrete action to be taken against “sickening” grooming gangs, as the government was accused of “letting down” thousands of victims of child sexual exploitation in the UK.

    In a letter to the Home Office noting “alarming” similarities in how the gangs of mostly Pakistani-heritage men operate across Britain, the cross-party group called for government research into why the abuse is taking place.

    The MPs, who largely represent areas where grooming has been rife, stated: “Cases of gang related child sexual exploitation, such as those in Rotherham, Telford and in Newcastle conform to a precise model of recruitment, manipulation and exploitation.

    More than half a million people have signed a petition calling for the right wing activist Tommy Robinson to be freed from jail, in just a few days.
    Mr. Robinson was jailed for 13 months over the weekend after pleading guilty to breaching contempt of court laws whilst on a suspended sentence for the same charge.

    He was given 10 months for the contempt of court charge and a further three months for breaching the suspended sentence, incurred after filming outside a gang rape trial in Canterbury last year.

  4. Clicky says:

  5. Smoking Lamp says:

    O/T Meanwhile the BBC reports “Prison smoking ban ‘fuelling HMP Leicester violence’.” Now how can that be? The antismoker cabal claimed that there was no link between smoking bans in prison and violence. That despite ample evidence and experience otherwise; but like the plain package lies and the lies about second hand smoke they just keep presenting their case, surpassing dissent and advocating new bans. I wonder when will the masses recognize the long-standing pattern of lies.

  6. Latus Dextro says:

    OT. I discovered quite by chance that today seems to be “World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2018” as decreed by the WHO
    So, from down-under where we are 12 hrs ahead, I am delighted that most of the day has passed without any awareness of this regressive attempt in the incremental deprivation of liberty. Doubtless the MSM news will bludgeon those addicted to free-to-air propaganda, but for many of us, it’ll provide extra meaning to that enjoyable post-prandial cigarette this evening.
    Meanwhile, in the UK it seems clear that one may now be arrested for ‘suspicion of breaching the peace’, which joins ‘hate speech’ in the line of of evidence-less, precautionary, post-modern, post-truth subjectivist crime. It’s nearly as astonishing as the vacant look on the faces and demeanour of the police constables carrying out their orders. I wonder about the equally vacant looking faces of the camp guards of yore. Dehumanising bureaucratic indifference enables infinite cruelty. The journey from Magna Carta was fun wasn’t it.

  7. Joe L. says:

    I find it very convenient that “reporting restrictions” were also placed on Tommy Robinson’s arrest yet were lifted a couple days after the mass protests had all died down when there was nothing newsworthy to report on.

    • Jay says:

      They haven’t died down, they’re ongoing and protests have also been happening in Australia, Denmark and Israel and possibly in other countries but I haven’t seen footage. The lifting of the restrictions has allowed the MSM to do its usual virtue-signalling hatchet job on TR and his “knuckle-dragging supporters” and while the political elite and its sympathisers are gleefully sneering that the white British working class hasn’t appreciated the legal niceties of the conviction and jumped the shark by protesting, so deafened are they in their echo chamber that they fail to realise that the arrest – irrespective of the reasons – simply blew the lid off the pressure cooker of rage which has been suppressed for the years that his supporters have been demonized and ignored and, not only unrepresented by an indifferent elite but betrayed by them. Does that sound familiar? It must do because for years this blog has expressed the emotions felt by smokers when we were cast out of society. How much worse is it that possibly ONE MILLION young girls have been tortured, raped and pimped throughout the UK over decades and the state has been complicit in its cover-up and then branded anyone who dared to speak the truth as racist and bigoted. Instead of sneering, the elite should be afraid of what’s been unleashed not least because people who have not traditionally been supporters of TR have, as a result of the storm, become more certain that the UK is being systematically destroyed by an elite that can best be described as completely inept but which some people are beginning to believe is malevolent.
      I can see a link between the smoking ban and the TR debacle. Can anyone else?

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