When A Tree Falls

When a tree falls in a forest, it leaves a clearing. But pretty soon new small, fast-growing plants spring up all over the clearing. And they gradually multiply, and some of them grow taller, and after a while there’s just one or two of them left, and there’s a new tree filling the space where the old tree was.

The same is true in other forests. The mainstream media is another tree in a forest, and it’s a tree that’s fallen down. As far as I was concerned it fell down when it stopped speaking for me. I don’t watch TV, and I don’t read newspapers. And I don’t because none of them speak for smokers like me. The same applies with mainstream political parties. None of them speak for me.

But in the circumstance when nobody is speaking up for you, it’s very refreshing to hear one or two individual voices speaking up for you. And when you hear such voices, you want to hear more. And these days the internet is the place where you find these individual voices. So while I don’t listen to the mainstream media, I listen to Legiron and Dick Puddlecote and Chris Snowdon and a whole bunch of other people who speak up on behalf of smokers. And I also listen to whoever they listen to. And gradually I’ve found myself listening to a widening circle of individual people.

And in the last couple of years I’ve been listening to a number of individual American voices. Alex Jones. Michael Savage. And a whole bunch of other ones. None of them are smokers, but none of them are strongly antismoking. And what they’re saying tends to chime in with the way I feel. I never completely agree with them about everything. But I agree with a lot of what they say.

And I also listen to the people that they listen to. Like Ann Coulter and Jerome Corsi and Steve Pieczenik and Paul Joseph Watson and a whole bunch of other people.

They’re all small plants growing in the clearing left by the fallen tree of the mainstream media in the USA, which has got nothing to say to lots of Americans, and which describes them as “deplorables”. Once you start calling people deplorable, for whatever reason, you’ve lost them. They’ll go elsewhere.

And these are the people who helped get Donald Trump elected. Trump appeared on the Alex Jones show. And he also appeared with Michael Savage. And they all supported him, because he was speaking for the deplorables. It was America’s deplorables who elected Donald Trump.

And so lone voices like theirs have become powerful and influential voices. More and more people listen to them. Alex Jones is carried by growing numbers of TV and cable channels. So is Michael Savage. After 20+ years of being lone voices, largely unheard, they’re being heard on the other side of the world by people like me, living in England.

And I’ve noticed that Alex Jones Infowars has been expanding. He’s been building himself a new studio in Austin, Texas. And over the past year or so, a lot of the guests who came on his show have become co-hosts with their own slot. Infowars has become a sort of collective. It’s become a bigger thing than just Alex Jones. It’s become a small, fast-growing tree in the clearing, pulling in more and more new voices.

And as ever I’ve been listening to the people they’re listening to. And over the past few months, infowars consultant Jerome Corsi, aged 71, and author of many books, has been getting very interested in Q.

And Q is another and very interesting new voice. For Q claims to belong to US Military Intelligence, and to have inside knowledge of the workings of the White House and the mind of Donald Trump. And a lot of people – like Jerome Corsi –  believe him. And so Q has become, for many people, a window into the White House of Donald Trump.

And actually, this is an entirely plausible possibility, because Trump gets no representation in the US mainstream media. They spend their whole time bashing him as hard as they can. So if Trump wants to get himself heard, he has to get other people to speak for him, out on the internet. He has to establish new voices, much like Alex Jones and Michael Savage, for people listen to. He has to create a new media that speaks for him in ways the mainstream media won’t. What better way than to have an anonymous someone in US intelligence become a new Alex Jones, feeding inside information to the public?

I’m in two minds about Q. On the one hand I can see the logic of why Trump should want an internet media presence (aside from his own personal one on Twitter). I can also see why he should want to keep people guessing. Trump keeps everyone guessing all the time. And Q sure keeps people guessing with his enigmatic posts on 4chan and 8chan. But how do you know whether he really is an insider, and isn’t just a larp (Live Action Role Player) pretending to be an insider?

I recently came across another Q enthusiast called prayingmedic, who talks about Q almost as if he knew him personally.  A few days ago, he posted up a YouTube video introduction to Q. About 48 minutes in, he sets out the Plan for purging the world of corruption:

So Q and Q decoders have become another fast-growing bush in the clearing. It’s something that’s gone a bit viral. Whether it comes to anything, I simply don’t know. But it’s what I’m listening to, half-believingly, half-sceptically.

And I am myself one of the little plants growing in the clearing. The mainstream media won’t speak up for smokers, but I will. And if I have readers, they’ll mostly be smokers who’re glad to hear somebody speaking up for smokers. Hardly anybody else does. Alex Jones and Michael Savage don’t. And neither does Q. My readers won’t agree with me about everything, and they’ll also roll their eyes when I head off to look at some asteroid or other, or write about my new theory of ice ages.

And rather in the same way that Alex Jones and Michael Savage and co have all been getting together and talking to each other and co-operating with each other, I’ve been getting interested in getting smokers talking to each other, and co-operating with each other, and in that way getting their voices heard in ways they never get heard in the mainstream media. And our collective voice is getting louder.

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12 Responses to When A Tree Falls

  1. Clicky says:

  2. smokingscot says:


    We discussed it at the time. Seems that weird downing of an Egypt Air a couple of years back has not been blamed on someone smoking in the loo.

    Either a short circuit, or an overheating mobile device.


    And those Tesla fires. Seems that after one self ignited, some 6 days later the batteries sorted themselves out and caught fire yet again! (You’ll need a Google translate).


  3. wobbler2012 says:

    Another great Youtube commentator is called styxhexenhammer666 Frank. He looks like a bit of a hippy but he is actually very clever, Comes out with some really good stuff.

    Not actually too sure about his stance on smoking but he is very much a libertarian so I would guess he is very much a live and let live kind of guy.

  4. Tony says:

    O/T Saw this on twitter though you’re probably aware of it already.
    Asteroid #2010WC9 (~90 meters in diameter) will have a very close Earth flyby on May 15, 2018 at ~22:05UT flying at 0.53 LD or ~203,000 km of distance https://t.co/DeolAkysu1 https://t.co/1oyCraQob6

  5. Smoking Lamp says:

    O/T On the proposed NJ Beach Smoking Ban: “Should smoking be banned from Jersey shore beaches?” http://www.nj.com/opinion/index.ssf/2018/05/should_smoking_be_banned_from_jersey_shore_beaches.html

    There is a poll (currently at about 72% for the ban).

    • smokingscot says:

      Must be about 200 voted.

      Mine knocked it down to 71.5%

      • beobrigitte says:

        Mine reduced it to 70.something%. I don’t believe it matters; the anti-smokers have done their sly work and feel secure in getting the ban.
        Perhaps we should let the anti-smoking lobby group feel secure and just remind other smokers that we are voters in general elections? 20% of protest votes do make a difference. People with their backs against the wall lose all fear.

        • Smoking Lamp says:

          They are certainly looking to impose then ban. As always they just keep coming back even when the bans are rejected. The comments at the media outlets (for example “Bill to ban smoking on Jersey Shore” http://www.phillyvoice.com/bill-ban-smoking-jersey-shore/ ) attract the typical antismoker attacks. Even if the outcome is guaranteed pro-choice votes demonstrate that there is dissent. Over time that will matter. Building opposition requires sustained, steady efforts (just like the antis waged starting 50 years ago); voting against politicians that enact these bans and persecute smokers is a good way of actualizing dissent.

    • Furtive Ferret says:

      Just made my “no” vote. Having read the article it strikes me that the real issue is one of littering: so I would say ban taking anything onto the beach that could be considered as litter.

  6. beobrigitte says:

    The same is true in other forests. The mainstream media is another tree in a forest, and it’s a tree that’s fallen down. As far as I was concerned it fell down when it stopped speaking for me. I don’t watch TV, and I don’t read newspapers. And I don’t because none of them speak for smokers like me. The same applies with mainstream political parties. None of them speak for me.
    Yes, that there is no political party whose members have questions – the first one starts with: HOW COME a particular science is settled when science in general is something that progresses over time? Best example is the for over 50 years bedevilled fat – now we discovered, that we do need to consume fat in order to facilitate vitamin uptake.
    I wish common sense and no nest egg after 4 years in power were a prerequisite for any job in politics.

    • now we discovered, that we do need to consume fat in order to facilitate vitamin uptake.

      The Ancel Keys cholesterol scam / hysteria has been ‘officially’ debunked in the MSM all over the Western mass media in the past few months, yet the antismoking scam / hysteria soldiers on as we speak, write, or comment on it, whichever way we like to, how strange!

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