Plans Always Go Wrong

In an arresting paragraph, a couple of days back, Legiron wrote:

I know what is coming. I was trained in logical deduction back in the days when science was a real thing. It’s been a clear plan for a very long time now and yes, it’s Marxism again but this time they want to make it global. The previous implementations were practice runs. This time the death toll will run to billions.

I’m inclined to agree. What’s called globalism is really global communism. The previous implementations were indeed just practice runs. And this time the death toll will indeed run to billions.

But the operative word in that paragraph is “plan”. It’s a very large scale plan. And the first thing that happens with all plans is that they go wrong. It’s often said that the first casualty in any war is the plan.

The reason that plans always go wrong is that, however carefully they are laid, the plan can never include every possible eventuality. Planners can’t foresee everything. And so the likelihood is that something unforeseen will happen to throw the whole plan out of kilter. And then the plan will get binned.

So the chances of a communist world government emerging any time soon are around about zero. All the previous practice runs were failures. And this one will be a failure as well. It’s just likely to be the biggest failure of all.

We tend to think of the former Soviet Union and Red China as being examples of communist states, and so think of communism as a sort of eastern phenomenon. But all of the thinking behind it is thoroughly western. Karl Marx didn’t live in Moscow or Beijing: he lived in London. Soho, to be precise. And he spent most of his time in the British Library. And the same is true of nearly all the other communist thinkers. Most of them were western Europeans. Adorno. Marcuse.

And what were they trying to do? They were trying to create heaven on Earth. And theirs is a religious cult with roots in Christianity and Judaism and maybe a few other religions as well. They want to create an ideal world – an utopia – in which all men (and women) are equal, and everything is perfect in every imaginable way, and it will last forever.

Who wrote Utopia? Thomas More, chancellor under Henry VIII of England, and now a canonised saint in the Roman Catholic Church. And Utopia is an elaborate and highly detailed plan for a new society. Thomas More was a prominent member of the European political class of the 16th century. You don’t get any more of an establishment figure than Lord High Chancellor of England.

And the European political class today is just as radical as Thomas More ever was. They also have highly elaborate plans for a new society. But while Thomas More never got around to putting his elaborate plans into action (he was executed), the current crop of European politicians are actually trying to enact their plans. And the first stage in the construction of the new society is the demolition of the old one. And that’s what the radical political leaders are doing: demolishing the old society. Smoking bans are just a small part of it: they’re designed to destroy a culture and a community, and make everyone into an atomised individual who can easily be moulded and shaped and “nudged” into being a building block in the new society. Immigration is another way of fracturing and atomising society. What better way to shatter and old society than to bring in millions of immigrants? What better way to shatter Christianity than for these immigrants to be Muslims? What better way to shatter families than for some of them to be rapists as well?

What we’re seeing, all over Europe, and in the UK, is the state-sponsored demolition of traditional society. It’s revolution from the top. In past revolutions, the revolutionaries fought their way up from the bottom (e.g. Robespierre, Lenin). In this one, the revolutionaries are already installed at the top. They are the Sun Kings of Europe (Louis XIV of France was one of their precursors: he got the nobility of France to all come and live with him in Versailles, thereby creating the political super-class that the French people overthrew 50 years later).

But (and here’s where I disagree with Legiron) I think that their radical plans are going wrong. Because the peoples of Europe – much like the people of France under Louis XIV – are getting restive. Populist politicians are appearing in every country in Europe. Ordinary people don’t like their traditional societies being shattered. They don’t share the utopian ideals of their overlords in the European political class. They never did.

And if resistance to the utopian EU project is strongest in eastern Europe – in Poland and Hungary and the like – it’s because those countries have just emerged from the 50 year experience of living in an utopian communist state, and have no wish to repeat it. Western Europeans, lacking this experience, can continue to entertain idealistic notions of utopia. For Communism only holds out hopes to those who have never experienced it. Which is why post-communist Russia is probably the world leader in anti-communism. Because they had it far worse in Russia than in eastern Europe, and for far longer. The same might be argued of China, but the Russians have a 30-year head start over the Chinese in disillusionment with communism: Xi Jinping is perhaps China’s Gorbachev. And if we’re living in a new Cold War, it’s one where all the communists are now living in the West rather than the East, and the US Deep State is the mirror image of the old Soviet politburo, much like the EU is a re-incarnation of the old Soviet Union.

Nor do I agree with Legiron’s recommendation for people who are sick of the madmen in government to just move somewhere else. For there’s no escape for anyone from a global communist state. It won’t help Swedes much to move to Norway or Denmark.  Nor will it help for Britons to move to Bulgaria. Because the same thing is happening everywhere. So you may as well stay where you are. You will at least speak the local language, and you’ll probably know a lot of like-minded people, and you may also know where the deepest caves are too. You lose all these advantages if you go somewhere else.

Anyway, I think that their plans are going wrong. The plan was always bound to go wrong, and, sure enough, it is. Brexit wasn’t part of the plan. And e-cigarettes weren’t part of their plan for a smoke-free utopia either. And of course neither was Donald Trump. But perhaps, above all, the internet wasn’t part of the plan. For they laid all their plans under the assumption that they could control the public narrative simply by controlling the broadcast mass media. But these days people listen less and less to TV, or read the newspapers: they go to Infowars or Michael Savage instead. Or they visit the Smoky Drinky Bar.

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15 Responses to Plans Always Go Wrong

  1. You’re right about global communism. Don’t really agree about Putin, though. He doesn’t want the people in charge. He just wants a different global elite in charge than the ones the Western elites want.

  2. jameshigham says:

    “It’s often said that the first casualty in any war is the plan.”

    Human folly helps in this immensely.

  3. Frank Davis says:

    Nigel Farage on Infowars:

  4. Barry Homan says:

    All good plans contain the human element.

  5. EJ says:

    American politics is very polarized. Both american parties are insane and when they switch they mostly try to destroy the others most extremes. So that brings it back to ground zero, which is expensive but it keeps all hated US still functional.

  6. Philip Neal says:

    I increaingly think that the left seeks to convert institutions like the European Commission into a kind of Politburo, exercising a “leading role” in society and wielding more power than the nominal heads of state and government. In that sense, world government is not the plan, more a sort of world EU in which national governments do not make policy at all but are constrained by bodies such as the UNFCC on pain of the kind of punishments the EU metes out.

    As for the left succeeding, it is not clear that the it has any positive aims nowadays. Its goals are increasingly negative: to prevent war, to prevent climate catastrophe, to prevent racism, to prevent extinctions, to prevent illness. The days when it promised utopia are long past.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Well, it was Mikhail Gorbachev who described the EU as a new Soviet Union.

      “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    When your plan is based on outright propaganda and lies does that increase the chance of failure?

    Here are a couple examples of propaganda aimed at the ‘smoke-free’ utopia:

    1) “Thirdhand smoke is widespread and may be dangerous, mounting evidence shows”
    Of course the ‘third hand smoke’ gambit is a fabrication in the tradition of the ‘second hand smoke’ ruse. The tobacco controllers must be getting desperate;

    2) Correlation does not equal causation but never let that get in the way of propaganda. Nevertheless” “Smoking Ups Bladder Cancer Risk, Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk” at Renal & Urology News…

    “Men and women smokers are at increased risk of bladder cancer, and men who smoke are at increased risk of kidney cancer and decreased risk of prostate cancer (PCa), according to a retrospective study of 211,005 smokers and a matched group of non-smokers who visited 196 general practitioner’s offices in the United Kingdom.

    “The study showed that men and women smokers had a significant 2.3-fold and 2.7-fold increased risk of bladder cancer, respectively, compared with non-smokers, Louis Jacob, PhD, of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Paris, and colleagues reported in Oncotarget (2018;9:17420-17429). Men who smoked had a significant 26% increased risk of kidney cancer and 2.8-fold increased risk of liver cancer, but they had a significant 29% decreased risk of PCa. The study found no association between smoking and kidney or liver cancer in women. Smoking was associated with a significant 8% decreased risk of breast cancer in women.

    “The study, which focused on impact of smoking on the risk of 25 cancers, found that smoking increased the risk of cancer overall. The strongest positive association between smoking and cancer was found for bronchus and lung cancer, with men and women smokers at 10-fold and 14-fold increased risk of these malignancies compared with non-smokers.

    “The smokers in the study were matched to non-smokers by age, gender, index year, body mass index, and physician.

    Jacob L, Freyn M, Kalder M, et al. Impact of tobacco smoking on the risk of developing 25 different cancers in the UK: a retrospective study of 422,010 patients followed for up to 30 years. Oncotarget. 2018;9:17420-17429.

    • a significant 26% increased risk of kidney cancer

      International statistics of the last seven decades show that the purported 23-fold (2,200 %) increased risk of LC for men that smoke (only 13-fold increased risk for women that smoke, IIRC), as against non-smokers, is a complete sham, so how could a 26% purported increased risk of anything (including a 2.8-fold increased risk of liver cancer for that matter) be statistically significant, let alone relevant?

      men who smoke are at increased risk of kidney cancer and decreased risk of prostate cancer

      This last proposition would be interesting if the prostate cancer detection business of the past four decades hadn’t itself turned into a proper dog’s dinner (see: “How big medicine hijacked the PSA test and caused a public health disaster” by Richard J. Ablin, who pioneered the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test in the 70’s). In the wake of that ‘discovery’, millions of men have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, operated on, and ultimately declared “saved from prostate cancer by modern medicine”. while in fact they’ve only been unwittingly turned into phoney cancer survivors. and used to feed the numbers that purport to prove that modern medicine now cures half of cancer cases!
      I suspect they only insert these feeble, unsubtantiated pro-smoking suggestions the better to sound impartial.

  8. legiron says:

    You’re right, the plan is going wrong. Trump is a major spanner in the works, Brexit a minor one because they are working on fixing that glitch. Hopefully they will fail.
    Putin, I think, has no world domination plans. He’s happy with Russia and he’s not going to let the globalists have it – so they are trying to isolate him by blaming him for everything. As for China, they’ve never given a toss what the rest of the world is doing.

    The globalists are getting panicked now and that makes them dangerous. Lately they have decided that anyone commenting on, retweeting or ‘liking’ anything on social media that they consider ‘hate speech’ (something so ill defined this comment would count) is to go to jail for longer than a child molester.

    They are desperate to silence us all now. The plan might be in its death throes but it’s going to lash out hard on the way down.

  9. beobrigitte says:

    The reason that plans always go wrong is that, however carefully they are laid, the plan can never include every possible eventuality. Planners can’t foresee everything. And so the likelihood is that something unforeseen will happen to throw the whole plan out of kilter. And then the plan will get binned.
    The more careful a plan laid out the higher possibility it goes wrong and backfires. The anti-smokers’ plans backfired previously so they planned this time even more careful. The global “unity” dreamed of and forcefully pursued will not fare better, neither will the forcefully pursued and “politically correct” human interaction. Ironically, without these forceful pursuits we may well be a step further to be world wide more tolerant societies.

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