It’s sunny in the UK. We’ve actually had three successive days of sun. It seems this is a record.

Monday is set to become the hottest early May Bank Holiday on record with 23.6C to beat.

I wonder how long it’ll take for it to be cited as further evidence of global warming.

Via Smoking Lamp:

A first reading to amend an established ordinance to prohibit smoking in all public sidewalks, walkways, parkways, curbs and gutters was approved by the South Pasadena City Council on Wednesday night.

The current ordinance does not allow smoking in enclosed indoor public places, including public meeting rooms, public restrooms, parks, elevators, bars restaurants, bars, supermarkets, museums, libraries, public transportations facilities.

“The new ordinance will make it so no one can smoke in any area where a child will be walking to and from school,” said Gisella Benitez, whose husband, Ricardo, a nonsmoker died of lung cancer last September. “I took a tragedy of my husband’s death and made it into something positive for the whole city.”

Her (relatively youthful?) non-smoking husband died of lung cancer, so she’s demanding a ban on smoking on city sidewalks.

Mightn’t it have occurred to her that maybe smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer? But she couldn’t possibly think that, could she? No, instead she places the blame on secondhand smoke. For her, tobacco smoke has become more dangerous, not less. And if people keep dying of lung cancer even when smoking is banned everywhere in Pasadena, she’ll blame it on people smoking in nearby Los Angeles. And if not Los Angeles, then Boston.

The logic of antismoking fanatics seems to go like this: We know that only tobacco smoke causes lung cancer, so if non-smokers are still dying of lung cancer it must  mean that even the faintest homeopathic traces of tobacco smoke must also cause lung cancer. So we must ban smoking outdoors as well as indoors.

A parallel logic is applied to global warming: We know that only carbon dioxide causes global warming, so if global warming is taking place in the absence of carbon dioxide, this can only mean that even homeopathic levels of carbon dioxide cause global warming. And we must redouble our efforts to rid the world of carbon.

Followed to their respective conclusions they must surely conclude that the complete absence of all tobacco smoke is what causes lung cancer, and the complete absence of carbon dioxide is what causes global warming. And perhaps at this point antismokers flip overnight to becoming smokers, and climate alarmists become sceptics.

In other news

Delivering an impassioned defence of Karl Marx’s legacy, EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker argued the radical should not be judged for the Communist atrocities that took place in his name.

I’m not really very surprised. The last President of the European Commission, Manuel Barroso, was a one-time Maoist. And maybe Juncker was too. According to one British MP:

“Marxism led to the killing of millions around the world as it allowed a small band of fanatics to suppress the people,” he added.

And isn’t the EU run by a small band of fanatics? What’s surprising about one EU political fanatic – Jean-Claude Juncker – lauding another political fanatic – Karl Marx?

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13 Responses to Fanatics

  1. waltc says:

    The first ever do-gooder to propose a sidewalk ban, specifically saying it was For The Children, was the mayor of Friendship Heights MD who was subsequently convicted of molesting a child in a church bathroom.

    • Leprcolonist says:

      No smoking on the sidewalk but if you are a cute young boy please visit me at my residence for consultation. The audacity of these hypocrites.

  2. Tony says:

    Everybody here’s probably seen this video but it’s still worth re-airing. The celebrated mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell in a TV interview from 1959.

    At 21:10 he opines that “fanaticism is THE danger of the world and always has been. ”
    At 24:10 he says that “I smoke a pipe all day long except when I’m eating or sleeping”
    The interviewer then asks if that has shortened his life. To which he replies:
    “They used to say it would when I first took to it but I first took to it some 70 years ago and it doesn’t seem to have had a very great effect so far ”

    He died at the tragically young age of 97.

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    The fanatics are fueled in their zeal by the relentless antismoking propaganda sown by a small prohibitionist elite. The media reinforces this brainwashing and then the mass joins in to persecute the designated ‘outsider’ — in the current case smokers. The same mechanisms were used by the Nazis to consolidate power, in Mao’s Cultural Revolution, by Pol Pot in Cambodia, during the Inquisition, and in the series of Witch Hunts that plagued Europe in days past. The new Witch Hunt is the antismoking crusade.

    Too bad Ms Benitez doesn’t recognize the fact that ling cancer afflicts with smokers and non-smokers. it always has. It is also a shame she does’t know that 2/3 of all cancers are due to random mutations and that lung cancer among non-smokers is on the rise since smoking bans have been imposed. She also is ignorant of the fact that vehicle emissions are the leading cause of lung cancer. That is significant when you consider the location of South Pasadena at the west end of the San Gabriel Valley where much of the industrial and vehicle emissions (known as smog) from the LA Basin flow through the valley causing air pollution health alerts for decades. She also ignores the presence of the 100 Freeway (Arroyo Seco Parkway) one of the busiest in the nation that bisects the City of Pasadena.

    Yet those facts (along with the fact that the majority of studies discount the effects of second hand smoke in the causation of lung cancer and the so-called smoking-related diseases) will be ignored due to the brainwashing effects of relentless propaganda and the fear it triggers.

    • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

      Eloquent, concise and accurate. Collectivist ‘public health’ is the new cult and the gym is the new church.

  4. Smoking Lamp says:

    Correction: Lung Cancer (above)

  5. Lepercolonist says:

    “I took a tragedy of my husband’s death and made it into something positive for the whole city.”

    It is not positive for smokers. Oh I forgot, smokers are untermenschen.

    • beobrigitte says:

      The lady does not think that far; she is doing what loads of others unable to cope with grieving people do: making themselves feel better by pursuing a “preventing-the-same-happening-to-others” course of action as a means of avoiding grief.

  6. waltc says:

    Another fanatic bites the dust. This is the AG of New York state–sued the tobacco companies, not once but twice, reaping billions, , shut down tobacco sales at tribal reservations, IIRC sued FedEx etc for shipping cigarettes to beleagered smokers, threatened pharmacies if they sold this “dangerous” product. Meanwhile, he was a drunk and a prescription druggie who beat, choked and threatened to kill women, all the while parading as a progessive Me-Too’er. Eye-popping article here worth reading. Meanwhile, it seems that a lot of these sin-chasers are up to their own eyeballs in the stuff.

    • RdM says:

      Thanks, am about to read it, but – as a general rule – I think one should watch the link that gets pasted, before it gets posted;- trim off the fat… for instance

      works just fine!

      Notably SmokingScot who posted a link a while back that, with all the appended google tracking data, let us know that he was using a Samsung device running Android (what else?) and posting from Cyprus… along with several more lines of presumed tracking data.

      And who otherwise seems to be or intends to be quite a very private person… why not!

      Obviously a Twitter mention might seem minor.
      Just deleting extras back up to the bare minimum and testing it can be fun too, though.

      – I’m just suggesting:- watch that copy and paste result! ; = })

      It could be a nice habit to get in to, posting clean URL’s, stripping the garbage.

      Only takes a moment !

      Otherwise – great research!

      Cheers, and thanks, really!


    • beobrigitte says:

      Meanwhile, it seems that a lot of these sin-chasers are up to their own eyeballs in the stuff.
      I’d view these allegations with more caution as the ladies were in a relationship with the guy for quite a while and their accusation could be “revenge”, if it wasn’t for the woman who rebuffed his advances and received a smack in the face from him (injury photographed).

      I must admit, my empathy for this guy is non-existent.

      • waltc says:

        I believe the women and he admitted to the charges though he rationalized them differently. The question, however, is why these apparently strong, self-sufficient women were such masochists and, in the old cliche, such “gluttons for punishment.” The other Psych 101 question is why so many of these scourging puritans are themselves so warped

  7. DP says:

    Dear Mr Davis

    And in next week’s news: millions of EU citizens starve to death.

    “Don’t worry, this is normal” says Herr Juncker.


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