Control, Control, Control.

Yesterday I was very interested to see Marc Morano appear for about 15 minutes on Alex Jones’ Infowars, starting at 1 hour 38 minutes into the show below. It was an interesting show featuring Ted Nugent, Tommy Robinson, as well as Marc Morano. Alex Jones is pulling in lots of interesting people.

My interest was piqued by the appearance of Marc Morano because he’s a prominent climate sceptic, with his own website, Climate Depot. And Alex Jones is a right wing talk show host who has evolved into a right wing video channel anchor. What was he doing there? Most climate sceptics talk to other climate sceptics, and argue with climate alarmists. It’s a whole different subject.

But then I’d forgotten that Marc Morano was one of the leading figures in the Swift Boat Veterans who did such a great job in sinking Al Gore’s presidential ambitions back in 2000 (or was it 2004?). At the time I wanted Al Gore to win, because I thought anyone would be better than George W Bush, so I was a bit distressed at the way Al Gore got shot up by the Swift Boats. How things change: I’d probably now think that anyone would have been better than Al Gore. (P.S. H/T Walt below, this is all wrong. It was John Kerry who got swift-boated, not Gore)

But Al Gore promptly re-invented himself as a climate guru, with An Inconvenient Truth (2006). And so my guess is that Marc Morano followed Al Gore into climate science, because where Al Gore went, Marc Morano would follow. Anything Al could do, Marc could do better.

And Marc Morano was on Infowars touting his new book The Politically Incorrect Guide To Climate Change (which I ordered after hearing what Marc Morano had to say to Alex Jones).

And what Marc Morano was saying was that the Gun Control people were using the same playbook as the Climate Control people, including the use of lots of chiiiildren. And when Morano started referring to “Climate Control”, and how Gun Control were using the same tactics they’d developed, I found myself vigorously shaking my head, and interjecting; “No. They’re both using the same tactics as Tobacco Control, developed decades before either of them!”

For we’re up against Gun Control, Climate Control, and Tobacco Control (except Gun Control seems to have completely disarmed us Britons already in ways that they now want to disarm Americans by repealing the 2nd Amendment). And here in the UK we’re also up against the EU, which might aptly be renamed EU Control or Euro Control, because it’s yet another central control outfit.

So Marc Morano could see that Gun Control and Climate Control were two peas in the same pod. Why couldn’t he see that both of them were in the same pod as the much older pea of Tobacco Control? And I happen to know that Marc Morano smokes cigars, because I saw him doing so during a documentary about him going to one of the Copenhagen climate conferences. So as a smoker, Morano must know exactly what’s happening to smokers. And he’s probably heard of Tobacco Control, He doesn’t have to rename it to bracket it together with the two other Control organisations and see that we’re up against Tobacco Climate Gun Control. Control, Control, Control. It’s always about Control.

It’s bothering me more and more that none of these people fighting Gun Control and Climate Control and EU Control never ever mention Tobacco Control. Why don’t they? Are they still as brainwashed about tobacco as everyone else? Maybe they are.

Anyway, Marc Morano said enough things of interest to me to go order his book. He also said that when he’d been in Britain he’d been surprised at the number of people who knew about Alex Jones and Infowars: “You’re a rock star in the UK, Alex!” (Or maybe it was someone else who said that.)

And right now I’m a lot more interested in Climate Change than I ever have been before, because two or three months back I had my first ever new idea about climate change when I came up with what I’m now starting to call the Dress Theory of Ice Ages, and it’s so simple that anyone should be able to understand it:

Dress Theory: When the Earth becomes dressed in ice, the ice acts as a layer of insulation, and the rock surface beneath the ice warms up. And when the rock has warmed up enough, it starts melting the ice above it. And when the insulating layer of ice has all melted off, the Earth’s surface rock, now undressed of its garment of ice, cools back down again. And when it’s cooled down enough, the ice returns. And the cycle repeats. It’s exactly the same as what happens when us humans get dressed because we’re too cold, and then get undressed because we’re too hot.

I’m still working on it, refining the code in the simulation model of it I’ve been constructing (but getting interrupted by the series of mini ice ages we’ve been experiencing in the UK, including the latest one right now).

And this very much relates to climate. Because as far as I can see, when the ice returns the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere drops, and it gets colder everywhere. And when the hot rocks beneath the ice finally melt off the ice, and come into direct contact with atmospheric air, they heat the atmosphere, and heat it pretty rapidly. So the end of an ice age, and the start of an interglacial period, sees a flip from a cold climate to a hot climate almost overnight in geological terms. And we’re now living in an interglacial period, about 12,000 years after most of the ice melted, and the Earth has been slowly cooling for 12,000 years, and the heat flow from inside the Earth has now dropped to just 65 Watts/m² at the Earth’s surface: next to nothing. We’re approaching the start of a new ice age, when the glaciers will start growing and spreading, and air temperatures will start to flip back from hot to cold.

So, the way I now see it, we shouldn’t be worried about Global Warming; we should be worried about Global Cooling. And we should encourage more Global Warming, by pumping lots more CO2 into the atmosphere, because it might help delay the onset of the next ice age.

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  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Hi Frank. Page 19 of the Daily Telegraph today has an article on Philip Morris Heet sticks if you are interested.

    • Vlad says:

      Is it the article that contains this bit?

      Marianna Mattheou, 51, who has smoked for more than 30 years and has a 30-a-day habit, hopes IQOS can cure her habit. She has been smoking IQOS for a month at the behest of her 14-year-old son but admits it has left her with a sore throat. “I don’t trust them 100 per cent,” she says.

  2. Rose says:

    Frank, remember this?

    Really Good Parties
    September 1st, 2009

    “The cost of sloth, gluttony, alcoholic intemperance, reckless driving, sexual frenzy, and smoking have now become a national, not an individual, responsibility, all justified as individual freedom,” asserts Dr. John Knowles, the influential president of the Rockefeller Foundation. But one man’s or woman’s freedom in health is now another man’s shackle in taxes and insurance premiums.” Knowles sternly warns that “the cost of individual irresponsibility in health has become prohibitive”

    I just found out what happened to Dr Knowles.

    “When friends berate me for my laxity, my heavy use of butter or habit of puffing (but not inhaling) on cigarettes, I gently remind them that I am, in most cases, older than they are.
    So it was with a measure of schadenfreude that I began to record the cases of individuals whose healthy lifestyles failed to produce lasting health. It turns out that many of the people who got caught up in the health “craze” of the last few decades – people who exercised, watched what they ate, abstained from smoking and heavy drinking – have nevertheless died.”

    “Even more disturbing was the untimely demise of John H Knowles, director of the Rockefeller Foundation and promulgator of the “doctrine of personal responsibility” for one’s health. Most illnesses are self-inflicted, he argued – the result of “gluttony, alcoholic intemperance, reckless driving, sexual frenzy, smoking” and other bad choices. The “idea of a ‘right’ to health,” he wrote, “should be replaced by the idea of an individual moral obligation to preserve one’s own health.” But he died of pancreatic cancer at 52, prompting one physician commentator to observe, “Clearly we can’t all be held responsible for our health.”

    With apologies to Radical Rodent for posting yet another link to the Guardian

  3. Tony says:

    Another article on climate skepticism focusing on the “Spiral of Silence” but without acknowledgement of the smoking issue.
    “The Spiral of Silence
    Researchers call this the spiral of silence, a term coined by researcher Elizabeth Noelle-Neumann(link is external) to explain why Germans did not talk about the rise of Hitler and his related atrocities before and during World War II. They echoed the silence around them. Meanwhile, those in support of the Third Reich spoke loud and clear. In so doing, they controlled the discussion, no matter how many people might have disagreed with their opinions. Because the pro-Hitler voices were heard most, they were accepted as public opinion. Early in Hitler’s rise to power, when talking could have done the most to change history, those who broke the silence were faced with social isolation. Later, of course, breaking the silence could be deadly.”

    • waltc says:

      Yet, as its author says, this article turns it on its head and falsely claims that the loud voices are the skeptics’. (!)

      …In spite of our First Amendment, Americans who disagree with progressive dogma are increasingly silenced (disinvited from campuses under threat of riots or snowflake meltdowns), often fired from their jobs because of their ex-cathedra opinions, or simply shunned from their personal social circles. Try a contradictory opinion on facebook and watch the epithets fly. In light of all that, most contrarians just keep silent, which leads me to wonder to what extent there is, again, a Silent Majority. I note that even in my apartment bldg, Republicans (the vast minority in Manhattan) only signal each other tentatively and obliquely, and most of us listen to the tirades from the lefties with silent forebearance. (Why start an argument you’ll never win and, besides, if they live upstairs, they might start tap-dancing at midnight as a tolerant, liberal form of revenge.)

      I don’t know who this guy Morano is, and he may well have opposed Gore, but the Swift Boaters as an entity were formed to oppose Kerry, four years later. They were guys who were on the same swift boat as Kerry was during the Vietnam War and busted his self-declared image of heroism.

  4. Rose says:


    Organized crime behind contraband tobacco costs governments billions
    March 31, 2018

    “You buy full trucks in the United States for about $80,000 U.S., and then if you’re able to smuggle it to Canada, you can sell it back for $300,000. That’s one truck,” said Condon. “The evidence shows that in two years they made more than $30 million in profit.”

    A Toast to the End of Prohibition
    “When the 21st Amendment was ratified on this day, Dec. 5, in 1933, it ended Prohibition 13 years, 10 months, and 19 days after it began.”

    “Early temperance advocates had warned that drunks were in danger — because of their high blood-alcohol levels — of spontaneous combustion (a claim that has since been proven impossible), but instead Prohibition sparked its own public health crisis. Drinking tainted bootleg liquor caused blindness, paralysis, and an estimated national average of 1,000 deaths a year.

    Economically, the measure also failed to generate increased sales of clothing and household goods, which supporters claimed would skyrocket once breadwinners stopped throwing away their income in saloons. Sales of soda and juice were similarly expected to rise, along with entertainment industry revenue, as people sought ways to amuse themselves while sober. But those hopes were never realized; instead, the ban on alcohol cost the federal government $11 billion in lost tax revenue, according to Ken Burns’ documentary Prohibition.

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt was among those relieved to witness the end of the era. “What America needs now is a drink,” he’s reported to have said.”

    • beobrigitte says:

      Tony estimates he drove up to a thousand 35,000-pound loads of raw tobacco across the border, and believes it all went to the black market.

      “The size of this business is unbelievable. It’s like a hungry machine, it never stops.”
      That’s strange….. we are being told that smokers are a dying breed…… and that there is a myth about the black market created by tobacco companies….
      Something must have happened in the first world in the last 6 years – disproportionate tobacco tax increases perhaps?

      It may seem like a victimless crime, but police say contraband cigarettes are feeding a massive illegal industry run by organized crime groups, and the cost to the taxpayer is in the billions of dollars.
      Billions of dollars tobacco tax? Perhaps the anti-smokers would like to cover this government budget deficit?

  5. beobrigitte says:

    So, the way I now see it, we shouldn’t be worried about Global Warming; we should be worried about Global Cooling.
    I disagree. We should be worried about the climate change industry siphoning monies that could be used for adaptation measures for the times our planet does what it naturally does.

    And we should encourage more Global Warming, by pumping lots more CO2 into the atmosphere, because it might help delay the onset of the next ice age.
    This planet does have quite a few good sized volcanoes overdue to blow that can do that (and more) in no time…..

  6. What the dickens sets apart Tobacco Control from the other global Control campaigns, allowing them to escape the radar of most radical commenters / contrarians? It could be antecedence, but Gun Control in the UK, as you imply Frank, is much older even than TC… So they must be even stronger ideologically than the other Control campaigns. From the word go, they appear to have stricken a deeper chord in the collective psyche, and so they’re still thriving, unabated, while the others have to deal with at least a modicum of opposition.

    • Rose says:

      Tobacco has always been portrayed as a strange and exotic plant from the New World, originally famed for it’s medicinal properties and now quite the reverse.
      But when you look at it’s chemistry it has the same things, nicotine and solanesol, as any other nightshade vegetable, just in greater amounts.

      The Fight to Keep Tobacco Sacred
      March 29, 2018

      Which is why the deeply religious James 1st hated it so, and from that article it would seem that his acolytes are still determined to win even by devious means.

      • RdM says:

        Good to see long form journalism like that, thanks, Rose – although a few “conventional’ trigger phrases…

        It’s similar with Maori here in New Zealand, although they were introduced to it by the colonisers (and perhaps were helped out of the Stone Age as a result, although that might be a controversial opinion) they certainly liked it and were complaining about the tobacco tax in the 1860’s … I could find some old Papers Past digitized documents for that.

        Obviously it goes much further back with native American Indian tribes and cultivation.

    • RdM says:

      The Pedants are Revolting

    • RdM says:

      The Pedants Are Revolting

      How much difference does a capital make?

  7. “I found myself vigorously shaking my head, and interjecting; “No. They’re both using the same tactics as Tobacco Control, developed decades before either of them!”
    “It’s bothering me more and more that none of these people fighting Gun Control and Climate Control and EU Control never ever mention Tobacco Control. Why don’t they? Are they still as brainwashed about tobacco as everyone else? Maybe they are.”

    Very VERY true.

    I wasn’t that much of a “Climate Skeptic” although I recognized the propaganda style and had my doubts in the past, and then I began participating on Alan Watt’s “WattsUpWithThat” blog about five years ago. For about six months I had a great time both learning stuff and participating quite happily with a number of folks there…

    … until I got a notice from Watts himself that I’d have to remove the smoking bio from my WordPress ID or be evicted from his blog. I refused to remove it, was duly evicted (or simply honored his verbal eviction… I forget how the specific mechanics went down… and believe he may actually have gone back manually and erased the bios from all my postings! I explained the method/philosophy connections between the two movements but he wanted to hear NONE of it! It sounded like the ONLY thing keeping him from having a raving antismoking blog was his dedication to having an anti-AGW blog. There was a TOTAL disconnect in his mind that kept him from seeing the similarities between the Antis and the Warmers.

    It didn’t work out TOO badly since I then moved on to my involvement on Quora and have derived great satisfaction in keeping the Antis from taking that place over with their cut ‘n paste dialogs and graphics.

    Still, it’s very sad when you see people so completely unable to make connections in their minds about things that they really OUGHT to be able see.


    • Frank Davis says:

      Yes, I know about Anthony Watts’ extreme antismoking views. Both his parents died of lung cancer, and he blamed it on them smoking. And who wouldn’t? That’s what everyone had been telling him. It’s a traumatic event.

  8. RdM says:

    Did I post this before?

    Out Of Control – Havana Moon – The Rolling Stones

    Worth a listen, watch, again?

  9. Since your talking about Infowars, they are under serious criminal attack and this issue needs to be talked about. I don’t care if you do your own article instead of using mine. Just please get this issue out ASAP! The attacks against common sense people is happening. Anonymous Fascists are sending illegal abuse photos to political enemies to attempt to frame them on receipt and possession of illegal photos.

    Please cover on your blog about my post regarding Alex Jones receiving a set up attempt. This is very important and the evidence is on my blog post. It is connected with the attacks. Please repost the entire post on your blog in case my blog post gets censored. You have my permission to post my entire article about Alex Jones being put under attack by the CP set up political hackers squad or whoever they are at this point.

    Attorney Susan Basko’s declaration in federal court proves that people are getting set up with CP and are having to contact the FBI. Brian’s FBI filings via fax are in federal court records. So Alex Jones getting set up with CP is true according to the threatening email that is also reported to law enforcement and filed in federal court.

    Alex Jones the next set up attempt victim.

    Best Regards,
    Stanley Bolten

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