Slowly Disintegrating Europe

Daily Star:

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman launched a scathing attack on the foreign secretary in a conference call with reporters.

Johnson compared this year’s World Cup to the 1939 [i think they meant 1936] Olympics which were held in Nazi Germany.

He claimed Putin would try to bolster Russia’s image through the football tournament, much like Hitler did through the Olympics.

Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said: “It’s undoubtedly insulting and unacceptable.”

The foreign secretary also said the UK is waiting to hear what Russia is going to to “look after our fans”.

What’s going on here?

In the USA, the mainstream media have been saying for the past year that the Russians connived to help get Donald Trump elected. The Mueller investigation is supposed to be looking for links between Trump’s campaign and the Russians, but so far seems to have turned up absolutely nothing.

In the past it used to be right wing American Republicans who were be the staunchest Cold Warriors. But now it seems to be the Democrats who can see Reds Under The Beds everywhere. Why this role reversal? Perhaps it’s because Putin is a right winger like the Republicans are, and the Democrats are all left wingers. And left wing always fights right wing, and vice versa. So the US mainstream media are always portraying Putin as an ogre of some sort, and Trump as his proxy.

In addition, the American left rather idolises the EU. It’s the sort of political society that they’d like to see in the USA, with a powerful centralised state top-down-controlling more or less everything. The EU, as Gorbachev remarked, is a reconstruction of the old Soviet Union. And that’s why the Democrats on the left love it.

But the EU is showing signs of disintegration. The Brexit vote is set to result in Britain leaving the EU. And the Brexit vote was really symptomatic of something that has been happening all over Europe, which is that its peoples are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the EU, particularly since its leaders have been actively encouraging millions of migrants to come to Europe and settle there.

For the political strategy of both the left in Europe and the USA has been to solve the problem of their rather conservative electorates by simply changing the electorates. And they do this by opening the borders to millions of immigrants, all of whom are promised lavish state benefits, and all of whom can be expected to vote for their left wing benefactors. All that’s needed to be done is bring in enough of them to guarantee the election of left wing progressives of one kind or other.

The only trouble is that the existing electorates – the people who have been living in Europe for the past few thousand years – are getting angry at this influx of outsiders. And they’re most likely only going to get angrier and angrier.

Europe is slowly coming to the boil.

And the result is that more and more right wing conservative parties are winning votes and power. The recent Italian election is a good example of this. And it’s probably going to be repeated in France and Spain and Germany and more or less every other country in the EU.

And a lot of the strongest opposition to the EU is to be found in eastern Europe, among peoples who spent their entire lives living under the top-down control of Communist regimes. and have no wish to repeat the experience under the top-down control of the EU.

So the European “project” looks set to disintegrate, as the peoples of Europe increasingly reject it.

So the leadership of the EU has become increasingly desperate. How can they hold the EU together? And the answer may well be that they’ve decided to find an external enemy, who poses such a threat to Europe that all citizens can be united together to combat it.

And that’s why Putin is being compared to Hitler. He’s not actually any sort of Hitler at all, but he needs to be portrayed as one, if the peoples of Europe are to be united.

It’s not that the EU leadership actually want a hot war with Russia (although arms manufacturers probably do). Europe would be destroyed in any such war, if it ever escalated to a nuclear exchange. No, what they want is enough of a war, or enough of a semblance of a war, to alarm the citizens of Europe sufficiently for them to unite behind the EU leadership. After all, that’s the whole point. The EU leadership is desperate to hold the EU together and prevent it from disintegrating.

What’s disturbing for me, here in England, is that we have a supposedly Conservative Foreign Secretary – Boris Johnson – who is now peddling the Putin-is-Hitler narrative. Boris Johnson may as well be working for the EU. And he may as well also be a left wing progressive too.

And I suspect that maybe that’s exactly what he is, beneath all the buffoonery. For I’ve been arguing for years that the European political class, almost everywhere in Europe, are all fully-paid-up (or fully-bought-and-paid-for) supporters and advocates of the EU imperial “project”. They just come in a variety of different flavours. Some are Liberals. Some are Conservatives. Some are Labour. But underneath those superficial colours, they’re all Europeans. And they have been for the past 50 years.

But the peoples of Europe were never entirely sold on the European “project” in the first place. And now they’re becoming more and more rapidly disenchanted with it.

The situation, all over Europe, is beginning to resemble the situation in France prior to the French revolution, only inverted. For prior to the French revolution the French aristocracy were very largely conservative, and it was among the ordinary French people that the left wing progressives were to be found. But now the European aristocracy are almost all left wing progressives, and it’s the people who are increasingly the conservatives.

Can the progressive elites of the European political class manage to sufficiently dilute their populations with immigrants to ensure their re-election in perpetuity? Will they be able to rouse the peoples of Europe against the manufactured external threat of Russia? What other tricks are they likely to pull to keep the EU alive, and guarantee their future pensions? How far are they prepared to go?

My own belief, for the past 10 years or so, is that the EU isn’t a viable political institution. For I think that when that institution came out in favour of banning smoking everywhere in Europe, and conducting show trials of prominent dissident smokers, it ceased to represent about 150 million of Europe’s 500 million population (and I’m one of those 150 million). And I don’t think any political institution can do that to such a large proportion of its own voting population, and possibly expect to survive. I think the EU wrote its own death warrant in November 2009, in an act of complete political madness. And the strangest thing of all is that it remains blissfully unaware.what a stupid and unnecessary mistake it made.

And if we take it that Putin is actually a more-or-less-conservative politician whose principal interest is the preservation of Russia rather than the pursuit of progressive politics of any kind, and that Donald Trump is a more-or-less-conservative US politician whose election has marked the triumph of the American right for the foreseeable future, then the progressive European elites will find themselves facing not only the growing anger of their own electorates, but also the combined power and influence of two military superpowers. For I suspect (but don’t know for sure) that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are talking to each other about how best to topple the European political class, and enable new, conservative leaders to emerge throughout Europe to represent the largely conservative people of Europe.

And also the mainstream media, which could be counted upon to publish and broadcast state propaganda, are being replaced by a multiplicity of internet voices (e.g. mine). It’s increasingly difficult for any state to have a monopoly on information. We now get all our news from everywhere. And here in the UK, the once highly-respected state broadcaster, the BBC, has emerged (like much of the US mainstream media) as being as progressive as any European politician. And I never listen to it. And in fact, if I am ever caught watching BBC television, I’m likely to face a heavy fine, because I haven’t got the £155-a-year licence needed to watch it. Isn’t it rather wonderful that I, an Englishman living in England, have been actively disabled from watching any BBC TV? I can’t even watch it on iplayer any more. In fact I’m not sure I’m even allowed to mention the letters “BBC”. I think it’s a big mistake – a huge mistake – to prevent many of your own citizens from watching your own state broadcaster. How is the British government going to reach people like me? Right now, they can’t. And that’s yet another nail in their coffin.

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7 Responses to Slowly Disintegrating Europe

  1. smokingscot says:

    Not sure Trump intends remaining a dovish deal maker. His appointment yesterday of Bolton as National Security Advisor is chilling.

    Certainly when he served under Bush we had the full blown invasion of Iraq. Now he’s spouting stuff about a first strike in NK and mischief with Iran.

    Only thing to like about the guy is his very low opinion of the UN and several other international bodies and past treaties that cost America.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Given the turnover in the White House, I’m beginning to think that Trump road-tests the people he brings into his administration. If he immediately spots a flaw, they’re out the next day (e.g. Scaramucci). If not, they may last a bit longer. After 15 months in office, relatively few of Trump’s early selections are still there. Pompeo, who was given the CIA job, is said to be someone who gets along very well with Trump, so he’s now been promoted. His proposed replacement seems to be a woman torturer, which is far, far worse than John Bolton.

      My guess is that John Bolton is about to get road-tested like all the rest. If he does a good job for Trump, he’ll stay on. If he doesn’t, he’ll be out.

      I think that Donald Trump (unlike most previous presidents) knows exactly what he wants to do, and he’s looking for the right people to help him do it.

      • smokingscot says:

        Very good point. My terror is some twit thinking they can take on Iran, either directly or by supporting disaffected groups in the country.

        Hopefully his plan is to emasculate the UN, the WHO, the IMF, UNESCO and the World Bank.

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      Yes, a good sign. It is interesting how the Independent paints this as a loss for direct democracy since around 540,000 people signed a petition for the ban. They neglect to say that Austria’s population (as of 2016) is about 8.747 million. That margin amounts to about 6.17% . Apparently tobacco control’s supporters at the Independent depend upon the innumeracy of their readers to push smoking bans.

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    Now the antismokers are trying to extend their concept of banning smoking while walking across the Hudson to New Jersey! See “NYC might ban smoking while walking. Should N.J. follow?” at There is a poll.

    • Joe L. says:

      Also, it looks like the astroturfers haven’t been notified that there’s a comments section. The majority of comments are trashing the proposed ban. Nice to see common sense prevailing!

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