Blood Phoenix

The very interesting discussion that is taking place on these threads has thrown up all sorts of wonderful suggestions for names for some kind of ‘Smokers’ Army’. And in addition to the numerous suggestions for names it has also been suggested several times that the name should not only have a hint of menace to it (such as is suggested by ‘army’ or ‘legion’), but also one of enigma.

Today I’d like to suggest one way that a distinct air of menace might be added. And it was prompted by a comment by Vlad:

…under the ‘What is meningitis’ heading you can find this part: ##People exposed to passive smoking or with suppressed immune systems, such as patients undergoing chemotherapy, are also more at risk.## Source: Meningitis Now
I checked the charity’s site, and indeed, it says there that exposure to passive smoking increases one’s risk of catching meningitis. I was like…wtf..didn’t see this one coming. I mean, you expect this shenanigans from the likes of CRUK, but a Meningitis charity?! Imagine if that mother reads and believes this shit and then remembers some friend or acquaintance who smoked near her now dead child. This thing creates hate, resentment, destroys relationships…

Creating hate and resentment and fear is what Tobacco Control is all about. For they want to destroy relationships (they destroyed all mine). It’s the way they work. They don’t do their own dirty work: they get other people to do it for them. Someone like Deborah Arnott is never going to lift a finger against any smoker: instead she’ll act to exclude and demonise smokers to the point where their own friends and families will do it for her. And it’s not just her: George Godber was doing the exact same thing when he said that there was a need to “create the impression” that secondhand smoke posed a risk to health. And that’s what Tobacco Control is doing all the time, in multiple ways. They start rumours. And what Vlad turn up yesterday was a poisonous new rumour about tobacco that they’ve started.

But we can start our own rumours. And when I read of this new rumour, I was reminded of the suggestion that is often made, that there should be Nuremberg Trials for the principal participants in Tobacco Control. People like Deborah Arnott and Stanton Glantz and all the rest of them should be tried in court. And, just like at Nuremberg, some of them should be executed.

So if we want to add an edge of menace to our Smokers’ Army, we should perhaps assert that, when it has won its war of liberation, it will put the principal participants in Tobacco Control on trial, with a view to executing a few of them.

This isn’t my suggestion. It’s been around for a long time. And in fact some people think we shouldn’t bother with trials, and we should just string them up, with piano wire (Somehow or other piano wire is always a great favourite. Why not guitar strings? Or good, old-fashioned, hempen rope?).

And I’d like to lend my support to this idea. Not to the idea of the summary Ceausescu-style executions, or the use of piano wire. But to the idea of trials of the principal people in Tobacco Control, and if necessary the execution of the worst of them.

That said, I have many very strong reservations about such a course of action. I’m generally not in favour of the death penalty. It was abolished in Britain some 50 years ago. The last executions in the United Kingdom were by hanging, and took place in 1964, and it would seem to be something of a regressive move to re-instate it, if only for extremely serious crimes, worse than murder.

And what crimes are worse than murder? Well, a murderer is usually someone who deliberately kills someone else. And most murderers only kill one or two people – although there are serial killers who kill dozens of people. And I have a graveyard full of people whose deaths can be attributed to smoking bans: people who, for example, have fallen out of windows or off roofs where smoking bans had driven them to smoke. But I think that it is unlikely that anyone in Tobacco Control would ever be found guilty of murder – if only for the simple reason, that I have already pointed out, that they always get other people to do their dirty work for them.

No, the sort of grave crime that I’m thinking about is not one where one or two people are gravely injured, perhaps losing their lives, but one where a great many people are only slightly injured, and where the sum total of those small injuries is greater a lifetime. A man who has been murdered loses the remainder of his lifetime, but when ten thousand people are delayed or obstructed for a short time, the sum total – ten thousand slight delays – might well add up to a lifetime.

And it’s for this sort of crime for which Tobacco Control will need to be put on trial. And we have a pretty good idea of how many people they have obstructed: it is all the smokers in the world – some 1.5 billion of them. And we may also be able to rapidly assess how much these smokers have been forced to pay in punitive taxation upon tobacco. And we may also be able to assess how often, and for how long, they have been forced to stand outside to smoke, once they had been “exiled to the outdoors.” And we might also add in the emotional or psychological distress that many smokers have been caused, if only by having been forced to think about it. I have remarked many times that I wake up every day thinking about smoking bans. It’s not something I want to do – it’s something I am compelled to do. And these are all small injuries. But 1.5 billion small injuries will most likely add up to one very large injury in total.

Let us suppose, for example, that the average small injury to any smoker – in taxation, in exile to the outdoors, in worry, and in other respects – amounts to one single week of their lives. If so, then the sum of all those small injuries will amount to 1.5 billion weeks. And 1.5 billion weeks are about 29 million years. And if a lifetime is taken to be about 80 years, that’s about 360,000 lives.

So we are talking about a crime that has the scale of a great atrocity. And since the price that each smoker has been forced to pay, in taxation alone, is very likely much more than a mere week, we’re really talking about an atrocity on the scale of the Nazi holocaust. In fact, most likely we’re talking about something far worse than that.

The smoker holocaust that is taking place is a hidden holocaust. There are no gas chambers or heaps of bodies. It’s a slow motion holocaust that smokers experience every day of their lives, in a variety of different ways. It’s a burden they are all forced to carry. And that additional burden is also one which will likely bring about the early death of many of them. For when Tobacco Control tells people, usually in capital letters on cigarette health warnings, that “Smokers Die Younger”, and sometimes that smokers die 10 years younger, it’s because Tobacco Control is killing them, and is perfectly well aware of what it is doing, because it has always been their intention to kill them, in a death of a thousand cuts.

I don’t know whether any lawyer will ever read this. But I suspect that a state prosecutor or attorney general would quickly understand the reasoning that I have laid out here. They might already be very familiar with arguments of this kind. And they might be able to quickly point to relevant statutes which might be invoked to mount a case against Tobacco Control, and what kind of damages they could hope to ask for. They might also be able to assess, in countries like the USA where the death penalty remains in place, whether they could request its use.

I rest my case for now.

But I suspect I will return to it again. And I suspect that I will be arguing that here is a case where the ultimate sanction must be used.

And all morning I’ve been toying with new names for the Smokers’ Army, which might lend it a suitable edge of menace: Blood Phoenix. Blood Phoenix Calling. Blood Phoenix Walking. Blood Phoenix Coming.

You get the general idea. And they’re also fairly enigmatic.

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45 Responses to Blood Phoenix

  1. mactheknife says:

    Has anyone considered Nemesis, Frank? Divine retribution administered through an appropriate agent. Enigmatic, diffuse but suitably grim IMHO…

    • smokingscot says:

      Like it! And as at time of posting the dot com has gone, but dot co dot uk has not along with several other secondary ones.

      • Frank Davis says:

        I’m not actually planning to start a website right now. I’m just floating a few ideas.

      • nisakiman says:

        Yes, ‘Nemesis’ is good. It could perhaps be even more specific without actually articulating it, like ‘TC Nemesis’, although that lacks the simplicity of the single word.

        What does a dot co dot uk domain name cost these days? A tenner? I bought my dot com domain years ago, so I’m a bit out of touch. Once a name is decided upon, it would be a good idea to buy the domain name, even if it lies dormant for a while. A website would be essential, as it would act as a rallying point for those interested, and also as a line of communication. And it could feature all sorts of myth busting links.

    • Frank Davis says:

      That’s a good one. Another mythical figure.

      • Barry Homan says:

        The word Nemesis is also far-reaching.

        Our goal may be the eradiction of tobacco control, but with Nemesis flying as our banner, the term could eventually be extended towards and against the entire messed-up world of control-freaks, healthism, corruption, progressive twaddle, etc etc.

        Nemesis isn’t smoking-specific, but we could use it anyway.

      • Barry Homan says:

        And yes mac, we’ll remember you suggested it – cheers!

      • Barry Homan says:

        Even better, Nemesis translates almost perfectly as the same name, in a variety of languages: French, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish, even Russian.

        Interestingly, Spanish translates it as justicia – Justice!

  2. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Blood Phoenix is good. Certainly Arnott et al should be in the dock. The death of my formerly convivial social life is a good enough charge.

  3. nisakiman says:

    I think anything containing the word ‘blood’ veers into the melodramatic, and should be avoided. If there is to be any menace inferred (which I don’t think is necessary, to be honest), it should be the menace of a psychological thriller (i.e. something everyday which takes on a sinister or unexplained role) rather than the menace of a physical threat.

  4. Tony says:

    Prometheus Unbound would’ve been good if it hadn’t been so obvious.

  5. Tony says:

    Off Topic.
    I seem to remember that you were looking for a text book on Atmospheric science a while back. I saw this on twitter but have no idea if it is any good and you may have seen it already.

    “There are many textbooks on atmospheric physics out there with different level of difficulty. As an entry level, I’d recommend Wallace & Hobbs (2006) available as free PDF:”

    • Frank Davis says:

      Thanks a lot. That’s a great find. And I think I can cope with the math that’s in it (fingers crossed)

      In fact what I’m doing at the moment is trying to put together a simple model of an atmosphere, without trying to get into all the complexities of atmospheres. Because my Theory of Ice Ages is that they’re driven by the Earth, not the Sun or the atmosphere. It’s the Earth that heats up and cools down, rather than the atmosphere. And it’s the dog of the Earth that wags the atmospheric tail, rather than the other way round. So I currently regard the atmosphere as being relatively unimportant, and so there’s no need to get it exactly right. Although I might be wrong..

  6. Emily says:

    It is interesting, the idea of a trial, because tobacco control is already attempting to charge tobacco producers with “attempted murder.”

    Whether this was a one-off stunt or will prove to be a trend remains to be seen. I wonder how this might affect precedent if the tables were turned on tobacco control.

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      It wasn’t a one off. It is the second attempt. They tried in Finland first (in October 2017)but the Finnish Police also rejected the concept.

      See “Finnish police reject preliminary investigation into tobacco industry’s “light cigarettes”
      “Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation has decided not to launch a preliminary investigation into tobacco firms for selling so-called light cigarettes. A group of more than 33 medical and legal experts has called for a probe into suspected aggravated abuse and even murder by companies marketing the tobacco products as a healthier alternative to regular smokes.”

      So tobacco control is certainly seeking some propaganda power.

      Now two jurisdictions (the Netherlands and Finland) have rejected this line of prosecution.

      • Emily says:

        Interesting, thanks- and I would assume that in the US, the Master Settlement Agreement would prevent this from being legally viable?

        • Rose says:

          And everywhere else, I’d guess,
          TC have forgotten their own history and an investigation might be embarassing for all concerned.

          “light” cigarettes were invented by Smoking and Health Program of the National Cancer Institute and the National Cancer ASdvisory Board according to industry documents.

          Ncab Committee Meeting,November 4th 1974
          Page 1

          “Wynder called for voluntary action within three years to reach the current sales weighted average of 18.4 mg. tar and 1.27 mg. nicotine.
          As “further inducement”, he proposed that all cigarettes below 12 mg. tar and 0.8 mg. nicotine could be labeled as “light”.
          Wynder said “the greatest progress both qualitatively and quantitatively, will come through, the managerial process.”

          Release Statement
          LEVY RI,
          RAUSCHER FJ,
          RHOADS JE,
          Page 3-4
          “The research conducted by the Smoking and Health Program of the National Cancer Institute and other national and international organizations has identified promising techniques for reducing toxic elements of smoke. These techniques fall into three general categories.

          Changes in Cigarette Construction
          The burning rate and the amount of air mixed with the smoke while the cigarette is being puffed can be altered by the use of cigarette paper of greater porosity, and by providing aerating mouthpieces.”

        • Smoking Lamp says:

          It would in the states and territories party to the agreement. I suspect a state not party to the MSA could try, but since there isn’t any real proof (other than propaganda and spurious studies) I don’t think it would work. (in fact, recent civil law suits in state courts have been coming down more on the tobacco side than in the past. Rose make as good point about the actual origin of ‘light’ cigarettes.

        • Rose says:

          They tried in Finland first (in October 2017)but the Finnish Police also rejected the concept

          I had researched the subject 8 years earlier in 2009 and posted it all piece by piece on Dr, Siegel’s blog, he even used some of it in a blog post.

          The Lessons from History: Scientists Ideas About How to Make Safer Cigarettes Can Severely Backfire
          May 07, 2009
          “In 1974, the National Cancer Advisory Board – an advisory committee of the National Cancer Institute – made a detailed set of recommendations regarding the regulation of cigarettes. The recommendations called for federal regulation of the tar and nicotine deliveries of cigarettes, which would be administered by a federal agency. The agency would require that cigarette companies gradually reduce the tar and nicotine levels of cigarettes from the 1973 averages of 19.2 mg tar and 1.3 mg nicotine.”

          Those posts are now missing but thanks to Frank and several others, you’ll find them all here.

          The Origins of Light Cigarettes

        • Rose says:

          The tobacco companies probably only started making “light” cigarettes because the National Cancer Advisory Board had got the President involved and they feared legislation..

          US Rules on Cigarette Content Urged by Panel. Ford Demurs
          Washington Oct 23 1974

          “The National Cancer Advisory Board has called for Federal regulation of tar and nicotine content in cigarettes in the agencies annual report, which was sent to Congress today by President Ford.
          The President disassociated himself from the potentially controversial proposal.

          In a letter accompanying the report, Mr Ford said, “It should be pointed out that there is considerable dispute as to whether there exist adequate scientific evidence on which to base safe levels of tar and nicotine under responsible regulatory action”

          FOR IMMEDiATE RELEASE OCTOBER 13, 1974 – Office of the White House Press Secretary

          Dear Dr. Rhoads,

          I have – received and reviewed a preliminary copy- of the 1974 annual report of the National Cancer Advisory Board. In several places,the Board’s report recommends Federal regulation of the tar and nicotine content of cigarettes. The report does not, however, provide an assessment of the scientific evidence at hand which should provide the basis for such regulation.

          In order that all concerned may be fully informed, I would like to request that the National Cancer Advisory Board review the existing scientific evidence on an urgent basis and provide me with an assessment of the extent to which there exists a scientific basis for responsible regulation of cigarettes.

          I recognize that all questions of regulation necessarily involve a certain amount of reasonable disagreement as well as the exercise of sound judgment. Nevertheless it is critically important that our judgments be soundly based so that we may proceed with the greatest amount of wisdom.
          I know I can count on the National Cancer Advisory Board to provide me with scientific advice on this important matter-of public concern.

          I would greatly appreciate the Board’s assessment by December 1, 1974.
          GERALD R. FORD

          And the NCAB came up with all the stuff you have already read in the Release Statement .

  7. waltc says:

    And what’s wrong with piano wire?….

    beyond that and fwiw, Smokers Liberation Army actually says what you’re talking about and what you want the antagonists to know you’re about, so why get cute or symbolic or go for mystery. Not, I add with my pragmatist’s hat on, that I think this’ll go very far, but let them know (that like other oppressed minorities–or other minorities they’ve purposely oppressed) that “we’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it any more” or at least not take it lying down.

    In fact what they’re aiming for is a step beyond the already disgraced idea of apartheid/ ghettoization/ Jim Crow and into a variant of genocide– their smoke-free/ smoker free world isn’t much different from the old utopia of a Jew-free world or militant Islam’s program for a Jew/Christian/Buddhist/ Taoist/ etc free world. In fact, what they’ve done so far (with indoor and outdoor bans, street bans, campus bans, housing bans, discriminatory hiring practices, denial of medical treatment) perfectly and exactly parallels what the Nazis did before all-out holocaust , and meanwhile, they approach the fervor of Isis and the Taliban. Perhaps at this point, publicizing those parallels are the strongest PR message to hit– not excluding the part about the Nazis (and for that matter, the American racists who promoted Jim Crow) used Public Health (backed by lies) as their rationale. The problem, however, remains getting a platform to blare from and some articulate blarers. If you got a large enough number of signatories to an SLA, by the very title alone, you might get access to media.

    But, to return full circle, the name has to clearly state the aim.

    • Frank Davis says:

      What I’m most interested in doing these days isn’t taking on the antis, but instead getting smokers together. My blog does this to some extent. And the Smoky Drinky Bar also does it (rather better). But I really think that smokers need to have some global organisation that they can join, and meet up with other smokers, and hear other smokers’ voices.

      If anything, the name really ought to reflect that primary goal. And should be International Smokers United, or Smokers Sticking Together or something along those lines. First we need an army of like-minded people, from all over the world – only then can we hope to have any success in taking on the antis.

  8. Roobeedoo2 says:

    How about ‘International Smokers’? We’d be the I.S. out of I.S.I.S, an international endeavour ;)

    Also, I just found out Jeremy Bentham coined the word ‘International’. Idle Theory has Benthamesque elements:

    • Frank Davis says:

      Yes, Idle Theory is very like Utilitarianism. Except that I’ve thrown away Utility (or pleasure, or happiness or satisfaction) and replaced it with Idleness. Utility is a psychological measure (and not actually a measure, because we have no way of measuring it). Idleness is a purely physical measure. And I see Idle Theory as a branch of physics.

  9. Joe L. says:

    As a musician, your mention of hanging someone with a guitar string made me think of a guitar-related acronym (I’m still not sure if we really want an acronym, though):

    CAPO: Citizens Against Pseudoscientific Oppression

    A capo is used to shorten the length of a guitar’s strings in order to transpose the pitch of the guitar. While not overtly threatening, it does kinda symbolize our goal of “sliding the capo up the neck” of these pseudoscientific, puritanical, bullying control freaks.

  10. RdM says:

    I like acronyms, and countering the the anti-smoker ones has been on my mind for some years.
    After all, if The Enemy uses them, why not take the fight to them, usurp some of their own turf.
    Throw them in to some confusion.

    For instance:
    A New Tobacco Initiative
    followed by – (i.e. with a hyphen) a choice of a second word
    Tobacco And Beer Are Cultural

    SCAM (mentioned above) might be
    Smokers Campaigning Against Malfeasance

    Citizens Over Nonsense

    and so on.

    I quite liked the idea of entering into zealot neo-prob forums with the signature ANTI-TABAC that turned out to link to a website or blog that was actually headlined
    A New Tobacco Initiative – Tobacco And Beer Are Cultural (with history & science info & links)
    and even reserved a WordPress local variant of it at the time, although wanted to refine it.
    Of course, neo-prob groups vet potential new members very carefully, but still…
    (And I’ve seen a study boast of the use of (expensive, taxpayer funded) software to search blogs and forums as well as newspaper articles for smoking-related dissent… so of course they read this)

    (and neo-prohibitionism has become rather a neo-problem, wouldn’t you think?)

    Or, single word acronyms as so beloved by them, even though they overlook ‘small words’.

    For instance, ASH used to be Action (on) Smoking (and) Health. Cheap, cheating, IMO.
    What if it had been Action against Smoking for Health?

    It might better be transformed to, harried, undermined by, Against Smoker Harassment.

    In New Zealand ASH was de-funded recently, then resurrected by the uber-socialist Helen Clark after her failed bid at the UN, as a Patron, and now its goal is even further from its acronym:
    Action for Smokefree 2025

    Blatant political lobbying, targeting of newly elected MP’s, influence campaigns.
    Perhaps Emeritus Professor Robert Beaglehole is an old socialist too.
    With laughable typos, no longer any pretense at being a “Charity”, their About page states:

    What is ASH?
    ASH – Action for Smokefree 2025 is an incorporated society that has been campaigning to achieve our vision to eliminate the death and harm caused by tobacco since 1983.

    When ASH was funded by a group of concerned medical professionals in the 80s, a third of adults smoked. Ongoing pressure from groups like ASH mean that 35 years later, 14% of adults smoke daily, and New Zealand has some of the most comprehensive tobacco control policies in the world. This includes a government goal to be Smokefree by 2025.

    Who funds ASH?
    ASH is independently funded by our members, donations, and grant funding. We are led by a dedicated board, chaired by Emeritus Professor Robert Beaglehole.

    The organisation has undergone a lot changes in the last year. Most significant was the end of our funding relationship with the Ministry of Health after nearly 20 years. It has been a long and productive relationship resulting in some huge milestones for smokefree New Zealand, including smokefree workplaces, tobacco tax increases, advertising bans, treatment funding and groundbreaking research into smoking in New Zealand.

    This change has allowed ASH to get back to basics as a leading independent campaign voice for high quality tobacco control measures.

    What is ASH’s priority?
    Our urgent and immediate priority focus is on reaching the Smokefree 2025 goal where less than 5% of all New Zealanders smoke.

    How does ASH operate?
    As an independent campaign organisation, ASH is focusing on the political leadership needed to achieve this goal.

    Through supporting policy makers to take urgent and evidence based action, we believe ASH’s vision could be reality within a generation.

    ASH also works with our member and supporters to build a social movement for Smokefree 2025.

    So, CLASH is taken, and a fine job they’re doing too, but what about CASH?
    Citizens Against Smoker Harrassment
    Anybody including non-smokers who see it’s all going too far can align with that.

    There must be many more.
    I’m running out of steam right now…
    Smokers Taking Exception Against Medicine
    Smokers Make Our Kind Exceptional

    I’ll be returning… ;=})

    But I think playing with acronyms can be great fun, and a stimulating exercise.
    So please, I encourage you all to have a go!

    And then of course there are all the recursive acronyms, ones that took off in computer lore.
    Wildly popular, but perhaps a little arcane for here and now.

    ~ RdM

    Actually, second thoughts:

    Our target is not the juggernaut of TC itself, (who could hope to compete?) but rather the hearts and minds of the ordinary folk, the whole general population, smokers and non-smokers, leaving aside the antis for now, whether original zealots, influence instigators, or brainwashed drones…

    I’m suggesting that a clever, well-crafted acronym (or several, deployed in a salvo according to place?) could be very effective, if behind its name was a website or several that showed all of the counter-studies, summaries, summations, gosh, I’m running out of s-words, shortcuts to links, & etc. provided by so many commentators here, perhaps especially Rose, recently that great collection by kin_free, and of course the scatter or directed shots by the late lamented Harley…

    Of course, as remarked a few days earlier, by smokingscot,

    I’ve seen Freedom to Choose as well a Forces attempt to get some sort of grassroots organisation going without success. Even Tobacco Control Tactics is a virtual dead site, having last been updated in December 2017 (and their list of bloggers and web sites is way out of date).

    (and I see, even here on Frank’s blogroll, .unionpourlesdroitsdesfumeursadultes is gone too.)

    Nevertheless, despite encouraging news was it I hope from Wiel that FORCES might be reactivated, it’s probably never too late to start thinking of new vehicles, new acronyms.

    And as for material… even across separate sites;- perhaps diversity is better!

    Rose, all those fantastic references you have posted – do you have them archived?
    Because it’s still impossible to search this or any free WordPress blog comments on the web.

    I mean, do you have them (I would imagine and hope so!) archived sufficiently such that if there was a new secure trustworthy vehicle, site, to be able to upload them to, you could?
    (I/m sure you do…)

    Same with everybody else who had vast archives of links, especially from defunct sites.

    What’s needed is of course outspoken voices, gaining charisma, popularity, readership, influence in the MSM and (even, eventually>) in political circles, but they must have this comprehensive database archive resource of all of the countering-argument forbidden forgotten or fatefully unfairly rejected evidence and science that has gone before… that is easy to refer to, link to, quote from.

    IMHO In my Humble Opinion.

    The previous databases are old, fading, crumbling, overgrown with weeds, failing from neglect.
    OK, let’s revitalise, revitalize them, generate some enthusiasm for doing so…

    There are huge steel and glass and concrete architectural mega projects in the world that even generate their own TV shows…

    Surely it’s possible to regenerate and make new outstanding and winning human websites?


    • Rose says:

      Rose, all those fantastic references you have posted – do you have them archived?
      Because it’s still impossible to search this or any free WordPress blog comments on the web.

      I mean, do you have them (I would imagine and hope so!) archived sufficiently such that if there was a new secure trustworthy vehicle, site, to be able to upload them to, you could?
      (I/m sure you do…)

      No I don’t and yes you can search WordPress blogs.
      Being a computer illiterate Rose’s Garden was created for me and I put my research there until it locked me out.
      Now, I just rely on memory and remembering which blog I posted those references on.

      Yesterday’s links were retrieved by putting an unusual word in the search that I knew to be in the document I was looking for.

      kaolin clay “the rest of the story” siegel

      About 2,580 results (0.37 seconds)
      Search Results
      The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary: CDC …
      26 May 2017 – The Rest of the Story … Doctor Siegel, in case you missed it, the verdict is in on Ernst Wynder and the National Cancer Advisory Board’s “light” cigarettes. … dilution by “cellulose synthetic tobacco extenders, inorganic salts, clays and kaolin” in reconstituted tobacco sheets and suggest that tobacco can be …

      The rest were from Rose’s Garden, but usually I use Frank’s blog in the search as so manyof my links are posted here.

      kaolin clay “frank davis”

      About 217 results (0.33 seconds)
      Search Results
      The Cancer Metastasizes | Frank Davis

      28 Mar 2017 – These methods reduce the amount of tobacco burned during inhalation, and by diluting the smoke recieved by the smoker make it less hazardous.” On page 5 they want dilution from “cellulose synthetic tobacco extenders, inorganic salts, clays and kaolin” in reconstituted tobacco sheets and suggest that …

      But it’s probably simpler to just ask me. : )

      • RdM says:

        Indeed, dear Rose, starting from the end up, it might be simpler, but I have long wondered why it is not possible to search comments directly.

        I’d decided a manual search was all that was possible, i.e. (sometime!) scrolling through every posts comments and copy pasting elsewhere the references one wanted.

        That would take hours, days, weeks, months, even longer, to collate…

        I got all excited reading this WordPress Blog post talking about Comment Search, but …
        it’s never worked for me, and I don’t see comments about it not working later.
        They give a link in that article to

        Try searching on in that for even say “Rose” …
        Or “Tobacco”.

        I gave up. Maybe I don’t understand how it is supposed to work.
        Adding https:// in front made no difference.

        Putting in “site:” gives me a a couple links from Junican, but no more, and when I pressed [See More Results] I got no more.

        What am I missing?
        Can any computer geeks here shine a light on this? ;=})

        (I truly believe that so far comments are not found by search engines.)

        I’d love it if that were not so!

        • Rose says:

          RdM, I think you are giving your search engine too much information, keep it simple.
          I just type “frank davis” at the end of the quote and if it’s a difficult one to find, I might add “smoking” but it will only take you to the blog page it’s posted on, you do have to scroll down through the comments to find it.

      • RdM says:

        Oops, three links in my reply to Rose, exceeding limits, awaiting moderation!

    • RdM says:

      Veni Vidi Velcro
      ” I came, I saw, I stuck around.”

    • Frank Davis says:


      A bit whimsical, but when I looked at ANTI-TABAC, what jumped out at me was: “Another Thing Is – Toast And Butter Are Cool.”

      Anyway, I like the idea of showing up dressed in the clothes of the opposition, and subverting their message.

      LGBTQ : “Let’s Get Back Together Quickly” “Let’s Go Back To Quintessences”?

      • RdM says:

        Yeah. Subvert them all over the places they’re in.
        Even in Rapid Response to some of the idiotic BMJ articles posted.
        Or anywhere.

        Multiple responses, everywhere…

      • RdM says:

        “A bit whimsical, but when I looked at ANTI-TABAC, what jumped out at me was: “Another Thing Is – Toast And Butter Are Cool.”

        Thanks! I mean, that’s great! Especially with Easter coming!

        They just had the nationwide best Easter Hot Cross Buns contest results on TV here tonight, and it was a small family concern who soaked the large quantity of fruit to be incorporated, mixed it and glazed and baked it well that won…

        Spread with butter very cool on that!

        Yes, acronyms might be as intellectually stimulating as crosswords…

  11. I assume piano strings are used instead of guitar strings because guitar strings are generally too thin and will break. A bass piano string would do the job all by itself.

    Mind you, piano strings are generally not as available as guitar strings, unless you cut one out of a piano, which is not something you generally want to do. (I suppose in revolutionary times there may have been broken pianos around after the mobs had smashed things up.)

  12. RdM says:

    There were perhaps so many pianos in existence that there were spare parts available?
    Certainly lower register strings are thicker!

    Re resistance, not that I’m suggesting anything, it ended badly for them historically, but a reminder of how far oppressed peoples even in civilized countries will go, even in recent memory, to defend their freedom against imposed occupation:

    If you haven’t seen it before, maybe worth searching out.

  13. Synchronicity. I clicked on this as my very next click after posting the following as a Comment on how corporations and citizens’ groups manipulate political hearings.

    I led off with a quote from the Answer I was commenting on:

    “Corporations regularly form and bankroll “Citizens against [blank]” groups, wherein most or all of the citizens are actually shills. They drum up scare tactics and coach children into speeches, and then parade these groups in front of commissions and legislators.”

    and then followed with my own Comment:


    True on BigT… but even MORE true in the last 20+ years for Big Antismoking! I couldn’t believe how heavily the New York Antismokers dove into parading children reading prepared speeches before a City Council hearing there in 2000. The chair presiding Councilor (Vincent Robles), who seemed otherwise quite fair-minded in his chairing, was so beguiled that he had the proud little Antismokers come up and sit in his lap and gave them little medals for their wonderful speeches. Then, in 2003ish here in Philadelphia I went to several hearings and not only got to see the gallery packed with kids, but even a bunch of kids “dressed up” as different diseases so they could parade up to the microphone and tearfully hold up the big signs around their necks and chokingly and tearfully say, “Dear Mr. Councilpeoples, My name is TIFFANY (or JOHNNY etc) and I am BRAIN CANCER! Please, PLEASE Mr. Councilpeoples please don’t let me die.”

    (In both NY and Philly the big push in the hearings was to ban smoking in bars and strip clubs … evidently places these grade schoolers routinely hung out after classes I guess.)

    – MJM, who feels strongly that manipulating children as puppets and injecting unreasonable fears into them (that they’re doing to die from traces of smoke on parents’ clothing etc) is quite seriously a form of child abuse.

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