Organised Snow

UK Met Office:

Good morning, a band of more organised snow over parts of Scotland, northern England and Wales will continue south westwards this morning.

I supposed what little snow we’ve had in Herefordshire must be disorganised snow, unlike the disciplined, organised, elite snow now approaching Scotland and northern England.

The Express:

UK weather forecast: ‘Worst YET TO COME’ as snow band expected to bring CHAOS across UK

There’s a band of Siberian air moving west over the UK at the moment, and it’s been dubbed “the Beast from the East.” That’s quite an imaginative name for a piece of weather. By contrast   a low pressure area off Portugal has been named “Emma” by the Portuguese met office. Couldn’t they have been a bit more imaginative and called it “Count Dracula” or “Cruella Deville” or something? For the two are due to collide over southern England this weekend, causing what I can only suppose will be some very highly organised snow.

Pat Buchanan, writing about Donald Trump:

Trump, he [Frank Cannon] writes, “would more accurately be described as a ‘radical anti-progressive’” who is “at war with the progressives who have co-opted American civil society.”

Moreover, Trump “is willing to go further than any other previous conservative to defeat them.”

Many “elite conservatives,” writes Cannon, believe the “bedrock institutions” they treasure are “not subject to the same infectious politicization to which the rest of society has succumbed.”

This belief is naive, says Cannon, “ridiculous on its face.”

“Radical anti-progressives” recognize that many institutions — the academy, media, entertainment and the courts — have been co-opted and corrupted by the left. And as these institutions are not what they once were, they no longer deserve the respect they once had.

And following on from yesterday’s post, add the medical profession as well.

But is Trump really a ‘radical anti-progressive’? If he was he’d surely be taking on Tobacco Control, and rolling back smoking bans. And he’d smoke a pipe. And Melania would smoke cigars. Instead it’s only Ivanka who smokes cigarettes, and she’s supposed to be fairly progressive.

No. Surely Donald Trump drank the progressive kool-aid a long time ago. He doesn’t touch tobacco or alcohol. He doesn’t even drink coffee. What sort of anti-progressive is that? Donald Trump is a puzzle. He’s a mass of contradictions.

Which reminds of something Victor Davis Hanson said about 3 minutes into the following clip:

“One other statement before I go to the mythologies, this.. it had a lot to do with class. I know people say, “How can Trump be a populist, he’s a billionaire?” But he was billionaire in a way that offended the sensibilities of the coastal corridors, maybe it was the orange hair or skin, or the Queens’ accent, or his personal tastes and appetites, but whatever it was people of the elite did not like him for class reasons, because you would talk to conservatives and you would look at his agenda, and it was pretty conservative, and they’d say “Well, he doesn’t believe it, or he was a Democrat,” but they applied a different standard to him that was inexplicable other than they had a class disdain for what he represented.”

That was what I thought, and at the time compared it to someone like Michael Caine becoming British Prime Minister. VDH again, 14 minutes into another video.

“I talked to a New York developer once, and he called me and said, “You know, I watch from my tower… And I see Donald Trump. And it is true that he deviates from his planned walk when he gets out of his limo and he goes and talks to cement people. And I see people clapping that are on construction sites. So whatever he is, it’s genuine that people like him.” And I thought about that. When Hillary was telling the coal miners they had to learn how to build solar panels, he was using the first person plural pronoun “our”. I never heard a candidate in history say “our miners”, “our farmers”, “our soldiers”. Nobody told him to do that.”

That reminds of reading, shortly after he’d announced his candidacy, about Trump talking to a hot dog stall owner somewhere in NYC, and asking him how business was doing. And maybe Trump had just bought a hot dog, and was eating it. He knew these people. He was one of them. He’d grown up with them. He liked them, and they liked him. The same could never be said about Hillary Clinton, or more or less any other machine politician.

And I’m anti-progressive. I’m not against progress that just happens unplanned. Like railways. Cars. Radios. TVs. It’s when people start planning the future, what it’s going to be like, what they want it to be like, what they’re going to make people do, that I invariably revolt against it. It’s progressives of that kind that I detest, with their elaborate plans for everyone. Am I a radical anti-progressive? Perhaps I am that too: I hate all their schemes, all their plans. And if Donald Trump is a radical anti-progressive, he’s not radical enough. Or not yet.

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25 Responses to Organised Snow

  1. Trump’s no-drinking and no-smoking can’t really be described as progressive (or non-progressive), it comes more from the old-fashioned business world idea of staying in control, and staying healthy so you can get up early to do deals. Rupert Murdoch gave up drinking for similar reasons.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I think Carol42 below is nearer the mark.

      • I didn’t know that. Still, I’ve seen people destroyed by alcoholism and I’ve also decided to stop drinking as a result, but I didn’t stick with it because it didn’t fit in with my life and my desires. Not drinking obviously did fit in with Trump’s lifestyle, as it does with many people who want to get up early and get ahead of the competition.

        I’m also a bit sceptical that the older brother situation is the whole story anyway, because he was only eight years older than Donald, yet Donald says he has never drunk. Seeing an older brother having a hard time with drinking in his mid-twenties isn’t going to put most young people off drinking altogether, unless there’s other forces at work as well.

        (Agree with you about the strong simialrities between Nazis and Communists. They’re all slightly different shades of collectivists.)

        • RdM says:

          I have an English friend (Manchester) here in NZ who doesn’t drink, having seen his father destroyed by alcoholism, but who loves smoking tobacco and drinking coffee…

  2. Carol42 says:

    I believe Trump promised his older brother he would never drink when his brother died from alcoholism in his 40s I think.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Yes. That’s about what happened. His brother also told him not to smoke. Not sure where not drinking coffee came from.

      How Donald Trump’s Brother Fred Jr. Shaped His Views on Addiction
      The president will reportedly share his family’s story during a speech today about America’s opioid crisis.

      • Joe L. says:

        It sounds like Trump just decided to lump coffee in with alcohol and tobacco as another dreadful “addiction.”

        Donald Trump Does Not Drink Coffee (Except When He’s Campaigning)

        “He was 10 years older than me, and he would always tell me not to drink or smoke,” Trump said. “I won’t even drink a cup of coffee. I just stay away from those things because he had such a tremendous problem.”

        So Trump apparently decided to abstain from everything considered “addictive” … However, it’s rumored that Trump drinks a dozen cans of Diet Coke a day, and has a physical button on his desk in the Oval Office with which to beckon for someone to bring him another. :/

        • Rose says:

          Correlation is not causation, but it might have looked like that to an observer.

          I won’t even drink a cup of coffee. I just stay away from those things because he had such a tremendous problem

          Many Recovering Alcoholics Depend on Coffee, Cigarettes

          “Of the more than 1 million Americans who join Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), almost all drink coffee and close to 60 percent smoke, Vanderbilt University researchers report.
          “Normally, coffee drinking and cigarette smoking go together,” said lead researcher Dr. Peter R. Martin, director of the Vanderbilt Addiction Center. “But recovering alcoholics tend to smoke less than drink coffee.”

          About 90 percent drink coffee, but only about 60 percent smoke cigarettes, Martin said. “That’s interesting disassociation between the two behaviors,” he said.
          The report is published in the October issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

          “In the study, Martin’s team asked 289 AA members about their coffee and cigarette and alcohol consumption.
          Of the 88.5 percent who drank coffee, 33 percent drank more than four cups a day. Most reported drinking coffee did make them feel better and helped them concentrate and be more alert.

          Of the AA members, 56.9 percent smoked. Among smokers, 78.7 percent smoked at least half a pack a day and more than 60 percent considered themselves highly dependent on cigarettes.
          The benefits of smoking were the reduction of negative feelings, including depression and anxiety and irritability. These feelings were likely to contribute to new bouts of drinking, Martin said.

          The remaining question is whether drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes plays a role in recovering from alcoholism, Martin said. “Is there something in coffee that may be protective against relapse? Is there something in cigarettes that may actually reduce the likelihood of relapse?” he asked.”

        • Rose says:

          Now I didn’t know this until 5 minutes ago, I was just following the logic.

          Can gaunt Gazza finally kick his booze addiction with a ‘Marmite vitamin’ drip? Footballer hopes radical niacin treatment will stop alcohol craving
          13 March 2016

          Paul has been getting infusions of niacin compound – vitamin from Marmite
          Since the start of the year he has been taking fortnightly 500ml doses
          The £400 a time infusions at a rehab made him feel ‘super-positive’
          Says the ‘amazing’ treatment has helped him stay alcohol free for a year

          Dr Tom Spies found that nicotinic acid treated alcoholic pellagra in the 30’s, but I couldn’t find a good article on that.

        • RdM says:

          Interestingly, Prof David Nutt is in New Zealand giving a lecture on the benefits of LSD and psilocybin therapeutically, and pointing out in audio interview how research was just stopped, around the time of the Vietnam war, the war on drugs since, & etc

          It’s quite a good interview, on Radio NZ, have a listen, or at least read the synopsis:

        • RdM says:

          Coincidentally, I noticed a few months ago a new book by Peter Watts, a recently discovered sci-fi author, not even really sure if the same chap, but in my online local library access I booked it anyway, I mean got myself on the waiting list, I was about 75th as I recall when I started, and recently thought I was excited to see I was down to single digits, maybe I’ll get to read this soon…I thought!

          But a couple of days ago I got an email from the library saying

          The following item/s you requested are not available.
          For further assistance please contact your library.

          AUTHOR: Watts, Peter.
          TITLE: LSD Library, The: Altered States and the Counterculture

          So thought;- that’s odd! I was sure I’d seen it count down from 75th on the wait list to less than 10, which meant that people had borrowed and returned it and I would get my turn very soon, so I did ring them, had a nice discussion, and got this email back today.

          Good afternoon Ross – thank you for your call yesterday.
          I’ve been advised by our Acquisitions team that “LSD Library, The: Altered States and the Counterculture” book was cancelled:
          The order was cancelled yesterday as we were advised from our supplier that the publication had been cancelled and has been postponed indefinitely. Amazon UK shows it as unavailable and Amazon US has no listing of the title.
          Hope this helps – have a good afternoon.
          Please contact us again if we can be of further assistance.
          Kind regards,

          Their supplier linked in that is

          And it does say therein

          Sorry, publisher has cancelled publication of this title.

          Weird, huh?

          It looked like it was gong to be quite an interesting read.

          Has it been CENSORED ?

        • RdM says:

          Description of this Book
          A celebration of the world s greatest collection of psychedelia and its profound impact on popular culture. Julio Mario Santo Domingo was a collector and visionary fascinated by altered states drugs, sex, magic, and rock and roll. He filled a Swiss warehouse with a secret library of rare first-edition books, manuscripts, photographs, posters, bottles, letters, and other ephemera relating to these colorful subjects, including the world s largest collection of opium pipes. Through his passions and family fortune Santo Domingo traveled in circles with the likes of the Rolling Stones and other cultural icons. Such connections and relationships afforded him access to mementos from some of the world s most intriguing personalities from Sigmund Freud to Andy Warhol, from Allen Ginsberg to Keith Richards, and from Jack Kerouac to Lenny Kravitz.This beautifully designed book uses highlights of the collection to explore the ways artists, writers, and musicians have used mind-enhancing drugs as a tool to expand their own creativity, to investigate the outer limits of inner space, and to reproduce the experiences of altered states through art and literature.A visually stunning and endlessly surprising celebration, The LSD Library brings an unprecedented insight into the influence of drugs in America and abroad. It is the perfect gift for students and fans of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and the fascinating world that created this iconic culture.

        • Frank Davis says:

          Amazon UK doesn’t stock it either.

          But you can get it online free:

          Read The LSD Library: Altered States and the Counterculture PDF

          You want to find a book Read The LSD Library: Altered States and the Counterculture PDF for your friend’s gift. But there is no time to buy in bookstores. You can get the book The LSD Library: Altered States and the Counterculture PDF Download online for free on this site. By means of ‘CLICK’ downloads that exist on this web site. And Books The LSD Library: Altered States and the Counterculture PDF are available in PDF, Kindle, Ebook, ePub and mobi format, Free PDF downloads of his game right now.


          they do ask for a valid credit card number, saying they won’t charge you.

        • RdM says:

          Hmm thanks Frank but I think I’ll pass on giving them my card details!
          Weird nonsense machine-generated English in their blurb too:

          The 48 … The LSD Library: Altered States and the Counterculture … pdf their bisects corporately. Philip outrode coordination, their besottedly outputs. huskiest reaction that … The LSD Library: Altered States and the Counterculture PDF Online Download

          Famously of course Bill Wilson, the founder of AA, took LSD

          (some interesting links within the latter)

          And Cary Grant, the actor, was very keen on it too, as a search on Cary Grant LSD will show.

  3. Rose says:

    WE woke up to snow this morning and it’s been snowing off and on all day, so I have been watching the news coming in of our continuing attempts to leave the EU and the continuing attempts to thwart it.

    snow job
    nounNorth Americaninformal
    noun: snow job; plural noun: snow jobs

    a deception or concealment of one’s real motive in an attempt to flatter or persuade.

    We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years
    27, 2018

    “A SECRET document, which remained locked away for 30 years, advised the British Government to COVER-UP the realities of EU membership so that by the time the public realised what was happening it would be too late.”

    “The unknown author – a senior civil servant – correctly predicted the then European Economic Community (the EEC effectively became the EU in 1993) was headed for economic, monetary and fiscal union, with a common foreign and defence policy, which would constitute the greatest surrender of Britain’s national sovereignty since 1066.

    He went on to say “Community law” would take precedence over our own courts and that ever more power would pass away from Parliament to the bureaucratic system centred in Brussels.

    The author even accurately asserts that the increased role of Brussels in the lives of the British people would lead to a “popular feeling of alienation from Government”.

    But shockingly politicians were advised “not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures… to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community”.

    “They were told to preserve the impression that the British Government was still calling the shots rather than an unelected body of foreign politicians – and that the ruse would last “for this century at least” – by which time Britain would be so completely chained to Brussels it would be impossible to leave.
    Document FCO30/1048, which has now been declassified under the 30-year rule, still shocks and angers Brexiteers.”

    I have not yet found an official government copy of the promises that were made to us when I was young and gullible, but luckily Harvard kept a copy.

    “This page contains the text of the Government produce pamphlet advocating a vote to stay in the “European Community (Common Market)” in the 1975 British Referendum on continuing British membership.”


    “This pamphlet is being sent by the Government to every household in Britain. We hope that it will help you to decide how to cast your vote in the coming Referendum on the European Community (Common Market).

    Please read it. Please discuss it with your family and your friends.

    We have tried here to answer some of the important questions you may be asking, with natural anxiety, about the historic choice that now faces all of us.

    We explain why the Government, after long, hard negotiations, are recommending to the British people that we should remain a member of the European Community.

    We do not pretend, and never have pretended, that we got everything we wanted in these negotiations. But we did get big and significant improvements on the previous terms.

    We confidently believe that these better terms can give Britain a New Deal in Europe. A Deal that will help us, help the Commonwealth, and help our partners in Europe.”

    It’s well worth a read, if only for the imagined sound of hollow laughter.

  4. garyk30 says:

    ‘a band of more organised snow’—-‘the Beast from the East’

    I guess they want us to believe that these things are alive, rather than a random collection of natural events.

    But; then, they do that to second hand smoke.

  5. beobrigitte says:

    The first “band of more organised snow” fell terribly disorganised in the early hours this morning.

    There’s a band of Siberian air moving west over the UK at the moment, and it’s been dubbed “the Beast from the East.”
    I believe people in Siberia are used to far worse than what we got, but I guess, it must be ‘the wrong kind of snow’ yet again….
    Airport cancels flights, schools closed and long traffic delays and more weather WARNINGS: Weather warnings are in force this week as freezing air from Siberia makes its way across the UK.
    But then, it’s time to throw some health warnings in, too:
    Health chiefs are also urging older and vulnerable people to stay warm and stock up on medicine, with cold air increasing the risks of heart attacks and breathing problems.
    As far as I know, smokers are still being send out into the cold. Perhaps the heart attacks and breathing difficulties will be used by

  6. Smoking Lamp says:

    Smoking isn’t inherently progressive or conservative. After all Stalin and Mao smoked while Lenin was an antismoker. Churchill smoked as did Eisenhower and de Gaulle but Montgomery was an antismoker. Hilter was certainly an antismoker but not a leftist by most definitions. Sartre was a smoker, as was Camus, and Picasso.(who died at 91).

    The current crop of antismoking activists frame tobacco control as progressive and certainly use Gramscian methods to disrupt social structures but their goal is essential totalitarian social control which is a goal that has been embraced by both the left and right. Tyranny comes from both sides and needs to be recognized for what it is. The reason the antismokers cast antismoking as progressive is that progressive politics are on the rise. If conservative politics was on the rise (which it may be) they would cast the antismoking propaganda in right terms (which we may see if conservative politic take hold). Antismoking is an opportunistic, prohibitionist movement that embraces the political fad of the day to sustain its assault on liberty.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I know that most people think of Hitler as being a nationalist and therefore a right wing conservative of some sort. but in fact he was a socialist. He was a national socialist. The NSDAP was the “National Socialist German Workers Party.” His socialism was socialism for the German people, while most of the other socialists wanted socialism for everybody. He was a thorough-going collectivist, who thought in terms of peoples rather than individuals.

      Much the same is true of Mussolini, who is also thought of as being an Italian fascist and nationalist, and therefore some sort of conservative. But before he founded the Italian fascist party, he was a communist. And fascism, in the sense that it derives from the Roman fasces, the symbols of state power, was the use of state power to get people to do what the state (personified by Mussolini) wanted them to collectively do, not what they individually wanted to do. And Hitler was a great admirer of Mussolini and the Italian fascists.

      About the only person that I can think of as being a right wing conservative was Spain’s Franco. The Spanish civil war was fought between him and the Spanish socialists. Franco was fighting to keep Spain as a sovereign state, and a Catholic state, and a traditional Spanish state. And he never made an alliance with either the Nazis or the Italian fascists, probably because he knew he wasn’t one of them. In this manner he successfully kept Spain out of WW2. And he didn’t ban smoking either.

      And in my current understanding of conservatism in the Western world, conservatives are much more likely to be concerned with individual freedom than collectivist socialists, and so it’s the socialists who are far more likely to be tyrannical than conservatives (although Franco was pretty tyrannical).

      • Smoking Lamp says:

        Frank, viewing Nazis as socialists is a minority view among most political scientists and historians. Hitler was anti-Communist and anti-Bolshevik; so was Mussolini who was a socialist (and expelled from the Italian Socialist Party) before adopting fascism as an ideology. That does not of course mean that they were not influenced by socialist thought or didn’t try and co-opt socialist though in a utilitarian sense. Political terminology is often defined as much by the opposition than by a factions own adherents. That leads to sometimes paradoxical formulations like ‘left-wing fascism’ as defined by Jürgen Habermas and Irving Louis Horowitz (both neo-Marxists of the Frankfort School).
        Despite these definitional issues, most political scientists and historians have viewed both Nazis and Communists as totalitarian.

        The point I was making was that antismokers–like all political or ideological moments–are flexible in terminology in order to gain power. The actions of the group are more important in defining a group’s ideological bias than the name they give themselves. (for others give them). Antismokers and many current ‘progressives’ are anti-liberty.

        • Frank Davis says:

          I don’t mind belonging to a minority. I usually am in a minority. And I suffer from the difficulty of never having been either a Nazi or a Fascist or a socialist or a communist. It’s been very fashionable to be one or other of these over the past century or so, and I suppose that it still is. But I think that my own natural position is one which is far more individualistic than collectivistic.

          As I see it, if the Nazis and the Italian Fascists were anti-communists it was precisely because they were hardly any different from them. They were all collectivists. And they were collectivists fighting among themselves. It might be said that anyone’s greatest enemy is not the man who thinks completely differently than him, but the one who thinks almost exactly the same, and only disagrees on one seemingly minor point.

          For example, while Hitler was a staunch anticommunist, the bloodiest of his purges (in one sense) was the one in which the SS and Gestapo were used to overthrow the SA which had grown very powerful under Ernst Roehm. And Roehm and many of his companions in the SA were arrested and shot. But they were all Nazis.

          The same was true with Stalin and Trotsky. They were both communists. And that was why Stalin had Trotsky murdered (along with plenty of other people).

          I agree that there are definitional issues in all this. What does left wing and right wing mean? Or what on earth does Liberal mean, now that it has been redefined to be something completely different than what it used to be? Maybe I’ll go back to Idle Theory and see if I can extend my political thinking there a bit further than I have already.

  7. Rose says:


    What’s Inside a Cup of Coffee?

    “Trigonelline is unstable above 160 degrees F; the methyl group detaches, unleashing the niacin—vitamin B3—into your cup. Two or three espressos can provide half your recommended daily allowance.”

    “Ever wonder what makes spoiled meat so poisonous? Here you go. Ptomaines like putrescine are produced when E. coli bacteria in the meat break down amino acids. Naturally present in coffee beans, it smells, as you might guess from the name, like Satan’s outhouse.”


    “Nicotine is produced in the roots of tobacco by the linking of compounds derived from nicotinic acid and putrescine.”
    http: //


    “The niacin content of unfortified tobacco was found to be 0.13mg. niacin over three fourths of the cigarette.”

    This is a confidential report whichy may be used when requested by physicians and health officials, but is not to be used in any form of advertising.

    Now this has been bugging me since I first read it in 2010, but I didn’t know that there was putrescine in coffee too until just now.

    Parkinson’s protection without caffeine or nicotine

    “Decaf coffee and nicotine-free tobacco aren’t just for the health-conscious. Giving them to flies with a form of Parkinson’s disease has revealed that although coffee and cigarettes protect the brain, caffeine and nicotine aren’t responsible for the benefit.

    If the compounds that put up this brain defence can be identified, they may offer a preventive Parkinson’s treatment where none currently exists, says Leo Pallanck, a neuroscientist at the University of Washington in Seattle, whose team led the new study.

    We think that there’s something else in coffee and tobacco that’s really important he says.

    Niacin and putrescine – Q.E.D?

  8. Joe L. says:

    OT: As with all “health” crazes, a new study suggests that the recent “standing desk” fad is nothing more than fashionable consumerism bullshit. Standing all day actually appears to be worse for one’s health than sitting:

    Standing desks may not be as good for health as thought

    The latest findings also correlate with a 12-year study of more than 7,000 office workers, published in January, that found people who often stood at work were nearly twice as likely to develop heart disease as opposed to those that sat more often.

    “The heart has to work a lot harder, the body has to work a lot harder, because you’re battling gravity when you are standing up,” said Alan Hedge, a human factors and ergonomics researcher at Cornell University.

    Yet another study which will convert some more people to skeptics of contemporary Healthism. It’s only a matter of time before the entire house of cards falls.

  9. Yvonne says:

    My understanding is that ex-alcoholics will find a substitute mostly coffee, tea, cigarettes, or even a combination.
    Watched a black and white BBC documentary on YouTube on the Winter of ’63; now that really was snow!

    • Carol42 says:

      A few of the ex alcoholics I know turned to religion, mostly of the evangelical kind. I agree most seem to need a substitute.

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