Several things I read this morning. First Geert Wilders:

Visiting Hungary is a fantastic experience for any Western politician resisting the Islamic invasion of the West. In Hungary, there are barely any signs of Islamization. The Hungarians make no secret of their resolve to keep it that way. The attitude in Hungary and, for that matter, in Central Europe in general, is entirely different from that in the West. In Central Europe, people do not hesitate to speak out to express their attachment to their own national identity, rooted in the Judeo-Christian principles of Western civilization. They also make it quite clear that they are willing to defend their heritage.

It was also a strange sensation to see my book, which warns against the dangers of Islam, so openly in the Hungarian bookstores. I originally published my book in English in the United States. I did so because America has a First Amendment, which allows people to speak out, even when a message is politically incorrect. The Hungarian translation is the first translation of the book. In my own country, no publisher has the courage to publish it.

A German publisher, who was interested, backed out when it proved impossible to translate it into German without transgressing Germany’s stringent speech laws. Hence, the publisher asked me to have the term “Islam” systematically replaced by the weasel term “Islamism.” I refused because the message of my book is exactly that Islam itself is the problem.

Second Junican:

Another Academic Gets the Jordan Paterson Treatment from His University

This time, in Australia. But this time, the academic in question is taking the matter to court.

His name is Peter Ridd, a Professor of Physics at James Cook University. He has been told by the Uni to stop talking, because what he said on a Sky News discussion was not ‘collegiate’, whatever that may mean. He has appealed for crowd funding, having paid AU$20,000 into the fund himself, which he does not want to recover. IE, his payment is not recoverable. He asked for $90,000 but the fund has now reached $97,000 has now been closed to further donations. Any surplus will go to charity….

…what is important is that we here have a situation where another academic has come forward to publicise the bullying and silencing. The Uni even went so far as to try to dictate to him that he must not talk about the ‘Final Censure’, even to his wife.

The subject matter, over which this furore has blown up, is the Great Barrier Reef. Rudd has been studying the Reef for 30 years, and has opined that the damage of climate change is non-existent. He further opines that much of the science about the Reef (and science in general) is not being conducted according to ‘the scientific method’ – no proper inspection or efforts at replication.

Both the stories are about censorship. The censorship of a Dutch politician, and of a university professor.

Yet I personally don’t seem to ever meet with this sort of censorship. I’ve never had WordPress censor me (that I know of). And even though Facebook (to which I copy this blog) is supposed to be highly censorious, I’ve not seen them deleting or editing or otherwise restricting my posts. Nor does anyone ever come into the Smoky Drinky Bar and say: “You can’t say that.”

Perhaps it’s that the censors restrict their efforts to silencing people who are more influential than an almost-unknown blogger like me? Which would suggest that they haven’t got the resources to shut everybody up.

Have any bloggers reading encountered censorship?

The subject of censorship also arose on my blog today. Some irate antismoker tried to post 10 or 11 comments under one particular post of mine: The Disgusting, Illiberal, Interfering, Busybody, Antismoking Habit. They were all caught by WordPress’ anti-spam facilities.

Should I let the antismoker’s 11 comments through?


Antismokers are not welcome on my blog. It’s an antismoking-free zone. The most I’ll ever do for any antismokers is to allow them a brief word or two before I show them the door. I don’t mind whether people post left wing or right wing comments, pro-Brexit or anti-Brexit comments, pro-Trump or anti-Trump comments, pro-Christian or pro-Islam comments. But I do mind antismoking comments.

But in accordance with my policy of at least allowing them to get a few words in edgeways, here’s a verbatim sample of what “Lag”  was trying to post:

It seems everyone here has given up hope of ever overcoming their addiction, so instead they embrace it, encourage it and despise the man that lives in freedom unfettered by the hideous stench of addiction, they live in denial claiming itsa choice and a pleasure to relish, they sear their own conscience as they watch loved ones whom they encouraged die hideous deaths, they encourage their children to choose as they please, but if you ever quit these inconsiderate agents of HELL,men without conscience lacking in moral and discipline will lure you back into their den of insecurity and addiction.

NOBODY ENJOYS SMOKING A CIGARETTE, absolutely no one,.,., maybe your first of the day could give one that deluded allusion, but thats the evidence of an addict without hope serving a life sentence forever in debt to his profiteering taskmaster

Don’t encourage future generations, atleast admit to yourselves its WRONG, and the dealers intent is every bit evil.

So long, Lag. The rest of your comments are going in the trash.

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24 Responses to Censorship

  1. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    This is not an instance of web censorship as such, although I admit to being taken aback at the level of vitriol towards smokers in this LinkedIn thread (tried to copy in text rather than link but didn’t succeed).


    The respondent, one self described attorney and tobacco control professor, whose bona fides I have not otherwise verified, Christopher Rathbone, replied in a rather ad hominem intemperate evidence and courtesy free manner to my quite reasonable observation about risk and reward in lifestyle choices including smoking.

    The absence of objectivity apparent in a person claiming to be a highly qualified attorney and professor is further evidence of the fanaticism of lifestyle control cultists.

    Vitriolic ANTZ gravy train parasites are probably all like that…haven’t met that many tho…

    • nisakiman says:

      “Page not found”

      Dunno if it’s been taken down or there’s a temporary glitch with the Linkedin feed.

      • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

        Sorry couldn’t work out how to copy the text. I did a general Google search on Christopher Rathbone LinkedIn and various rather extremist capnophobic articles/threads came up though.

  2. garyk30 says:

    I envision ‘Lag’ as having made that post and then feeling quite self-satisfied, smug, and superior because of his having ‘enlightened’ the ignorant smokers with his wisdom.

    Perhaps, even feeling quite brave for having entered the hostile world of the smokers.

    Enlightening smokers is not the object of such a post, the object is the ego gratification of ‘Lag’ and the feeding of his self-righteous sense of being superior.

    You can not reason with people whose opinions are the basis for their inflated egos.

    • Rose says:

      But presumably Lag put it so far back in the timeline, he she or it didn’t expect anyone to read it, or even notice it, let alone debate it.

      The Disgusting, Illiberal, Interfering, Busybody, Antismoking Habit
      Posted on December 11, 2017

      Just left it there, like a dog marking it’s territory incase, one day, someone else passes that way.

      • Joe L. says:

        Spot on, Rose. This is a tactic commonly used by these cowardly, uneducated, self-righteous Antismokers (and astroturfers).

        I’ve also occasionally seen this done on comments sections under online articles. If they find a comments section that hasn’t closed, they will post days or weeks after all activity in the comments section has tapered off, in an attempt to appear as though they got “the last word.” However, the lack of rebuttal is simply because the article has been forgotten about.

        The last thing they want is to be confronted with a thoughtful, sourced rebuttal, because they’re unable to defend themselves with facts; they just want the appearance of “winning” the argument, so they use this sleazy tactic.

  3. beobrigitte says:

    so instead they embrace it, encourage it and despise the man that lives in freedom unfettered by the hideous stench of addiction,
    I would stop reading at this point Lag’s comment as it is clear that the rest of the anti-smoker invented and dictated rhetoric follows.
    In short, I can’t take these people serious anymore.

  4. nisakiman says:

    Off topic, but I just came across this on Twitter (I hope this works, as I’ve not attempted to transfer anything from Twitter before):

    Dunno if it will embed or if you’ll have to follow the link. It’s a short video clip of some Asians arriving in NZ, and customs are giving the guy shit because he’s tried to circumvent their stupidly low allowance (50 cigs?) by spreading the packs out among the (presumably non-smoking) people he’s travelling with. Which is, in fact, completely legal. But customs are being utterly, sanctimoniously arrogant about it, and trying to tell the guy that he can’t do that.

    I really got quite angry on behalf of the Asian guy, who was being treated like a criminal over a few ciggys. Appalling behaviour.

  5. smokingscot says:

    As I’ve mentioned before, you site as well as all other sites considered to be “pro smoking” are blocked by the free wifi on Edinburgh buses as well as on the public computers in their libraries.

    It is censorship in the same way as they also block all adult content.

  6. Roobeedoo2 says:

    I’m not sure if this is entirely real and not just made up for Sunday Sport, as the only Melting Pot Community Foundation I could find is in Dallas Texas…

    However, if it is real then ‘Meadow Sugarsweet’ is the perfect name for someone who finds so much distasteful in this world. And her appearance is pretty much as I would expect.

    • Rose says:

      My favourite Sunday Sport headline was “World War II Bomber Found On The Moon” closely followed by “London Bus Found Frozen In Antarctic Ice”

      • nisakiman says:

        Sunday Sport was a ‘must-buy’ for me back in the ’90s(?). That and the 25 kilos of Sunday Telegraph. Incisive reporting on the burning issues of the day! And tits.

      • Tony says:

        My favourite was the follow up headline after photos of that region of the moon were published elsewhere. It read :
        “World War II Bomber Found On The Moon Mysteriously Disappears”

  7. Philip Neal says:

    Wilders puts his finger on a point which has always puzzled me. Opinion-formers never seem to see Islam as a body of teaching which actually says anything. At the last election, the then leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, an evangelical Christian, was repeatedly challenged about his religious beliefs about gay sex. He later resigned, partly in consequence. Muslim politicians (I mean mainstream, non-Islamist ones) are never asked about the Muslim view of anything, not even drinking. Nobody wants to know. Perhaps nobody is allowed to know.

  8. Smoking Lamp says:

    Sounds like ‘Lag’ is a conformed antismoker committed to hate speech and innuendo rather than tolerance and fact. His type of antismoker rant is common in the comment sections on articles about smoking bans. Of course the antismoking astroturf comments are rarely removed despite their extreme incivility and hate speech while reasonable pro-choice comments that dissent from the antismoking propaganda are typically blocked or removed. That is censorship too and while it may seem trivial it is an example of how far the antismoking hysteria has penetrated civil discourse.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Only a couple of hours ago I was pointed to a guy in Germany called Nikolai Nerling. I had never heard of this guy before and was surprised to learn that he managed to disrupt a minute of silence for immigrants who died on their way to Europe.
      “Ich schweige nicht” – Es waren drei einfache Worte, die das betroffene Schweigen bei einer Veranstaltung unter dem Titel “Was heißt hier Wahrheit?” am jüngst abgehaltenen Evangelischen Kirchentag in Berlin durchbrachen.
      [” I’m not silent” – These were the three simple words that disrupted the minute of silence at an event with the title “What is truth here?” at the recently held Protestant Kirchentag in Berlin.]

      I watched this interview with him to try and get a picture of this young man’s ideas. In this interview he appears to answer questions HONESTLY. He openly gives his job (school teacher) and that he hoped his point of view (free speech) would not interfere with his employment. The above action caused his suspension at the beginning of this year.
      I am still unsure about this young man but one sentence he said struck me:
      “Wer schweigt, der nimmt auch eine Luege hin”.
      [Whoever is silent, also accepts a lie]

      When will smokers, tobacco companies,(in the months/years to come, the sugar producing companies, breweries etc.) but above all those who make our lives a misery, the POLITICIANS, say: Ich schweige nicht?

  9. Joe L. says:

    Antismokers are not welcome on my blog. It’s an antismoking-free zone.

    Coincidentally, I was just served my second Antismoking ad on your blog. Screenshot:


    At least it’s not as graphic as the first one, but I reported it nevertheless. I doubt anything will be done about it, as it most likely doesn’t break any of WordPress’ terms and conditions (unlike the malicious auto-redirecting ads I still get served on mobile which WordPress doesn’t seem concerned with screening).

    • Joe L. says:

      I meant to inline the screenshot, so here it is:

      • beobrigitte says:

        Joe, well spotted!!! On the little laptop I’m on right now the ads are visible temporarily. I finally did it and wiped the hated OS from it and put my favourite one on, but I haven’t set up the ad blocker yet. I do not see this one, so I suspect it’s out of Frank’s control in which country the readers are protected from the anti-smokers’ ads.

  10. Joe L. says:

    Apparently it’s time to think about the Samoan chiiiildren:

    WHO targets Samoan children with anti-smoking move

    The World Health Organisation says a tobacco control team in Samoa is making the protection of children a priority over the next five years.

    The WHO’s team coordinator for non communicable diseases says Samoa has been chosen as one of several countries for an in-depth needs assessment under the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

    Wendy Snowdon told Jenny Meyer that Pacific countries signed up to a target of tobacco free Pacific by 2025 several years ago and this move also reflects the 2030 sustainable development goals.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Here are five facts you need to know about the poverty in Samoa:

      While Samoa is considered a developing country and has made significant progress, gender inequality exists and leaves women disadvantaged. Women do not have the same work opportunities as men, and their income is significantly lower.
      More and more, young people face problems with unemployment and underemployment. That said, only 8.7 percent of the population aged 15 and older is currently unemployed. Among youth (aged 15-29) this number is 16.8 percent.
      Poorer communities in remote parts of the island are particularly vulnerable to disadvantages. The highest exposure to poverty occurs in areas stricken by cyclones and other natural disasters. Constant destruction of homes, farms and workplaces leaves those who live in these areas at a disadvantage compared to those who live elsewhere in Samoa.
      Agriculture is difficult in Samoa, mainly due to the number of natural disasters. The ecologically fragile islands suffer constant and rapid environmental degradation. Poverty in Samoa has much to do with the destruction of agriculture that comes with a volatile environment. And yet, two-thirds of the workforce is in agriculture, and what manufacturing exists relates to agricultural products. In other words, most people still rely on agriculture for their income.
      Since 2015, 99 percent of the population in Samoa has access to improved sources of drinking water. While this is a very positive statistic, health, education and sanitation are still major issues in the country. The educational gap between rural and urban areas is significant. Many rural children end up with agricultural jobs that do not supply sufficient income when they become older, ultimately becoming a part of the cycle of poverty in Samoa.


      I do believe the WHO has to address other issues affecting the chiiiiildren of Samoa as a matter of urgency. Tobacco use and smoking does not make the list, so it is time for the WHO decision making tools, e.g. tobacco control&friends, to explain in great detail why they are deliberately wasting first world tax payers’ money.

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