As Above, So Below

I’m currently building models of asteroids. Computer simulation models. The asteroids (or maybe they’re comets) are dirty snowballs made of radioactive dust and ice. The radioactive dust warms the snowballs very slightly, and I’m wondering whether, if the snowballs are big enough, enough heat will be generated to melt the centres of the snowballs, and create warm sub-surface seas beneath the ice. And I’m wondering if maybe the seas will boil, and the asteroids will explode.

It’s a very simple heat flow model, and I’ll probably have it working later today, and I’ll find out whether these teardrops explode.

Is it any different in human affairs than it is inside dirty snowballs? Aren’t there unstoppable processes at work there too?

For in some ways the Earth has become a sort of dirty snowball, gradually getting buried under ever-deepening layers of rules and regulations. We’re living in an ice age of top-down rules and regulations that rain down like snow. We’re all getting buried. Not just here in the UK, and in the EU, and Australia or New Zealand, but also the USA and Russia. The new ice age is everywhere. And as the snows of regulation fall, they compress and freeze into ice. And the ice weighs down on everyone, harder and harder. But we’re all still warm-blooded people, and we each generate a small amount of heat. And I’m wondering whether the sum total of all the people in the world, buried under the ice, is going to be enough to melt the ice beneath the miles-deep glaciers. And I’m wondering whether the water might even boil, and blow off the ice.

Yesterday I came across an Italian poster:

“Slaves of Europe? No, thanks!”

Do they really think that they’re becoming slaves of the EU? I suppose they must, if they’ve created such a poster. How civil of them to just say “No, Thanks!” There are a lot worse things they could have said.

But Europe is only part of the problem. The slavedrivers aren’t just in the EU, but also in the UN and the WHO and the BMA and PHE and the EPA. The slavedrivers are in governments everywhere. There are millions of them, busily making new laws to restrict this or stop that. They’re people who are always on the look-out for new things to ban or limit or control. They’re people like Alesha Dixon.

And I’m wondering whether the people who are buried beneath these snowdrifts of legislation are beginning to have had enough. I’m wondering whether the small resentments of countless millions of people is going to result in them all starting to gradually get more and more hot under the collar, and perhaps even boiling mad. Not just at the EU or the government, but at everything.

US politics is at boiling point, or not far off it. And European politics is heading that way too. Brexit was a revolt not so much against the EU, but against everything. It was a revolt against top-down control in all its multitudinous forms. And that’s what the Trump vote was too. And it’s what the Italian authors of the poster above are revolting against. And it’s what the French and the Germans and the Spanish are soon going to be doing, if they aren’t already. Everyone is going to revolt.

How placid it all once seemed, only 20 or 30 years ago. Back then, when a US Democrat government was replaced by a Republican one, it was a seamless transition, with everyone shaking hands. But now it’s almost cause for civil war.

Can one imagine a European politician of 30 or 40 years ago saying, like Guy Verhofstadt a few days ago, “There is no place in our Union for countries who take EU money, who want to participate in the single market but who reject our shared values.” It was never so acrimonious back then. It was all very civilised.

And if it was so peaceful back then, and so acrimonious now, doesn’t that suggest that it’s only going to get more angry and more acrimonious? And get angrier and angrier everywhere?

I suspect that we’re going to see some high profile Archduke Franz Sarajevo-style assassinations fairly soon. We don’t have archdukes any more, but the Junckers and Merkels and Macrons are their modern equivalents. And as resentment and animosity builds, it will explode in one place or other.

We’re looking at an upcoming French Revolution, in which the whole world has become France under Louis XVI. It’s going to be a global revolt against global tyranny, fed by the simmering (or boiling) resentments of hundreds or millions of people, each with their own particular grudge. Smokers are just a tiny few of those resentful millions. There are plenty of other causes out there. And a new one is born with every new piece of legislation that comes raining down from above.

Donald Trump isn’t the cause of anything that’s happening. He’s a symptom of what’s happening. And Brexit also was a symptom of the same growing revolt against authority in all its forms. For the revolt is not just against political control but also cultural control and scientific control and medical control. It’s a revolt against Control.  And it’s happening everywhere.

If I knew how to do it, I’d build a computer simulation model, and try to predict exactly when and where the big eruption will happen. For I think it’s almost exactly as predictable as radio-active dust heating their interiors is likely to blow dirty snowball asteroids apart. For what happens out there in the depths of space also takes place right here on Earth beneath the stars. As above, so also below.

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12 Responses to As Above, So Below

  1. D says:

    Watch this (asteroids) and this and

    I am a Belgian citizen, born and raised in Belgium, but I am a resident of Indonesia, I’ve been living on the island of Bali for the past 35 years. Today I had to fly to another island (Flores). To my horror, I ended up in a non-smoking hotel. I negotiated with the manager, telling him that I would stay for 2 weeks. He finally allowed me to smoke in my room on condition that I would not tell the other hotel guests. Fortunately, Indonesians are nice people. In Singapore I would have been treated as a criminal

  2. Frank Davis says:

    Tony Benn. foreseeing the breakup of the EU

  3. waltc says:

    “… but who reject our shared values.” The problem is their values are NOT shared by the great majority outside their bubble. Here’s an example of bubble values as practiced at Google–the people in charge of filtering your searches:

  4. beobrigitte says:

    Donald Trump isn’t the cause of anything that’s happening. He’s a symptom of what’s happening. And Brexit also was a symptom of the same growing revolt against authority in all its forms. For the revolt is not just against political control but also cultural control and scientific control and medical control. It’s a revolt against Control. And it’s happening everywhere
    The only ones ignoring the foreseeable are the controllers who in their arrogance state that ‘all-is-going-great’ whilst openly peddling idiotic nonsense in order to gain more control.
    Best example: ASH

    Sweden: Smokers are nearly 50% more likely to need spinal surgery to relieve back pain

    Smoking increases the risk of lower back pain that needs to be fixed by spinal surgery, a Swedish study suggests.

    Researchers focused on a common cause of lower back pain known as lumbar spinal stenosis, which occurs when the spinal canal narrows, putting pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.

    The condition often develops as people age, but nicotine’s constriction of blood flow and promotion of inflammation are believed to contribute to the process, the study authors write.

    See More:
    The Spine: The association between tobacco smoking and surgical intervention for lumbar spinal stenosis: cohort study of 331,941 workers

    Source: Daily Mail, 8 January 2018

    Considering Sweden’s smoking ban their “scientists” must be working rather sloppily.
    Smoking in Sweden is at a very low prevalence; only 9% of the total Swedish population (8% of men and 10% of women) smoked 2016.[1] Smoking has been banned in all bars and restaurants since May 2005.[2] A majority of Swedes agreed with the ban.[2] Sweden was the only European country to achieve the WHO goal of less than 20% daily smoking prevalence among adults by year 2000.[3] Sweden has a high level of use of a moist snuff product called ‘snus’, which some Swedes have used as a replacement for smoking.[3]
    https: //
    Naturally, the fail safe keyword “… a study SUGGESTS can’t be missed out. What will the Ashites and tobacco control science do when word like “suggests, indicates, may” etc. no longer impress anybody?

    Yep, Donald Trump isn’t the cause of anything. He is a symptom. It looks like more of these symptoms are going to appear until the day we all feel FREE again – and light a cigarette!

  5. Tony says:

    Off topic but of interest I hope. Dick Puddlecote (has just tweeted this)
    The prison smoking ban is entirely unnecessary, which leads to @PhilipDaviesUK asking what seems to be an awkward question
    “Philip Davies
    To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, if he will pause the roll-out of the smoke-free prison scheme in the light of the judgement of the Supreme Court of 19 December 2017 on smoking in prisons.
    Rory Stewart Minister of State (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) (Joint with the Department for International Development), Minister of State (Department for International Development) (Jointly with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
    The Ministry of Justice has indicated that it will not be possible to answer this question within the usual time period. An answer is being prepared and will be provided as soon as it is available.”

  6. RdM says:

    Malaga Bay has quite a lot on comets:
    If you scroll a little over half-way down, you’ll see some references to “Dirty Snowballs”.
    Particularly, in October 2017:
    The Atomic Comet: Neutron Bombs
    The Atomic Comet: Carbon Cousins
    More than here?

    • RdM says:

      Oops, I forgot WordPress expunges ‘bad html tags’ – I’d tried to write
      More than (insert aphorism) meets the eye here?
      Or something like that ,-

  7. DP says:

    Dear Mr Davis

    I realised long ago – in the early ’80s – that our government regards the public as little more than livestock – i.e. slaves.

    ‘Government’ is effectively a mechanism for picking the pockets of the productive part of society to fund lavish lifestyles for a parasitic state. Taxation is a politer form of part-time slavery.

    However, those in ‘power’ and their best mates are not satisfied with merely sponging off the livestock, they want to order the livestock about – how they will live, eat, learn, play and so on and on and on to the latest insanity on calorie intake.

    I also feel a revolution coming on.


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