Stone Age Smokers

I’ve come down with a cold, and can’t think straight. But a few days ago I watched this trio of YouTube videos of an encounter between modern humans with cameras and recorders and Stone Age humans in New Guinea.

It emerged (10 minutes into the second video) that the Stone Age tribe smoked wild tobacco. I half expected the environmentalists who shot the videos to condemn the practice as loudly as they were condemning their own ‘planet-destroying’ civilisation, but they didn’t.

I suppose this really goes to show that people have been smoking tobacco since, well,.. the Stone Age. And long before there were any tobacco companies. Yet Tobacco Control claim that. but for Big Tobacco with their glitzy packaging and marketing, nobody would ever smoke the stuff.

This video rather blows a hole in that idea.



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13 Responses to Stone Age Smokers

  1. Mark Jarratt, Binalong Bay, TAS, Australia says:

    Hope you haven’t acquired the dreaded “Aussie Flu” Frank. I hear it causes the Wide Wide World of Web to crash, while stealing all the beer, cheese and any other delicacies from your fridge! Seriously though, all the best for a fast recovery, and your tireless blogging efforts tend to prove the protective effects of regular tobacco consumption.

    Take rum toddies and arrange a nice Florence Nightingale type to mop your furrowed brow.

    Your clips (PNG was or is more Neolithic than Paleolithic, but I can’t open at present due to limited bandwidth) remind me of one tale told by my late stepfather BRIG Ian Fisher, RAR, when posted with the Royal Pacific Islands Regt. He said when on patrol in the stinking mountainous PNG jungle, a bastard of a place infested with mud and malaria (no Nipponese belligerents – already beat them), daily rations included a foot long cigar/cigarette made of bush tobacco sweepings wrapped in newspaper glued with molasses. He probably would have said the flavour was harsher than the vinegar tits of Debs Arnott, yet the bush tobacco cigs were a welcome minor pleasure compared to hard tack and bully beef, while suppressing appetite.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I don’t think it’s flu, Symptoms of which are:

      The NHS says flu symptoms come on very quickly and can include:
      a sudden fever – a temperature of 38C or above.
      aching body.
      feeling tired or exhausted.
      dry, chesty cough.
      sore throat.
      difficulty sleeping.
      loss of appetite.

      I haven’t got most of these symptoms. And it didn’t come on quickly.

  2. Nice post Frank. Humans have always smoked. Tobacco Control will lose in the end. Sorry you are not well. I know someone who had the Aussie flu – it FLATTENED them.

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      I agree. I would like to see tobacco control crash and burn sooner than later as they are still actively imposing their totalitarian zealotry worldwide demanding outdoor bans to supplement their unnecessary indoor bans.

  3. smokingscot says:

    Go get one of those tubes of effervescent vitamin C. Two to three tablets each day. Mind if you’ve got bad snots to replace the fluids lost. Dehydration you most certainly do not need. And it’s true, feed a cold and starve a fever.'s/p/633110

    Like these. Avoid Tesco ones (yellow pee).

  4. Emily says:

    I’ve got a bit of a cold too- must have been the Smoky Drinky Bar- haha! Hope you feel better.

  5. nisakiman says:

    Oddly enough just a couple of nights ago I was watching one of David Attenborough’s first forays into TV documentary making, when he was a fresh-faced young man, and he was in PNG to make contact with a hitherto undocumented tribe (which he successfully managed), and the tribesmen were all smoking large, cigar-sized cigarettes. It was only mentioned in passing by DA (he offered in trade old newspaper, which in PNG many use for rolling ciggys, apparently), but I did wonder where the tobacco came from, and how they came to start smoking it.

    It is, in fact, an interesting question – how mankind came to the conclusion that stuffing leaves in a small bowl, lighting them and then inhaling the smoke was the way to go. It’s not really a natural progression – chewing it seems much more logical if you’re starting from a point of zero knowledge. Perhaps they started with throwing the leaves on the fire and progressed from there. But odd that peoples from opposite sides of the globe came to the same conclusion about how best to enjoy tobacco.

  6. beobrigitte says:

    It emerged (10 minutes into the second video) that the Stone Age tribe smoked wild tobacco.
    Didn’t the native Americans use tobacco long before Christoph Columbus set out on his journey?
    Tobacco, however, is a plant which originated in the Americas and which was first used in a variety of ways by American Indians. Most importantly, tobacco was, and continues to be an integral part of Native American spirituality. The history of tobacco is partially a history of American Indians.
    Looks like the author of this article must be an anti-smoker deep down:
    One of the common sayings in Indian country is that when our ancestors first gave tobacco to the European invaders, they knew it was going to kill them, they just didn’t think it would take this long.
    There is no such saying, it’s just an invention of the anti-smokers who also peddle this nonsense:
    The use of tobacco today, for smoking as well as other uses, is a global phenomenon, and a global health concern.
    What “other” uses and WHOse global health “concern”?

    Long before there was such a thing as “the-big-baaaad” tobacco industry:
    Traditional tobacco is a medicine, which can be used in a prescribed way to promote physical, spiritual, emotional, and community well-being.

    It is high time to kick the anti-smoking industry out of our lives; they only bring physical, spiritual, emotional and community misery.

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      ‘And at the spot where they had burned First Mother’s bones, there grew another plant, broad-leafed and fragrant. It was First Mother’s breath, and they heard her spirit talking: “Burn this up and smoke it. It is sacred. It will clear your minds, help your prayers, and gladden your hearts.”

      ‘And First Mother’s husband called the first plant Skarmunal, corn, and the second plant utarmur-wayeh, tobacco.

      ‘“Remember,” he told the people, “and take good care of First Mother’s flesh, because it is her goodness become substance. Take good of her breath, because it is her love turned into smoke. Remember her and think of her whenever you eat, whenever you smoke this sacred plant, because she has given her life so that you might live. Yet she is not dead, she lives: in undying love she renews herself again and again.”’

  7. Joe L. says:

    Get well soon, Frank!

    FYI, has been serving up some unscrupulous ads recently. I view quite often from my mobile phone, where I have no ad-blocker, and lately when I view a new post, I will occasionally be auto-redirected to some bullshit ad page thanks to some shady JavaScript. If I were you, I would report this to WordPress ASAP.

    Also, just now I got served an Antismoking ad on your page, between comments. Screenshot:

    While this ad did not maliciously redirect me to a new page like some others I’ve encountered in the past couple weeks, it is not something I care to see on your page, and I’m more than certain you don’t want this propaganda inserted in between your posts and comments. I don’t know if you can complain about the content of ads inserted on your page, but I figured you might want to file a complaint about this, as well.

    Maybe you can ditch altogether in order to eliminate ads? I believe Grandad hosts his blog on his own server. Maybe he has some extra bandwidth he can share? Just a thought. seems to going to shit.

    • Mark Jarratt, Binalong Bay, TAS, Australia says:

      Yes good point Joe L. I often look up references using terms such as ‘fight nanny state anti smoking zealots’, I found Frank’s blog that way, and often get totalitarian ANTZ propaganda results. I assume this is because the puritan controllers have succeeded in censoring reality through bans on any mention of smoking or tobacco other than their own relentless bullying negative conditioning. Not exclusive to WordPress – assumption seems to be anyone using such search terms must want to obey and QUIT, when the more I’m nagged the more oppositional and defiant I become. So there anyway…😛

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