Secrecy And Lies

Several news items I picked up today. First:

A federal judge in Minnesota who has seen a sizable portion of the unreleased documents on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy says those documents, due to be released Thursday, won’t be as exciting as many are hoping.


Last night it was Tom Perez and the ‘new’ Democratic National Committee that disavowed all knowledge of how the infamous ‘Trump Dossier’ was funded by the Clinton Campaign. Tonight it is none other than Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the ‘old’ DNC that has abandoned Hillary.


A University of Illinois math professor believes that algebra and geometry perpetuate “white privilege” because Greek terms give Caucasians unearned credit for the subject.


“A quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success bound with constant unrest.”

The last quote is from Albert Einstein, and had me wondering whether he’d lived a “quiet and modest life”. And I didn’t think that someone so famous and successful could possibly have done so. So what did he know about quiet and modest lives? Didn’t he spend a lot of his life on the move between Germany and Switzerland and America? Did he ever get much rest? Was Einstein telling the truth?

The third news item had me wondering how the Illinois math professor had got to be one in the first place. Doesn’t “unearned credit” mean that somebody is lying?

Gutierrez argues that subjects like algebra and geometry, which relate to arithmetic, also perpetuate racism and white privilege. She worries that “curricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans.”

And isn’t creating a “perception” a way of fooling people?

The second news item is the new breaking story that the Trump Dossier that claimed Trump was in league with the Russians was actually all got up by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee, according to the Washington Post. And so it seems the dossier is a complete fabrication.

And the first item is about the fact that, over 54 years after his assassination, there are still a lot of things being kept secret about the JFK assassination. Why? And will we ever find out? Because when these kinds of documents come out they’re usually so heavily redacted as to be completely unreadable.

And in an era in which news organisations are being accused of publishing “fake news”, you have to wonder whether any of these stories are true. We still have no idea what happened in Las Vegas, and it looks unlikely that we’ll ever know.

We live in a climate of secrecy and lies. And since secrecy entails concealing the truth, secrecy entails lying. We are being constantly lied to. We’re drowning in lies.

Smoking bans are based on the lie that secondhand smoke is harmful. And the lie that secondhand smoke is harmful is based on the lie that firsthand smoke is harmful. The claim that vaping is just as harmful as smoking is another lie. In fact, the whole of Public Health is built upon telling lies about tobacco, alcohol, sugar, salt, fat, meat, and any number of other things. There are lies built upon lies. And the lies keep changing all the time, as old lies are replaced by new lies.

Global warming is a hoax. Which is to say that it’s yet another lie.

Some people believe the lies. Some people believe everything they’re told. They can’t believe they could be lied to by so many people, so constantly. I’ve been accused of believing lies about Catalonia myself.

Most of what you see in the news is a LIE. There’s been no “abuse”, there are no “900 injured”. I’m flabbergasted that after all these years of you learning to distrust the media, you are now swallowing what they dole out, in favor of the NWO.

Maybe he’s right? But is there a New World Order? If there is one, they seem to be pretty secretive about it. Where’s their headquarters? When did they last hold their Annual General Meeting? Why should I believe in the existence of this secret organisation?

9/11. WMDs. Las Vegas. Lies, lies, and more lies.

Does it matter? Yes, it does. If you’re being lied to, you’re being misdirected. And if you’re misdirected to the junction of Lexington and 12th, it’s going to take you longer to get there. In a world of lies, everything takes longer. That’s Idle Theory’s explanation of why lies matter: lies decrease idleness, and keep people busy.

Why are so many lies being told? In an era of perpetual war, there is a need for perpetual secrecy and therefore for perpetual lying. Because in war one tells lies to the enemy in order to misdirect him and hamper him. In war, you are always trying to decrease the idleness of your enemy, make him work harder, keep him guessing – and guessing wrong.

And we seem to live in an era of perpetual war. WW1 was followed by WW2 which was followed by the Korean war, the Vietnam war, and the Gulf war, and the Iraq war, and the Afghan war. I’ve probably missed out a few wars. Oh yes, the Cold War. And now we seem to be on the brink of a new Korean war. Hot wars, cold wars, warm wars, tepid wars. And there’s the Drug war. And the war on smoking, of course.

And perhaps that’s why there’s so much secrecy, so much lying. The lies that are told to the enemy, or about the enemy, are lies that are also fed to one’s own side. And in war lying about everything, to everyone, becomes endemic. Everything becomes a secret, including the way to Lexington and 12th. And everything is encrypted.

The war on smoking entails a great deal of lying precisely because it is a war. As soon as there’s a war going on anywhere, there are going to be lies being told. Big lies. And since the war on smoking got under way shortly after the end of WW2, it might almost have been a continuation of it. And the professional liars in the mass media and government, who’d spent their entire lives lying to everyone, now started to lie about something else, using all the tricks of mass deception they’d picked up over the years. Want to get people to stop smoking? Tell them lies about it! The bigger the better. Tell them lies about firsthand smoke, and then tell them lies about secondhand smoke, and then lies about thirdhand smoke, and now lies about vapour which isn’t actually smoke at all, but kinda looks like it.

I don’t think we’re going to learn anything about the JFK assassination today. After 54 years of secrecy and lying, it’s hardly likely anyone will start telling the truth now. Nor are we likely to ever learn anything truthful about the Trump Dossier. Or Las Vegas. Or Catalonia. Or global warming. Or tobacco. Or sugar. Or salt. Or anything else you care to mention.

P.S. There is no junction between Lexington and 12th in NYC. 23rd Street is the nearest Lexington Avenue gets to 12th Street. If you go asking for directions to Lexington and 12th, you will always be misdirected.

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13 Responses to Secrecy And Lies

  1. irocyr says:

    About the Trump dossier. That the Hillary Campaign partly funded for this investigation on Trump indicates to me that contrary to Hillary’s and the media’s claim that nobody thought Trump had a chance in hell to win the elections, Trump was in fact a real menace to be discredited and crushed any way possible including fabrications and lies. Why else would they fund such an elaborate plan if he was just a bad joke that could be easily defeated as they portrayed him to be?

  2. George Speller says:

    That’s odd. I always thought arithmetic and algebra were Arabic terms.

  3. Wonderful post. I think one of the biggest myths about the end of WWII is that the Nazi’s actually lost the war. It’s interesting how in the West we live in a state of constant terror and chaos now, ever growing controls, spying on and censoring of citizens, dis-information and lies from officials, the official stories, and other sources we are supposed to ‘trust’.

    I’ve always believed that anti-smoking and smoking bans were the template for introducing a lot of these controls and seducing people with lies from above. They always start small, with things that aren’t quite wrong, but aren’t quite right either – then they always grow into a massive malignancy of outlandish lies built upon the previous layer, and ever increasing waves of control and remedies to ‘fix’ the problem or protect people.

    You’re correct in how lies pre-occupy and slow people down – even when they’re easily seen as false, it takes time and energy to overcome them and refute them. That’s why I think that the route of overturning smoking bans in courtrooms and by writing letters to your representative is a complete waste of time. While you’re arguing with someone about the fallacy of second hand smoke (which is tantamount to proving a negative) the debate just changes to the dangers of third hand smoke.

  4. Smoking Lamp says:

    Excellent post Frank! It seems we are in the midst of a cultural war. Like all wars it is aimed at taking power from those that already possess it. Hence the insanity of denying history and seeking to overturn ‘cultural advantage’. The attack on smoking in specific and tobacco in general is the leading edge of this broader war.

    As you stated and many here agree the war on smoking is based on lies. The second hand smoke lie is perhaps the biggest; but increasingly the primary smoking risk claims are eroding in the face of reality. As smoking rates decrease; lung cancer rates rises among non-smokers. Indeed all the so-called smoking related diseases are on the rise as smoking prevalence decreases. Rather than acknowledging that and seeking the actual cause of the diseases new lies are constructed to preserve the power gained. The ironic outcome is that smoking bans are imposed at greater rates despite their spurious foundations.

    It really has become a world much like that Orwell warned of. The lies must be exposed and tobacco control must be destroyed.

  5. Joe L. says:

    I just stumbled across this Gallup poll that was published July 17 of this year. It’s new to me and I don’t believe it was ever mentioned here before. It’s lengthy, but I want to post it here in its entirety for posterity’s sake. Hopefully this is indicative that more smokers are waking up to the discrimination and getting angry.

    In U.S., Majority of Smokers Feel Discriminated Against

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — A majority of smokers in the U.S., 56%, believe they are at least occasionally discriminated against in public life or employment because of their smoking. In comparison, just one in six Americans (17%) who are overweight feel they have been discriminated against at some point because of their weight.

    Thirteen percent of smokers say they feel discrimination every day, while only a fraction of self-described overweight people (1%) say they are discriminated against daily. These results come from a July 5-9 Gallup poll on Americans’ consumption habits.

    Discrimination against smokers can take many forms. According to news reports, smokers often say they are discriminated against through smoking bans, including more recent bans at some parks and beaches, higher insurance rates, and not getting jobs because of their habit. Analysis of income patterns has shown smokers earn less than those who do not smoke, although this difference could result from smokers tending to have lower average levels of education than nonsmokers.

    The poll is the first time Gallup has asked about smokers’ perceived discrimination in this format. Previously, Gallup asked smokers whether they felt discriminated against specifically because of smoking restrictions and high cigarette taxes, and found 58% believed they were discriminated against on each account.

    Gallup asked overweight Americans about perceived discrimination one other time, in July 2003. The current results are virtually unchanged from the 82% of overweight in the U.S. who expressed this same sentiment in 2003.

    Fast Company quotes those who are overweight as saying they have faced discrimination because of hiring practices or not getting salary raises and promotions. Others have pointed to bullying and peer pressure while growing up, though most Americans who are overweight say they are never discriminated against in public life or their workplace.

    Bottom Line

    As the smoking rate continues to drop — 17% of Americans in Gallup’s July survey say they smoke — fewer U.S. adults may potentially be subject to anti-smoking discrimination. But current smokers say they are discriminated against, with 13% saying they face discrimination daily. While there are smokers’ rights groups in the U.S. fighting against discrimination, Gallup has found that the economic cost of smoking is significant.

    Adults who smoke accrue $2,132 more per year in healthcare costs than nonsmokers, adding $92 billion in annual healthcare costs to the U.S. economy. These added healthcare costs do not justify discrimination, but they may contribute to perceptions of discrimination. Secondhand smoke and its effects are also likely a factor in discrimination.

    In that same Gallup survey, adults who are overweight are calculated to accumulate about $378 more per person each year in healthcare costs than those who are not overweight, while those who are technically obese have $1,580 more in costs per person every year. Not as many overweight Americans feel discriminated against, but one in six do.

    Both behaviors have health costs and clearly a stigma associated with each. There are fewer smokers than people who are overweight, but smokers are more likely to feel the brunt of this stigma.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Thirteen percent of smokers say they feel discrimination every day, while only a fraction of self-described overweight people (1%) say they are discriminated against daily.

      I suppose I could be one of those people who feel discriminated against every day. I wake up thinking about it every day. The discrimination isn’t the work of hand-wavers or anything: it’s institutional discrimination, enshrined in law.

      Adults who smoke accrue $2,132 more per year in healthcare costs than nonsmokers, adding $92 billion in annual healthcare costs to the U.S. economy.

      I don’t understand that, There are zero healthcare costs attached to my smoking. The only costs attached are the draconian taxes on tobacco. Perhaps that’s what they mean.

      • Joe L. says:

        I am most definitely part of the 13% who experience discrimination on a daily basis, and I also have no idea how they “calculate” such an exact figure for the supposed increase in healthcare costs for smokers. Taxes are not a “healthcare cost;” I highly doubt taxes have anything to do with the $2,132 figure they concocted.

      • nisakiman says:

        I have rarely had recourse to the healthcare system, both in UK and here in Greece, but apart from my recent respiratory infection, which an anti-smoker could blame on smoking (although I’m convinced I picked it up on a flight to Bangkok early this year, because that’s when it started), all the complaints I’ve had, even in the twisted logic of the anti-smoker, could not be attributed to smoking. Malaria? Hepatitis? Glandular fever? I don’t think they’ve managed to include those in the ‘smoking related diseases’ list yet. Apart from that, it’s been purely physical stuff.

        Basically, in fifty years of smoking, I’ve cost the health service very little, probably a lot less than most non-smokers.

        How they come up with the figure of $2,132 per annum for every smoker in extra healthcare costs is beyond me. I suspect they’re doing their usual of completely misrepresenting the figures to suit the narrative.

      • Tony says:

        “the thin and healthy group cost the mostabout $417,000, from age 20 on.
        The cost of care for obese people was $371,000, andfor smokers, about $326,000.”
        Even ignoring taxes, pensions etc, smokers cost less in health care than non-smokers.

  6. Lepercolonist says:

    I’ve been reading JFK assassination conspiracy books since Mark Lane’s 1966 book, ‘Rush to Judgement’. After 40 years the brilliant prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi (of ‘Helter Skelter’ fame) wrote
    a 1600 page book ‘Reclaiming History’ which thoroughly debunked all these conspiracies (CIA.
    Cubans,Russians, The Mob,LBJ,etc.

    Bugliosi addresses all these conspiracies and completely destroys their premises. I have much respect for his legal and investigative brilliance. But I must confess that those conspiracy books made for an excellent read.

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