Political Shock

Still mulling over Las Vegas.

What didn’t make sense to me yesterday was why a rich, white, 64-year-old man should want to kill a lot of other rich, white, 64-year-old men. Why should like want to kill like? So I put together an explanation of the event in which rich, white, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock was abducted by Isis or Al Qaeda Muslim terrorists, and his suite in the Mandalay Bay Hotel used by them to kill a lot of white American Christian infidels. That made a lot more sense. Other people put together similar explanations.

But if that had been what happened, there’d have been plenty of evidence of the other occupants of the suite. Fingerprints. Small personal items like packets of biscuits or tissues. Qurans.

But so far there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of anything like that. There seems to have been just one guy lying dead on the floor, surrounded by machine guns and shell cases. It’s beginning to look like one rich, white 64-year-old actually did set out to kill a lot of other rich, white, 64-year-old men – and their sons and daughters as well.


On Infowars.com yesterday they were speculating that, because Paddock was a gambler, he might have run up big debts, lost all his money, and in a fit of pique gone back to his room and blown a lot of people away.

But that doesn’t work either, because this was clearly something that had been carefully and meticulously planned in advance.

Perhaps it all connects back to the main political event of the past year: the surprise election of Donald Trump? The US left still hasn’t gotten over this. They think Hillary Clinton should have won. Hillary Clinton hasn’t gotten over it either. She still thinks she should have won too. The US MSM have been screaming about it non-stop, trying to prove that Trump only won with Russian help. Their hatred of Trump was perhaps expressed best by Kathy Griffin:

They want him dead. They want to see his decapitated, bleeding head.

And maybe they want the same for all the people who voted for him. Or at least couldn’t give a damn whether they lived or died.

On the same day CBS fired one of its network executives, Hayley Geftman-Gold, after she took to social media to explain why she was “not even sympathetic” to victims of the Las Vegas shooting because “country music fans often are Republican,” CNN had its own “zen moment” of victim-blaming and stereotyping of innocent concertgoers caught up in the horrific carnage at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, when during a live broadcast Monday morning, CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny suggested that most of the victims were Trump supporters for the mere fact that they were attending a country music event.

While describing President Trump’s morning press conference on the tragedy which resulted in more than 59 killed and 527 injured, Zeleny said, “Something else I think to keep in mind, a lot of these country music supporters were likely Trump supporters.”

And maybe Stephen Paddock was one of these people? To date, there’s been no information on his voting record, if any. He’s a mystery. But what if he saw all the concert-goers below his window as Trump-voting Republicans who deserved to die, just like Kathy Griffin wanted Trump dead? What if he saw himself as an avenging angel bringing well-deserved death and destruction on them all?

Is that a possibility?

I must say I’ve never fully understood the animosity that’s been directed at Donald Trump ever since the moment in July 2015 when he announced he was running for the US presidency. None of the other Republican candidates got the same hysterical, jeering treatment. And the animosity has never let up for a single day. There’s something about Donald Trump that some people really, really, really hate. But what?

I’ve not been a Trump-hater. I thought he was a breath of fresh air when he announced his candidacy. He was different from all the other machine-politician candidates. I’m not really a gambling man, but I wish I’d put a bet on him to win the moment he stepped into the race, instead of waiting until a few weeks before the election, when I got a lot worse odds from my local bookie.

I’m not going to try to analyse here why some people love Trump, and some people hate him. I’m just going to note that the animosity towards him has been deep and lasting. And maybe Stephen Paddock had the same deep and lasting animosity towards him – and towards his voting base, having way too much fun in the plaza below him as he loaded his weapons.

Nor is it that the election of Donald Trump was the only political shock of last year. The Brexit vote of June 2016 was another one. And a lot of people (including my own brother) haven’t got over that shock either.

And maybe last Sunday’s Catalonian referendum will prove to be another political shock with a similar reading on the political Richter scale. BBC headline today:

Catalonian referendum: Independence will be declared ‘by end of week’.

The political shocks seem to be coming thick and fast right now. Are they connected to each other along some similar fault line? Or are they entirely unrelated?

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28 Responses to Political Shock

  1. nisakiman says:

    To date, there’s been no information on his voting record, if any.

    I read a couple of posts on Twitter last night claiming he was a lifelong Democrat. How true that is is open to question, as both claims came from gun totin’, Trump lovin’ Republicans (for some reason I seem to have a lot of them who follow me – I’ve no idea why), so there may well be some wishful thinking at play.

    Re Brexit, I came across an interesting video (also on Twitter) of a German MEP lambasting Juncker et al for their attitude to Brexit:

  2. Frank Davis says:

    According to former U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock deliberately targeted a country music concert so he could kill Trump supporters.

  3. garyk30 says:

    IMHO, the left hate Prez Trump because he is a very successful free market capitalist and they are mostly socialists.

    Our Prez Trump is hated by the professional politicians because he is ‘loved’ by many of the voters and they are only tolerated as being the least evil.

    As for ‘gun control’, not one gun was used by the killers during the 9-11 mass carnage.

    A person could rent a light aircraft, load it up with extra cans of gas, and crash it into the stands of any football match and do more carnage than was done in Vegas.

    If control and regulations would prevent deaths, no one would ever die on the highways.

  4. cherie79 says:

    A report on Fox said his brother stated that he hated smoking so much that he carried around a cigar to light and blow smoke in the faces of anyone lighting up near him! Reading that I would be surprised if he was anything other than a Trump hater, even the nicest are deranged where he is concerned. I know several otherwise lovely decent people who have lost all sense of perspective about Trump.

    • Vlad says:

      Do you have a link for that?
      Would be evidence that antismoking IS a mental disorder…

      • cherie79 says:

        I don’t know how to link to one paragraph in a report that he had been prescribed Valium. Here is the paragraph, “Eric Paddock said his brother did show a confrontational side at times: He apparently hated cigarette smoke so much that he carried around a cigar and blew smoke in people’s faces when they lit up around him.” Must admit the rabid anti smokers I have met definitely seem to have a mental disorder! most of my friends don’t care if you smoke or not but then I would never be friends with the antis nor they with me.

      • roobeedoo2 says:

        Last paragraph of this article:


        That’s so strange. He hated cigarette smoke so much that he carried a cigar so he could blow cigar smoke into cigarette smokers’ faces. Show a penchant for over-reaction.

        He frequented casinos, there’s a whole Trump casinos connection, especially in regard to smoking bans. This has been discussed here before:


        • Tony says:

          A few thoughts based on that Independent article.
          He was a wealthy property developer so maybe he had business reasons for hating Trump. Also his father was a bank robber, diagnosed as a psychopath and on the FBI’s most wanted list in the 1960s.
          His strong support of anti-smoking hysteria suggests mental illness too. Just the sort of thing that they’ve been trying to whip up over the years.

        • smokingscot says:

          @ roob

          Thanks for the 1st link. I sincerely hope he did the right thing and shot himself through the heart. That one is guaranteed to cause death instantly and it’s far easier to position the gun correctly.

          They can look at the brain and may see something to explain the accelerated deterioration (in a guy who was clearly very messed up anyway), however his doctor may hold the key to the mystery. No crap about confidentiality, it speaks, or they seize the files, then waterboard the idiot GP – 72 hours non-stop, just for the hell of it.

          What’s already clear is he wanted his female friend to have a good life, $100k goes a very long way in the Philippines. But he didn’t need all the guns he had, some he left in his house and most of what he had at the hotel were never used. Odd and out of character.

          We may never be able to rationalise what he did, all we do know is he had the means to do so. Maybe it’s little more than an old git who couldn’t face any more of the ageing process.

          One downside of this are the comments about watching out for old white guys. They get it very wrong, old guys (and gals) know they’re bloody useless in one to one, so you have no need to fear old people you can see. As the video shows, no one gave the slightest thought to who was pulling the trigger, it could just as easily have been a 13 year old with a beef.

  5. Joe L. says:

    But if that had been what happened, there’d have been plenty of evidence of the other occupants of the suite. Fingerprints.

    However, leaked photos of the crime scene show Paddock’s body, and he was wearing gloves. Therefore, it would seem reasonable if no fingerprints whatsoever were found on the weapons. Thus, it would have been possible that the guns were fired by other people wearing gloves without raising a red flag.

    • waltc says:

      True. Pros use gloves and also know how to not leave DNA, tho it takes time to analyze DNA evidence. But here’s a question: presuming there are elevator, corridor and stairway cameras, wouldn’t tne presence or coming and going of other people to that floor/ room be discoverable? True, there are ways to disable cameras but afaik, the disabling itself is apparent, tho otoh, there may be undetectable ways to do it.

      • nisakiman says:

        According to this, there were more than one shooter:

        Hotel Guest Next Door To Las Vegas Shooter Saw ‘Multiple Gunmen’


        I’ve also been reading that the fourth floor windows can be opened with a special tool (probably just a simple square key or something similar) to enable firefighters to access the lower floors (re “only the windows on the 32nd floor were broken, so there couldn’t have been a shooter on the 4th floor”).

        I predict we’ll be hearing a multitude of conflicting stories, and by the time the buzz fizzles out, we will be no closer to the truth than we are now. My gut feeling is that there’s more to this than meets the eye. Too many aspects of the case don’t make sense.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Simplest solution would be to go for DNA. If anyone was near the guy found dead there would be foreign DNA found.

  6. wobbler2012 says:

    I’m not sure I can take 3 more years of this incessant Trump bashing, it encompasses my Twitter feed, it’s f*cking everywhere. It’s going to be a very long 3 years, and with no end in sight for the Brexit that 52% voted for that’s another one that I’m getting sick of seeing, cry baby remainers who still refuse to accept the result of the referendum. It’s all very tiresome.

    • garyk30 says:

      Me too

    • waltc says:

      Same on my fb feed. I’ve actually seen people wish death to all Trump voters, and not just once; it seems to be a theme. But even w/o death wishes, the level of hysterical hatred is vicious and out of control. It’s the kind of mass madness that leads to violence, or Krystalnachts, and ends in Thugocracies.

      As for the shooter, one rumor is that x weeks earlier, he’d scoped out the venue of an open air rock concert (not as likely a Trump audience) and even rented room (or in another version, a condo) on a high floor overlooking it. He apparently bought all the guns himself, buying them in three different states and beginning in June. That last from the cops opin a news conference.

      • beobrigitte says:

        I’ve actually seen people wish death to all Trump voters, and not just once; it seems to be a theme.
        Wishing death on anybody means you have no idea on how to “combat” – you have been defeated.
        Wishing death on people who helped your opponent to win gives you a double defeat – and with that you would cave in to far worse.

    • smokingscot says:

      There are those amongst us who very much hope the Trump Bashing carries on for another 7 years.

      I for one believe he intends to win the next election and perhaps (fingers crossed) to pass on the baton to the next generation, one he has mentored, groomed and is prepared to finance if the need should arise.

      Re Brexit – the farce. And Mayism – bit of free market, bit of state interference, all wrapped up between bouts of coughing. Neither’s working, nor will it work, certainly not in our favour – we being taxpayers.

      I get the impression they’ll let May get so far, then pull the rug from under her – and this time get someone who is determined to stick rigidly to Conservative principles and to deal with the EU very quickly, in a most brutal manner.

      That’s the only way I can see of the Tories getting re-elected with a decent majority, yet also prepared to bring in another party, like the DUP to give the impression of consensus politics (and the press something to whinge about).

  7. Dmitri says:

    Ha, that’s funny. Only today my Russian colleague (another columnist) ventured the idea that the shooter had been a typical Trump voter, harassed to death by feminist bitches. He had high hopes that Trump would stop strangling of the society by feminists (and OTHER ACTIVISTS, RAPIDLY SQUEEZING NORMALCY OUT OF DAILY LIFE), then he saw that “the swamp” has engulfed Trump, his last hope, and decided to execute if not the whole society, than a big part of it.
    Apparently, the columnist was mistaken, the shooter was a typical democrat. But my point is, it could easily be both ways. Hatred to people with different lifestyles is probably mutually lethal. Both sides might be willing to take up weapons. And that’s even worse.
    Speaking about feminists, I re-read Disclosure now. That’s Crichton, a good writer. A pity he never wrote about tobacco.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Speaking about feminists, I re-read Disclosure now. That’s Crichton, a good writer. A pity he never wrote about tobacco.
      Does Crichton mention egalitarian “feminists”? Surely being born female does not only leave 2 categories for females?

      Hatred to people with different lifestyles is probably mutually lethal. Both sides might be willing to take up weapons. And that’s even worse.
      With respect to tobacco: yes, it is mutually lethal. Whilst the boys are busy laying in to the weird feminists, tobacco control is busy buttering up the mothers, who, ironically grew up VERY healthy with SMOKING mothers themselves.

      Welcome to earth!

    • RdM says:

      I re-read Disclosure now
      Hmm, I haven’t read that. Among many others…
      Not sure that I’ll be rushing to find it though, I’ve got far too much else on!

  8. Frank Davis says:

    Various things I read/heard today:

    The Las Vegas police said that the shooting started at 10:08 pm, and ended at 10:19 pm. Apparently police who were already in the building formed a squad to start searching the hotel, and fairly soon found room 32135. Some security guard or policeman had approached the door, and had been shot through the door by the shooter (who had webcams outside). The security guard or policeman seems to have died, but not before telling other policeman where the shooter was. This was about the time the shooting stopped. And there was then a 61 minute delay while they waited for a SWAT team to come an blow the door open on room 32135

    The shooter was on Vallium back in June.

    He apparently behaved rather obnoxiously in public to his female companion, telling her that he paid for everything she did/was/owned.

    On Infowars, it was said that, according to “inside informants”, the shooter had been shot dead by police after a fire fight, and his room contained a lot of Antifa material. It was also suggested that he was a gun runner who laundered money through casinos.

    The casino owners were apparently from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. And the hotel manager was a Hillary Clinton supporter who’d offered staff 10 week holidays to go campaigning for her, and had given money to several left wing causes. (There was almost a suggestion that the hotel owners had been complicit in the crime.)

    Also, according to “inside sources” in the hotel, all the guest registration data had been deleted from the hotel computers. And Paddock had 2 visitors a couple of days before the shooting, with food brought up for them. He was also said to have been in the casino on the day of the shooting.

    None of the above may be true, of course. It’s just what I’ve read or heard.

    • waltc says:

      Well, according to the sheriff’s and FBI press conference tonite, much of that is untrue.

      The security guard (still alive) was the first to arrive outside the room 7 minutes from when the shooting began (revised to 10:05), based on a call from the (ex GI) occupant of the room directly below the shooter. The shooter saw the guard coming with a webcam he’d placed on a room service cart in front of his door and instantly shot 200 rounds thru the door, luckily only hitting the guard in the leg. The guard stayed in the hall, out of range, and when the first team of cops arrived 4 mins later (by which time all shooting had stopped) he gave them his passkey to give them access to other rooms on the floor which (bec shooting stopped) they checked for accomplices (none) and evacuated, expecting a possible shootout with the killer. While the cops were evacuating people with the guard’s help, they called for a SWAT team, suspecting the shooter was still alive and still watching the hall. They claim that when the SWAT team blew the door, the guy was already dead on the floor. The guard is in the hospital and will be fine. Unconfirmed by the cops is the rumor that he ate the gun –shot himself in the mouth.

      No official report of any of the rest of Infowar’s (occasionally ripe) speculations. But here’s what the officials said:

      They confirmed the rumor that he’d earlier rented a room overlooking the site of a rock concert a few weeks ago. …That he’d wired $100K to his girlfriend in Manilla. …In addition to the many adapted rifles, tripods, and sites in the room, the guy had great quantities of explosives, some –or all –of which (unclear to me) were in his car in the hotel garage. Without specifying what it was (which is simply good police practice) , the sheriff said there was hard convincing evidence that the guy wasn’t planning to kill himself but was planning to escape,…He also said the guy had “a secret life’ (again unspecified) and that, though as yet there was no evidence of it, he found it hard to believe that the guy hadn’t had accomplices because of (as we’ve all speculated) the incredibly complicated logistics and the advance planning involved. That was the only occasion on which, like a pro, he allowed himself to speculate.

      post press conference, this unverified bit emerged: Bullet holes were found in a huge fuel storage tank adjacent to the concert area. Speculation by newsfolk that he was trying to explode the tank which would have led to a conflagration and likely killed thousands, including first responders. Speculation on top of speculation that perhaps he intended to escape under cover of that fire. and perhaps escape in the car with its additional weapons, ammo and explosives to create more mayhem elsewhere.

      End of report.

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