Make His Life Horrible

H/T Audrey Silk for these words from Australian MP Craig Kelly.

“You have to have some price pressure,” he says. “You have to have the strongest possible law enforcement. You’ve got to make lepers of those that smoke… make their lives horrible.”

We’ve already been made lepers, and our lives made horrible. But at least one of the bastards is being honest about what he wants to do: make people lepers, make their lives horrible.

Here’s a politician of some considerable seniority (and supposedly a “Liberal”) who wants to make people into lepers, and make their lives horrible. And if he will do this to smokers, he’ll do it anybody. Here we have an MP, a supposed representative of the people, who wants to make make them into lepers.

It’s quite easy to make people people’s lives horrible. You just have to do a lousy job of whatever you’re paid to do. And Craig Kelly is certainly doing that. And he’s probably doing a lousy job as chairman of the joint committee on law enforcement as well. In fact he probably makes a pig’s ear of everything he does.

I think that a political class writes its own death warrant when it openly turns on the people it’s supposed to represent. Such people are nobody’s representatives. They are tyrants.

But at least the author of the article in The Saturday Paper can see it, and the paper has published it, and people all over the world are reading it. And maybe a few of the people who voted for him will have second thoughts about voting for such a man again. I’ll be interested to see if he survives the next election. And in fact whether he survives at all.

And he looks like he’s a bit of a “well-fed” man. I wonder how he’s feel if somebody said “You’ve got to make lepers of fat people… make their lives horrible”? Or could it be that he already has been made into just such a leper, and he’s now busy spreading the disease? Perhaps he’s just passing on to others what was handed to him?

Perhaps he’s on one of those hideous slimming diets, and his life is horrible, and so every day as an Australian MP he sets out to make life horrible for everybody else?

But somehow or other at least he’s not a global warming alarmist:

Renewable energy is killing people this winter, according to Liberal MP and chairman of the Coalition’s backbench energy and environment committee.

Hughes MP Craig Kelly said high power prices meant many households were unable to adequately heat their homes.

“People will die,” he told AM.

“We’ve seen reports only recently that one-in-four Australian households this winter will be frightened to turn the heater on because of the price of electricity.

Wouldn’t it be a golden opportunity for him to make life horrible for another one-in-four Australians?

He’s also the chair of the Coalition’s energy policy committee. How many committees does the bugger chair?

Ah, I think I understand… The electoral division of Hughes, which Kelly represents, is a suburb of Canberra, in south-eastern Australia, a bit north-east of the Snowy Mountains. So Kelly is one of the quarter of Australia’s population who lives in the coldest part of the country. He is himself one of the “one-in-four” Australians who are “going to die”. Why doesn’t he just move to Darwin in the Northern Territory? I bet it’s a lot warmer there, just 12.5º south of the equator. Positively tropical, in fact.

Wouldn’t that be the responsible thing to do if you’re worried about cold: move to Darwin? Why should three-quarters of Australians subsidise the quarter who have adopted the very bad habit of living in the icy far south? Don’t they know that it’s killing them? If they could just summon up the strength of will to quit living in places like Melbourne and Canberra, they’d probably live at least 10 years longer. Australians should make pariahs of people like Craig Kelly, make his life horrible.

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26 Responses to Make His Life Horrible

  1. Pat Nurse says:

    He is obese so he should also be aware that some politician is also trying to make a leper out of him and make his fat life horrible. I can’t wait for the day when haters like him get to feel that hate directed right back at them.

    What difference if he is not a climate change loon. He is a smokerphobic nutjob who would be prosecuted for hate crime if he directed his bile at any other minority group which, unlike ours, has the privilege of being protected in law.

  2. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    It’s another indictment of the poor quality of the Australian ‘Washminster’ political system that this obese nonentity is being rewarded at over $200k per annum from the public purse to spout such dictatorial nonsense, but hey he’s obediently toeing the line of both major Australian political parties and they’re necessarily always correct!

    I am a reasonably keen student of what passes as political ‘debate’ in the Antipodes, yet never heard of him until now

    This mindset is what we the sheeple here confront daily.

    Minor correction: Hughes is a suburb of Canberra but the electorate of this oxygen thief, younger than me but looks older, probably from bargaining with Lucifer, is centred on south Sydney some 300km to the north west on the coast.

    Nowhere in Australia is really cold, except perhaps Macquarie Island and the Aust Antarctic Territory.

  3. Someone needs to report the fat fuck to whatever antipodean fake charity champions the rights of Victims Of Hansen’s Disease. Report him for Hate Speech , for using terms now considered by the Hansen’s Community to be OFFENSIVE. The L-word …

    • smokingscot says:

      DW tv couple of minutes ago report exit polls showing afd got 13 plus a bit % of the vote and is 3rd largest party. They will get seats in parliament. Granny’s party slipped a lot (30% ish) and hers plus the bald fat git’s will only get about 53% between them.
      For once I say nowt more, just facts.

  4. Welcome to Post Brexshite Britain:
    “cASH UK is not aware of any evidence suggesting that the massive increases in excise after BREXIT have led to an increase in the size of the UK’s illicit tobacco market.”

    It points to overseas studies showing the influence of factors other than price, including the ease of operating illegally in various countries, the likelihood of being caught and “the extent of any penalties”.

    fASH rejects the findings of a 2018 annual report that the three big players commissioned from KPMG UK, which estimated the UK government is missing out on £1.61 billion in tax each year. The health sector says the report is discredited because the tobacco industry funded it.

    HMRC told the HoP inquiry committee last year that it was working with Border Force UK on its own estimate. The HMRC told The Daily Xenophobe the work was “ongoing” and it would “release the gap when we are satisfied we have an estimate that is both credible and reliable”.

    The former head of the government’s illicit tobacco taskforce and a now-retired former UK Customs officer, Ian Sked puts the lost tax revenue figure at more like £4 billion.

  5. Rose says:

    Now he’s admitted it, it all depends if his voters are still comfortable with a man who wants to turn their parents, loved ones and friends into lepers and make their lives horrible.

  6. As to the AfD , I have been saying here for ages that they would implode before the election and to be fair to them they did their very best to prove me right. If however they do get anything like the 10 % mark then Brexshite becomes a whole lot more difficult and instead of the EU (ie Merkel & Juncker) wanting shot of us , preferably yesterday, the EU will suddenly be going out of it’s way to show it’s EU credentials and start to get really ‘bolshy’…even perhaps wanting to be seen to ‘punish’ the UK.

    • Frank, please delete my last comment. After 20 minutes of trying to log in to post a comment (your site would accept neither my wordpress nor my google ID) I finally got to comment via my twitter ID but it is only showing half the comment and makes little sense.

      • Frank Davis says:

        I think I’ll leave them both in. Does anyone else have similar problems?

        • It’s 20:00 on the 24.09 and I have just watched somewhat shell shocked German Newscasters proclaim that the ‘far right’ (German MSM code for anyone whom they consider to be Nazis) party the AfD will be entering the German parliament with around 90 MPs! The way the Newscasters were speaking-and they got as near as calling the AfD ‘nazis’ as they could- reminded me very much of how they broke the news that Trump (whom they always refer, if they can, to as ‘Trump’ and never ‘President Trump’ whereas Obama always got his first name and usually his title ie ‘Messiah and Son Of God’…the German MSM lovin’ Obama the way all Germans love The Hoff). Mind you I can understand the D-MSM’s surprise, i was gobsmacked too; for months now I have been saying that the AfD would implode before the election and to give them their due they have done their very best to prove me right. However it seems the AfD has decided to postpone it’s Night Of Long Knives until tomorrow or the day after- already there are rumours the leadership will form a breakaway party.

          But the biggest shock, the thing that has all other German politicians worried isn’t the fact that a chunk of their population apparently badly needs to pick up a history book, nor are they really overly bothered that a bunch of ‘Germany First’-‘Shoot Illegal Immigrants’-GREXiting Brown Shirts have gotten into Parliament and will be about as effective in oppositional terms as that UK party the ‘LibDems’ whom the older ones here might vaguely recall. No,the big shock is that the leader of the German Labour party,Martin Schulz, a Europhile’s europhile btw,who got the 2nd largest share of the vote, has already said they, German Labour, will NOT be forming a new ‘GROKO’, grand coalition, with Merkel. This is where it gets a bit complicated to explain to anyone without a deep abiding interest in the German Electoral System but in simple terms Merkel either chooses to lead a minority government (Teresa says ‘Hi’) or she goes into coalition with The Greens and the German LibDems (who have arisen Lazarus like from the political grave). What the Germans call a ‘Jamaica Coalition’ (something to do with the parties’ colours being the same as the Jamaican flag). Not a particular problem, the German LibDems had many years experience in coalition with Merkel until the last general election and The Greens were in coalition with German Labour last time they were in power (under Gert The Shredder). Both the Greens and the LibDems know how to form a stable government. But, of course, they will want their pound of political bratwurst for getting into Merkel’s bed – (‘bratwurst’-‘Merkel’-‘Sex’…pass the mind bleach!). BMW (Bavarian Motors Windmill powered), Vorsprung durch Sunlight, coming to a motorway slow lane near you soon.

          You can also expect a new , colder, harsher wind blowing in from Germany regarding Brexit as German politicians seek to distance themselves from the AfD and all it’s works. Inorder to weaken support of the notion of Grexit

  7. Gráinne O'Reilly says:

    What business is it to him if people smoke or not? Just because he eats too much as his appetite isn’t tempered by the odd fag, I suppose he is unconsciously envious of smokers and jealous that he doesn’t have the good habits of a smoker, who is able to regulate any gluttony by just having a smoke. i think this man is a control freak.. and I hope that he gets (or doesn’t as the case may be) his ‘just desserts’!

  8. beobrigitte says:

    The man leading federal parliament’s investigation into illicit tobacco is a rabid anti-smoker.

    “I can’t stand cigarettes,” says Liberal MP Craig Kelly, chairman of the joint committee on law enforcement. “When it comes to fanatical nonsmokers, they could give me a badge.”
    Liberal MP Kelly “can’t stand cigarettes, therefore smokers “need” to be punished?

    Assuming that I couldn’t stand fat people and wanted to punish “Liberal” Kelly, would it be fine, if I’d take my dislike out on all of them? I didn’t think so.
    Perhaps a proper job might help “Liberal” Kelly in more than one way!

  9. Rose says:

    Mind you, I must admit that do feel an enormous sense of moral superiority when confonted with such a creature.

  10. Smoking Lamp says:

    What a vile and repugnant creature! He has betrayed the public trust, substituting societal division and the persecution of a quarter of the population for political spoils. A day of reckoning will come (and perhaps sooner than the antismoker zealots think). When it does his own word as and actions will constitute the indictment for crimes against humanity before the bar of justice.

    • waltc says:

      Money where mouth is, my letter (will anyone join me?):

      In “Curbing the Illicit Tobacco Trade,” (Sept 23) MP Craig Kelly –who calls himself Liberal (?)–suggests that The Final Solution to the Smoker Problem is that “You’ve got to make lepers of those that smoke… make their lives horrible.”

      Is it now the job of Australian MPs to turn their constituents into outcasts and make their lives “horrible” in the name of their own bigoted zealotry or is that a job better left to, say, Brown Shirts?

      Walt Cody
      (Added, as they demand) an address

  11. Darryl says:

    I see Craig Kelly’s words as the wild lashing out of a frightened, cornered animal. It could be taken as a positive sign, that the pressure is getting to him. By buying on the black market people are thumbing their noses at him and other zealots and he can’t handle it. He’s nailed his true colours to the mast now for all to see. His words will come back and bite him.

  12. jaxthefirst says:

    It’s not even as if this Jimmy-five-bellies is offering a way out of “making these people’s lives horrible,” is it? Either they continue to smoke and get treated like dirt by people like him and his minions – which is pretty horrible; but life without cigarettes when you’ve been coerced into giving up, if the ongoing attitudes and outlook of the vast majority of ex-smokers I know is anything to go by (a right Eeyore-style miserable bunch they are!), is clearly pretty horrible, too.

    So, what this man is in fact proposing is punishment. But not just punishment to make people give up smoking (which, of course, is how it’s being presented). Oh no, in effect it’s constant, unrelenting punishment – which won’t stop if a person conforms and obediently does as the likes of he and his ilk wish – for nothing more than having done something in the past that they happen to disapprove of.

    And if that’s not a despicable, self-interested abuse of power, on behalf of a self-satisfied sweaty, fat b****rd, then I really don’t know what is.

  13. jaxthefirst says:

    On another topic, Frank. Pretty much every time I visit your site these days, my screen freezes and won’t move any further once I’ve moved onto reading the comments due to a “long running script,” and no amount of pressing the “stop script” (or not pressing it) makes a blind bit of difference – WordPress always has to stop and re-start itself – and then it all happens all over again. There’s rarely any obviously “long running script” to be seen – just the usual-length comments from folks. Any ideas how to get round this, anyone?

  14. Lepercolonist says:

    “You have to have some price pressure,”

    Some ? The price of cigarettes is astronomical. Where does it end with these nut jobs ?

  15. Joe L. says:

    I’m glad this overzealous, hateful asshole, Craig Kelly, publicly let slip Tobacco Control’s true, bigoted intentions to “make lepers of those that smoke… make their lives horrible.” Statements like this will eventually lead to the demise of Tobacco Control. The more, the merrier.

    We need to liberally post this quote in response to any and all future articles we come across which falsely claim that some new antismoking legislation is being proposed/enacted to “help smokers quit” or to “protect public health.” Mr. Kelly, one of their own, claims quite the opposite.

    There’s no better way to expose their lies than with their own words.

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  17. Jonathan Bagley says:

    Kelly has just turned 54. He shouldn’t be giving lectures on healthy lifestyles. He should be adopting one if he wants to reach old age.

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