The Enemy Within

Ex-military policeman Harley would have had something to say about this. Hat-tip Smoking Lamp on this news from Israel:

IDF declares war on smoking

New plan aims to wipe out smoking among IDF troops.

The IDF is attempting to wipe out smoking among troops and has decided to implement recommendations put forward by the Medical Corps. The move comes as a response to recent studies showing that 4 out of 10 IDF soldiers start smoking by the time they finish their mandatory service.

According to the new plan, the IDF will ban selling cigarettes at 56 bases from where soldiers return home every night and is also considering extending the ban to bases where soldiers sleep for extended periods of time.

The IDF will also significantly limit the designated smoking areas on bases and will enforce a strict disciplinary policy for those caught smoking anywhere else. Soldiers smoking in non-designated areas can expect harsh consequences, such as restricting leave.

Part of the IDF’s new anti-smoking guidelines approved by IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eiznekot forbids tobacco companies from sponsoring IDF units and will prohibit cigarette donations to soldiers through the army’s donation program.

In addition, commanders will be forbidden from smoking near their subordinates. The IDF also intends to prohibit smoking in field vehicles which are used for training and operations and will extend the ban to army-issued personal cars.

In addition to the new slate of prohibitions, the IDF will beef up programs to prevent smoking. Every soldier, both in mandatory service and in the career army, will be assigned to an anti-smoking program and those who smoke will be assisted in attempts to overcome the habit and offered support groups.

The Israeli Defense Force may as well have declared war on itself.

The effect of smoking bans in civil society is to create division between smokers and antismokers. I’ve been experiencing this for the past 10 years. And so have many of my readers. And in my experience, it’s shattering.

The effect in any military organisation will be exactly the same. It will set people against each other. It will set commanders against subordinates. It will set everybody against everybody else.

In civilian life this is bad enough. But within the armed forces it is far worse, and far more dangerous. Because it will shatter morale. It is said that a house divided will not stand, but army divided will most likely demolish itself with high explosive.

I don’t live in Israel, but I now fear for its continued existence, given the antismoking measures about to be introduced in its armed forces, which will likely have much the same effect on its operational capabilities as the introduction of a battalion of enemy soldiers (Hezbollah? Hamas?) into its ranks.

The same would apply in the British armed forces, and US armed forces, or any armed forces anywhere. And if it’s happening with the IDF, it’s probably happening everywhere else too.

I can’t think of a better way to bring a nation low, than to shatter the morale of its armed forces, and set them against each other.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the intention of those who are introducing these antismoking measures. They are the enemy within. Introducing transgender soldiers is probably just as effective – although Donald Trump has just banned that.

From another report:

She said the military identified smoking as a problem following a number of studies showing the high rates of tobacco use during military service…

For the army, Kirshner said, it isn’t just a societal health problem, but one with tangible, negative effects on the military’s operational capabilities.

“It harms [soldiers’] fitness and their ability to carry out their positions,” she said.

The IDF is soon going to discover the tangible, negative effects of draconian smoking bans on its operational capabilities. It’s going to be shattering.

But in war these things are found out much more quickly than in civilian life. Military commanders quickly find out what tactics work, and what don’t, and what weapons are effective, and what aren’t. A smoking ban introduced into a military unit is no different from the introduction of a new weapon, or a new formation, or a new uniform. It’ll either work well, or it’ll work badly. And these things will be found out very rapidly.

And in the IDF it will be the junior ranks who will first experience the divisions created by smoking bans, and the loss of morale. And it will be their junior commanders who will first notice this, as their subordinates complain to them. And the complaints will slowly filter back up the command chain to the idiots at the top – idiots like Brig. Gen. Meirav Kirshner, and IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eiznekot.

It may be that the global war on smoking will take a decisive turn when it is extended to the world’s military organisations, and it is discovered within those organisations what the true corrosive effects of smoking bans really are, as against the imaginary health benefits of them promoted by Tobacco Control.

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17 Responses to The Enemy Within

  1. “It harms [soldiers’] fitness and their ability to carry out their positions,” she said.

    She forgot to add ‘Rassengift’.

  2. Dirk says:
    My mother told me that in 1951, when I was a baby in a cradle, she sat next to me and smoked cigarettes while reading a book and the blue smoke wafted around me. She also smoked when she was pregnant and she gave birth to 4 other healthy children after I was born.

    I’m 66 now and I’m very healthy – and smoking and drinking. I never engaged in any sport. Jogging is stupid. Our distant ancestors only jogged when trying to kill an animal, never for fun.

    Nobody in my family ever did any sport and they all lived to a ripe old age (they passed away in their eighties and nineties) and all of them smoked to the very end.

    I remember that smoking was allowed in school during breaks on condition that the student was 16 years old. I attended a school in Belgium and I’m talking about the period 1963-1969. At university, almost everyone smoked. During oral exams when the student was alone in one room face to face with the professor, smoking was allowed in order to calm the nerves. The professor also smoked. (1969-1974 when I studied law at the university of Leuven, Belgium.

    When I practised law as a barrister in Belgian courts, one was allowed to smoke outside the courtroom. Some judges adjourned for ten minutes in order to allow people to smoke.

    Off topic: Two days before she died my mother told me that she had shot and killed a Gestapo man during the war, because he had tortured and killed her girlfriend who was working for the resistance.

    One of her British girlfriends was a pilot during the war, look here

  3. buckothemoose says:

    So military service in mandatory, but smoking isn’t allowed? That might be a ploy to eventually get the whole population off the fags.
    I presume starting after you’ve left the army is permissable, but by then, after all the mandatory quit smoking sessions, everyone might be anti smokers

    • Frank Davis says:

      If many Israeli soldiers start smoking while doing military service, that surely means that smoking is permitted. And if tobacco is sold in military bases, that surely means the same thing.. It’s just that things will change in November.

    • smokingscot says:

      Didn’t know that BtM, so out of curiosity I googled – and sure enough there are one or two who object to being made to serve.

      and boy are they dealt with harshly.

      The whole concept is good in one sense, it makes for compliant citizens who know the rules, but that doesn’t seem to translate into the political sphere, where they have this permanent coalition of diametrically opposed political parties.

      On the other hand it’s hellish wasteful and does not make for a good military. Huge amounts of time spent training, then they leave. They don’t want to be there, they want to get qualifications and good jobs, so for sure those who can jolly well emigrate when their children are of age, or at least they get them educated overseas, frequently to never return.

      So there you’ve got a problem, the creme bog off, not because they want to, rather because an archaic system’s forced them to.

      And Frank’s right. Most of the time they spend doing sweet f all. And it’s real boring being on night duty in some isolated outpost one the border between Syria or Lebanon or Palestine. Smoking does at least help pass the time – as our Squaddie’s know only too well.

      So yes, maybe there is some built in thing in Israel that you’ve got to do your bit for The State. However I suspect a good many smokers in Israel feel pretty much the same as we do, then they’re not real keen on The State, nor The Establishment. And they’re very likely share our view of intrusive smoker haters. If that nagging prick’s my commander:

      1) S/He’d best watch her/his back at all times.

      2) NEVER expect me to aid or assist.

      3) If wounded, be certain you will die where you lie.

      I’m not certain I’d send a message to the enemy about who and location and time. But I’m not certain I wouldn’t.

      • buckothemoose says:

        Yeah, some people want military service brought back here, but it’s just a huge waste in my opinion, giving all the scrotes who don’t want to be there to the army, just to waste money and time teaching them to be what they will never be. A good army is made up of volunteers

  4. Dirk says:

    That generation were good people, no snowflakes or wussies

  5. Frank Davis says:

    Jason and the Astronauts as I saw them a couple of weeks back.. I was talking to the bass player (seated at left) earlier today, and he told me it had been videoed.

    You can see the back of my head at bottom left!

  6. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    The IDF policy treats the conscripts as slaves, or serfs. Your body belongs to Erez Israel. What a puritanical evidence free petty approach, but of course they are ‘helping’ the poor wayward smokers so they are healthy enough to be shot at.🔫

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