Nowhere To Hide

Some two-year-old Norwegian news:

Smokers in Norway ‘like Jews under the Nazis’

A politician from a fringe conservative party in the far north of Norway has compared the plight of smokers in the country to that of Jews during the Nazi occupation.

“We are fighting against a systematic discrimination against smokers,” Geir Finne, leader of the Coastal Party in the country of Troms, said an article published by TV2. “We have not seen anything like this since the time of the occupation.”

The party, which describes itself as “culturally conservative” has made the battle against smoking bans in cafés, restaurants and bars key to its campaign ahead of this month’s municipal elections.

“This is legally enforced discrimination. Jews were also already being persecuted from 1933,” he continued. “We are more monitored today than under the Stasi.”

Kristian Andresen (21), a senior party member in Tromsø, said that the comparison was Jews was intended to be striking.

“You have to use some pretty powerful language if you want people to listen,” he said. “That’s why we are comparing the smoking ban with the persecution of Jews, especially what happened in 1933-1939. We did not compare it with the torture and murder that happened during the war, but with the actual persecution.”

It’s not just Norway where smokers are being treated like Jews under the Nazis prior to 1939. They’re treated that way almost everywhere in Europe, and in fact everywhere in the world.

And this is why smokers are actually being treated worse than Jews under the Nazis. The Jews could at least flee Nazi Germany, and find refuge in other countries. The plight of modern smokers is far worse: there’s increasingly nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Another reason why the current global persecution of smokers is worse than the Nazi persecution of the Jews is that there are a great many more smokers than Jews. In Europe in the 1930s there were some 10 – 20 million Jews: there are about 1.5 billion smokers in the world today – 100 times as many.

In addition, the Nazis were persecuting smokers in Germany long before enlightened modern Europe began persecuting smokers – with the slight difference that the modern persecution of smokers is far more intensive than the Nazi one.

And the modern persecution of smokers is based upon the exact same “science” as the Nazi science used to justify the Nazi war on smoking. And this science mirrors the “science” used to justify the Nazi persecution of the Jews. For the Nazi persecution of the Jews was a Public Health measure just like the Nazi war on smoking. The Jews (and smokers again today) were regarded as “poisonous” people polluting the otherwise healthy body politic. And of course they “stank”. They were regarded as human vermin. And eventually they were exterminated like vermin.

For the World Health Organisation (WHO), smoking itself has become a disease. The smoker with his cigarette is no different from the plague victim with his buboes. From the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Foreword:

The WHO FCTC was developed in response to the globalization of the tobacco epidemic. The spread of the tobacco epidemic is facilitated through a variety of complex factors with cross-border effects, including trade liberalization and direct foreign investment. Other factors such as global marketing, transnational tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and the international movement of contraband and counterfeit cigarettes have also contributed to the explosive increase in tobacco use.

For the Nazis, the Jews themselves were the disease. So now the smokers themselves are the disease. Both require to be isolated, segregated.  Both must be demonised and vilified in media campaigns. Both must be pushed to the margins of society. Deborah Arnott, a year prior to the UK smoking ban, predicted that:

“Smokers will be exiled to the outdoors.”

And that is exactly what happened to them on 1 July 2007. This was not some unintended consequence. It was the fully conscious intention that smokers be driven out onto the streets. Of course, being driven out onto the streets, in cold and wet and darkness, wasn’t going to do the health of smokers any good. But it was not the health of smokers that the antismoking campaigners were interested in: it was the health of everyone else. Tobacco Control is trying to rid the world of smokers, just like doctors set out to rid the world of bubonic plague, and the Nazis set out to rid the world of Jews.

And if smokers, once excluded from indoor public spaces, are now to be found in the streets, the zealous Public Health campaigners next campaign for them to be excluded from public outdoor spaces – like parks and playgrounds and beaches. And if they then retreat to their own homes, then they must be pursued there as well. This is exactly akin to pursuing malarial mosquitoes from one swamp to another.

And at the same time, smokers are increasingly being fired from their jobs because they are smokers, refused medical treatment because they are smokers, and evicted from their homes because they are smokers.

In the Nazi era, those areas from which Jews had been expelled were declared to be “Jew-free” (judenrein). So now, in a direct echo of this, areas from which smokers have been expelled are called “smoke-free”. In both cases an inverted, negative idea of freedom is invoked.

Equally, while in the Nazi era a public campaign of vilification and demonisation of Jews was conducted while at the same time hiding the consequences that the Jews were experiencing, so now the public campaign of vilification and demonisation of smokers hides the consequences experienced by smokers, which sometimes includes their death.

In the Norwegian article, one of Norway’s Jews upbraids the Coastal Party:

Monica Csango, a writer, director and author who is one of Norway’s 1,500 Jews, said the Coastal Party should try and make its members less ignorant.

“I would recommend that the Coastal Party take not just a crash course, but spend a minimum of one year carefully reading history,” she told TV2. “Most of all I would recommend that they get in contact with a skilled communications agency.”

She’s quite right, of course. No better start could be made than with Robert Proctor’s book, The Nazi War on Cancer. a book I’ve mentioned many times (here, here, here, and here).

And the Coastal Party will indeed need a skilled communication agency if it is make Norwegians aware of the predicament of of Norwegian smokers.

But the Coastal Party has at least made enough noise to be noticed here in England. So maybe they’re already skilled at communication. And the world needs to learn that smokers everywhere are being treated just “like Jews under the Nazis”, and for almost exactly the same reasons as they were.

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20 Responses to Nowhere To Hide

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    I’m proud to say i’m a member of the Resistance !

  2. John Watson says:

    It is a matter of historical record that in the 1930’s that smokers in the Wermacht and the SS where forbidden to smoke in uniform, an order that was frequently ignored and a blind eye was turned toward offenders. Anyone who has watched official German film from 1939 and the invasion of Poland or France in 1940 cannot help but witness German soldiers advancing, lit cigarettes dangling from their lips openly disobeying that order.

    In around 1943 Orders were posted that smoking on trams would be illegal to prevent the premature deaths of tram drivers and conductors, all this took place when the USAAF and the RAF were dropping hundreds of thousands of bombs on German cities day and night killing ten’s of thousands daily.

    Such then was the mentality of anti-smokers during the National Socialist era, it was perfectly acceptable to be blown up, burned or die in any of the horrendous ways to die through bombing but illegal to smoke where there is no chance of immediate death.

    Today the same intolerant mindset exists, anti smoking again marches hand in hand with anti Semitism, even in those countries that suffered so horrifically under National Socialism. Over 60,000,000 people died in that war, over 6,000, 000 million people murdered through intolerance and we as a species have not learned anything from it.

  3. slugbop007 says:

    Florence Nightingale is alive & well, living in the asteroid belt:


  4. Well written and quite true Frank. I wrote “TobakkoNacht — The Story” back in the 1990s and then watched various aspects of it come true over the next 20 years as smokers were segregated, beaten, even shot, as people have gotten frantic about children exposed to smoke outdoors, smoking chimps carted out of zoos to be detoxed, the edicts from TNacht’s UN Tobacco Symposium became reality with the WFCTC as the UN spent millions to fight the “Grey Scourge of Toxic Tobacco Smoke” while leaving children to waste away from dysentery and cholera, Brazil cut down rain forests to grow tobacco after the tobacco farmers were pushed out of their US fields, brothels warning patrons they can screw themselves senseless but not light up after sex, … and more of course. We haven’t yet seen smokers forced to hang warning signs/symbols on the fronts of their homes — but we have seen activists pushing for special blue porch lights to designate “safe non-smoking homes” so that parents will know which neighboring children it’s safe to let their own kids play with, and we haven’t seen concentrated nicotine oils being used to pump up government “No-Nic” cigarettes but the oils exist for vaping and if the current US Antismoking push for lowering nicotine grows we’re likely to see it in the future.

    We haven’t had a TobakkoNacht “event” yet: the soil still needs some fertilization, but the basic scenario has now been set: open air bans in city plazas aren’t universal by any means but they HAVE been set up in a number of places, and complaints/worries about children’s outdoor exposures have gotten to the point where we’re seeing smoking banned on BEACHES despite the strength of ocean breezes.

    Things are likely to get worse before they get better. I wouldn’t have believed that we’d hit the point where we are today when I wrote that initial story, but it’s moved even faster than my timeline. Heh, when I wrote Brains and was considering putting TNacht in it as an Appendix my pre-pub reading friends unanimously voted thumbs down on the idea: the whole concept of such things as I noted a few paragraphs above was still just too “crazy” back in 2002 as I was pulling the final drafts together: California and little Delaware were the only States were smoking was banned in bars, and the idea of outdoor bans was still laughable.

    Where will the turning point be? I don’t know. I’d have thought it would happen before now. People are far more vulnerable to the manipulations of clever and well-orchestrated propaganda campaigns than I’d ever really thought possible outside of wartime scenarios. In my academic Peace Studies years I spent so much time studying how the Nazis could possibly have created the fear and hatred toward Jews that they did — how the ordinary, nice, regular German people could have let that happen — but now I know: it’s all in that deadly slice-by-slice approach… one little seemingly not so unreasonable step beyond the ones we’ve already taken at at time.

    So far the Antismokers have, amazingly, avoided biting off more than they could chew with very few exceptions. The Greeks have somehow managed to defy them with seemingly little difficulty, but, incredibly, the French and the rest of Europe seems to have largely collapsed with barely a whimper.

    We’ll have to see what we shall see I guess. Meanwhile …. we just gotta keep on fighting. Ain’t no other choice out there if we want to keep any control over our lives at all.

    – MJM

  5. Rose says:

    I should have posted this here istead of on the previous page.

    A plea to stop persecuting modern day Pellagrins for self-medicating with tobacco and for the Helth Minister to give them Niacin instead, from Jamaica in 2014.

    “As proof, my grandmother was born on the 27th of August, 1898 and died on the 28th of February, 1988. Along with others her age and older in the adjacent communities, she started smoking tobacco, in her early 20s when she started to have children. Apart from pellagra — the disturbing symptoms of which they controlled by smoking tobacco — all these people lived healthy lives and respectively died in their old age without being affected by cancer and the other conditions that are wrongfully blamed on tobacco smoking.

    My grandmother grew her own tobacco and did what is called chain smoking with her chalk pipe. Apart from pellagra, she had never been ill and had never gone to a doctor and or physician throughout her 90 years, with the exception of getting the necessary immunisation shots.

    For my grandmother and others in the adjacent neighbourhood, their more or less proper health was based on the unprocessed fresh foods that they ate. They had lived in the rural hilly areas of the Dry Harbour Mountains. This is far away from the town and city areas with the many automobiles and factories with the density of carbon monoxide, radiation and viruses that are chief among the deadly wastes in the immediate environment.

    In the environment of the hilly areas, therefore, the mixture of carbon monoxide, radiation and the other deadly wastes in the atmosphere are less and are at a more controlled level than the high density in the towns and cities. However, if it were not for the acid rains, other contaminants in the water supply and other necessary foods that are processed, etc their span could have been greater.

    Therefore, with pellagra as the cause of the smoking of tobacco and niacin as the only antidote against pellagra, it is necessary for the minister of health to institute a rapid public education programme; in the proper use of niacin against pellagra.

    This process is the light to destroy the darkness of making criminals of the victims of pellagra by criminalising the smoking of tobacco that cannot cure pellagra.

    The minister would be doing the correct thing to control and help eradicate the disease so as to prevent the smoking of tobacco and whatsoever danger to health it caused in the mixture with the more and most deadly substances. ”

    Dr Basil R Simms is a biochemist and business consultant.

    And he is right,you can’t smoke enough tobacco to prevent Pellagra

    P. Lorillard Company
    Middletown Branch

    Nicotinic acid – 1941 (p.2)
    “We find that the smoke from ordinary Ripple cigarettes contains the anti-pellagra vitamin or nicotinic acid in fairly substantial amounts. However, the quantity is probably too low for a man to rely upon this source alone for his nicotinic acid requirement.
    At least to do so he would find it necessary to smoke an unreasonable number”

    So why do anti-tobacco still insist that people who smoke only do it because they are “addicted” to Nicotine?

  6. Rose says:

    Nicotinic Acid
    Niacin, Pellagra-Preventive (P.P.) factor

    “Pellagra has been recognized as a disease since the eighteenth century in Italy. In 1912 Funk postulated a pellagra preventive vitamin. In 1926 pellagra was induced in volunteers by a deficient diet and both these volunteers and patients were cured with yeast. The isolation of nicotinic acid was accomplished in 1912 from yeast and its identity with the P.P. factor established in 1937.”

    “The conquest of pellagra is commonly associated with one name: Joseph Goldberger of the US Public Health Service, who in 1914 went south, concluded within 4 months that the cause was inadequate diet, spent the rest of his life researching the disease, and found that brewer’s yeast could prevent and treat it at nominal cost.”

    They put the Niacin in commercial bread by law to prevent people getting Pellagra in the 1940’s in America and in 1953 in the UK and then unleashed the anti-tobacco campaign both sides of the Atlantic.
    But not everyone in the world buys commercial bread enriched with niacin, though it seems everyone in the world gets pursued by TC

  7. waltc says:

    I think Frank and I “met” quite a few years ago when I posted the following over at Siegel’s and somebody sent me a link to Frank’s having reposted it here (which brought me here, wowed me with his content, and brought me into permanent residence). So–one more time:

    Quote: Hans Frank, Nazi governor of occupied Poland, April 1940:
    ” It is unacceptable that representatives of the Reich should be obliged to meet Jews when they enter or leave the house and are, in this way, liable to infection from epidemics.”
    [Result: the Warsaw Ghetto].

    Quote: Joseph Goebbles, Reich Minister of Propaganda, August 1941:
    ” The Jews have always been carriers of infectious disease.They should either be concentrated in a ghetto and left to themselves or liquidated, for otherwise they will infect the population.”

    [Source: “Statements of Hitler and senior Nazis concerning Jews”

    Additionally, the day after Kristalnacht, Jews were banned from parks in (forget what city–Berlin?) and the only outdoor place where Jewish mothers could let their children play outdoors was in Jewish cemeteries–hide n seek among the tombstones.. Nor were Jews allowed to sit on any public bench anywhere. (This reminds me of Glantz’s theory that smokers contaminate restaurant chairs.) . And of course with the many bans springing up in whole downtown areas of cities, along with bans that stipulate 20 feet from any window or door, we’re getting close to smokers, like Jews, having to walk in the gutter.

    Further, as NYC gets closer to trying for “smoke-free” housing (a commercial running now shows a man smoking in an apartment and the smoke traveling up through the ceiling and surrounding the cradle of the baby upstairs with a logo telling people to “ask your landlord” to ban smoking) we’re getting to the point where NY wants to get a smoke-free city in much the way Warsaw got a Jew-free city– except with not even ghettos allowed. They’ll drive the smokers out and then claim to have reduced smoking to zero. The City That Never Sleeps as The City That Never Smokes.

    • Rhys says:

      I hope I’m being paranoid here, but it seems the more ‘progressive’ a country is, the worse it seems for both Jews and smokers (and lucky me, I’m both). I know here in Canada we’ve got some of the worst anti-smoking laws, and the government (indirectly) promoting anti-semitism, for instance, by giving grants for artists who are doing anti-semitic murals to display here in our happily post-national nation (thank Trudeau for the post-national part). The biggest target of hate crimes in Canada is Jews, coincidentally or not. The leftists are certainly more outspoken these days on their anti-semitism as well. And parliament has passed a motion saying we shouldn’t criticise Islam.

      Then again, the Nazis weren’t fond of smokers, either.

      I wonder if it’s a coincidence, but somehow I think it’s not.

  8. Clicky says:

  9. Smoking Lamp says:

    The similarities are there all right; but the antis will never see them. The so-called progressive left (home of many but not all antismokers) can’t even see that the violence used by the Antifa is actually violence. The instigators of oppression seem to have found the key to defining the other once again. Of course smokers recognize the persecution; but empathy (even from other persecuted groups like most vapers) remains elusive.

    Smokers need to keep up the resistance until the tide turns. The antismokers and Temperance crowd are largely one in the same. They are intoxicated with power. Health isn’t the basis of smoking bans or the pub restrictions in Sydney either. I remember drinking in Kings Cross some twenty-five years ago. Many smoked and while there were many antismokers they stayed away from pubs and smoking was still pretty evident. That seems to be hidden these days (at least in the media coverage (or should I say antismoking propaganda trumpeted by the media).

    As Frank has noted in recent posts, this all appears to be coming to a head. I hope the “smokefree” crusade dies a rapid death.

  10. hejno says:

    Although this is an old article (from 2015), nothing has changed in the treatment of smokers; except it’s getting worse..I also cannot see Geir Finne running for office in the election this year- pity as he was one of the few daring to open his mouth in the support of smokers.

  11. junican says:

    You cannot fight against anti-smoker laws by lighting up in a pub. To do so will bring down upon you the anger of the publican who MUST ACT against you. The publican thus becomes a thing in the nature of a weapon. Or rather, the anger of the publican becomes a weapon. Publicans have been weapons since 2007.
    And that is what amazes me. Why did the organisations which represent publicans not react vigorously against the weaponisation of their members? Why were they so cowardly? Why did they not ‘weaponise’ their members against weaponisation? One can only imagine that the scenario was so unusual that no one knew what to do.
    But that is being charitable. It is also possible that the top people in those organisations were fearful of criticism via the MSM. Their whole future employment might have been fucked by bucking the limitation and criminalisation of their members.

    There is a sea-change in the offing. Long, drawn-out negotiations of Brexit permit industries to adjust to the changes in economic terms. But what is important for at least some of us Brexiteers is the detachment of our Nation from DIRECTIVES. For lots of those DIRECTIVES emanate from the WHO, IPCC and the UN in general.
    The USA, Russia and China do not give a toss about such UN blatherings. They do what they wish to do. Why is Great Britain not akin to the USA, Russia and China?

    • Frank Davis says:

      Why is Great Britain not akin to the USA, Russia and China?

      Because it’s a little island, and those three are large continental countries?

      But then Switzerland is a smaller country than Britain, and they do what they want to do.

    • Rhys says:

      Junican, if memory serves, and I’m sure one of our wonderful researchy folks can find it – publicans were sent threatening letters pre-ban. Basically that if they didn’t act in their new ‘enforcer’ roles, they’d be liable to lawsuits from employees for contracting second-hand smoke-related illness.

      Granted, I think this would be nigh impossible to prove in a court of law, but they might still be dragged into a court of law, and cases like that could go on for months and tens of thousands of pounds in expenses. Not something anybody who’s running a business wants.

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