Celebrity Smokers Will Be Targeted

Hat tip to Vlad for this Daily Mail article:

Picking up another habit, Jeremy? Clarkson, 57, is demolishing ten packets of nicotine chewing gum per DAY as he battles to quit his 43-year smoking addiction.

The TV presenter announced he would be quitting earlier this week, after confessing that a bout of near-fatal pneumonia made him think again.

Doctors diagnosed  Clarkson with pneumonia in the midst of his summer getaway to the Balearic island of Majorca earlier this month, and he decided it was time to put down the lighter.

‘I was told, by everyone, that I had to stop. Immediately,’ he wrote in a column for The Sunday Times. ‘I had no choice at the time because the blood poisoning was so bad and I was so racked with the resultant rigors that I couldn’t work a cigarette lighter.’

However, he also said:

After his bout of pneumonia, Clarkson said lung tests showed he still had 96 per cent capacity for a person his age and he could ‘breathe out harder and for longer than a non-smoking 40-year-old’.

‘In short, getting on for three-quarters of a million fags have not harmed me in any way. I have quite literally defied medical science,’ he wrote.

It doesn’t quite add up. He stopped smoking, he says, because he couldn’t work a cigarette lighter. But I’ll bet that it was also that he wasn’t allowed to smoke while in hospital. Or that if he wanted to smoke he’d have to walk half a mile to the front gates of the hospital. And yet he declares that his lungs are now in better shape than a non-smoking 40-year-old. So if he thinks smoking hasn’t harmed him in any way, why stop smoking?

It sounds to me like he just got subjected to a very heavy dose of antismoking propaganda for several weeks, when he was in no state to resist.

But I also think that people in the public eye, like him, are probably under intense pressure all the time to “set a good example”. And that’s why smokers like Barack Obama and David Cameron and Theresa May have to at least make a pretence of not smoking. And that’s why Cameron, now out of office, can smoke in public.

It’s probably much worse for people in the public eye than it is for us grunts at the bottom. We’re not supposed to set a good example. They are.

When the EU parliament voted to ban smoking, it was reported that

Celebrities who smoke will also be targeted and exposed publicly as smoking offenders.

I was interested enough in the close approach (happening right now) of asteroid 1981 ET3 – aka Florence – to become a member of Slooh.com, and watch its motion in the night sky courtesy of telescopes in the Canary Islands.  The motion of Florence against the fixed stars behind it resulted in trails. In the image below, captured off my computer screen as they developed, there are a series of short trails, because each exposure lasted 50 seconds, and there were a few seconds in between each exposure. It seemed that what they were doing was make 3 exposures, one after the other, to get three short trails, and then they swung the telescope to a new position further along the path.

Florence is currently about 7 million km from the Earth. That’s about 18 times the distance of the Moon from the Earth. What’s most interesting about it is that it’s a very big asteroid. The Chelyabinsk fireball of 2013 was about 15 metres in diameter, but Florence is estimated to be over 4 kilometres in diameter. The comet or asteroid that is supposed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 60 million years ago was reckoned to be around 10 km in diameter.

Apparently it’s possible for radar images of Florence to show details in the range of about 10 metres, so I’m hoping that there will soon be some very interesting images of it being published (here’s the first from Arecibo). It may even have a companion (it has two moons, each about 100 m in diameter).

Slooh is also going to going to be broadcasting the close approach (50,140 km from the centre of the Earth, according to my calculations) of the much smaller asteroid 2012 TC4 on 12 October.  I created a video of this a few weeks ago:


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13 Responses to Celebrity Smokers Will Be Targeted

  1. Smoking Lamp says:

    Antismokers rely on targeting and attacking smokers to impose their tyranny of the majority. Actually the majority isn’t comprised of antismokers but tobacco control creates that perception to further its cult aims of prohibition. Not all non-smokers are antismokers, in fact I suspect most are actually tolerant but the hysteria and constant antismoking propaganda is designed to bully them in to compliance too.

  2. Joe L. says:

    It doesn’t quite add up. He stopped smoking, he says, because he couldn’t work a cigarette lighter […] and yet he declares that his lungs are now in better shape than a non-smoking 40-year-old. So if he thinks smoking hasn’t harmed him in any way, why stop smoking?

    This was exactly my reaction when I read the article, Frank. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

    And as to chewing ten packs of nicotine gum per day!? I’m certain Clarkson is taking in far more nicotine now than he was with a two-pack-per-day smoking habit. If nothing else, this goes to show the inefficacy of NRT products.

    Clearly, Clarkson is not a “nicotine addict,” as Tobacco Control loves to portray smokers. If smoking was purely a way to get a “nicotine fix,” he should only need to compensate for the same amount of nicotine he was getting from cigarettes, and no more (however, he might just become a nicotine addict if he keeps chewing that much nicotine-laden gum).

    This is further evidence that smokers smoke purely because they enjoy smoking. Nicotine is only a small part of that experience–it is not the entire experience.

    As an analogy, let’s assume you love German Chocolate cake with the coconut-pecan frosting. Cake Control comes along and tells you that German Chocolate cake is bad for you. However, they tell you they discovered that the reason you love to eat German Chocolate cake is because you’re addicted to flour. So they market German Chocolate Cake Replacement Therapy (GCCRT) products, which amount to a little packet filled with nothing but all-purpose flour. You tear open the packet and pour a tablespoon of flour on your tongue and choke down the dry, pasty mix of flour and saliva, and voilà–your craving for a slice of German Chocolate cake is magically gone, right? Right???

    The whole may or may not be greater than the sum of all parts, but the whole is definitely greater than any individual part.

  3. garyk30 says:

    “So if he thinks smoking hasn’t harmed him in any way, why stop smoking?”

    That is a ‘feel good’ decision, not a reasoning type decision.

    Sadly; many,if not most of the political decisions made are for a ‘feel good’ type rationale.

    Tobacco control is mostly about ‘feeling good’ and has nothing to do with the health factors or wishes of the smokers.

    Why worry about the consequences of your actions on others when your actions, laws, or policies make you ‘feel good’.

  4. Yvonne says:

    Strangely I have known a fair few people who live quite happily smoking but are persuaded to stop. Next thing it is doctors, hospitals and brown box. Received wisdom is that they gave up smoking too late, few make the connection that often stopping smoking set off a chain reaction.

    • Rose says:

      It seems that at least some doctors are noticing this.

      Health warning: giving up smoking can kill
      16 October 2007

      “The danger of cigarettes is mostly not in smoking them, argues a study by three doctors at the KS Hegde Medical Academy in Mangalore, India. Or, put another way: the danger comes from not smoking. Figuratively blowing smoke in the face of conventional wisdom, the study asks: “Are lung cancers triggered by stopping smoking?”

      Arunachalam Kumar, Kasaragod Mallya and Jairaj Kumar take little for granted. They begin: “The clinically high correlation between smoking and carcinoma of the lungs has been the focal point in societal campaigns against the habit and the tobacco lobby.” But their experience with patients suggests to them a different, seldom-told story. “We are struck by the more than casual relationship between the appearance of lung cancer and an abrupt and recent cessation of the smoking habit in many, if not most, cases.”

      Quitters face an almost doubled risk of developing diabetes in their first three smoke-free years.

      In the first three years after giving up, new quitters were 91 per cent more likely to develop diabetes. This decreased over time and after 12 years quitters had no excess risk.
      Extra weight put on by new quitters explains around a third of the increased risk, the researchers said. A further third of the excess risk is accounted for by systemic inflammation, as assessed by increased leukocyte counts.

      Carbon Monoxide Soothes Inflammatory Bowel Disease

      “Doctors have long known that smokers rarely suffer from a common form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) called ulcerative colitis, but they didn’t know why.
      A new study in the December 19 issue of The Journal of Experimental Medicine might help explain this apparent resistance. Scott Plevy and his colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh now show that carbon monoxide (CO), a component of cigarette smoke, helps shut down the intestinal inflammation that causes ulcerative colitis.”

      “But recent scientific studies have shown that CO — at least at low concentrations — has a redeeming quality: it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent”

      “The group traced the action of inhaled CO to a protein that is produced by immune cells called interleukin (IL)-12. IL-12 is normally produced during infection and helps activate the immune cells that fight off the invading pathogens.
      But chronic production of IL-12 in the gut also drives the inflammation that causes ulcerative colitis.
      Inhaled CO inhibited the production of IL-12, short-circuiting the disease-causing inflammation.”

      There seem to be lots of nasty things that smokers only develop after they stop.
      Then of course TC can link that disease to smoking.

  5. garyk30 says:

    Why worry about the consequences of your actions on others when your actions, laws, or policies make you ‘feel good’.

    I suspect that,in the USA, hatred of Trump and his supporters has a lot to do with the’Left’ having already started congratulating and loving themselves for having a female Presidential candidate.

    When their bubble got burst and all of their self-love,and feel good celebrations got turned into their just being a bunch of losers, hatred was, and is, their only response.

    They were so righteously certain of their ‘feel good’ intentions: and then, they were unfairly deprived of their just rewards.

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      I think you’re spot on with that observation. We’ve had it to a certain extent since last year’s Brexit vote, although it’s been simmering ever since the 2010 General Election. Labour, Democrats for you, the Left are very sore losers.

  6. margo says:

    I suspect that Jeremy Clarkson’s “giving up smoking” is just a publicity thing. Otherwise none of it makes any sense.

  7. slugbop007 says:

    Ten packets of nicotine gum per day. Good thing he’s a millionaire.


  8. There is a reason why I commonly refer to that paper as “The Brexshiteur, Capnophobe & Homoeopath Daily” .

  9. Rose says:


    I was looking, once again for an English translation of – Introduction of tobacco in popular medicine of the country in treatment of pellagra in the preceding century

    When I came across this modern article from Jamaica asking for Pellagrins who used tobacco to ward the worst of the deficiency disease off , not to be criminalised for smoking but “for the minister of health to institute a rapid public education programme; in the proper use of niacin against pellagra.” In 2014 !

    “As proof, my grandmother was born on the 27th of August, 1898 and died on the 28th of February, 1988. Along with others her age and older in the adjacent communities, she started smoking tobacco, in her early 20s when she started to have children. Apart from pellagra — the disturbing symptoms of which they controlled by smoking tobacco — all these people lived healthy lives and respectively died in their old age without being affected by cancer and the other conditions that are wrongfully blamed on tobacco smoking.

    My grandmother grew her own tobacco and did what is called chain smoking with her chalk pipe. Apart from pellagra, she had never been ill and had never gone to a doctor and or physician throughout her 90 years, with the exception of getting the necessary immunisation shots.

    For my grandmother and others in the adjacent neighbourhood, their more or less proper health was based on the unprocessed fresh foods that they ate. They had lived in the rural hilly areas of the Dry Harbour Mountains. This is far away from the town and city areas with the many automobiles and factories with the density of carbon monoxide, radiation and viruses that are chief among the deadly wastes in the immediate environment.

    In the environment of the hilly areas, therefore, the mixture of carbon monoxide, radiation and the other deadly wastes in the atmosphere are less and are at a more controlled level than the high density in the towns and cities. However, if it were not for the acid rains, other contaminants in the water supply and other necessary foods that are processed, etc their span could have been greater.

    Therefore, with pellagra as the cause of the smoking of tobacco and niacin as the only antidote against pellagra, it is necessary for the minister of health to institute a rapid public education programme; in the proper use of niacin against pellagra.

    This process is the light to destroy the darkness of making criminals of the victims of pellagra by criminalising the smoking of tobacco that cannot cure pellagra.

    The minister would be doing the correct thing to control and help eradicate the disease so as to prevent the smoking of tobacco and whatsoever danger to health it caused in the mixture with the more and most deadly substances. ”
    Dr Basil R Simms is a biochemist and business consultant.

    And he is right,you can’t smoke enough tobacco to prevent Pellagra

    P. Lorillard Company
    Middletown Branch

    Nicotinic acid – 1941 (p.2)
    “We find that the smoke from ordinary Ripple cigarettes contains the anti-pellagra vitamin or nicotinic acid in fairly substantial amounts. However, the quantity is probably too low for a man to rely upon this source alone for his nicotinic acid requirement. At least to do so he would find it necessary to smoke an unreasonable number”

    So why do anti-tobacco still insist that people who smoke are “addicted” to Nicotine instead?

  10. “It sounds to me like he just got subjected to a very heavy dose of antismoking propaganda for several weeks, when he was in no state to resist.”

    “Hit them when they’re down, ‘n hit them where they’re weakest” is one of the strongest unspoken antismoking mottoes out there. Go for the pregnant moms, and the sick patients, and the loving grandparents. They’re weak through the cracks in those particular doors, and if you can fire your poison darts through those cracks you can kill ’em and turn them into zombies for “the cause.”

    Of COURSE he was told to “stop immediately.” No doctor in their right mind, no matter WHAT they might personally believe, would EVER give a patient different advice today. If they did, and then ten days or ten weeks or ten multi-decades later the patient was diagnosed with lung cancer or a heart attack they could run to their lawyer and claim the doctor TOLD them their smoking was no problem… and VOILA! Malpractice suit flies high!

    Of course celebrities get special attention. From p. 174 of “Brains”:

    Some of the bias and propaganda that exists in the area of smoking in films can be seen from just two characterizations that have been made by Antismokers: Winona Ryder has been accused of smoking like a chimney in Heathers and Margot Kidder’s character of Lois Lane was held up as an example of chain-smoking in Superman II. In both cases the actresses in question smoked for perhaps a minute or so throughout the duration of the films (Randall. “Targeting of Women….” University of Dayton 1998).

    Ms. Ryder has actually become the target of an organized Crusader pressure campaign. She lamented in one interview “I’m sick of this ‘Winona smokes’ thing.” This followed a 60 Minutes segment with past Surgeon General Joseph Califano where he claimed:

    “Winona Ryder has probably done more damage to young girls and encouraged more young girls to smoke than any other actress in America, I think, because she does smoke all the time in every single movie that she makes.”

    Mr. Califano somehow seems to have missed such movies as 1969, Age of Innocence, Alien Resurrection, Beetlejuice, Boys, The Crucible, Dracula, Edward Scissorhands, Little Women, Square Dance, and others where she played nonsmoking characters.

    After an activist in her hometown gathered 100 signatures on a letter telling her that her movies were having a deadly effect on teens, Winona commended the activist for her efforts to “do a good thing,” but went on to say, “It’s up to individuals to decide whether to smoke.” Unfortunately, such individual choice has never been an item in the Crusading agenda and it’s likely that Ms. Ryder has continued to be bombarded with organized avalanches of mail from school-children pleading with her to stop murdering innocent kids (Elizabeth Johns. E! Online 04/11/97).

    Basically Antismokers are just skilled at (or have the money to hire folks who are skilled at) getting in front of the public eye by any means necessary. They’ll latch onto celebrities, sick people, catastrophes, social movements, minorities, pets, … anything and everything they can in order to spread their fear and hate throughout the media.

    – MJM

    • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

      It’s the truth. Very well put and erudite considered comnents make your blog a daily ‘must read’, Frank. 🖖

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