The Controllers and the Controlled

I don’t like Tobacco Control because they’re trying to control people. And I have an instant aversion to anyone who is trying to control me. I hate it. And so I hate Tobacco Control. And I work for its complete and absolute destruction.

But perhaps all political struggles are always between actual or would-be controllers and those they are trying to control. It’s always the same everywhere, all the time. The controllers just appear in different guises in different places and different times. They appear as kings and emperors and dictators, or bureaucrats and judges and sergeant majors. And they’re always ordering people around. And the people are always revolting.

Pretty much all our current political movements are liberation struggles against control of one sort or other. Feminism is about overthrowing the control of women by men. Gay rights movements are about freeing people from restrictive sexual controls. Black liberation movements are about overthrowing the control of black people by white people. And my struggle with Tobacco Control is about overthrowing the control of smokers by antismokers.

And if we’re not struggling to escape from control, we’re struggling to gain control. The global warming campaign is one of trying to take control of planet Earth, and prevent its atmosphere overheating. Environmentalists are pretty much the most controlling people around: they want to control everything.

And the controllers and the controlled frequently exchange places, as slaves become emperors, and emperors become slaves.

My generation – the post-war boomer generation – started out in revolt against control, and ended up being the most controlling of controllers. Tobacco Control is full up with people from the boomer generation. They smoked pot when they were young, but now they’re stopping people smoking tobacco.

Their 60s counterculture has now become the superculture. Its dogmas gradually hardened into a Political Correctness which is oppressive as any Islamic fundamentalism. The dogmas of Political Correctness grew out of a consensus of opinion rather than any particular logic. Some things were deemed “acceptable”, and others were deemed “unacceptable”. And somewhere down the line smoking tobacco became unacceptable, while smoking pot remained acceptable. And that was probably because the old superculture that they were trying to counter was a tobacco culture, while the counterculture was a pot culture (at least to start with). The drug wars that were launched against the 60s counterculture are now being waged against the old white, male, Christian, tobacco-smoking superculture that the counterculture replaced.

But now there is a revolt brewing against the counterculture-turned-superculture. Another counterculture is emerging. People like Hillary Clinton have probably regarded themselves all their lives as fighting for the liberties of blacks and women and gays and various other minorites. And now we’re fighting to liberate ourselves from people like Hillary Clinton. Because blacks and women and gays have achieved liberation. They did so 30 or 40 years ago. It may not have been complete liberation, but it was a great improvement. And now it’s a different bunch of people who are seeking liberation, and Hillary Clinton is a throwback to a past era. It’s Donald Trump who has a much better grasp of present-day mood of America. That’s why he got elected President, and not her.

The growing revolt against the EU is another revolt against control. At one time I saw the European Economic Community (as it was named back then) as a sort of happy family of nation states. But when it became the European Union it began to metamorphose into a European superstate with its command-and-control centre in Brussels. For me the turning point came when the European parliament voted for a European smoking ban, complete with show trials for prominent dissenters. At that point the EU became something to escape from. And that’s why I voted for Brexit last year.

Most politicians are controllers. Governments exercise control. And so most politicians who work in government are by nature controllers. So also are most civil servants who do the majority of the governments work. The entire European political class is made up of controlling people who have gravitated naturally towards the EU control centre in Brussels. When a control freak like Tony Blair (who as Prime Minister introduced the UK smoking ban) left office, he then of course tried to become an EU president.

The European political class isn’t fully aware of the growing revolt against them throughout Europe. They’re all Hillary Clintons, and they’ve spent their lives fighting for much the same freedom as she did, and have now become as oppressive and dictatorial as she is, and as unaware of it as she is. The European Union which was originally formed to prevent another disastrous European war now looks set to cause a new one, as it attempts to exert central control over its subject states:

The European Union’s (EU) unelected executive branch has given the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland one month to back down and start admitting migrants from the Middle East and North Africa or face legal consequences.

The migrant relocation scheme was forced through the European Parliament in September 2015, regardless as to whether all nations and their populations agreed.

The next few decades of European history now look set to see attempts by one European state after another to break out of the European Union as disenchantment with its centralised top down control mounts. The European dream is turning into nightmare.


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11 Responses to The Controllers and the Controlled

  1. waltc says:

    A fine analysis and I hope to hell you’re right, frank, that the anti-controllers will succeed. Didn’t know that about eastern Europe–poor bastards–first the Nazis, then the Communists, then the EU.

  2. Dmitri says:

    Great, Frank! To add something: I think the controllers got out of control recently, simply because they think they can. I mean the cameras, mail-hacking and the rest of total control tools.
    Only a month ago I wrote a column about street & other cameras. I said that people who love introducing bans have recently torn their leashes, because they think that now these bans can be observed. But in my opinion, yes, you may put cameras everywhere and track the terrorists. But then you have to keep bans to a very minimum. These two things together are incompatible, they’ll explode the kettle. (And it happens).
    I got an avalanche of response. Exactly a half of readers hated me, some called me a punk whose only dream is to swear, smoke and drink in public places. (And they are not VERY wrong).
    Guess where did I get the idea of that column (somebody wrote about about cameras watching terrorists).
    Thank you.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Exactly a half of readers hated me, some called me a punk whose only dream is to swear, smoke and drink in public places.
      That sounds to me the standard tobacco control sock puppet replies I first read in English and 3 years later in German. (To my dismay I learned that 2 German Bundeslaender seemed to have a short memory…)

      Isn’t it amusing to learn that tobacco control just puts insults and slogans through google translate?

      From what I remember Harley had a great resume of the Nazi anti-smoking propaganda. And he did call tobacco control “Nazis”. Initially I was taken aback a little, but I quickly understood why he did.

      I do wonder, did the whole anti-smoking lark in Russia involve stuff like “If you didn’t smoke you could afford a Lada”?
      Guess what:

      (hope it’s the right image; the anti-smoker are getting too many answers back to that copy-paste line, so the image will disappear soon).

      We’ve all been had by this repulsive bunch of ?megalomaniacs/inferiority complex affected group who for once in their lives feel that they are “in control”.

  3. slugbop007 says:

    plus ça change …,_plus_c%27est_la_m%C3%AAme_chose

    I call these new controllers Uber Nazis.


  4. beobrigitte says:

    The European Union’s (EU) unelected executive branch has given the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland one month to back down and start admitting migrants from the Middle East and North Africa or face legal consequences.
    We have to be fair to the Polish, they have their own experience with migrants from these places. Like in Germany they were homed and given some cash. Once the migrants were given the Polish social money equivalent in Zloty, they all disappeared from Poland. By now no migrant from North Africa or the Middle East wishes to land in Poland, where academic wages are in the region of 1700 Zloty (£300 – £500/month).

    My guess is, that the situation in the Czech Republic and Hungary is similar to Poland.

    I don’t like Tobacco Control…
    Who does? They don’t care about people, they just want peoples’ money to finance their unjustified existence.
    From what I’ve learned, tobacco control has invaded Thailand big style. Apparently, as long as the paying customer does not smoke he can bed the underage girl there no problem. I do have a few questions!!

    Tobacco control is a sick bunch we need to get rid of sooner rather than later.

    • nisakiman says:

      From what I’ve learned, tobacco control has invaded Thailand big style. Apparently, as long as the paying customer does not smoke he can bed the underage girl there no problem. I do have a few questions!!

      Well that’s a new one on me, Brigitte! Although it is true that TC is big in Thailand.

      However, the places where the bar girls hang out (underage or not) tend not to be too fussed about smoking – very few Thai women smoke (or at least, very few allow themselves to be seen smoking – it’s a cultural thing), but in the darker underbelly of Thailand, where the bar girls hang out, smoking is quite common.

      Which reminds me that the word ‘smoking’ has different connotations in that environment, which I won’t go into here, but it has nothing to do with cigarettes…

  5. Smoking Lamp says:

    The lifestyle controllers are always the cause of their own demise e when they overreach and become the oppressors they hated. Tobacco control is nearly there. I believe that’s why they are trying so hard now. They are addicted to the power of control and that blinds them to the natural resistance to control. Tobacco control must be destroyed.

    • beobrigitte says:

      The lifestyle controllers are always the cause of their own demise…
      Of course they are! Their obsession killed (whatever little there was to begin with) common sense, hence they do genuinely not know when to stop. And all we have to rush to do is to reserve that seat in the first row (ashtrays included) as not to miss any of the spectacle.

  6. Clicky says:

  7. If only Britain could claim “splendid isolation” on that subject… instead it’s been at the forefront of anti-smoking madness for the last seven decades! Which does not mean that the global assault on smoker’s rights is less likely to be thwarted by rightfully enraged smoking (or anti-anti smoking) Britons than by rightfully enraged smokers from other parts of the world.

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