Stealing Our Freedom

A little Idle Theory:

The One Good of Idle Theory is idle time, or free time. Freedom is free time, and it’s measured in hours. It’s what most working people experience at weekends. And a weekend is an extended Sunday sabbath day. It’s a day of religious observance that has expanded into a fuzzy period of not so much going to church, but instead sitting and watching TV.

In fact most working people have quite a lot of idle time during their working week. They’ll typically work about 8 hours a day, and then have 8 hours of free time in the evenings, and finally 8 hours of sleep.  So the whole 7 day week looks a bit like this:

Each of the 7 days of the week is broken into three 8-hour periods of time. And so a typical working week has 40 hours of work (black), 72 hours of idle time (white), and 56 hours of sleep (grey).

Sleep is something that everyone seems to have to do. It’s pretty much a fixture. In one sense, sleep is idle time: you’re not doing anything. But in another sense, sleep is work, because it’s something that has to be done, even though you’re not actually doing anything when you sleep. Sleep is compulsory inactivity.

So the waking week has 7 days of 16 hours each, totalling 112 hours. And during this period 72 hours are are spent idle. So working people are 72/112 or 64% idle.

I’m different. Now that I’m past the age of 65, and (semi-)retired, I’m 100% idle. Writing this blog isn’t work. Nobody pays me to write it.

Children under the age of 18 are also 100% idle. They may be going to school during the same hours that their parents are working, but they’re not working to produce anything like their parents are. The only people working in schools are the teachers who are trying to hammer a little knowledge into the schoolkids’ heads. They’re being paid, and the schoolkids aren’t.

And so, using the same colour-coding as above, a 70 year working lifetime looks a bit like this:

From age 0 – 18, children are 100% idle, and during their adult working lives they’re 64% idle, and after retirement at age 65 they’re 100% idle. And over their whole lifetime they’re 76% idle.

These are all very rough outline numbers. Everybody’s life is different. Some people work a lot more than 8 hours a day, and some people a lot less. Some people start their working lives earlier than at age 18, some later. Some people retire at age 60 or earlier, and some never retire at all.

In the past, it was very different. In Britain during the industrial revolution, factory workers sometimes worked 12 – 14 hours a day, and went home to simply fall asleep exhausted. And many of them were children much younger than 18.

In antiquity, slaves were kept busy working for their entire waking lives. They were 0% idle. In Athens there were 13 slaves for every free man. And so the idleness of Athenian society was about 7%.

If we live much idler lives these days, it’s almost entirely thanks to science and technology. We don’t need slaves because we have machines to do most of our work for us. For example, I’ve got a washing machine in which I wash my clothes. Outside my flat, I’ve got a car that I drive to supermarkets to go shopping. I’m writing this blog post using another machine.  I used once to have a TV set. None of these machines existed 100 years ago. Social idleness in advanced civilisation has risen from 7% to 76% over the past 2300 years. Economic growth is above all growth in social idleness.

Rich people are idle people. Someone who makes a fortune frees themselves of the necessity of doing any work. Donald Trump is a very rich man. He made his money by making and selling something: buildings. He’s not working as President of the United States because he needs the money. In fact he’s waived the salary that comes with the job. He’s doing the job because he wants to do it in his idle time, much like I write my blog because that’s what I want to do in my idle time.

And that’s the great thing about idle time. You can do whatever you want in it.

And one thing that people do in their idle time is make things that enable idle time to be passed more pleasantly. They make chess sets to play chess games. They make footballs to play football. They make movies for people to watch. Or music for people to listen to. Or write works of fiction for people to read, Or beer for people to drink. Or cigarettes for people to smoke. And they sell these various products to people who want them. If all our science and technology has liberated us from most of the work we used to have to do, we can then use the same science and technology to invent amusements and pastimes in which to happily fritter away our idle hours.

…unless we are banned from smoking. Or banned from drinking. Or banned from reading books. Or banned from listening to music.

Such bans remove freedom. They don’t add to it: they subtract from it. They hedge it around with restrictions.

Tobacco Control is a thief. It is stealing our freedom. It is attempting to enslave us.

And that’s why Tobacco Control must be destroyed.

Tomorrow I’ll continue looking at Tobacco Control’s smoking bans, but from a slightly different perspective, to show another way in which smoking bans subtract from freedom, rather than add to it.

Speaking of bloggers, Bucko the Moose has just started writing his blog again. I’ll add him to my blog roll. The more the merrier.



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  1. None of these machines existed 100 years ago.
    Not even I am anal enough to go wiki up the details but I think you’ll find there have been cars, washing machines etc for a lot more than a 100 years. Televison is just about 100 years old (1920s?). I think you meant ‘only become available to the common man in the last 100 years or even 20 years’.
    First question a new kid in the class got asked back at school in the mid 70s was ‘Has your Dad got a car?’

  2. Emily says:

    Such bans remove freedom. They don’t add to it: they subtract from it. They hedge it around with restrictions.

    We have become more enamored of equality than freedom. Smoking bans, I think, speak to this supposed equality, to leveling the playing field and making all “public spaces” devoid of smoke. All I can see, however, is the inequality now present every day as smokers are marginalized and harassed. Other people don’t see it yet, but I think they are starting to.

    Yay, that’s great news that Bucko has revived his blog! I really enjoy reading it. Between this and Nisakiman’s eagerly anticipated second post, I know what I will doing today at work.

    • beobrigitte says:

      We have become more enamored of equality than freedom. Smoking bans, I think, speak to this supposed equality, to leveling the playing field and making all “public spaces” devoid of smoke.
      Making all public spaces devoid of smoke is not equality because leveling the playing field would mean separating the smoking/non-smoking areas so that smokers/non-smokers have a choice where to go, and the anti-smokers have their own venue of choice in which they can sit, drink their blended green mush while they continue to be afraid of life to their hearts’ content.

      • Emily says:

        I agree with you, but I think that is how smoking bans are now viewed by the public, as “fair” for everyone. We have a very warped view of equality these days.

        • beobrigitte says:

          It’s not fair and it’s not equality. I wish these people would stop abusing equality.

        • Joe L. says:

          I completely agree. “Equality” has become newspeak for “inverse inequality.” The contemporary “equality” movements are not longer about obtaining equal rights and freedoms for a minority group. Instead, the goal is to take away rights and freedoms from other groups.

      • Timothy Goodacre says:

        Nice one Brigitte. Aren’t they all ghastly !

    • buckothemoose says:

      Equality does seem to be the new religion and it’s become far more important than freedom, because freedom is now seen as selfish.
      You can only be as equal as the lowest common denominator though.
      Smoking equality means that if one person doesn’t like smokers, nobody smokes
      Wage equality means we all earn as little as the least skilled person
      Equality of opportunity means we can only achieve as much as the person who achieves nothing

      • Joe L. says:

        Equality does seem to be the new religion and it’s become far more important than freedom, because freedom is now seen as selfish.

        Very true. Yet the true selfish people are the ones who preach “equality” as a means to eliminate the freedoms of others. As I mentioned above, “equality” has been coopted as Progressive newspeak.

        P.S. Looking forward to reading your future blog posts! Strength in numbers!

  3. C.F. Apollyon says:

    Stars spin. Lots of stuff spins. But let’s think in terms of these Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) and compare them to something like particle accelerators of any kind or type.

    Imagine a star where a single particle reaches a certain velocity, angle and trajectory to where it continues to accelerate, and NOTHING will stop this process once it starts. There are two starting points for the paths that this particle will take…surface or core.
    (We’ll do this for simplicity to start, and then entertain other potential starting points for this process within the star later)
    We’ll start inward out, since science is currently convinced that this is where the most pressure and mass within a star will be. But as this particle continues to accelerate, it is going to intereact and effect other particles and energies on it’s path. Suddenly, in my mind anyway, we’re prolly gonna start seeing waves that resemble those generated when working with atoms that generate that “standard atom configuration” and/or depiction.

    We prolly need to think about “spooky action” here since most stars/solar systems are binary as science looks at them, but we don’t really know what that means since in my mind a binary system could be two stars that are entangled, and locality becomes relative to these entangled bodies. They might be proximate in a more localized fashion, as in right next to eachother, or they may be in separate/distant regions within a galaxy, and they may even reside in different galaxies. In that instance, these galaxies may be proximate in a more localized fashion, as in right next to eachother, or they may be in separate/distant regions within The Universe.

    Anyway…this particle continues to circle and accelerate, it continues to get hotter and hotter, as things around it get colder and colder due to the velocities of this particle that is now moving so fast that it appears to be not moving at all. Only an energy and energies can be detected by the behavior of the surrounding matter/mass that is being pushed into a smaller and smaller space. Maybe think in terms of a tornado or hurricane, except in each iteration the system is getting smaller and smaller instead of larger and larger, and yet there is an exponential energy output that is coming from somewhere unknown…our single accelerating particle that is now undetectable save for the surrounding goings on that we’ve never witnessed before…so we have no idea that it’s even there. Starting to think about strings, and more specifically, “stings on strings” will help us here, because our particle is about to leave the proximity of our star at great speed…it’s going to become the “sting” end of our “string with a sting”…and it’s going to carry a whole lot of energy and mass/matter with it as it goes.

    Why? Because our single particle is going to require that matter/mass to slow it down AND speed it up at different times as it travels. Think of a daisy-chain of particles. From a Universal standpoint, our particular daisy-chain is still a loop. It’s just a loop with stings instead of our more traditional loops…like those that create and more traditional large bodies. Large bodies being anything from atoms, to molecules, to rings, to planets and stars. However, this is where time is going to come into play here. Especially relative and non-relative time(s) and non-standard time and times. Tachyons and Neutrinos should come to mind along with Hawking Radiation, Gamma, X-Ray, etc.., plus some other crazy energies like anti-matter, dark matter/energy, and some special blend crap I’ve been thinking about. Meaning: Our sting has already closed this open loop, it just has not closed it yet. But it will closed this loop and it is a certainty…we just don’t know what that means, nor where, nor when. So yes, I’m suggesting that this particular particle has basically started to operate outside of the known realms of time and space. Hyperspace sort of thing, cept not really and not always. Maybe thinking about the remnants of these events, pulsars, quasars, neutrons stars, and some of these more exotic types of larger bodies will help as to how these things are physically possible at all.

    So now with all that said, we can surmise that at some point, there is a push AND a pull on a single particle that is so great, that it starts a chain of events that causes some of this anomalous and exotic behaviors within a region and/or regions of space. Prolly why this “sacred geometry” that science likes to reduce to the realms of out-dated and/or out-moded has become so popular as of late within certain segments of life here on Earth/Terra. Our ancestors were not stupid. They may have done some stupid things, but they definitely were not stupid. I wonder if the same will be able to be said about us?

    So yeah…black holes, white holes, grey holes, purple holes, zero holes, rainbow holes, all kinds of holes. Toruses that are not “closed”…or…”not yet closed”…or “less visibly” closed. Transitional states of potentially vast interconnectedness on both the micro and macro scales. Think more in terms of galaxies and their varied shapes, and that should help with both laggers and leaders as it pertains to motion, as well as help with black holes of varying sizes and varied locations. They are all connected at some point and points, and maybe be in varied states of connectedness and/or disconnectedness. So yeah…The Synchros of Time within The Wheel of Time. Maybe think of The Sombrero Galaxy and how it formed, more in terms of how it is forming, and how it will continue to form, and compare that to The Milky Way and Andromeda. Especially seeing as how these last two are supposedly on a collision course.

    Sorry for the rant…needed to get that out. :-)

    ^BlackGummy – Edifice^

  4. beobrigitte says:

    And one thing that people do in their idle time is make things that enable idle time to be passed more pleasantly. They make chess sets to play chess games. They make footballs to play football. They make movies for people to watch. Or music for people to listen to. Or write works of fiction for people to read, Or beer for people to drink. Or cigarettes for people to smoke. And they sell these various products to people who want them.
    I’m not sure if my 100% idle time is passed pleasurably; I still don’t like going on a house-wive trip, but the chores have to be done. Sure, having cigarette breaks makes the chores a little easier but having a beer in the evening in the smoky-drinky bar, talking to many different people is purely pleasure.
    It’s legal to buy cigarettes (and beers), but all efforts are being made (?by people who are too scared of life or don’t know what to do with their lives, let alone know the meaning of idle time) to cull smoking. Beers, cakes, salted herrings are next on their list.

    I do wonder if they took notice of the yuppies. They forfeit sleep for making a name for themselves and believe it’ll make them loads of happy cash? Or, maybe they just can’t face themselves because deep down they must know they are wicked creatures.

    • Joe L. says:

      I’m not sure if my 100% idle time is passed pleasurably; I still don’t like going on a house-wive trip, but the chores have to be done.

      I think Frank should take this into account to make his figures more realistic and accurate. While we no longer have to hunt and gather our food or knit our clothing, we instead have to shop and run errands. This occupies a chunk of idle time, as well as cooking, cleaning and other chores. The alternative is to hire a maid/housekeeper, which would most likely mean you need to work longer hours to afford this convenience, so it probably comes close to balancing out in terms of idle time.

      Nobody I’ve met who works full-time has 72 full hours of idle time per week. It’s more realistically 3/4 to 2/3 this amount on average.

      • natepickering says:

        I think any working adult with multiple children would fantasize about the idea of having 72 hours of idle time per week.

      • Frank Davis says:

        Nobody I’ve met who works full-time has 72 full hours of idle time per week.

        I’m just counting the hours when they’re paid to work. The rest of the time they’re nominally doing whatever they want to do.

        As for cooking and so on, I need to eat, but do I need to cook food? There are all sorts of foods which don’t need preparation. e.g. bars of chocolate, tins of cold meat, fruit, etc. I actually do cook, but I’m not sure I need to. It’s a choice of mine.

      • RdM says:

        Well that was short & sweet!
        One second!
        Reminds me of…

        If you’d like a little Cuban revolutionary with your Moon On Ice … let it play;-
        Whole album there, it seems… a worthwhile listen perhaps if not heard before?
        I have this on LP & CD… Yello did do some worthwhile musical tracks, IMO.
        (actually it may go on a bit with added tracks so just sample at will… )

        I hope you’ll forgive the irreverent comment… an interlude with more to follow.

        Well, if a Yello introduction for anyone after that whole great album… in sequence:
        (Well, at least the first 3 tracks, but give The Rhythm Divine a chance too… ! ;=}))

        you might move on to Flag, selected tracks,

        Well, maybe (for Bucko) at least The Race? (but there are other great tracks on that!)

        (and possibly better amped up videos… still, you may enjoy it. If not, delete… )

        Now, back to the more serious intellectual considerations… glad to be!

        Alhambra follows… I like Otto Di Catania too.

        Dismiss the ads.

    • Barry Homan says:

      OH NO

      Bless her heart, she was going to turn 100 in September! The lady with such a talent for cartoon voices – Booriss dahhhhling – has left us.

      She also was a great help and inspiration to all the present-day voice artists.

      Rest in peace, dear sweet June.

  5. slugbop007 says:

    How the Universe Works, 2014, presented a documentary on the processes that happen inside our Sun that eventually produce one photon. Fantastic.


  6. Dmitri says:

    Just back from Frank’s pub, with ignominy. Everyone was fighting with my wifi connection and giving me mysterious advise.
    Impressions: writing is fun. Computers are evil. But maybe next time I’ll be back with gadgets in my ear and mikes at my lips, feeling like a fighter pilot…
    The drink, anyway, tasted better when I saw some of the faces I knew only be name.
    And now – Rose! Do you read me? We talked with people in the pub, and they said that only Rose knows the answer to my question. It’s about a claim on some of the cigarette packs that smoking causes premature ageing of the skin. In my blog I keep writing about TC distorting medical reports. So my question is: has there really been any report, or an attempt at such, clearly proving that ladies who smoke have skin inferior to those who don’t? The people in the pub also said that you have links to everything, so maybe I could read such a report?
    The real bad outcome is, if you say there is no such report at all. How can you pin something down if it does not exist?

    • Rose says:

      Dimitri, smoking apparently causes whatever you fear most.

      However, though I know of no study that says smoking causes premature wrinkles, I equally know of no study that says it doesn’t.
      But looked at logically, as beauty comes from within, it would seem very odd if the ingredients used in beauty creams and other potions designed to prevent the skin aging would actually cause skin to age prematurely if consumed in a different way.

      One thing in Dr Hueper’s testimony that particularly struck me was this –
      “The hands of tar workers develop skin cancer, the marked drenchings of the fingers, the skin of the fingers which holds the cigarette, which are sometimes deeply brown stained have never so far as I know, developed cancer of the skin.”

      “One of the gentlemen (Fritz Lickint), the proponents of the cigarette theory, has tried to explain that phenomenon by saying that the first three fingers of the right hand of man have a natural immunity against cancer.”

      That would appear to be a powerful protective element at work .
      Meanwhile, though I know that your query is about wrinkles, here’s something that might in part help to explain those coal tar workers skin cancer free fingers and I’ll get to the anti-aging skin creams containing tobacco derivatives in the morning.

      Vitamin lotion may help skin cancer fight

      “Researchers at the New South Wales Cancer Institute painted healthy volunteers with a lotion containing vitamin B3 or nicotinamide.
      They found those patients treated with the substance suffered no damage to their immunity when exposed to ultra violet light.”

      “Scientists are not exactly sure how vitamin B3 boosts the skin’s defences against cancer.
      Tests so far have shown it is safe and effective as a topical treatment.
      “It’s inexpensive, easy to obtain and safe.. so for all of those reasons we hope we can add it to our weapons to defeat skin cancer,” Dr Diona Damian, senior lecturer in dermatology at University of Sydney, said.

      At the moment vitamin B3 is used only in small amounts in some cosmetic creams.”

      A Phase 3 Randomized Trial of Nicotinamide for Skin-Cancer Chemoprevention
      http: //

      https: //

    • beobrigitte says:

      Dmitri, it was a pleasure to meet you in the pub tonight despite the initial problems people have visiting the first time.
      I used to hate computers until I took one apart.

      But maybe next time I’ll be back with gadgets in my ear and mikes at my lips, feeling like a fighter pilot…
      And you’ll love it. That’s another gadget sorted.

      The drink, anyway, tasted better when I saw some of the faces I knew only be name.

      To me it still is like that. You are meeting REAL people in the pub, equally fed up being demonized by a bunch of persuasive scare mongers.

      These days, regardless where we live, we smokers find ourselves persecuted and pushed out of our societies. It’s high time we all meet up! And the smoky drinky bar is just the place to do it!

    • Frank Davis says:

      Nice to chat to you a little last night, Dmitri. But your voice kept breaking up, and your image freezing. We quite often have these sorts of problems with new arrivals.

      From what you said, it sounded like you were connected to the internet via wi-fi. That might be fixed if you used an ethernet cable to connect your computer to your broadband hub.

      You might also close down any other applications that might be running on your computer.

      A Chrome browser seems to work well.

      Your voice was very quiet as well, when we could hear it. It should be possible to try turning up the volume Start –> Control panel –> Hardware and sound. If not, you may need a separate microphone. Earphones may also be necessary to prevent feedback.

      Any other suggestions anyone?

    • RdM says:

      Just back from Frank’s pub, with ignominy. Everyone was fighting with my wifi connection and giving me mysterious advise.
      Impressions: writing is fun. Computers are evil. But maybe next time I’ll be back with gadgets in my ear and mikes at my lips, feeling like a fighter pilot…
      The drink, anyway, tasted better when I saw some of the faces I knew only be name.

      Sorry it was so difficult, but some times first times expose problems that need fixing, or ‘sorting out’ ;- it’s not that computers are evil, just a little strange until you get to know their peculiar particular behaviors; – in this case just what’s needed to make the interface fun, at least hopefully as easy as speaking, – is like, experimenting in your settings to make sure that your microphone amplification is at the right level so that you can be heard to speak…

      And indeed a wired ethernet connection will be more effective than a wifi one…

      Otherwise, I just regret appearing so foolishly dressed against your obvious sincerity!

      Best, RdM

      PS: Apart from my mention of Vladimir Volkoff, one of my favourite fun Russian authors (apart from other obvious serious ones!) has to be Bulgakov – another smoker!

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    Frank, You are right; tobacco control must be destroyed! It is really imperative that we keep building momentum toward discrediting tobacco control and seek an end to the persecution of smokers. Tobacco control lies need to be exposed. Politicians must be held to account for their collusion with that persecution. We must demand smoking bans be repealed or amended.

  8. waltc says:

    Lotta propaganda about smoking causing wrinkles. Google “smoking, skin” and you’ll find pages of the stuff including pictures of twins, one a smoker, one not with the smoker looking like she left Shangri-la. Here’s a link to just one that attempts to show the “reason” tho I imagine the real agers are genetics and sun

    • Rose says:

      Sun definitely.
      Years ago , when I was in my early 20’s I used to sit next to a lady at work, she was a neversmoker and at 60 years old I couldn’t help noticing that she had a skin like deeply wrinkled leather even on her chest! Her main pleasure in life was to go to Spain and lie on a beach cooking for two weeks and was very proud of her tan.
      I could never be bothered to sunbathe and when I saw what it had done to her I was quite glad.
      I have very dry skin and having tried many moisturisers over the years, after three days every single one has brought me out in a rash, so I can’t wear sun cream or moisturiser and tend to hide under trees when it’s hot, Even now at 63 after years of gardening, I am not anywhere near as wrinkled as that lady and certainly don’t have a wrinkled chest.

      The Great Water Bottle Scare of 2013

      Experts Warn Drinking From Water Bottles Could Cause Premature Wrinkles

      “The repetitive motions of things that we do in everyday life – drinking from water bottles – will form these deep wrinkles in our lips,” cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Mitchell Chasin, explained. The physician is treating women who say they are victims of just that.

      Susanne Rennie said she drinks plenty of water, but she never listened to the warnings from her mother. “She used to say all the time, ‘Stop drinking out of that bottle, you’re going to have lines around your mouth.’ Well here I am,” Rennie said.
      Now she’s hoping to erase some of those water bottle lines.
      “Every time I took the water bottle to my mouth, you could see it,” Rennie said.

      Rennie drinks about six bottles a day.
      “And then at my desk I keep a big one that has a plastic straw which is probably just as worse (sic),” Rennie said.”

      “If you can’t kick the habit of drinking out of bottles, experts say try to relax your upper lip to help prevent unwanted lines.”

  9. Joe L. says:

    Whoa, this is not good. Did anyone hear this was on the horizon? I hadn’t heard a thing about it until now.

    US proposes cigarette nicotine cut, shift toward e-cigarettes

    The U.S. government proposed cutting nicotine in cigarettes to “non-addictive” levels on Friday in a major regulatory shift designed to move smokers toward potentially less harmful e-cigarettes.

    Shares of major tobacco companies in the United States and UK slumped in heavy trading volume after the proposal was unveiled by the head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, with the world’s biggest producers losing about $26 billion of market value.

    “Nicotine itself is not responsible for the cancer, the lung disease and heart disease that kill hundreds of thousands of Americans each year,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said.

    “It’s the other chemical compounds in tobacco and in the smoke created by setting tobacco on fire that directly cause illness and death.”

    The FDA cannot reduce nicotine levels to zero, nor can it ban cigarettes. But Gottlieb said the agency would study regulating nicotine levels with a view toward the “FDA’s potential to render cigarettes minimally addictive or non-addictive.”

    Analysts said they expect regulators in Europe to study similar actions on nicotine products.

    • RdM says:

      Yeah I have some back story on this Joe but may need a day or so to dig it out.
      An NZ entrepreneur ‘researcher’ public health adviser dude was involved in this as well.
      Later, then;- remind me if I appear to have forgotten, please!

    • Rose says:

      22nd Century Launches MAGIC 0 Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes in France
      May 25, 2016
      Company Accelerates Rollout of MAGIC Cigarettes Worldwide

      “The American MAGIC website,, is available in 8 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Chinese, and Japanese, and provides details on the science that makes the world’s lowest nicotine cigarettes possible – all without any artificial extraction or chemical processes.

    • Emily says:

      Thanks Joe- I’m going to post this on Facebook.

      The FDA’s announcement sets in motion a lengthy rule-making process that will involve public comment and input from multiple stakeholders before any measures take effect.

      No sign of any public comment period being announced yet but I will keep my eyes open for one.

  10. Rose says:


    Nivea explains the wonders of Coenzyme Q10

    Q10 – The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Ingredient

    If you’re worried about ageing and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you’re not alone. A busy lifestyle, sun, and other factors all take their toll on our skin, and getting older doesn’t help. With NIVEA’s Q10 anti-ageing products, you can help reduce the signs of ageing.

    The facts about Q10
    Coenzyme Q10, or just Q10, is naturally produced in the body and makes an important contribution to the function of all the body’s cells, especially those of the liver, heart and skin.

    Similar to a vitamin, Q10 is present in the whole body and can support different processes, but its main function is to do with cellular energy production in the mitochondria. It also acts as an antioxidant to ward off free radicals both inside and outside the cells, which accelerate skin ageing and damage the cells.”

    Now I don’t know where Nivea gets their Coenzyme Q10 and there are other ways of producing it but mostly it seems to come from tobacco.

    Solanesol: a review of its resources, derivatives, bioactivities, medicinal applications, and biosynthesis

    “Solanesol, which mainly accumulates in solanaceous crops, including tobacco, tomato, potato, eggplant, and pepper plants, is a long-chain polyisoprenoid alcohol compound with nine isoprene units. Chemical synthesis of solanesol is difficult; therefore, solanesol is primarily extracted from solanaceous crops, particularly tobacco leaves. In plants, solanesol exists in both free and esterified forms, and its accumulation is influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Solanesol is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as an intermediate for the synthesis of ubiquinone drugs, such as coenzyme Q10 and vitamin K2. Solanesol possesses antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ulcer activities, and solanesol derivatives also have anti-oxidant and antitumour activities, in addition to other bioactivities. Solanesol derivatives can also be used for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and wound healing.”

    • Rose says:

      Now the tobacco industry has known about this for a long time , but they didn’t know what it could be used for, only four years after it’s discovery they were working out how to sell it.

      Flue-cured Tobacco. I. Isolation of Solanesol, an Unsaturated Alcohol
      R. L. Rowland, P. H. Latimer, J. A. Giles
      Publication Date: September 1956

      ABSTRACT A low-melting unsaturated alcohol has been isolated from flue-cured tobacco in quantities corresponding to 0.4% of the dry weight of the leaf. The compound has been isolated from tobacco in three different stages of treatment, indicating that the leaf content of this alcohol does not change significantly during the processing of tobacco.”

      Nicotine Acid Utilisation of Tobacco Waste – 1960 page 6

      Other Materials From Tobacco Waste

      “If other products of high value could be extracted along with the nicotine, the extraction of the latter from tobacco waste might become more profitable or the cost of nicotine could fall.
      Such a material would have to be in the high price range associated with drugs.
      At present there is no such material on the horizon although it is just possible that ubiquinone ( Co-enzyme Q ) or some related compound may become important in medicine.

      Ubiquinone has been found in tobacco as also has solanesol, a long chain alcohol which could provide part of the ubiquinone molecule.
      Ubiquinone is known to be a normal constituent of many animal tissues and in some senses is a vitamin since the benzene ring is not known to be synthesisised in man.

      It is known that Hofman-La Roche are carrying out extensive work on this in Switzerland, and it would be interesting to know if they have considered tobacco as a raw material.

      In addition, the isolation of a-tocopheral and solanachromene from flue cured tobacco suggests that the tobacco plant may contain a range of biologically important compounds such as Vitamin E and Vitamin K as well as compounds related from solanesol.

      However, none of this is very exciting, first because Reynolds have published fairly widely in this field and must be assumed to be well aware of the possibilities, and second because the type of compound considered does not have a molecule intrinsically very difficult to synthesise from cheap materials.

      As a guess for example, if ubiquinone became important, the market price would quickly drop to a few shillings per gram.

      Nevertheless, this aspect is worth watching and the political impact of the tobacco industry making a contribution to medicine might be considered important.”

    • Rose says:

      Now that tobacco document mentions Vitamin K which has apparently become very popular lately.

      There are just too many adverts for anti-wrinkle skin creams containing vitamin K to know which one to post.

      Why are people buying Vitamin K supplements?

      “There’s been a wave of supplements launched containing Vitamin K, particularly K2. Why do people take them?
      Not everybody will have heard of Vitamin K2.
      But more and more of us are consuming it in supplements, according to market research firm Mintel.
      It says new food, drink, vitamin and supplement product launches containing Vitamin K2 have gone up 183% globally between 2008 and 2012.

      Laura Jones, a global food science analyst at Mintel, says recent research has revealed Vitamin K2 has much broader health benefits than previously thought, and is increasingly being seen as a bone health ingredient.

      “Vitamin K1 has a relatively short half-life and is rapidly cleared from the blood and is cleared by the liver within eight hours. In comparison vitamin K2 has a longer half-life of up to 72 hours, meaning it remains biologically active in the body for longer.

      “Vitamin K2 is also absorbed better by the body, and is linked to cardiovascular health. It directs calcium to the bones, and prevents it from being deposited where it shouldn’t be, for example arteries and organs, where it can cause harm,” she says. ”

      “During the American Academy of Dermatology’s 2003 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, dermatologist Leslie Baumann, MD, spoke about the skin care benefits provided by two recently studied vitamins: vitamin K and niacin, also known as vitamin B-3.

      “Vitamins continue to be recognized as playing an important role in the health of the body, including the skin,” said Dr. Baumann, Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Fla. “New studies have shown that vitamin K and niacin are beneficial to the skin, specifically for problems involving pigmentation and dry skin.”

      Vitamin K Treatments for Dark Circles Under Eyes and Bruising on Face
      Vitamin K plays an important role in blood clotting and studies have shown it to maintain strong bones in the elderly. However, dermatologists have recently found vitamin K to be successful for the treatment for dark circles under the eyes and bruising on the face.”

      Niacin and Anti-Aging
      “A topical vitamin that shows promise as an over-the-counter ingredient in anti-aging products is niacin — one component of the B vitamin complex which has many derivatives.

      Nicotinamide Treatments for Epidermis Skin Moisturizing
      One derivative of niacin, nicotinamide, has been shown to improve the ability of the epidermis, the upper-most layer of the skin, to retain moisture. In a recent study, topical nicotinamide was applied to the skin for six days. Following the study, all patients reported softer, smoother skin, less dryness and flakiness, and a reduction of fine lines.

      “The benefits to the skin after application of nicotinamide can be useful for patients with atopic dermatitis, who often experience dry, irritated skin when the disease flares,” suggested Dr. Baumann. “This could also become another promising treatment for aging skin which oftentimes becomes dry and flaky as we age.”

      I have a lot more information on the beneficial properties of solanesol, nicotinic acid/niacin and nicotinamide/niacinamide, but this is the only stuff that might apply to wrinkles.

  11. Rose says:

    But then again, it’s always worth another look.

    Wrinkles – continued

    Nitric oxide dependent skin aging mechanism in postmenopasal women.

    “The goal of our study was to determine nitric oxide (NO)-dependent mechanisms of skin aging in post- and premenopausal women. 23 women (age 40-50 year) were investigated. Women were divided into 2 groups: I group – reproductive age women (10 patients); II group – menopause age women (13 patients). Patients were included in the menopausal group when they fulfill the following criteria: at least 12 month of amenorrhea. All patients are subjected to a standard diagnostic protocol. In each group we investigated estradiole, lipids and free NO content. Skin of postmenopausal women as a rule was pale, grayish, in some cases revealed pigmentation; skin around the eyes less flexible, wrinkled. Moderate hypercholesterolemia and reduced levels of nitric oxide and estradiole in the blood of studed postmenopausal women (in comparison reproductive aged women) was revealed. Decrease free NO content in blood may be due to the decrease of NO synthesis, as well as the oxidative degradation of NO in the oxidative stress conditions.”
    ” It was concluded that in menopausal women insufficiency of estrogen’s content is the main factor, which stipulates insufficiency of of NO-dependent vasodilatative mechanism, and disorder of subcutaneous vasodilatation in aged (postmenopausal) women which contributes to violations of the oxidative processes in the skin and its rapid aging.”
    https: //

    “Instructor in Anaesthesia Dr. Jesse D. Roberts, Jr., a member of Zapol’s research group, said the discovery also explains why mountain climbers short of breath often claim that smoking cigarettes makes them stronger. The seeming paradox may be due to the presence of nitric oxide in cigarette smoke”

    “According to Zapol, it all reduces to one simple thing. “Good things hide in pollutants and cigarettes,” he said”

    How Nitric Oxide Maintains Health

    “In the heart, nitric oxide is the body’s way of protecting against cardiovascular disease,” Ignarro said. “The arteries make nitric oxide to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to organs because it is a vaso-dialator, which means it widens or relaxes the arteries so that more blood can flow through, therefore lowering the pressure within the arterial system.”

    When nitric oxide becomes deficient, Ignarro said, barriers break down and protection is lost, making people more susceptible to high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and heart disease.

    “It’s the body’s natural way of preventing strokes and heart attacks – provided we make enough of it.”
    https: //

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