The More Voices The Louder

I’m always glad to welcome a new smoker’s blog, particularly one by someone who has been a regular commenter on my blog for many years: Nisakiman.

Such people are not competitors: they are companions or co-conspirators, and the more of them the better. Everyone has their own unique point of view. The more opinions the better. The more voices the louder.

Naturally I’ll be adding the new blog to my blog roll, and I look forward to visiting it regularly,

Nisakiman has also been a visitor to the Smoky Drinky Bar, here shown in action a week or so ago, courtesy of Emily (top left):

The Smoky Drinky Bar is only ever recorded on video by prior agreement with the participants, because not everybody wants their faces shown in public on YouTube.

It’s been going for over a month now, and during that time we’ve even had a couple of “parties” with everyone smoking and drinking and chatting just like in a real party, even though all the participants are in widely separated geographical locations. Emily lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Brigitte in Liverpool, England. John in Lancashire, England. And myself in Herefordshire, England. It’s rather amazing that we can all chat to each other as if we were in the same room. And also have people drop in and out just like in a real pub.

Over the past month I’ve had the novel experience (for me) of meeting new people and making new friends, more or less for the first time since I was exiled to the outdoors, and expelled from society, by the UK smoking ban of 1 July 2007 – the 10th anniversary of which fell on the day of one of our “parties”, during which I consumed an entire bottle of champagne to celebrate our “virtual overthrow” of the ban.

One result of spending several hours in the Smoky Drinky Bar almost every day for a month since its opening is that I’ve been spending every morning writing my blog, and very often every evening in the bar, leaving little or no time to do anything else. And so now I’ve reduced my visits to the bar, and at the moment I’m generally only going there on Friday and Saturday nights from about 7 pm UK time onwards, because the weekends are the time when most working people are free to visit (just like real pubs). But this does mean that during the week the bar is frequently empty, or almost empty (again just like real pubs). At the moment the bar has about 25 members, of which about 10 are “regulars” who drop in quite frequently. There have been about 25 additional people who have dropped in once or twice, perhaps just to see what this novel kind of bar was like. We may need to arrange times to meet up, and also arrange a few more “parties”.

I’m hoping that over time we can build up a clientele of smokers and vapers from all over the world, and in this manner begin to unite the world’s smokers. For the more that dispersed and isolated smokers can talk to each other, and be readily welcomed by each other, the stronger and more self-assured we will each get, and the more united we will all become. There are some 1,500 million smokers in the world, and if just 1.5 or 15 million could unite into a semi-coherent movement, we would become a very powerful political voice in the world to counter-act the satanic forces of Tobacco Control now rampaging loose everywhere.

In other news, Ella Whelan on Spiked lays into “the professional killjoys” in ASH over their silly, interfering complaints about smoking on Love Island:

What ASH and other anti-smoking charities want to do is pretend that no one smokes. Love Island was screened nightly at 9pm – after the watershed – and is quite obviously a show for adults. These cigarette censors can’t fathom the idea that some adults still smoke – and enjoy it. They despise the idea of ordinary people making decisions for themselves without being prodded and poked by public-health fanatics.

See also Smoking May Protect Lungs From Cancer:

Every year, thousands of medical doctors and other members of the “Anti-Smoking Inquisition” spend billions of dollars perpetuating what has unquestionably become the most misleading though successful social engineering scam in history. With the encouragement of most western governments, these Orwellian lobbyists pursue smokers with a fanatical zeal that completely overshadows the ridiculous American alcohol prohibition debacle, which started in 1919 and lasted until 1933.

Nowadays we look back on American prohibition with justifiable astonishment. Is it really true that an entire nation allowed itself to be denied a beer or scotch by a tiny group of tambourine-bashing fanatics? Sadly, yes it is, despite a total lack of evidence that alcohol causes any harm to humans, unless consumed in truly astronomical quantities.

Although there is no direct link between alcohol and tobacco, the history of American prohibition is important, because it helps us understand how a tiny number of zealots managed to control the behavior and lives of tens of millions of people. Nowadays exactly the same thing is happening to smokers at the hands of government zealots and ignorant medical practitioners….

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17 Responses to The More Voices The Louder

  1. In a week so far that has seen (as predicted I might add) PMT. “Call Ye Me Cromwell’ May abolishing Penises, Vaginas and cars, Nisaki’s blog is a seldom piece of good news. The more the merrier. Who knows one day I might even manage to get my arse into gear and start that tobacco geeks’ blog I keep toying with…surely there are some saddo smokers out there like me who find the ,say, the difference in cut widths absolutely fascinating? Sad lonely old smokers who are titillated learn the ‘Trivial Pursuit’ answers of tobacco history? MInd you it would help if i actually got a handle on that whole ‘English grammar & usage’ thang first…..

  2. Rose says:

    A present for Emily.

    She looks far too young to remember what Boston was like in the days of the industrial smogs.

    Boston Record
    December 30th 1959
    2nd story down

    Lung Cancer Cause
    “A man who has devoted his scientific career to a study of the causes of cancer warns that air pollution is a more important factor than cigarette smoking in the increase of lung cancer.

    He is Dr, Wilhelm C Hueper, chief of the environmental section of the National Cancer Institute at Bethesda, and he makes the significant observation that the upsurge in lung cancer first was noted between 1900 and 1920, several years before the practice of cigarette smoking was widespread.

    Boston, having one of the most serious air pollution in the entire United States, cannot fail to be impressed – and disturbed – by Dr Hueper’s findings.
    We have always suspected that there was a connection between our contaminated air and the fact that tuberculosis is more prevalent in Boston than in any comparable city, and Bethesda studies support that suspicion.

    The next session of the Legislature would do well to pass laws against the needless poisoning of the atmosphere by industrial smokestacks.

    Other places, notably Pittsburgh, have proved the wisdom of screening out the fumes and ashes which currently rain down upon Boston and other cities, damaging human respiratory systems and undoubtedly shortening thousands of lives.
    Enlightened Massachussetts ought to be able to accomplish at least as much in the public interest.”

    Hueper was summoned reluctantly to give testimony in a court case , reading that testimony taught me a lot of things I didn’t know, like “tar” isn’t tar at all it’s more properly called tobacco smoke condensate, how they used statistical tricks to obliterate the huge differences between lung cancer rates in cities and rural areas, it’s a long read but a gold mine of information, naming names as well.


    • Emily says:

      Very interesting, thank you Rose! The phrase “Enlightened Massachussetts ought to be able to accomplish at least as much in the public interest….” sounds eerily familiar. I think this same phrase has been repeatedly used when introducing all subsequent smoking bans ;/ Massachusetts unfortunately considers itself very enlightened, indeed.

      • beobrigitte says:

        Is it the same “enlightened” Massachusetts in which ‘everyone smokes’ that I visited in 2013?
        I guess, the next time I won’t get pestered every 20 minutes “a dollar for a cigarette”?
        I could have made a fortune – instead I gave my cigarettes away. A lot of them.

  3. Thank you Rose, that (HUEPER) was a fascinating read.

  4. slugbop007 says:

    To Rose, I have been reading your 1957 court case document and noticed that Dr. Hueper identified roasting coffee beans as a source of a dangerous chemical, 3 4-Benz pyrene. I read an article early last year, while sitting in a cafe near the coffee bean roasting machine, about the dangers of this particle released from the coffee bean grinding/roasting process. Factory workers who perform the same, and similar, tasks with coffee beans and other products that produce dust and particles in the workplace are also vulnerable to chemicals like 2 4-Benz pyrene and other chemicals whose names I have forgotten.

    As a side note, last night I watched MIchael Jackson’s ‘The Beer Hunter’ 1989 documentary on the making of Pilsen Urquel in Prague. One of glass blowers making crystal glass was smoking a cigarette in one hand while he rolled the melted glass into its desired shape. Multitasking at its finest. What dexterity!


    • Rose says:

      I think this also came from that statement.

      “Dr. E. L, Wynder of Sloan-Kettering Institute, a leading proponent of the cigarette theory of lung cancer, reported only this year that:
      “The benzpyrene content of tobacco tar is not more than 2 parts per million which, according to our experiments, is not sufficient to produce the type of activity noted in our animals painted with tobacco tar.”

      “The substance frequently is produced in minute quantities in the burning of any organic compound and is present in varying degrees in city air.
      Recent reports in England show that the daily intake of benzpyrene from breathing London air is equivalent in total volume to the intake from smoking about 100 cigarettes a day.”

      From Nazi War on Cancer
      “Fritz Lickint (inventor of passivrauchen) declared coffee a carcinogen but Hermann Druckey challenged the idea, pointing out that Lickint’s coffee beans had been roasted at artificially high temperature, producing tars and carbonized chemicals that would not normally occur in the routine process of coffee making.”

      It’s a common chemical

      “If you like your toast extra-crunchy, be aware that you might be increasing your risk of cancer. Burnt toast (and, for that matter, barbecued or smoked meats) contains increased levels of a known carcinogen, benzopyrene.”,,1219603,00.html

      But these things need to be seen in context, it’s not like you are consuming or inhaling just that one nasty thing, you are probably consuming or inhaling the antidote as well.

      “Perhaps the reason why MSS is less tumorigenic than expected in humans is because of the presence of other MSS components that inhibit or prevent tumorigenesis. For example, it is well known that MSS contains numerous anticarcinogens present in quantifies significantly greater than those of the PAHs of concern. When one reviews the history of these four PAHs in MSS or CSC it is clear that many unanswered questions remain.”

      • beobrigitte says:

        Fritz Lickint (inventor of passivrauchen) declared coffee a carcinogen…

        Yeah, that’s – just like the passive smoke deaths – why we wait until we are 90 years + before we expire. The coffee and cigarettes finally caught up with us?

        Gimme a break……………..

  5. slugbop007 says:

    To Rose,

    I remember a passage in Thoreau’s ‘Walden Pond’ where he wondered how about how many astonishing processes had taken place to make just one blade of grass.

    One subject that I have never read about is how much damage was done to soil quality from nuclear tests and the bombs of war.


  6. nisakiman says:

    Thanks for the mention, Frank. I very much doubt that I’ll be able to match your ability to come up with a fresh and interesting post every day, but I’m hoping to be able to post two or three times a week. I’ll have to see how it goes – I’m new to this kind of thing.

    Indeed, not competitors in any way, shape or form. I see all these blogs that we read as complementing each other. Even if they are dealing with the same subject, they come at it from a different angle and give it another perspective.

    As BD says in his comment above – the more the merrier.

  7. beobrigitte says:

    Such people are not competitors: they are companions or co-conspirators, and the more of them the better. Everyone has their own unique point of view. The more opinions the better. The more voices the louder.
    A great point! Normally it goes that competition is being held high; by promoting competition companionship is automatically excluded.

    I support companionship.

    • Joe L. says:

      I also support companionship. Particularly in today’s ultra-devisive society, there is nothing more sorely needed.

  8. slugbop007 says:

    Mr. Davis,

    I am no longer receiving your blog in my inbox. It started when I wrote a comment in Nisakiman’s new blog.

    Humans have been living with secondhand smoke of various kinds for thousands of years. I have been watching lots of documentaries on Egyptian Pharaohs, Egyptian society and their customs this past week. They were burning incense all the time, cooking with oil, etc. Last year I watched almost every episode of Time Team. Much the same. Cooking, toolmaking, pottery making, metalworking, etc., in closed areas. Human lungs evolved with time, much like the brain. As well, the Egyptian loved beer so much that kegs of the stuff were included in every Pharaoh’s tomb and the smaller tombs of most of the population. An eternal pub for the King, Queen and their subjects.


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